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Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD) (A Poetry Speaks Experience)

Poetry Speaks to Children Book CD A Poetry Speaks Experience Poetry Speaks to Children reaches into the world of poetry and pulls outhe elements children love rhyme rhythm fun and every once in a while aittle mischief Illustrated in colour throughout Poetry Spe

  • Title: Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD) (A Poetry Speaks Experience)
  • Author: Elise Paschen Dominique Raccah Paula Zinngrabe Wendland
  • ISBN: 9781402203299
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Poetry Speaks to Children reaches into the world of poetry and pulls outhe elements children love rhyme rhythm fun and every once in a while aittle mischief Illustrated in colour throughout Poetry Speaks to Children s designed for children of ages six to eleven Featuring than 100oems 50 of them brought to life on CD ranging from Gwendolyn Brooks togden Nash Shel SilvePoetry Speaks to Children reaches into the world of poetry and pulls outhe elements children love rhyme rhythm fun and every once in a while aittle mischief Illustrated in colour throughout Poetry Speaks to Children s designed for children of ages six to eleven Featuring than 100oems 50 of them brought to life on CD ranging from Gwendolyn Brooks togden Nash Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl to J R R Tolkien the book andD will allow children and parents to read and listen simultaneously onsisting of entertaining poems written by well known artists this book andccompanying audio CD will present poetry to children using their naturaluriosity and sense of fun to reveal the joy and stimulation made possiblehrough poetry The book and CD will be arranged so that children can readnd listen simultaneously The poems with audio will be interspersedhroughout the book By linking enjoyable and meaningful interaction withords in the poetic form this book and audio CD will be a child s first realntroduction to the energizing experience of poetry In the tradition of Poetry Speaks the anthology named a Best Book of 2002 by School Library Journal and praised by the Seattle Post Intelligencer as a volume to delight longtime lovers of poetry and to spark new love for poetry especially among the young Sourcebooks MediaFusion is proud to introduce the joy of the written and spoken word in Poetry Speaks to Children Parents educators librarians and poetry enthusiasts have wondered for yearshow to get children really interested in poetry Until now there hasn t been a collection of poems and poets that spoke directly to that elusive audience Poetry Speaks to Children cracks through that barrier by packaging the best poems by the best authors along with a CD making the engrossing and often mischievous verses come alive in the voices of many of the creators Poetry Speaks to Children reaches into the world of poetry and pulls out the elements childre

    • ☆ Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD) (A Poetry Speaks Experience) || ☆ PDF Read by ↠ Elise Paschen Dominique Raccah Paula Zinngrabe Wendland
      141 Elise Paschen Dominique Raccah Paula Zinngrabe Wendland
    • thumbnail Title: ☆ Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD) (A Poetry Speaks Experience) || ☆ PDF Read by ↠ Elise Paschen Dominique Raccah Paula Zinngrabe Wendland
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    1 thought on “Poetry Speaks to Children (Book & CD) (A Poetry Speaks Experience)

    1. My husband received this book as a gift for his first Father's Day. I have enjoyed reading it too as well as reading some of it aloud to our 7 month old. While we have a few other poetry collections for children, I specifically appreciate this one because it contains poems that address a wide range of emotions and experiences. It's not all "sweet" poems, but has ones that speak to fear, sadness, etc. in a non-patronizing way. The poets featured are mostly well-known, both classic and contemporar [...]

    2. There are some very wonderful gems in here. The range of readers spans k-12. Individual poems are quite useful in developing units of inquiry. For example, "Snowmen" can be used with the water cycle, as well as with the 5th grade Memory Unit.

    3. Overall this is a really good book. This book included poems from multiple poets and authors. This book also come with a CD of the authors and poets reading their poems. Can I tell that this makes this book an even greater read. The most favorite of them all is Why I like Chocolate by Nikki Giovanni. She too is on the CD reading her poem which's draw that much more into the poem. This book would geared towards pre-k thru 3rd or 4th grade maybe. I would suggest that this book is incorporated in c [...]

