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The Show Must Go On!

The Show Must Go On Black and white line drawings throughout For ages grades

  • Title: The Show Must Go On!
  • Author: Kate Klise M. Sarah Klise
  • ISBN: 9781616202446
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Black and white line drawings throughout.For ages 7 10, grades 2 5.

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      366 Kate Klise M. Sarah Klise
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    1. The Show Must Go On by Kate Klise and M. Sarah Klise – Fantasy, 3rd grade and up – Release date: September 10th. I was so excited to receive permission to read a new book by this fabulous team. It is so special. I loved finding connections visually between their series 43 Old Cemetery Road and this lovely new release. Having faith in others when they don’t have faith in themselves is a tall order, but this book dishes it up… There’s a wonderful circus run by a kindly older oner, Sir Si [...]

    2. I mostly recommend this book for kindergarten to 2nd grade. I am not in the range so it wasn't that really a fun-read, but it had a pretty good story. The book was about a circus that needed a new leader for a week. Barnabas Brambles volunteered for the job, but he turned out that he was a very wanted criminal from London. He also hurt the circus animals even though the resting leader for the circus told him to take good care of the animals. Overall, it was a good book. I recommend it.😀

    3. I’m a fan of the Klise sisters. This book doesn’t disappoint. I love the many jokes, puns and word play. I love that the villain found his conscience and forgiveness. What a great book to start a new year.

    4. The Show Must Go On! is the first book in a new series from Kate and M. Sarah Klise entitled Three-Ring Rascals. The stars of the story are the animals and performers of Sir Sidney’s Circus. Sir Sidney treats his animals like gold, and even lets kids into his circus for free. Unfortunately, he is getting old and tired, and he needs a helper to assist him in managing the circus. Enter Barnabas Brambles, certified lion tamer, who promises to bring new energy and vision to the circus. What he fai [...]

    5. Everyone is excited to see that Sir Sidney’s circus is coming to town, but this owner is getting older and needs to find someone to help run his little circus, with a lion, an elephant, two acrobats, two mice who add jokes all along the way, and one crow. After quite a few interviews, Sir Sidney offers a trial week to Barnabas Brambles, who appears okay to Sir Sidney, but the rest of us readers are just a little suspicious. Barnabas’ management ends up quite a disaster, but the animals do th [...]

    6. From being a child I have had a slight obsession with anything to do with the circus. I love the magic, the excitement, the idea of travelling communities entertaining strangers in unfamiliar towns night after night.When I heard about The Show Must Go On! by Kate Klise and M. Sarah Klise I knew that it would be right up my street.The story begins with circus owner Sir Sidney feeling exhausted. His successful circus has been a hit with the public for so long that he needs a week to rest. He looks [...]

    7. The Klise sisters have done it again! When Barnabas Brambles is hired as the manager of Sir Sidney's Circus, he believes that he can make lots of money while neglecting the animals and overworking the performers. What he finds out is that all the animals are smarter (and nicer) than he is and that acrobats do not make good train engineers. His plans to make thousands of dollars in just a week are foiled by his own greediness and the crazy antics of the Banana Brothers as they try to steer the tr [...]

    8. You just can't go wrong with a Kate Klise book. There is always a wonderful message about the capacity of people to be good. p. 131 "I'd like to hire the man you're going to be tomorrow."

    9. Sir Sidney's Circus is the most revered circus in the country. Sir Sidney is a loving, kind soul who adores his participating animals and treats them with admiration and respect. For example, Elsa the elephant is served only fresh peanuts, while Bert and Gert, two little mice, have the privilege of enjoying all the left over popcorn from the shows. Sir Sidney is getting older and he wants to retire from this hectic circus life. He realizes he must find someone to substitute for him and finally e [...]

    10. When you have a book that has words like: "smafunderful= smart, fun,wonderful", plicken=plot+thicken","vully=vulgar+bully, and "dramastic=drama+ drastic", what's not to love about it. I thought this was a really wonderful book about a band of circus performers who were more like family. The story is about friendship, seeing the best in people (when they are at their worst), and work ethics.The story starts with Sir Sidney looking for someone to take over the circus for a little while and take ca [...]

