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Dangerous Girls

Dangerous Girls It s Spring Break of senior year Anna her boyfriend Tate her best friend Elise and a few other close friends are off on a debaucherous trip to Aruba that promises to be the time of their lives But

  • Title: Dangerous Girls
  • Author: Abigail Haas
  • ISBN: 9781442486614
  • Page: 155
  • Format: ebook
  • It s Spring Break of senior year Anna, her boyfriend Tate, her best friend Elise, and a few other close friends are off on a debaucherous trip to Aruba that promises to be the time of their lives But when Elise is found brutally murdered, Anna finds herself trapped in a country not her own, fighting against vile and contemptuous accusations As Anna sets out to find herIt s Spring Break of senior year Anna, her boyfriend Tate, her best friend Elise, and a few other close friends are off on a debaucherous trip to Aruba that promises to be the time of their lives But when Elise is found brutally murdered, Anna finds herself trapped in a country not her own, fighting against vile and contemptuous accusations As Anna sets out to find her friend s killer, she discovers hard truths about her friendships, the slippery nature of truth, and the ache of young love.As she awaits the judge s decree, it becomes clear that everyone around her thinks she is not just guilty, but dangerous When the truth comes out, it is shocking than one could ever imagine

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    1 thought on “Dangerous Girls

    1. "Wouldn't we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough?"Why, hello there, awesome book. You managed to take me straight out of this whole censorship/deleting reviews fiasco and plant me right inside another time and place; many brave books have tried and failed this past week to do what you have done. So, thank you. Dangerous Girls is in danger. It's in danger of being underread. It's in danger of being given a quick once over and then dismissed as something vapid, senseless and probably [...]

    2. I can’t believe it. Have you ever read a story that you completely, absolutely loved but that freaked you out so much you’re not even sure you can keep the book in your room anymore? This book is dangerous. It makes you feel joy, sadness, hope, betrayal and your heart will be on the edge at ever end of chapter. A massage would be perfect right now. Or lying on the beach…NO, not a beach. EVERYTHING but a beach, especially in a foreign country.That’s how I felt (and still feel) about this [...]

    3. Wow!!! That was one heck of a book.Apparently I am really late in reading this. I can't believe I missed the hype (maybe that's a good thing?). I came across it a few weeks ago and it peaked my interest. I thought it sounded interesting but I was very surprised by how much I liked it. I was hooked right from the start.A group of friends are excited for their senior year Spring Break trip to Aruba. Anna and her best friend Elise are especially excited for the trip. Anna is also happy her boyfrien [...]

    4. This is one of the best YA novels I've read in a long time. I read the entire thing in one sitting which is EXTREMELY rare for me. Thoughts:I loved it overall, but there's something about it that I can't put my finger on that didn't completely wow me. I think it was the final twist and how I expected to be shocked. But I'm thinking that's a fail on my part more than the book because Haas clearly gave me all the clues I needed from the beginning. She simply planted enough doubt to make me questio [...]

    5. Dangerous Girls scared the hell out of me. For real. And that's saying something, because I'm not easily frightened except for clowns - and freakin' dolls with blank eyes who stare - but who wouldn't? What do you mean, everybody isn't afraid of dolls and clowns? Are you kidding me? They're so fucking weird and unnerving that I shiver when I think about them. Anyway, the fact is, I can read about almost anything without being scared at all, either serial killers or ghosts, yet this book reaches m [...]

    6. *5 Stars*A fantastic, twisty little read!Ever since becoming utterly blown away by Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, I've been on a psychological thriller kick, relentlessly searching for my next suspenseful, twisted, yet still plausible read. I believe I have finally found that in Dangerous girls. I think what makes books like this one, Gone Girl, and We Were Liars a bit more difficult to embrace for some readers is the fact that many of its characters aren't very likable. And I don't believe they' [...]

    7. HOLY FREAKING JESUS ON A BICYCLE.The actual review is here.And, in case you're wondering, no, I don't feel any better, today.“How much do you love me?”Consider this book as a twisty mystery novel, consider it a YA psychological thriller, consider it what you want, but don’t everunderestimate it. I mean it. Don't.Abigail Haas apparently likes to screw up with people's head. And, be careful, because she's really good at it.To be honest, I jumped into this after a series of disappointing nove [...]

