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The Sunset Warrior

The Sunset Warrior Beneath the ice locked surface of the planet the Freehold is ruled by the sword In the subterranean darkness the old order crumbles as the life giving Machines of the Ancients stop one by one Nameless

  • Title: The Sunset Warrior
  • Author: Eric Van Lustbader
  • ISBN: 9780352312853
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beneath the ice locked surface of the planet the Freehold is ruled by the sword In the subterranean darkness the old order crumbles as the life giving Machines of the Ancients stop one by one Nameless savagery stalks the lower depths and the broken cries of the tortured haunt the War Lord s chambers In a doomed land there is one man whose spirit is not crushed, whoseBeneath the ice locked surface of the planet the Freehold is ruled by the sword In the subterranean darkness the old order crumbles as the life giving Machines of the Ancients stop one by one Nameless savagery stalks the lower depths and the broken cries of the tortured haunt the War Lord s chambers In a doomed land there is one man whose spirit is not crushed, whose sword is as lethal as it is swift Loathed by the law, he is a master of the ancient arts of love and war He is a rebel and the lover of the majestically beautiful K reen He seeks a quest into the void and beyond He is the Sunset Warrior.

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      438 Eric Van Lustbader
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    1 thought on “The Sunset Warrior

    1. The title of the book mislead me. As someone pretty familiar with van Lustbader's books, I was expecting another ninja saga but no, this is something different. To my utmost pleasure, I discovered that Eric van Lusbader can write SF, and quality one too. Yes, there is swordmastery there, there is romance, there is mistery and passion and struggle for power and everything you already met in Lustbader's novels, but there is also quest for knowledge among glimpses of ancient technology and fantasti [...]

    2. -El Japón feudal trasladado a un mundo postapocalíptico.- Género. Narrativa fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. Ronin (el nombre ya nos da pistas) es un cualificado espadachín del Feudofranco, un enorme refugio subterráneo en claro deterioro a más de tres kilómetros por debajo de la superficie de una Tierra congelada tras algún tipo de desastre ecológico causado por el hombre en el pasado, que ha decidido no alinearse con ninguno de sus grupos de poder pero que entrará en el juego involunta [...]

    3. For a book of only 254 pages, and considering it's written by Eric Lustbader, I was expecting this book to be fast paced, involved and action packed from start to finish. Instead I found that it was quite slow to get into the story and the action. The writing style was also quite choppy for me and I found myself constantly going back a page to see if I'd accidently missed something (I never had). I was so disillusioned with it that up until about 75% through the book I was convinced that I wasn' [...]

    4. Not sure what to make out this book. Set in the underground remains of a once advanced civilization, Ronin - nomen omen- is a warrior who serves no master. And that proceeds with numerous dialogues, characters without much of a depth and confrontations.

    5. My memory of reading this is that it was pulpy but really enjoyable. Who knows how I'd feel about it now.

    6. koeur.wordpress/2014/04/01Publisher: Open Road Publishing Date: March 2014 ISBN: 9781480470897 Genre: Fantasy Rating: 2.5/5Publisher Description: In an underground world, a rogue swordsman fights to save civilization Centuries after an ecological calamity turned the surface of the world to ice, mankind has retreated beneath the earth’s crust. In the contained environment of the Freehold, civilization reverts to feudalism and lords known as Saardin maintain their grip on power through the stren [...]

    7. The sunset warrior is about Ronin a warrior would lives in a underground catacomb type world miles below the surface of the world above which is cover with ice now . The story is that a war was fought and all humans and life were wipped out ( and the air became unbreathable for a couple of years ) But what is folk tale and whats true ?The few that survived built the underground to escape what was to come. Than return to the surface when it was safe. Years pasted and generations as well and only [...]

    8. The first book in Eric Van Lustbader's Sunset Warrior Cycle begins underground in a self-contained society known as the Freehold. The last refuge of a humanity that was forced from the surface by ecological disaster, the once mighty technology that makes the Freehold run has begun to disintegrate over the centuries since mankind burrowed into the earth's crust for survival. So, too, has the society within, which is beset by the factional squabbles of feuding warlords called Sardin.Trained by The [...]