    4. Poetry Speaks to Children is a collection of poetry by various authors. It was illustrated by Judy Love, Wendy Rasmussen, and Paula Zinngrabe Wendland, and is most likely intended for children ages 7-12.Summary: Poetry Speaks to Children collects 95 of the best poems to read out loud to children.Evaluation: I rated this book 4 stars because it includes so many poems that are perfect for reading out loud accompanied by lively illustrations that really bring those poems to life. The collection was [...]

    5. We read this book to complement our homeschool study of poetry. We absolutely LOVED this book! The poems were so enjoyable and we thoroughly enjoyed hearing the different people read through the poems. They definitely brought a new dimension of life to the poets words. Great great read! Enjoy!

    6. This poetry anthology comes with a CD containing audio recordings of the poets reading aloud their work. All of the poems are from well-known authors. Perfect for a listening library in the classroom, or for a long car ride.

    7. From BooklistGr. 3-5. Teachers will celebrate this wide-ranging collection of both classic and contemporary poetry, including selections from Robert Bly and Rainer Maria Rilke, who aren't often included in anthologies for youth. There's little organization, although similarly themed selections sometimes appear together (the witches' lines from Macbeth come just after Karla Kuskin's "Knitted Things," also about a witch, for example). Almost every poem appears on a heavily illustrated page, and th [...]

    8. I read the book: Poetry Speaks to Children by Elise Paschen. (99 pages)This is review #8.I chose one of the poems in the book to represent symbolism.It is called Crayons: a rainbow poem by Jane Yolen. The author uses symbolism to describe the colors of crayons.“This box contains the wash of blue sky,spikes of green spring.a circle of yellow sun,triangle flames of orange and red.” pg 23Although the crayon box does not actually contain a sky, blades of grass, a sun, and fire, the author of thi [...]

    9. This book contains a diverse collection of poems for children from a variety of poets including Gwendolyn Brooks, Lewis Carroll, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Ogden Nash, and many others. This would be a nice book to use to introduce children to a variety of authors and a variety of poetry styles. It would be a wonderful read-aloud book, reading nook book or could be used in a listening center since it comes with a CD. Not all of the poems are on the CD, but the ones that are are labled in bo [...]

    10. This was an okay collection, but just okay. I would've liked to see some of the modern classics in addition to what is presented here, and a more focused collection based on the age of the intended audience. There are works by Tolkein, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes and even Shakespeare, plus an epigram from Alexander Pope, none of which seem especially well-suited to the intended age group of this book (grammar-school aged kids), yet there's nothing by Silverstein, Seuss, or Sendak. The book inc [...]

    11. 1) This collection has not received any awards. 2)Appropriate grade levels: Kindergarten through 3rd grade. 3) This book is a collection of many different poems by various authors and topics . The book includes a CD for a follow along as well. The book has many simple, easy to read poems to more challenging pieces of work. The illustrations are clear and understandable to readers. 4) This book is going to be in my classroom library. There are many examples that could be used in a poetry lesson. [...]

    12. This book holds multiple poems that can get small and big children interested in reading about poetry. This book also comes with a CD, which can come out pretty handy for teachers and parents to listen to before reading. The CD has the writers passionate emotion and feelings of how he/she wrote the poem. Children learn how rhymes and riddles are also used tell a story. However, the poems are more than just a story they hold deeper meanings in which sometimes can be hard to interpret. My favorite [...]

    13. Elise Paschen (ed.), Poetry Speaks to Children (Sourcebooks Inc 2005)A collection of poems written to, or about, children with an accompanying fifty-track CD (most tracks are of the poems themselves, though a few are the poets talking about the inspiration for one piece or another). While a number of these fall into bona fide chestnut status, kids who are being exposed to poetry for the first time won't be aware of that, and that old black magic should work just fine on them. For older readers, [...]