    8. EDIT: Okay I really fucking hate myself a little for doing this but I'm taking a star off bc I predicted something huge. It was still such an amazing read for me and I want to thank Abigail Haas for giving me the biggest mindfuck of a thriller in my life.Initial reaction: Shit mother fucking fuckballs ass bitch, I did not sign up for this. Pls excuse me, I'm just slowly dying.What the fucking hell did I just read?What the fuck is that?What the fuck is this?What the fuck is anything?What the fuck [...]

    9. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/EVERY STAR. “Why was I so happy? My friend was dead. I should be sad. Was I happy she was dead? Did I secretly hate her? Did I have something to do with it? Did I do it myself? I did it. I had to. Maybe he did it too. Together. A pact. A game. Something sexual, fucked-up. Drugs and alcohol. Kids today. Where were our parents? Aren’t they to blame? Did he pressure me? Did I force him? I was happy. Why was I so happy?”Those are the questions Anna must [...]

    10. Sometimes, David doesn’t beat Goliath- not when they’ve got an army at their disposal. If bad things happen to good people, then Anna Chevalier must be a very wonderful person for such terrible things (including the alleged murder of her best friend) to happen to her in just a flick of the finger. To endure betrayal, lies, and accusations and suffer for all these things unjustly seem a fate no better than death. But Anna is such a strong character to go through all the worst things that coul [...]

    11. Sex, drugs, lies & murder.update note : 6 hours later and I'm still thinking about Dangerous Girls. I can't stop debating whether my rating should be a 3 or 4. Even though I had issues with the characters, this book's ending has me continuing to dwell on it, which must count for something. I need a person who's read this to discuss it with!3.5 stars. I just finished this book and I feel physically ill. If you took shades of the Natalee Holloway and Amanda Knox cases and added in a few elemen [...]

    12. WOW, I LOVE WHEN BOOKS COPY REAL LIFE. Especially when it's totally uncredited! The murder case in this book just is the Amanda Knox case. Here are all the similarities I noted:- white, pretty, Western female students living together in a foreign vacation spot- one roommate/friend is murdered (Meredith, I think, in Amanda’s case, and Elise in the book)- the other roommate/friend is the prime suspect (Amanda versus our narrator, Anna - even the names are close!)- the boyfriend of the suspect is [...]

    13. Well crafted, well written, and extremely readable, even though I guessed the twist. Possibly the best YA thriller I've read in recent years, though.

    14. Loved it! I'm late for the party here on this book, but what I will say is if you like thrillers try this one even if you're not into YA fiction. I sometimes have trouble with YA books, but I didn't with this one. It read like any other thriller.Highly recommend!

    15. An exciting teen mystery that grabs a reader from the very first page. A group of high school friends staying in Aruba on vacation find one of their group murdered. There is an investigation, arrest and a trial. All the while the author establishes the relationship between the deceased and the accused. ”Wouldn’t we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough.” I found the story exciting as there is boyfriend and two strangers thrown into the mix. Money, power, law enforcement and the [...]

    16. Holy crap! This book was amazing. I picked it up yesterday because my son had confiscated my kindle and I wanted something to read. I never imagined I would get so wrapped up in a book so quickly.Dangerous girls tells the story of a group of friends on vacation in Aruba when one of the girls is brutally murdered and another of the girls Anna is accused. The story evolves by going back through the girls friendship and the court case. I know how powerless you feel in a court case. The lawyers tell [...]

    17. Wow. Dangerous Girls wasquite far from what I had initially expected it to be, honestly. I had planned on bringing this one on the beach with me for vacation, expecting it to be an easy, breezy YA murder mystery that would be entertaining enough to hold me over for a few hours. Now? Now I'm glad I chose to start this earlier and didn't save it for the beach, because I'm certain my screams of many expletives would have alarmed quite a few other beach-goers. Don't get me wrong--Dangerous Girls is [...]

    18. 3 Stars “Wouldn't we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough?”Anna is in prison waiting for trial after being convicted of the murder of her best friend Elise in Aruba. What started out as a fun Spring Break vacation between a group of friends has left one of them murdered and two of them behind bars. Abigail Haas flips back and forth between present, future, and the past interweaving interview transcripts, text messages, and recorded phone conversations so the reader feels as if th [...]

