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A Gangsta's Bitch Part 1

A Gangsta s Bitch Part Gina Thomas is a gangsta s bitch down for whatever Even after her man Jack Lemon is sent to prison Gina does what she has to do for herself and her man When Jack wins his appeal vengeance is no l

  • Title: A Gangsta's Bitch Part 1
  • Author: Leo Sullivan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gina Thomas is a gangsta s bitch, down for whatever Even after her man, Jack Lemon, is sent to prison, Gina does what she has to do for herself and her man When Jack wins his appeal, vengeance is no longer just for the lord.Follow Gina as she rides out for her man, and shows how a real Gangsta s Bitch gets down.

    • Unlimited [Manga Book] Ü A Gangsta's Bitch Part 1 - by Leo Sullivan ✓
      393 Leo Sullivan
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    1 thought on “A Gangsta's Bitch Part 1

    1. Jack & Gina are 2 of a kind they will knock anybody down that comes in there path Jack couldn't wait to hit the streets again after being in prison for so long when all the while he knew that he was set up REVENGE is his motto Rasheed & Monique are 2 high school kids that fell in love but I do understand why she chose to do the things she do bcuz she wants a better life for her family now that I have read the ending it was time for some whoop ass I just hope Monique knows what she has go [...]

    2. It was ok.Its a good book I feel like it went too fast. And it never said what happened to Monique. I do really want to read the second to see who the 3rd party is.

    3. Banging BookGood one Leo.I don't have any money 💰to but I'm going to get the next couple of books you wrote

    4. I suppose lots of people will look at this and not see anything new. A lunatic with a penchant for sadistic murder gets out of jail to get his revenge and his friend is being sucked in but trying to better his life for himself and his family. Plenty of racism and hardship in urban life with the lure of money and drugs and depravity just around the corner for al characters involvedbut, and there is a but is pretty good. there is something very compelling in the what's going to happen next nature [...]

    5. Once I start reading a bookI have to finish itThat's just the way I amIf it wasn't for that I would've stopped reading at the 2nd or 3 chapterIn the summary it tells us about the so-called "main characters" Gina and JackBut Rasheed and Monique are the main characters because 75% of the book is about themGina and Jack are barely in the book so why is the book called "A Gangster's Bitch"? it's pretty confusingother thing that bothered me was that I felt like the author tried a little too hard to u [...]

    6. White girl (Georgia Mae) got game. Jack is a bit to much for me he ain't trying to follow no rules he moving like the world belongs to him. Monique is doing her thing trying to make life the best she knows how. Will there be more bloodshed in order for everyone to survive. Rasheed most innocent character seems to have trouble follow him every time. Smh. Ok let me move in to part 2 to see what jack is up to.

    7. Glad I finally read this book. Shows how racism still exist towards black peoples, and in the music industry. The jurisdiction system made jack crazier. Hope Rasheed catch a break and make it to the NBA. Poor Monique hope she survives her attack. Georgia Mae was a rider hope she survives. Gina getting into all kind of trouble behind jack vengeance towards the people who did him wrong. What's gonna helping next? Can't wait to find out.

    8. This was an amazing read jack lemon is something else i hope Gina survives this ordeal with Tatyana and game she has something up her sleeve but i hope gina open up her eyes very quick i was literally on the edge of my seat with this book this was an amazing read if u haven't read this book u are missing out on a great read and an amazing author!!!!!

    9. 1st time reading one of Mr Sullivan's books. Loved it. I loved the relationship between Rasheed and Monique. They were a young family unit. Jack was off the chain with his payback mentality. Gina was truly Jack's ride or die chick. Would definitely recommend this book.

    10. Blah Blah BlahThis book was just not that exciting to me. Because I enjoy reading and critiquing what I've read,I just read on. I'm not that interested in reading book 2.

    11. Not much about the gangsta's bitch. However, this book was a good read. It kept my attention long enough to buy the sequel.

    12. HmmmmmmYes this book is the bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb dot com!!!!!

    13. Good readI like it. .well written ready for part 2Gangstas birch was perfect title to this book. Leo Sullivan is good

    14. a book firewallI recommend this book it's really a page Turner .I was woke six in the morning reach in for my tablet u must read this off to part two outta here!!

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