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Sun Kissed Be careful or you ll get burned The three hottest au pairs in history are back and this time they re ready to rule the Hamptons Mara has all the VIPs in the hottest clubs hanging on her every word El

  • Title: Sun-Kissed
  • Author: Melissa de la Cruz
  • ISBN: 9781442474116
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Be careful or you ll get burned The three hottest au pairs in history are back, and this time they re ready to rule the Hamptons Mara has all the VIPs in the hottest clubs hanging on her every word Eliza s family is back from financial ruin and she s got the platinum charge cards to prove it Jacqui is newly single and ready for some steamy summer hook ups The girls sBe careful or you ll get burned The three hottest au pairs in history are back, and this time they re ready to rule the Hamptons Mara has all the VIPs in the hottest clubs hanging on her every word Eliza s family is back from financial ruin and she s got the platinum charge cards to prove it Jacqui is newly single and ready for some steamy summer hook ups The girls seem to have it all this summerbut looks, as we all know, can be deceiving.Mara s living every girl s dream playing house with her boyfriend, Ryan Perry, on his parents luxury yacht while writing a column about night life in the Hamptons With a press pass to every hot event, Mara s ready to hit the red carpet and scoop even the most seasoned journalists If only she could get a pass from Ryan, who just wants her to stay home and cuddle.Last summer s No boys mantra is a distant memory for Jacqui While the new au pair, Shannon, handles the Perry kids, Jacqui searches for some serious fun And she doesn t have to look far Three dot boy millionaires have moved in next door and are than happy to compete for her affections Thus Jacqui s new mantra is, Why have just one when you can have them all Eliza and Jeremy are in total relationship bliss She s decided to take the next step with Jeremy and nothing s going to stop her this time Unfortunately, what she thought would be a cakewalk internship for a famous fashion designer turns out to be hours of hard labor than she, or her relationship, are ready for Too bad Jeremy won t stop questioning her work ethic long enough for Eliza to get back in the mood

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    1 thought on “Sun-Kissed

    1. Okay, seriously? Why does every single book seem to get worse? Besides the fact that this book just goes more into complicated relationships and more doom, I DO NOT understand WHY the ever-loving effing hell Eliza, Mara, and Jacqui are legit characters. Why?First of all: now that Eliza’s gotten her stuff together from Skinny Dipping, we now have to read about her getting all sappy with Jeremy. Okay. Jeremy. I don’t understand. I think I need someone to explain this to me. Why in the world is [...]

    2. My love for this series basically decreases with each book. The first one still is and always will be my favorite. These books are super easy and quick reads, but the characters are incredibly annoying. Mara used to be my favorite, but now I can't stand her. Jacqui has grown on me though, she has become my favorite character of them all. I do wish this series encompassed one entire summer instead of 4 different ones, we miss a lot of the small details that we need for the story to fully flow. Ev [...]

    3. Actual rating: 4.5 stars!I loved this book, my favorite in the series. The girls were so much more grown up and there was even a part in the last 20 pages that made me tear up. I can't wait to start the last book!

    4. The third book of the Au Pair series from Melissa De La Cruz and things were getting a bit crazy in this third installment. The girls reunite once again, their third summer in the Hamptons: the summer before they start their freshman year of college. For Eliza, her family is back on top like before the scandal, she is dating Jeremy and is accepted to Princeton after working very hard during her senior year. Once again, Eliza isn’t working for the Perry’s. However, she has an internship with [...]

    5. Summer before freshman year of collegeEliza- Eliza's family is back to their original lifestyle and she is still dating jeremy. she is looking for to sleeping with him. She originally has a job with Sydney Minx, a designer. During his store opening she comes in on a helicopter and she is fired for taking away the spotlight. She is also hated by his assistant paige, who jeremy knows. AFter her parents take away her credit cards she starts working at Lunch. Her and jeremy are constantly fighting b [...]

    6. Mara, Jacqui and Eliza are back for their third summer together!Now that everyone has their own partner with them, everything should be great, right? WRONG!Mara and Ryan now live together in a yacht and Mara has a job as a journalist. Too bad Ryan wants to stay home. Then there's Eliza and Jeremy. She just can't wait to lose her virgin--HOLD UP! * SPOILER ALERT* Didn't she lose her virginity to Ryan? In the last book it was implied that they hook up and then fell into a "friends-with-benefits" r [...]

    7. Things start getting a little crazy in this third installment of the popular and addicting series! Actually, all three girls start out the summer thinking that it will be the best ever. Eliza’s got a killer job working for a famous fashion designer and is determined to spend some quality time with her long-distance boyfriend Jeremy. Mara’s got a press pass into the hottest parties in the Hamptons as part of her job for working at Hamptons magazine. On top of that, she’s living with Ryan on [...]

    8. The girls reunite for their third summer in the Hamptons. Eliza starts out interning for a designer, but her ambition and talent cost her the job (ironically). Through this adversity Eliza finds her true passion and motivation and experiences the joy that comes from working hard for something you want. Mara is living with Ryan on his boat, working as a reporter for the local paper. But living together does not work well for the couple as they see how incompatible their lives are. Ryan wants to s [...]