    11. This is book 1 of the Three Ring Rascals. When you finish you'll be glad that there is a plan for more stories with the characters that you've come to love.The book opens with "If you're ever walking down a dusty road and see a sign that looks like this, STOP and look closely." The sign says: Coming Soon! Sir Sidney's Circus Animals! Acrobats" Amazing Feats That Will DAZZLE YOUR EYES and DELIGHT YOUR BRAIN!Sir Sidney's circus is the best in the world, but Sir Sidney is getting old. He loves his [...]

    12. "The Show Must Go On" by Kate Klise is the first book in a series of 3 for readers who are just beginning to read novels. The story tells of a circus and their leader, Sir Sidney, who throw on a fun, affordable, and overall kind hearted circus. Unfortunately, the performs and Sir Sidney are all growing very old and Sidney is having trouble running the show. Upon this realization he hires the most qualified person for the job, but on his first day on he begins wreaking all sorts of havoc on the c [...]

    13. This is a shorter chapter book, with illustrations telling portions of the story. I would say it would be good for 1st, 2nd or 3rd-grade readers who are just venturing into longer chapter books. Some of the main characters are talking animals, so the story falls into the fantasy genre. It is the first book in a series.I really struggled to get through this book. There were many parts of the plot that didn't make sense to me -- why would Sir Sidney hire someone without checking his qualifications [...]

    14. I receive this book through First reads! Thank you very much for this wonderful book.This little story is about a circus owner, Sir Sidney, who has grown too old and tired to care for his beloved animals and must look for a suitable substitute. Then comes Barnabas Brambles, the big meanie and the one who will be in charge of the circus for a week. Now the animals, Leo the lion, Elsa the elephant, old coal the crow, Bert and Gert,and the Banana twins must face the ultimate challenge. They must s [...]

    15. Disclaimer first - I got my copy free in a Goodread's giveaway.I read this with my just turned 8 year old which was perfect since it was written for his age group. We finished it in about 3 nights, but trying to convince him to stop after Chapter 7 (the last chapter was long so I wanted to wait until the following night to read it) was tough because he liked it *that* much.As an adult, I thought it was cute, but it would have been difficult for me to gage how fun it was to read (there are times [...]

    16. Circus owner, Sir Sidney, has the best circus around. He loves Leo the Lion, Else the Elephant, Gert and Bert, mice siblings, and Old Coal, the crow. But, alas, Sir Sidney is getting old and in need of a vacation. After a long exhaustive search, he hires Barnabus Brambles to take over management of the circus. You see, he comes highly qualified with a long list of credentials. Sir Sidney says he will revisit the circus in one week's time to see how it is running without him. Yikes! Brambles is n [...]

    17. A new series about the people and animals that are part of a treveling circus. Kind Old Sir Sydney runs the circus for fun, not profit, but he's getting on in years and needs a break. He hires a lion tamer named Barnabas who has great credentials on paper, but doesn't quite fill Sir Sydey's role in the same.Barnabas tries to maximize profits and treats the animals poorly. In a series of travel diasters (the circus train ends up on top of both the St. Louis arch and the Golden Gate Bridge) all of [...]

    18. When Sir Sidney begins contemplating retirement from circus life he advertises for someone else to take his place. After interviewing numerous potential ringmasters he meets Mr. Barnabas Brambles who seems like the ideal candidate. As a test, Sir Sidney takes a week's vacation leaving Mr. Brambles in charge. He is given the circus schedule and specific instructions on how to care for Sir Sidney's beloved animals. Once he is on his own, Mr. Brambles starts doing things his own way which is a lot [...]

    19. Rating: 4.5 starsDisclosure: I received an ARC copy through .The Klise sisters have a great track record in children's literature. Their books are fun, with great illustrations. I have yet to meet a child who isn't drawn into their stories. My one caveat is that their epistolary format makes them somewhat difficult to read aloud and so not as accessible for younger readers. Enter the Three-Ring Rascals series.This book about the circus has a more standard format and will be great fun for younger [...]