    19. I was a sheltered teen in the 80s. I wasn't allowed to date until I was 16, and even then they were group dates, no one on one. I also had to call my parents throughout my evenings-which at times was difficult because there were*GASP* cell phones! I had a little bit more freedom by the time I was heading into my last year of high school, but let me tell you-if I had asked to go to Aruba for Spring break, I would have had to pick my parents up off the floor after they both finished having hysteri [...]

    20. This was an addictive mystery told in a format that jumps around in the timeline to reveal things at the perfect time (I loved this format!). This is the brand and amount of suspense that I need in mysteries so I adored the build up and all the theorizing it allowed me to do. The ending was a bit anticlimactic to me and left some things unanswered but it was only the last 5 or so pages that I didn't like about this book, the rest had me absolutely hooked and got me out of a reading slump.One thi [...]

    21. DON'T READ THE SHELF NAMES OF THE SHELVES THAT I SHELVED THIS BOOK ON. There's one shelf near the end that stumbling upon could be slightly spoiler-ish. And if you don't want to be spoiled for this book, don't even waste your time on reading this review because it is not spoiler-free.OK, where do I start with this review? That is the question that I ask myself most of the time and probably write down in a lot of my reviews as well. Sorry I'm not sorry.Anyway, Dangerous Girls is what I'm trying t [...]

    22. This was one crazy book, a YA psychological thriller that honestly will leave you mentally and emotionally damaged by the end.The story follows Anna and her best friends while they are on spring break in Aruba *oooh fancy* but when one of her best friends turn up dead Anna finds herself trapped in a foreign country where everyone including her friends and family are questioning her innocence. As the court case develops, it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out… and the truth is m [...]


    24. THAT WAS CRAZY AND DARK AND I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. holy shit and i had about three theories going for the ending and I GUESSED IT RIGHT Y'ALL. my endless hours of watching law and order svu and csi have paid off. 4.5 stars.

    25. This book broke my heart in a thousand pieces. I should have trusted you, brain.When I finished this book, I kept repeating over and over that I couldn't believe it. I just kept reading the last chapter over and over. Here's the thing: a group of friends go to an island to celebrate the end of high school. One of their friends though, Elise, is found dead one morning, and so the investigations begin. The surprising thing, is that they accuse her best friend, Anna, of killing her and she goes to [...]

    26. Wow. I've got to say, I'm slightly embarrassed. I have NO idea why I was so captivated by this book but I was. I had the big twist figured out early, but I still doubted myself throughout the entire novel. It had a Pretty Little Liars vibe to it with a Gone Girl twist; not any huge surprises but still like a train wreck- you just had to keep going to find out. I like that a few things were left to the imagination. Props to the author for sucking me in so deeply that I hungrily devoured the entir [...]

    27. This is a book that has gone seriously under-noticed and that's a shame because it's brilliant! And even though it's a tad predictable, I would have disappointed if it would have ended differently. It was a daring and manipulative story - and I'm a sucker for those!This is the story of Elise's murder, told in the perspective of the prime suspect - her best friend. In a way, this reminded me of a YA Jodi Picoult novel. You have the murder, followed by the trial - which lasts for most of the book, [...]

    28. BR with AnnieSo I saw the twist at the end coming and that's only because I read a similar book not so long ago. This book is good but I'm honestly a bit disappointed, I expected more. (view spoiler)[At least to know what actually happened at the crime scene, the killer's emotions and such (hide spoiler)]. It might be also because I couldn't relate to any character. Anyway, fun read not the best but enjoyable nonetheless.

    29. *5 SLACK-JAWED STARS* “Wouldn't we all look guilty, if someone searched hard enough?” MIND = BLOWN!!!I suggest, no, let me rephrase that I demand that everyone who's had this on their reading list forever (as was my case) but hasn't read this yet, TO DO SO RIGHT NOW, you won't be disappointed!Review coming soon, when I can think straight.

    30. Anna was always invisible. Picked on by the popular kids until one day, beautiful Elise starts to become her friend. Then Tate, the golden boy of their high school takes notice of her, her life starts to turn for the better. Now, I'm no investigator, but what I found ridiculous was the lack of evidence charged against Anna. There was nothing tying her to the crime. I thought I missed something, but I didn't. Scratch thatThere was evidence against her but it wasn't revealed until later which is w [...]

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