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100 Cupboards

Cupboards Twelve year old Henry York is going to sleep one night when he hears a bump on the attic wall above his head It s an unfamiliar house Henry is staying with his aunt uncle and three cousins so he tri

  • Title: 100 Cupboards
  • Author: N.D. Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780375838811
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve year old Henry York is going to sleep one night when he hears a bump on the attic wall above his head It s an unfamiliar house Henry is staying with his aunt, uncle, and three cousins so he tries to ignore it But the next night he wakes up with bits of plaster in his hair Two knobs have broken through the wall, and one of them is slowly turning Henry scrapes tTwelve year old Henry York is going to sleep one night when he hears a bump on the attic wall above his head It s an unfamiliar house Henry is staying with his aunt, uncle, and three cousins so he tries to ignore it But the next night he wakes up with bits of plaster in his hair Two knobs have broken through the wall, and one of them is slowly turning Henry scrapes the plaster off the wall and discovers doors ninety nine cupboards of all different sizes and shapes Through one he can hear the sound of falling rain Through another he sees a glowing room with a man strolling back and forth Henry and his cousin Henrietta soon understand that these are not just cupboards They are, in fact, portals to other worlds.100 Cupboards is the first book of a new fantasy adventure, written in the best world hopping tradition and reinvented in N.D Wilson s own inimitable style.

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      194 N.D. Wilson
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    1 thought on “100 Cupboards

    1. Nonbiased reviews under such circumstances are hard to come by. Great book. Listened to it again on Audible in March of 2017. Still great.

    2. After his parents disappear, 12-year old Henry York is sent to live with an aunt and uncle he hasn't seen since he was 4. He doesn't wish his parents any harm.but he doesn't really want them to come back either. They are.odd. Henry has learned over the years that his upbringing has been strange and markedly different from other kids around him. He's learned to roll with it and through observation has found ways to fit in and make friends. But just as he arrives and starts to settle in at his rel [...]

    3. I'm quite conflicted about this book. On the one hand, the premise is fantastic-- a wall full of doorways into other worlds-- some benign, some not so much. But the names of the female characters were confusing-- they're all allusions to famous females (incl Dorothy from Kansas!)-- but i also kept forgetting how old the little girls were supposed to be, because they speak and act like different ages all the time. The town's name is Henry, and the two main kids are named Henry and Henrietta? Huh? [...]

    4. My kids are grown, adults. That said I still often read YA books. They of course like books of any genre and reader level run the gamut from excellent to unreadable. They also have a range of maturity level.I have mentioned before that books on the "YA shelf" can be YA,Ya or yA. This one I'd say is Yach more "young" than "adult".We open here with a young man who comes to live withwell we'll not go into the relationship as that's part of the story. Let's say a distant uncle and aunt type coupleAn [...]

    5. Let me make one thing clear--the only reason I'm deducting the 5th star is because this book does not stand on it's own. It's very clearly the start of a series and I'm greatly annoyed that now I have to wait for the next installment. That being said, the scene with the chainsaw in the carpet is almost worth adding the 5th star backThis is a creepy little children's fantasy. Give to fans of Charlie Bone, Coraline, Gregor the Overlander, the Narnia books, Chrestomanci, and yes that HP fellow. The [...]

    6. I can't believe I made it all the way through to the end of this book. Maybe because I just kept waiting for something to happen and really it didn't. I have to give the author credit anyone that can literally write over 50 pages describing cupboards and one main setting of maybe a room. This book started out great but really I felt like I was in sand and going no where fast, and it just kept feeling to the end. I think it was the writing style, the style was more of telling the reader then actu [...]

    7. Wow! I really loved this book. Deliciously creepy elements blend with terrific characterization, poetic prose and exciting plot. Will update more in a bit! EditNow to add a bit more. I like how the author has taken classic fantasy tropes, "the lost Special One" "the Hidden World" "the Wise Fool" and blended them in new ways. I particularly like how Henry finds the world away from the smothering overprotective one his parents have created for him just as magical as the actual magical worlds he [...]

    8. Scrub the bones. Great line, and one of the most memorable. This book felt like what C.S. Lewis would have been if he wasn't British, didn't drink tea and crumpets every day and enjoyed college basketball.

    9. After a pretty slow start, this book got weird fast. One minute I'm waiting for some action and answers, the next I'm wondering how I fell into Tim Burton's brain. It got so weird that it was a little hard to understand at times. I'm fairly fantasy versed and even I had trouble interpreting some of the stuff towards the end of the book. Wilson really tried hard to start cramming in characters with speaking styles that were unique to their situation. Unfortunately, this will probably leave many i [...]

    10. Mmm. Delicious. A good fantasy with enough original elements to keep it interesting. "Leepike Ridge" is better, no question, but I dare say this book stands apart from the normal fantasy-laden pack. See for yourself

    11. WOW! Very interesting fantasy tale. I wonder why I hadn't ever heard of it? Henry is a guest in his Aunt and Uncle's home. He finds 99 cupboards covered up with plaster in the attic where he sleeps. Each leads to a different land/time--but too small to get through. Where is the other cupboard, you wonder? Well, I can't tell you that! You'll just have to read it yourself. Quite an interesting story. It reads almost like a Harry Potter. And, if you get your hands on the book, look at the back of t [...]