    20. The combination of play on words, humor, and illustrations combined with the theme of a circus works well together with lower-grade students around the 3rd grade level. Kate and M. Sarah Klise do an exceptional job at presenting a Three Ring circus literally, and laced with a moral the whole way through, this text becomes a great stand all for many reasons, In addition, so may sublet types of literary devices are referred to such as emphasis, puns, metaphors and more, this is a great way to have [...]

    21. I got this as an advanced readers copy from Netgalley and the pubslisher (thank you). Such a delightful story. Sir Sid is oh so tired. He wants to take a break from his circus where he offers free popcorn and lemonade to the kids, charges a minimal fee and lovingly takes care of his animals. Sir Sidney hires Barnabas Brambles to take care of the circus for a week while he goes to his peanut farm. However, Barnabas is not the person her appears to be. He makes many changes to the circus including [...]

    22. Klise, K. (2013). The show must go on!. New York: Algonquin. This first book in Klise's Three-Ring Rascals series is cute and silly with talking animals and mice that sew. The multi- media elements integrated in the book (newspaper artccles, text messages, flyers, letters, etc.) will help keep readers interested and engaged. The story deals with a circus while the owner is on vacation and a new person is in charge. IntermediateFrom Follett Titlewave: Reviews & AwardsBooklist 08/01/13Library [...]

    23. Three-Ring Rascals: The Show Must Go On! (Book 1) by Kate Klise, illustrated by M. Sarah Klise, is a cute book about circus life, complete with talking animals, feats that defy gravity and the laws of physics, and a scoundrel, which is due for publication in September 2013. Sir Sidney’s Circus is a story about redemption and about being true to your friends, but it’s also about the surprising things that can happen when you’re not looking.Read the full review: savvyverseandwit/2013/06/t

    24. Sir Sidney is a little weary from running his circus and giving so much to his animal friends and the circus goers. He decides he needs a week off and hires Barnabus Brambles to run the circus. His only request is that the animals be treated with respect. Barnabus Brambles has difficulties with this, as his main goal is to make money. As the week goes along, problem after problem arise and it seems no one is getting what they want. Can the circus be saved? Will Sir Sidney return? Pick up this bo [...]

    25. I love these books that the Klise sisters make. I really enjoyed 43 Old Cemetery Road books so naturally I liked this as well. Why? Because they seem so similar: A small, tight-knit, "family" group and the introduction of a not-very-nice character. Adventure and hijinks ensue. However it's a different "family" this time in that it's a small traveling circus with talking animals (except the crow) and a newly retired loveable and sweet owner. New faces, new voices, new setting, similar plot. But t [...]

    26. Sir Sidney's Circus includes the Famous Flying Banana Brothers, a lion, a elephant and "other amazing feats that will dazzle your eyes!" Sir Sydney is kind to his performers, he gives out free popcorn during performances and kids get in for free. But when he feels he needs to hire someone to help him, he puts an ad in the paper. Barnabas Brambles shows up. As soon as Sir Sydney is gone, Barnabas starts making changes with one goal in mind: Make more $$$$ for me! Soon, the circus is in a real mes [...]

    27. This was really cute and would be a good pick for kids who are fairly high level readers, but don't have the attention span for a full-fledged middle-grade novel yet. The vocabulary is significantly more difficult than you'd see in a transitional chapter book, but there are a lot of illustrations that take up space on every page. It's a book discussion title for my library and the only issue I have is that there's not much to discuss. Definitely will have a lot of appeal to kids, though - plenty [...]

    28. Cute, entertaining story about an aging circus owner who entrusts his beloved circus to a con man, who ends up getting taught a lesson by the animals themselves. First in a series.I am a fan of the Klise sisters and found this book to be sweet, with plenty of their signature humor thrown in. This would be best for slightly younger readers than those who enjoy the Regarding the series (ie. 1st-2nd grade), but it seems that older kids like it too: Daniel found the part where the lion eats a piece [...]

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