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Detroit Shuffle

Detroit Shuffle Will Anderson and Elizabeth Hume get caught up in the political turmoil over women s suffrage in Detroit Shuffle the fourth book in D E Johnson s critically acclaimed s Detroit seriesWill Anderso

  • Title: Detroit Shuffle
  • Author: D.E. Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781250006769
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Will Anderson and Elizabeth Hume get caught up in the political turmoil over women s suffrage in Detroit Shuffle, the fourth book in D E Johnson s critically acclaimed 1910s Detroit seriesWill Anderson inadvertently breaks up a key suffrage rally when he thwarts a gunman set on killing his lover, Elizabeth Hume No one else saw the man, and Elizabeth believes he hallucinWill Anderson and Elizabeth Hume get caught up in the political turmoil over women s suffrage in Detroit Shuffle, the fourth book in D E Johnson s critically acclaimed 1910s Detroit seriesWill Anderson inadvertently breaks up a key suffrage rally when he thwarts a gunman set on killing his lover, Elizabeth Hume No one else saw the man, and Elizabeth believes he hallucinated the entire incident, a side effect of the radium treatment he received at Eloise Hospital She asks him to sit on the sidelines while she and her companions try to get the women s suffrage amendment passed by Michigan voters.Instead, Will sets out to protect Elizabeth and prove his sanity Will s nemesis, Sapphira Xanakis, contacts him with news of a conspiracy to defeat the amendment, led by Andrew Murphy, head of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association Against his better judgment, Will believes she is trying to help The man she directs him to dies under suspicious circumstances An old acquaintance of Will s, who is working for the MLBA, is shot and killed in front of him Still, no one believes Will, including his former ally, Detective Riordan, who not only is unwilling to help, but seems to have secrets of his own.With new death threats against Elizabeth and the next rally only a few days away, Will has to unravel a complicated tapestry of blackmail, double dealing, conspiracy, and murder before the killer has his next chance to strike Johnson s immaculate plotting and high tension writing make for a spellbinding read set in early twentieth century Detroit.

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    1.     Will Anderson is an amateur sleuth living in Detroit in 1912 and hoping to get engaged to Elizabeth Hume, a young woman fighting for the women’s suffrage amendment to get passed by Michigan voters.  The mystery starts when Will, who recently was hospitalized at Eloise Hospital for radium “treatment” and has “fits” and who many think is “insane”, breaks up a suffragette rally by thwarting a gunman intent on killing Elizabeth.  The mystery snowballs and Will has to unravel a [...]

    2. enjoyable and novel. I would read more in this series. Some tinny seeming dialogue -- sometimes people do in fact contract "do not."

    3. Back to Basics for Will & Elizabeth, October 16, 2014By Elizabeth J. Tarry-crowe "Beer WenchA2" (Ann Arbor MI) Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Detroit Shuffle (Detroit Mysteries) (Kindle Edition)This most recent book in Mr. Johnson's "Detroit Mysteries" series gets back to what I loved about his original book (The Detroit Electric Scheme). It's a story of one man's struggle to cope with how the world around him is changing, many times so rapidly he has a hard time keeping [...]

    4. I really liked this book! It'd been awhile since I read a mystery, but this was the selection for the WDET book club (NPR station in Detroit) -- so I began in earnest. (In fact I'd voted for it, based on the on-air author interview and reading a little about it.) I got into the story pretty quickly and looked forward to visiting, during my next reading session. I still ask myself what I may have missed, and want to go over it again, because the layers of meaning and significance are clearly appa [...]

    5. The fourth and final novel in Johnson's Detroit series (so far).Half way through this book I had developed a decidedly unfavorable impression.That was unfortunate because the plot revolved around Michigan’s 1912 vote on woman’s suffrage. It seems someone is out to kill Elizabeth Hume, the girlfriend of our protagonist Will Anderson. She’s leading the crusade in Detroit. That’s cool. Bring it on!Will, of course, with what seems to be dozens of guns and knives hidden on his person, is out [...]

    6. I won a copy of this book from a giveaway posted by the author.There were a few things that first intrigued me about this book. First, I'm from the same area, and there are a lot of great possibilities for historical fiction about this area. Second, it was historical fiction, which I love. Finally, the summary of the book indicated it would focus on women's suffrage, which I thought would be interesting to read about since I've never really heard about this topic in the context of Detroit.As I [...]

    7. "Detroit Shuffle" is a great look at 1912 Detroit. The beautifulElizabeth Hume is fighting for equal rights for women, and this does not endear her to the powers that be that run the city. Someone want to kill Elizabeth and stop the movement from gaining women the right to vote.All Will Anderson wants to do is keep the woman he has loved since their school days safe. The bad thing is that neither Elizabeth or the police believe their is a threat. In fact, everyone believes that Will is imagining [...]