    12. First read in 2016: This book, guys. This book. It was so good. I nearly had a heart attack while reading it. Also, I want a raggant hahaha.Reread May 2017: duh I still love this, but I think I have an appreciation for different aspects of this book now. And I like Henry even more than I did last time.

    13. This book was not as good as I expected,but still good. Near the end it got creepy.But the creepyness made it more interesting.That is why I am rating it 3 stars.

    14. This was recommended by - wait for it! - my GRAND-daughter. It's a children's book, and I like and read children's books, but I did find this pretty scary although I did enjoy it. Twelve year old Henry comes to stay with his aunt and uncle in Henry, Kansas hoping for a summer of baseball. Instead, or perhaps in addition, he finds that one wall of his attic bedroom is full of small cupboards with locked doors - and each goes somewhere not in this world. The characters (three cousins and two sets [...]

    15. How can it get better--100 small cupboards hidden under plaster in an ordinary-looking Kansas house where Henry has come to await word on his parents, travel writers being held by Columbian kidnappers. His aunt, uncle, and three girl cousins seem perfectly ordinary, but there's a ghost who comes and goes from dead Grandpa's locked room, and there are those cupboards hidden behind Henry's bedroom wall. Henry is a cautious, careful hero, somewhat adrift in the world, sucked into dangerous situatio [...]

    16. When his over-protective parents are kidnapped while on vacation, Henry is sent to stay with relatives in a small Kansas town. When the plaster in his attic bedroom is cracked, Henry discovers strange cupboards, all different from one another, and mysterious compass locks. He and the oldest of his cousins explore the mystery and have adventures (I won't be any more specific because I don't want to give away the plot). I thought the book had some good imagery, and the characters of Henry and his [...]

    17. I listened to the audio book version of this book. It was so good that I looked for every opportunity to drive somewhere just so that I could find out what happened next! I also decided NOT to listen to the sequels on audio, but instead to purchase the hard copies to read out loud to my wife.Update 2017: Just listened to the audiobook again, this time with my children. Still just as good. A truly inventive and intriguing piece of world traveling.

    18. Fantástico! Eu estava com muita expectativa para ler o universo ficcional de N. D. Wilson, e tudo o que posso dizer é que Barnabas Piper não exagerou quando disse que o sentimento que ficamos após a leitura dele é semelhante ao sentimento que encontramos na leitura de Lewis, Chesterton ou Tolkien (ok, estou em dívida para com último). Não é que os romances de Wilson sejam clássicos, diz Piper, mas que ele ecoa os clássicos em nobreza, tom e verdade. E concordo com essa análise porque [...]

    19. I liked this. I want to say that first off least my issues be construed as revulsion. I read this book with the idea of presented it to a children's book club that I run at work. If I were reading for myself I probably would have relaxed into the story more and not be questioning everything. I don't tend to read Juvie Fantasy too deeply when reading for my own personal pleasure, but I need to talk about this among a group.First the tone seems to shift from the overly descriptive literary tone to [...]

    20. I loved the concept of this book, and the writing style was so delightful! The characters had depth (and surprises to them!), and the rural American setting was really cute. Uncle Frank was my absolute favorite, and the (view spoiler)[fact that he and Henry were from another world (hide spoiler)] was so neat. (view spoiler)[Oh, I just realized why he wanted to get Henry into baseball! I love Uncle Frank! (hide spoiler)] My favorite cupboard was definitely (view spoiler)[the post office one, alth [...]

    21. Nate Wilson has a unique gift. He takes you away into another world with his imaginative story telling, but with such realistic characters and life circumstances you feel like you're reading about your next door neighbor. I especially love his word pictures! They are so vivid, clever, and original. The depth of plot, which is often missed in fiction, adds substance yet without weighing down the story. Nate also sells his characters well and by chapter two I already loved Aunt Dotty, sympathized [...]

    22. Develops a little slower than Wilson's other novels and is a little more convoluted. Those aren't bad things - just a different flavor. Still a fun story and definitely intriguing.

    23. A young boy, who's parents have been kidnapped in Columbia, Henry, goes to live with his Aunt and Uncle in Kansas. He has lead a very protected and coddled life. All he wants to do is play baseball. Given an upstairs attic room, he discovers a wall of small cupboards behind the plaster. His cousin Henrietta, convinces him that they should explore them!I think I liked the narrator's voices more than the actual story line. I liked the idea of it, but it took quite a dark turn.

    24. It was a very slow read, the concept of the cupboards was nothing new. The story didn't do it for me. There was nothing interesting about this book. I wanted to put it down but for some reason I can't dnf books, once I start I feel like I have to finish. Hopefully the rest of the series is good, if not I 'll just be wasting my time. This is a middle grade series and from my experience reading middle grade books as an adult most are not that good to me.

    25. Overall it was an ok book, But it got really boring at some points, like in the beginning it was really good, then i got into the middle of the book and it got really boring, then at the end it got better. Thats why it took all year to finish. I didn't really like how the book left me on a cliff hanger, but i'm probably not going to read the next 3 books.

    26. One hundred cupboards. Yes this was kind of dark. Yes it was kind of awesome. Yes it was kind of funny. But mostly it was weird beyond normal weird. Strange, creepy, cool, yeah I liked it.

    27. I really loved this book, from end to finish it was really interesting. The characters were all well made out and I really loved their interactions and such. I feel like the author set a more exciting and mysterious tone with this book, including many mysteries about the cupboards. The author made many relate able characters and I really liked the book!

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