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His Own Devices

His Own Devices Cam still has the scars from his time as a slave mining malleum a metal as strong as steel and as pliable as human flesh His talent for fixing machines was his ticket out of that hell but when he s

  • Title: His Own Devices
  • Author: Jessica Freely
  • ISBN: 9781623001032
  • Page: 261
  • Format: ebook
  • Cam still has the scars from his time as a slave mining malleum, a metal as strong as steel and as pliable as human flesh His talent for fixing machines was his ticket out of that hell, but when he s ordered to repair a malfunctioning android and instead falls in love, Cam discovers it s his own shattered spirit that needs mending.Sunshine s flaw is that he has a personCam still has the scars from his time as a slave mining malleum, a metal as strong as steel and as pliable as human flesh His talent for fixing machines was his ticket out of that hell, but when he s ordered to repair a malfunctioning android and instead falls in love, Cam discovers it s his own shattered spirit that needs mending.Sunshine s flaw is that he has a personality and free will, traits that interfere with his role as the perfect, obedient worker They also make him smart, sweet, and sexy as hell Sunshine is determined to pursue a relationship with Cam, no matter what it takes No penis No problem He s made of malleum, and he can modify his anatomy to meet Cam s deepest desires The hard part is getting Cam to admit what he really wants.Meanwhile, Cam s boss expects him to complete repairs on the new worker prototype It ll be the mines for Cam and the scrap heap for Sunshine unless they can outwit a corporation founded on slavery and prove that even in the most unexpected places, love flourishes, transforming not just one wounded man, but also a whole world.

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    1 thought on “His Own Devices

    1. Quit it at 63%m, it had loads of potential but I just could not get over some things. Like how does someone just get over sexual abuse trauma that seemed paralizing overnight? I liked the MCs but they seemed a bit fluffy. I don't know I guess it was just not for me. The search for an awesome M/M Space Opera CONTINUES

    2. 3.75 Star - 4 Starshard to rateWhat a great imagination this author has - I totally enjoyed it far more then I thought it would. I was reading some of the other reviews and saw that the MC got over his rape really quickly. This is a huge turn off for me but I risked it anyway and I am very glad that I did. In my opinion the Main Character (MC) had plenty of time to work his issues out. Firstly it had been 3 years since his abuse and then the slow realisation of his feelings for sunshine tell you [...]

    3. I admit, this was on my iPhone when I needed something to read in a waiting room. But I'm glad I read it, as I rather enjoy odd couplings, such as an Earthling (of sorts) and a robot that is so self-aware he realizes he needs a penis to have sex with his lover. And creates one. This is a book that's sheer fun to read and also has some incredibly hot manlove to go with it. A simple plot (the good guys take on the megalithic giant bad guys) with a wee bit of a sci-fi, I Robot twist. Getcha some he [...]

    4. A very light, uncomplicated read. The concept wasn't total unique but had the possibility of a strong story. The plot was fairly simple as was the characters. I did think Cam overcoming his past was a little too simple and the ending was very quick. This is what I said though a light, uncomplicated read that will just give you the "warm fuzzies":)

    5. $4.14 on Nook, this used to come with Unlawful which is now $0.99, anyone know if it still does? Was gonna buy that first but if they're still connected then ill just get this one.Edit: I got Unlawful when it was free and have since read it.

    6. This is a delightful and fun book to read, tackling large issues with a deft light hand. Cam and Sunshine are loveable characters, and make a truly endearing couple. I thought Sunshine's characterisation was particularly well handled. As refreshing as an iced coffee on a hot day!

    7. 3 1/2 - 4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/Cam is a slave who has been rescued from the mines only because of his mechanical acumen; he is now all alone on a moon where he fixes, invents and updates whatever his jailers send him, when he is sent a malfunctioning android he makes a startling discovery and he begins to want something that scares him to death. Sunshine (SNSH1.9 android) doesn’t want to die again, he isn’t malfunctioning he is just fine, w [...]

    8. Very strong beginning but slowly went downhill towards the end. I mean it wasn't bad But I felt as if it was rushed. For that reason I have to give this 4 stars. The concept was good and the interaction was nice. I find that appropriate reactions and dialogue can be hard for it to seem real and true to the characters and this story did a wonderful job doing so. Coming up with a A.I. that interacted so well as far as the innocents of a child and with adult like ability at the same time was done a [...]

    9. A science fiction romance about freedom and humanity. It reminds me of Amy Lane's A Solid Core of Alpha. While Lane came to the conclusion that her holograms are just computer programs, manifestations of the hero's subconsciousness that can be safely deleted, Freely treats her android as a person. In this story a sentient being is any being which has self-awareness and knows good from evil.

    10. I liked this book. It was fun and sweet. The sci-fi elements were well imagined and incorporated. I loved the bots. They were playful and endearing. The detachable, blue, metallic penis had me giggling. Like a kid. I am sill smiling just thinking about it. It was a short novella and didn't go deep into the angsty issues it raised. But I don't think it hand-waved over them either. It just wasn't an angst-fest. I am fine with that. It was a a charming, well written story.

    11. Interesting blend of SF and M/M. Moving at times--there's a theme with slavery, intellect, free will, past abuse and the soul-crushingness of corporations bent only on conquest--and yet also comedic as well. I mean, one MC is a blue android who fashions his own penis.Somehow, Ms. Freely pulls it off, and well.

    12. A wonderfully inventive and sweet book about Cam and Sunshine, the android he befriends. Full of humor as well as the darker moments that give the characters reason to fight for freedom as well as each other, the story has excellent, detailed worldbuilding and reads quickly--almost too quickly. I wanted more!

    13. I really liked the world building in this. I enjoyed the characters and I thought all the robots were cute. I thought that this was a fun read! I did feel like the ending was rushed but overall, thought this was a solid read.

    14. Reviewed by:Aggie Genre: M/M Sci FiRated: 5 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    15. This is a very well written story with absolutely delightful main characters. If you're looking for something relatively light with good humor but not sweet fluff, try this book. I loved it.

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