    14. This anthology is AMAZING. Reading it along with listing to the authors read their poems brought the experience to a whole new level. Robert Frost, Billy Collins, Gwendolyn Brooks, Carl Sandburg, Roald Dahl, J.R.R. Tolkien, Langston Hughes, X.J. Kennedy, Rita Dove--and that's just my favorites who read their own poems. But if I had to choose one favorite, it would be Sonia Sanchez's reading on "to P.J." There were also a lot of poems only included in writing and not on the CD. Plus, the illustra [...]

    15. Grades 1st & upThis book is silly and full of rhymes and excitement. The images are vibrant and playful and refect the text or meaning of the poems. The poems are geared towards younger children and will allow them to use their imagination. Children will enjoy hearing the poems as well as listening to the poems on the cd providedLanguage arts/scienceLesson idea: Students can choose a poem and write about what they think the meaning is.

    16. A very fun poetry collection! I'll confess I haven't finished the book only in the sense that I've read all the poems, but haven't listened to the accompanying CD. (My excuse is that I'm a visual learner, not an auditory one.) But the poems are excellent--a nice variety--and the art is lovely. My new favorite poem is "Why?" by James Stevenson, and not just because it involves doughnuts! I own other poetry collections I like better, but this one is quite good.

    17. What I love most about this book of poetry is that there is a CD included that has some of the poets reading their poems. It is fun to hear how they read them which is usually very different from the way I read them - different inflections, speed, etc I also think it is absolutely incredible to hear Robert Frost reading his Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Eveningwow! I think I enjoy this poetry book more than the kiddos!

    18. This book provides a number of poems and a CD with poems read by the poets. I like how it contains a CD so the teacher can play it for students to listen. Most of the poems consist of adventures which children will enjoy. Also, I noticed that most of the poems include animals makes the poems interesting. The illustration vary in color some light and others dark.

    19. I think this book is nice for children to be able to hear the rhymes and rhythms on the CD as they read along. Many times poetry needs to be read in particular rhythm and this allows children to hear that. What I liked most about this book of poetry was that the actual poets read their own poems aloud for the children to hear.

    20. There are lots of other poems and poets that it would be great to see included, however, this collection still holds up well to many reads. I've been using it as part of teaching a creative writing class for 3rd through 5th graders and the kids are all responding well. They appreciate the sillier poems and are also up to the challenge for the more serious.

    21. This 2005 poetry book is a fantastic compilation of traditional and modern poems. The greatest thing is that it comes with a CD with the authors reading the poems. Many poems can be used as a kickoff to writing other poems.

    22. What I love about this book is that it has the original authors (in many cases) reading the poetry. Authors like Roald Dahl and Robert Frost fill this wonderful book of poetry. I bought it to put the poetry on in the car with my little guy. So great.

    23. This book feels magical, and it makes poetry seem as magical as it is. The varied subject matter covered in the 95 included poems captures a childhood both for a young reader and an adult reader. It would be perfect to read together (or listen) and talk about afterwards.

    24. Love hearing the authors read their poems. Some are read by others, and some are better than others, but overall delightful. Not all of the poems in the book were on the CD, which was disappointing. Nevertheless, it's a great package.

    25. Not the greatest selection of poems but the CD is intriguing since many of the original authors read the poems. It was fun for my children to hear the voices of famous authors like Ogden Nash, Robert Frost, Roald Dahl and Carl Sandburg.

    26. This should probably be a 5 star. I didn't like all the poems, but there were some great ones and some great ones new to me. It is wonderful to have a CD. I wish the authors' names were included for each poem on the CD.

    27. Simone loves it so far -- listening to me read the poems and also hearing all the different voices on the CD. Most of these authors I don't associate with writing for children, but the selection definitely works -- some silly stuff, things that are fun to hear, little snippets.

    28. Phenomenal, especially hearing J.R.R.Tolkein reading a poem from the Hobbit. A surprising number of the poems are read by their authors, including some that are lots older than you would think. My 5 year old likes listening to the CD.

    29. This book shows the reader different forms of poetry and different schemes that they can use when writing a poem. I would use this book in my classroom library to help cater to different children through different forms of poetry.

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