    8. If this was the last of D.E. Johnson's Will Anderson series, it was a fitting end. I have enjoyed this character's evolution through the series and was glad he was able to redeem himself through Elizabeth, and eventually his old friend, Wesley McRae. There were lots of plot twists and an abundance of humor in this latest installment of these Detroit mysteries. Everything that was set up in the previous books resurface in this one. While people and incidents from the earlier books are mentioned, [...]

    9. Detroit Shuffle by D.E. Johnson. D.E. Johnson is quite an author. His book, the fourth in the series, is set in the early 1900's Detroit. Alot of places are familiar to me having lived in a suburb of Detroit for a number of years. His twists and turns and events as he tries to find a killer before they kill his intended who is active in suffragette movement. It's action filled and has some humor, too. Some of the characters are not really very well blown, and for me, the romance is a bit "too to [...]

    10. The best in the Will Anderson series yet! Changes to the protagonist show a clearly developing arc - Will is no longer just the son of an early Detroit electric car manufacturer on the wrong side of the tracks, he's found his footing and navigates the back alleys and shady dealings of early Detroit with a lot more confidence.Also, besides a crackerjack suffragette/Big Liquor/city hall main plot, there's development of all the characters in this book, and more than a smattering of unexpected humo [...]

    11. Detroit Shuffle is D.E. Johnson’s fourth in a series set in early 20th century Detroit. It's a riveting adventure with plot twists and turns that makes us feel like we are right there in the Motor City during the lead-up to the infamous 1912 election to decide women's suffrage in Michigan. His protagonist, amateur sleuth Will Anderson is the wayward son of the Detroit Electric car company owner. As he sets out to protect his long-time girlfriend and suffragette Elizabeth Hume, Will runs headlo [...]

    12. I highly recommend taking the time to read this set of books. Johnson's character building and historical research really shine throughout the entire series. I usually struggle more in connecting to male characters, but Will Anderson pulled me in from the very beginning. If you're a fan of mystery, historical fiction, or Michigan fiction this entire series is a must read. I received my copy from a giveaway.

    13. This is not one of Johnston's best books. The plot is too convoluted. The good cop is questionable in this book. Will and Elizabeth are finally back together, but Will thinks that Elizabeth is in danger. Even though she has body guards to protect her as she tries to get the amendment for women's vote. The backers of the women's vote including Jane Adams come to Detroit to try to get the amendment to pass. The best parts of Johnson's books are always to view into old Detroit.

    14. Someone hire Will Anderson! He makes a great detective, even tho he seems stuck behind a desk, doing jobs he's just not cut out to do. Detroit in 1910s. Fun atmosphere, detailed writing. Will, telling his own story, seems mixed up in all things bad. Luckily, he has a classy rich girlfriend, who sometimes keeps him out of trouble. Fast paced, good mystery and I enjoyed it very much. Will read other books in the series.

    15. Historical fiction set in Detroit in 1912 during a time of corruption. Will Anderson works for his father's electric car company and attempts to save his girlfriend, a active suffragette, from being killed, but he's suffering from his own ailments after being hospitalized in Eloise asylum and a radium "treatment," and no one believes him.

    16. I don't usually choose crime stories; this was the initial choice of Detroit public-radio's book club. So while I didn't love it overall, I did enjoy all the period references to Detroit in the early 20th Century, from clothing to transportation to lifestyle. A couple of the secondary characters are a hoot, and the look at the suffrage movement is interesting.

    17. I discovered this book through the Detroit NPR station book club. It's my first read by the author. Took me awhile to get into it, but the story proved engaging, and the historical Detroit references were fun. I may check out other works by this author.

    18. Absolutely loved this book! The setting was incredible. The story intriguing and the characters as three dimensional as they come. Thank you D.E. Johnson for another great read. Looking forward to your next book!!!

    19. Mostly typical crime novel. The hero tries to stave off the execution of a women's rights activist. The motive is thought to center more on prohibition than anything else until complications lead to a surprise ending.

    20. I really enjoyed this one. Good, rich history of Detroit, especially being a Michigander myself. The mystery and plot were great and lots of humor in the story as well. Wish I had known this wasn't the "first book" in the series beforehand! Oh well! Good mystery anyways.

    21. Read the book as part of WDET's listener book club. It started out slow & I had trouble getting in to it but I ended up really enjoying the book. It was fun to read a book set in my backyard & check out historical photos & articles from the time period and drive by some of the settings today.

    22. Once again the author does a good job in the history department. I love the plot and wonder if the series will continue. Will reminds me of some people I know, myself included who are strong headed and want to see something done and done right. I'm surprised at how the book ended though.

    23. The newest book in the "Detroit" series. I have enjoyed them all. Detroit was interesting during the 1910-1920. (and corrupt)

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