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Tattoos & Tinsel

Tattoos Tinsel It s Christmas at Rob and Chris s house the tinsel has been hung the sugar cookies are baking carols are blaring out of the stereo and despite Rob s best efforts there is a definite feel of Christ

  • Title: Tattoos & Tinsel
  • Author: AnnaMartin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: ebook
  • It s Christmas at Rob and Chris s house the tinsel has been hung, the sugar cookies are baking, carols are blaring out of the stereo and, despite Rob s best efforts, there is a definite feel of Christmas cheer in the air.Rob doesn t know it yet, but Chris has one or two holiday surprises hidden up his heavily tattooed sleeves

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      473 AnnaMartin
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    1 thought on “Tattoos & Tinsel

    1. "My whole life changed when we got together.""For the better?""So much better it's barely worth thinking about."

    2. Beautiful little Christmas shorty that tied up the last book well. I want more of these two in the future.

    3. Hooray!! A re-visit to a pretty solid couple. And it's free. And Christmas-y even! Seriously, Chris and Robert are adorable together but luckily not too adorable that I get a sugar induced coma.And I'm so happy Chloe and Robert haven gotten a closer father-daughter relationship (Thank you Chris- it's what made me start loving him in Tattoos & Teacups)And there's such a pleasant surprise in this oneyay! And Chris-ness of how it came to be? :)Totally enjoyed.

    4. Hmmm a sweet short story about Robert and Chris from Tattoos & Teacups during their first Christmas together. The (view spoiler)[proposal in the end (hide spoiler)] is like the cherry on top of the sugary cake. Nothing exactly wrong with it but after that last smut I read, I sort of want a story with slight bite in it. So this just becomes so-so for me.

    5. I read this out of order, so after I read the first book, I will do a re-read of this. The only reason for me reading this first is just that I was just clicking around on GR and found these really pretty covers, and I couldn't stop myself from reading all of this great little freebie when I came across it. The two MC's fascinated me, as I do like opposites attract, and I am looking forward to my next book buying day so I can get part one to read the story of how they got together.

    6. Now this free short story about the first Christmas of Chris & Robert was a totally different story. Can you believe that I actually cried when Chris asked Rob to ask him for marriage? That was like the sweetest thing ever. Chris was just charming and so adorable and the way Rob sees him like he’s the most precious thing in his life was a swoon-inducing feeling. I also liked the fact that there were lines right there about their immediate future – the wedding and all. It was just beautif [...]

    7. Really sweet Christmas story with the characters from Tattoos & Teacups. A nice little peek into their future as well.

    8. Christmas short (freebie) with the characters from Tattoos & Teacups.It's sweet and mellow, with a little surprise before the end, it was cool seeing this couple once again.This story hints of a sequel, maybe?

    9. I'm glad I already had this on my kindle after finishing Tattoos & Teacups. This was the fitting epilogue. Wonderful couple and all the friends and family we met rounded out the reading experience. I would love to meet them again, some time in the future, perhaps with a kid or two?

    10. A cute epilogue for the first book. Not very long but it's a nice, feel good story about how the Rob and Chris are doing.

    11. This short story is a wonderful addition to Tattoos and Teacups. Chris and Robert are celebrating their first christmas together. It's very sweet, warm and fuzzy, a great ending to the series. And we are getting a nice little peek into their future. :)

    12. I’d always thought there was something special about being able to spend time with someone without the need to fill each moment with conversation. Being with Chris was just easy. Una giusta conclusione per i due protagonisti di Tattoos & Teacups, finalmente guadagnatisi una pace in cui riescono a vivere anche solo apprezzando le piccole cose e le ricorrenti abitudini che uno regala all'altro.

    13. This was such a cute short story that gives us a chance to catch back up with Rob and Chris after they have gotten settled in together. Very sweet and romantic and a definite must for fans of the first book.

    14. So happy to have gotten this glimpse into one of my (now) favorite lit couples. This light and fun short story special felt like a Christmas cookie. Something sweet and yummy and to be savored in small bites. I would love to see more of this family should any more stories come along. ❤️

    15. Tattoos and Tinsel is a free short story that gives readers a little view into the lives of Rob and Chris, from Tattoos and Teacups during Christmas. It's told in first person through Rob's eyes.This is a story of how Rob and Chris spend Christmas and Boxing Day together and with family. Not much action, pretty mellow. It’s also a story about Chris springing a little surprise on Rob on Christmas Day.I think I was expecting a little more emotional impact or involvement into the character’s li [...]

    16. Sweet story revisiting Chris and Robert. (view spoiler)[I loved that Chris went and got another tattoo to represent his love for Rob. Loved the foreshadowing about marriage and adding more to the tattoo. I just wished we readers got an extended version so we could see Chris actually get it and come surprise Rob. Regardless, the short was sweet and I loved reading about them spending their first Christmas together. (hide spoiler)]

    17. Chris and Robert spend their first Christmas together, cooking, lazing in the sofa, making love and surprising each other with their touching Christmas presentsIt is always good to visit the couples you love. This short seasonal story by the same characters of Tattoos and Teacups is no exception. We have a chance of seeing how the couple evolved, and where their lives are headed. If you’ve read and loved the book, you should read this story. You’ll love it!

    18. This is an adorable short story of Rob and Chris home for the holidays. So sweet! These guys are just so cute and I loved the way they included all their friends in the holidays and yet still had a wonderful holiday for two. Big happy smiles reading this :)

    19. In this sequel to Tattoos & Teacups, Robert and Chris are celebrating their first Christmas and Boxing Day together. It was very sweet, warm and fuzzy; a great ending to the series. :)

    20. Adorable, short follow-up to Teacups & Tattoos. It was fun to check in with Rob & Chris and all their family and friends. And get a quick look into the crystal ball at their future. Quite a romantic Christmas story.

    21. This was a very sweet follow-up to Tattoos & Teacups. It is as quiet and low-key as the full-length novel, and equally charming.

    22. This was a sweet, romantic shorty for for a Christmas time. This sequel was warm and romantic, but I would probably love it more, if I taken the time to re-read the previous first part Tattoos & Teacups.

    23. Awesome follow-up story. I love to learn what happens after the book ends. This is a very special story with all the love and Christmas season happiness!!

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