    9. I really enjoyed reading the first two Au Pairs novels and Sun Kissed was very enjoyable too.It was good to see all three girls back together again for a summer of adventure, fun and of course drama. It was also good to see all my old favourite characters back for another fun book.While this is a totally fun, light and breezy book I have to admit there was a couple of parts that had me tearing in the eyes. I also had a good laugh and I also got angry. Melissa de la Cruz did an awesome job at cap [...]

    10. I have loved this series. I couldn't put the first one down and I was giddy with excitement when I found out there were more. It's a perfect beach read (if I lived near a beach). Very entertaining, likeable characters and continuing development of the girls we've grown to love (and hate) thus far. One thing that annoyed me, (this may have been present in the previous and I just didn't notice as much) the book somewhat resembles an ad campaign for couture and high end fashion. I do NOT need nor w [...]

    11. Not as good as the first two in the series. I felt bored at some parts, and It felt like the story was just dragging on endlessly. I mean, it was still good, but It just wasn't as good as I had expected given that the previous books in the series were so awesome. I think it was just that the three girls were all working and not together as much anymore that the story felt dull -- I'm not too sure, I just know I was slightly disappointed in book three of The Au Pairs.

    12. I normally like this series for the mindless entertainment and the light drama, but I have to say, most of the drama was missing from this installment. Definitely the weakest of the series so far. The kids are behaving themselves, the new au pair is toothless and boring, everyone makes the mature decisions and the Perry twins aren't even in town. So far this series has been good for a laugh and an eye-roll, but this one was just dull.

    13. Soooooooo good!!!!!spoiler alert coming up!!!(view spoiler)[i jus dont understand t she had 2 brek up with ryan!!!!they could have had a long distance relationship!!!!!nd i think that girl tinker is gonna take ryan away from mara!!!!!!thats messed!!!!buh still cant wait for da nxt book!!!!yay!!! (hide spoiler)]

    14. This book was just as good as the rest! I really hope in the next book though, if Mara and Ryan reconnect, they stay together! They are my favourite couple in this series! I've loved then from the very first book when they weren't even together yet! Either way, so far this has been a very good summer read!

    15. This series was one that, though it wasn't a challenging read, it was a fun, easy read that kept me entertained and wanting more. At various times I disliked different characters, for the simple fact that they did some questionable things. However, in the end I enjoyed all their personalities and I think the book would have been incomplete without one of them.

    16. My favorite Au Pair Mara decides to live on Ryan's boat with him for the summer. What starts off as a good idea soon turns out to be anything but. Other girls, parties, and oh yeah, work all seem to get in the way. I was sad at the end of this but it was once again, fun to read about the girls and all of their summer adventures.

    17. I must say that every book makes me emotional as I am getting on last pages. I think that the Au Pairs is a pretty unique series - this instalment, for instance, made me believe that dreams can really come true and as it is my college acceptance time too, I absolutely felt with them. I'm looking forward to the last book as well because I already know it will be just as fun and touching.

    18. Ahh! The Au Pair girls are back and filled with even MORE adventures. All of them really dont need the job anymore but just love hanging out. But this time with the Au Pairs theres a new girl. They really dont want her to be there with them but they cant do anything about it. At least this time they'll be able to concentrate less on their job and concentrate more on their summer. PG-13 ;]

    19. This book didn't catch my attention at all. yeah I thought it was interesting the first couple pages but as I read on It just kept dragging on and on and on. I could say that this is possibly one of the worse books that I have ever read.

    20. I really liked this book too. I am officially hooked on this au pair series. Each book can be read alone or as part of the series which I really like. It seems like too many YAF Series books have very little content and way too much cliff-hanger. These do not. Yay again!

    21. I always enjoy reading books in this series because they are very lighthearted. But they are still a little pretentious and contrived. I don't mind the fact that I can predict what is going to happen in the book but if that bothers you than you won't like this book, so just letting you know.

    22. sun-kissed is an awesome book!!! I love it! there's not much more than that to say, because i don't want to spoil the book! if you liked the au pairs and skinny-dipping, you'll love sun-kissed! :) i know i did!

    23. I really enjoyed reading this one. It was great to see the girls rise above all the things that have come between them that summer. The girls really surprised me with thier riske behavior! i recommend this!

    24. Another shallow, entertaining Au Pairs book! At this point it shouldn't be called Au Pairs, as only Jacqui is still Au Pair-ing, but whatever. She is still my favourite out of them all. This book was fun as always. Not much more to say. No real issues, just major drama. 4/5

    25. I found this book in a cabin I was staying in over New Years. It was silly. It's for those people who adore the fashion scene and not mind pushing through all the designer brand name dropping to try and find some sort of plot.

    26. I thought Ryan and Mara should have stayed together and it was very dumb for them to break up again. Ryan was always this really nice guy but in this one he was a major jack ass and should have been there more for Mara.

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