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The Wizard Children of Finn

The Wizard Children of Finn Ten year old Fiona and her younger brother are transported back in time to ancient Ireland where they share extraordinary adventures with the boy who claims leadership of the Fianna

  • Title: The Wizard Children of Finn
  • Author: Mary Tannen John Burgoyne
  • ISBN: 9780394947440
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ten year old Fiona and her younger brother are transported back in time to ancient Ireland where they share extraordinary adventures with the boy who claims leadership of the Fianna.

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      401 Mary Tannen John Burgoyne
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    1 thought on “The Wizard Children of Finn

    1. This is not a book review but an amazing story about my relationship with this amazing book.As a child, I was homeschooled due to a prolonged bout with pneumonia. Unfortunately, my poor mother had a difficult time keeping up with my reading (she could hardly afford to buy me a new book everyday, which was the rate at which I finished most). She started haunting Pic-n-Save's bargain bins for me and that is where she found this amazing book.I read The Wizard Children of Finn over and over througho [...]

    2. When Fiona and Bran McCool befriend a strange boy named Deimne in the woods behind their family mansion, little do they expect that they will soon be transported back in time with Deimne to ancient Ireland (Deimne hails from that time/place, so for him, he is returning home, for Fiona and Bran though, ancient Ireland is a strange, magical, uncanny place). Once in Ireland, the two children become Deimne's companions on his journey to Temhair, to manhood, to claim his birthright. Because Deimne is [...]

    3. This is more a story of my life that no one will care about than a review. But what this book means to me is this story, not Tannen's plot. Actually, I keep forgetting large chunks of this book, which is saying something because it's actually rather short. Anyway:When someone (usually an English teacher) asks me to discuss--because that's their favorite word--a book that changed my life, I typically just look at them funny. I can't pinpoint Epic Moments of Change in my own life. It seems I'm mor [...]

    4. I have a huge collection of books on Celtic history and fiction. My husband asked me awhile ago what got me interested it all that and without thinking I said, "A book called "The Wizard Children of Finn" that I had when I was in elementary school." I remember getting this book in a book order around 1981-82, and I completely fell in love with itI read it until I had the cover taped and each of the pages dog-eared. Then I lent it to someone in high school and never got it back. This past year f [...]

    5. I first read this book when I was 11 or 12, and it made such an impression on me then that I had to find it again. It's a quick read, and quite fun--nowhere near the level of Harry Potter, but definitely an interesting mixture of children's story and Irish legend. The basic plot line of the story is about 2 children, Fiona and Bran, who are staying at their Uncle's house for the summer, stumble upon a mysterious book and a boy living in the woodsd are transported back to prehistoric Ireland. The [...]

    6. I read this a number of years ago, and remember little about it except that I really, really enjoyed it. Sadly, the copy I used to own got peed on by one of my cats, and I had to throw it out. I never found out which cat did the dastardly deed! My local library system no longer has the book, alas. I have yet to read the sequel, The Lost Legend of Finn, which, fortunately, is available at a library near me.

    7. For young children (under 10), this might be an interesting introduction to Irish legend and history. I read it on Kindle: it was full of annoying typos and bad formatting, which may have colored my impression. I also read it after reading the original legends upon which it was based, and I thought it much less interesting. Basically my conclusion is "meh!"

    8. this was my very favorite book as a kid and then it seemed to be banned from the market. a few years ago I bought it online (cost like $50!) and reread it and loved it all over again! I'm not sure if this book is now available on kindle or ebooks etc but if you like fantasy (ala the lion the witch and the wardrobe) you must read this book!

    9. This time-travel epic YA novel will be perfect for any pre-teen girl (with a little brother she is both annoyed by and protective of) who has longed to journey to ancient times and places. It felt very timely in the early eighties, but despite feeling very dated has wonderful humor, interweaving of mythology and a time travel plot.

    10. As a young child of 6 I read this book again and again until it litterally fell apart in my hands. There is no greater praise I can give this book than that. This was one of the books that created my love of reading.

    11. I read this when i was a kid, my first venture into Celtic mythology. I loved it. i found a copy and purchased it. :) its a fun quick read.

    12. First fantasy book I have ever read, which my mother probably bought. And well, I fell in love with both this book and the genre. My original copy fell apart, so I had to buy another one. Got into Irish mythology because of this book too. My only wish is that Tannen actually wrote the poem of their journey.

    13. I enjoyed the re-imagining of the Fionn mac Cumhaill story placing time-travelling descendants of the McCools in the story, making them the poets who observe, versify, and tell the story of the boyhood exploits of Finn. The character development of the modern children, Fiona and Bran McCool, and their realistic squabbling were fun to read. The heroic story elements are a good intro (I hope) to the more 'original' re-tellings of the tale that I'll soon encounter in a Celtic Myth credit course at [...]

    14. A fun adventure which illuminates some Irish legends along the way. I would have loved it when I was 9, but found it a little heavy-handed and stilted now. The "modern" passages are inescapably dated, but the exploits of the children are delightful.

    15. This was one of my very favorite books as a young adolescent. I would love to get my hands on a copy of it today and reread it.

    16. Don't exactly remember when I read this, but I remember how awesome it was and it was a page-turner. There are a few kid-heroes and a wizard or two.

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