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Friendship is Optimal

Friendship is Optimal Hanna the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO Hanna has built an A I Princess Celestia and given her one basic drive to satisfy everybody s value

  • Title: Friendship is Optimal
  • Author: iceman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 390
  • Format: ebook
  • Hanna, the CEO of Hofvarpnir Studios, just won the contract to write the official My Little Pony MMO Hanna has built an A.I Princess Celestia and given her one basic drive to satisfy everybody s values through friendship and ponies Princess Celestia will satisfy your values through friendship and ponies, and it will be completely consensual.

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    1 thought on “Friendship is Optimal

    1. It's an excellent dystopia which makes you feel that it's hell - but also better than our reality.But as great as the premise is, and as chilling (or thrilling?) as the results are, on reflection I'm not quite sure I can give this a rare 5-stars (as I did initially): the prose is a little too journeyman-like, the characters a little too undifferentiated.

    2. As a computer science undergrad and AI enthusiast, I absolutely loved Princess Celestia's character. Apart from that, the book touches on rather deep philosophical questions like existentialism, desire and misery.Definitely worth a read for anyone interested in this sci-fi subgenre - Yes, this book is about ponies. Lots of very, very content ponies.

    3. "Some readers might find that this story depicts a deeply horrifying end-of-humanity scenario, and other readers might consider it a triumphant ascent to a (slightly odd) utopia. I can see a little of both, really."--Facedeer I second the above. I'll add that I found the characters to be different and interesting enough to propel the story forward; the writing is better than that of all but the very best fanfiction. It's remarkable how many things the author does that haven't often been seen in [...]

    4. The story is awesome. Hard sci-fi that follows its ideas to their logical conclusion. Also the story is a utopia not a dystopia! One could imagine a slightly better fate for humanity. But FIO is a far better future than almost anything remotely plausible. Though the events are definitely a dystopia from the perspective of the other species in the universe (Except for one). FIO is the best introduction I know of to alot of "friendly AI" concepts. FIO does not give technical details (which don't e [...]

    5. I've really enjoyed this story. I've never been into "My Little Pony" thing and only heard about it distantly. But you actually don't need to know anything about the original story to enjoy "Friendship is Optimal". Story rises important questions about safety issues of strong AI. It can be viewed as utopian or dystopian depending on your view on things. Also it somewhat reminds me of "The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect" (/book/show/6) though it's kind of more positive in general.

    6. Friendship is Optimal is an original story written in 2012 by pseudonymous author Iceman. Usually grouped with fan fiction, Friendship is Optimal actually tells the story of the near future of our world. Depending on the reader's perspective it goes on to depict the greatest mass genocide imaginable or the creation of countless numbers of utopias. Perhaps more disturbingly these are not necessarily mutually exclusive possibilities. It differs from many other works of rational fiction in that non [...]

    7. Some readers might find that this story depicts a deeply horrifying end-of-humanity scenario, and other readers might consider it a triumphant ascent to a (slightly odd) utopia. I can see a little of both, really.The writing style of this story is nothing special but the scenario is very intriguing. Is it "coercion" when an artificial intelligence that's able to understand your personality better than you yourself do uses her greater-than-human intelligence to craft the perfect argument to convi [...]

    8. What it sets out to do, it does excellently; in the author's words, the consequences of getting AI goals "mostly right". I reluctantly take away one star for bits of sloppy writing, but it barely stands out against the grand scale of the narrative. I for one can't see the world here as utopian in any sense, any more than the drug induced "peace and happiness" in Brave New World is utopian. I found this ponyfic even creepier than the famous Cupcakes fic, although I do think that if there was a ru [...]

    9. Friendship is Optimal is real Science Fiction. It's painting a real scenario of how human as carbon-based life-forms could end existing once we have a general artificial intelligence. The story poses the important question of whether the future it's paints is a scenario we would like or whether it's one we don't like. When Terminator tells a very misleading narrative about the future Friendship is Optimal provides a deep narrative that's based in reality. It's one of those fictions books that he [...]

    10. This short fiction is well-written and well-researched. It presents a seemingly-unlikely yet uncannily realistic singularity scenario that is both utopian and dystopian, depending on which way you look at it. A very immersive and entertaining read, regardless of whether you care for My Little Ponies.

    11. My Little Pony: Friendship is Optimal is an odd novel that combines elements of Greg Egan's Diaspora and Roger William's The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect with My Little Pony, and the results are interesting.The premise is simple: A talented computer programmer invents a generalized AI, but realizes that the only people willing to pay for such a beast are military, so instead she goes and works for a gaming company, making crippled versions of it to procedurally generate worlds and adventures [...]

    12. This is 150 pages of scary, gift-wrapped in ponies, pastel colors, happy narratives and broken thoughts (whose completion is left solely to the indulgent reader: Butterscotch always interrupts!)I am tempted to make a comparison between this book and 1984. They both have the same skeptics who finally end up accepting the system, either through coercion or fear or because of the lack of other options. They both end up in a world where nothing goes unseen or unheard. Big Brother was a demi-God, he [...]

    13. Quite entertaining; I'm not particularly familiar with the fandom, but the story made it easy to follow and interesting to read despite this.

    14. I begrudgingly admit that this pony AI fic caused me to do some meaningful introspection about the kind of future that I want.

    15. I think most of the reviewers here have already said almost everything there was to say: Well researched, entertaining, surprisingly deep for pony fiction, values, friendship, blah, blah, blah. So I'm going to take another approach, even when I don't normally review, because I think it's the only thing left to say. Here I go:It surprised me, given how it started, how invested I was by the end. I even felt that little nostalgic tweak that always comes when I finish something really good; while I [...]

    16. It's impressive that this story managed to stay interesting without much in the way of plot or conflict. It didn't even have to rely on the trick Banks used in the Culture series of interaction with non-utopias to produce conflict (view spoiler)[ (aside from Lars' initial disagreements).(hide spoiler)]Aside from the humorous addendum of "through ponies and friendship" to the terminal goal, I'm not sure that there's much that's actually novel to the story if you've read stories like Permutation C [...]

    17. Five stars because the premise is plausible and mildly terrifying.Not that I wouldn't upload myself if I had the choice. A pony utopia is still a utopia after all.

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