    9. I have enjoyed Mr Lustbader's work in the past but this story, while based in an interesting world, was really kinda slow. The story was good enough to get my interest and lead to reading the second book in the series. I hope that the story will pick up and continue to build.The story centers around a mankind that has moved underground due to the surface becoming un-inhabitable. The reader is introduced to an almost feudal Japan type of world. There are caste systems like bladesman, scholars and [...]

    10. such beginnings, endings are held'Ronin was dying.' The opening lines. Perhaps not Ronin himself but certainly the way of life in Freehold is in its death throes. The code is under attack. War is coming and with it a breakdown of the old traditions and a replacing with new. Factions are jockeying into key positions. Who is the enemy?Science and a reason versus mages and magic as Ronin, an unaligned Bladesman is drawn into the secrets of Freehold, its post apocalyptic beginnings and it's failing, [...]

    11. Meh. I think this was the authors first book, and it certainly has a case of first book jitters, trying to keep secrets in plain sight and failing. The fight sequences are well written, but then this is what Lustbader is really known for. Standard SF.Fantasy tropes for the plot, and most of the story was fairly obvious. I reread this as I intend to read the others that follow, but now I'm not so sure. A fast paced, quick read but little to offer besides the fight sequences, the trouble is they g [...]

    12. Having finally read the first book in this series, I find it not as good as the following books in the cycleere were times when the story appeared disjointed, going from one scene to the next without proper context, leaving one to wonder if a few pages had been skipped or part of the story missed. It has a post apocalyptic feel to it, some sci fi and fantasy thrown in too. All in all, a decent rest but not one of Van Lustbaders' best.

    13. This book was okay, it seemed like it was going to get better soon enough but never really did. I kept waiting for something to really happen but lost patience after page 200, and that was after two weeks of grumbling, picking it up, reading two pages, and walking away. The wierd part was, usually I love books with lots of detail but this described things that ddn't matter and just made things even more confusing. The ideas behind it were interesting enough but this books just did not deliver.

    14. This is a very confusing story, and I am not sure exactly what it is about. It appears to be a power struggle among the "leaders" of a society, that lives on multiple levels, two miles underground. They have no records or documentation, so they cannot repair the machines that provide their food and atmosphere. As a result, they face extinction. This is not one of Van Lustbader's better efforts. Add a whole bunch of typo's, and it only rates 2 stars.

    15. This book was okay. To me, there's too many characters for me to keep track of and I got pretty confused at who was who after awhile. I probably won't be reading the rest of this series since the books are hard to find and out of print, at least from what I've heard. Maybe I didn't give this book a fair rating but I found it hard to pay attention as well as I probably should have. If you like fantasy books that aren't on a popular list, give this one a try, you might like it.

    16. Dark future world with a fraction of humanity living in ancient ruins of their technological and magical past. Their world is dying in an iceage while surviving kilometers underground.Interested yet? Well, other the Lustbaders decent fight scenes that is all you'll get till the last 10 pages. There he gives a twisted ending to get you to buy the next book. Fairly contrived for me.

    17. What a fantastic story line this book has really enjoyed reading it. Was quite a short book so I flew through it quickly. The final pages were quite gripping especially the final showdown between Ronin and salamander was great a score to be settled later between them in the subsequent books I hope.

    18. This is Summerblossom baiters earliest writing and in many ways it is his best. I enjoyed this series reading it and stacks of the UT library in the 80s as much as I enjoyed anything by him later. I also remember the books Shan and Jian as being my favorites

    19. I read these many years ago but I recall liking them a lot - very evocative and gripping sword and sorcery novels. I don't believe I ever read the last one in the series though - not sure why. My brother who was about 20 at the time was nuts about them for sure.

    20. It has been awhile since I read science fiction so I am pleased this turned out to be a good story. I picked it on a flick at the used book store. A great find for me. Looking forward to the next in the series.

    21. The Sunset Warrior trilogy by Eric Van Lustbader is a fairly unknown series in Fantasy. But I think it is a great series and worth reading. They are hard to find, usually best to look for used books. They can be expensive though, so look for good deals.

    22. I read this by a recommendation of a late friend of mine, over 20 years ago and still have fond memories. Good times were had reading the series. Was not my normal gamut, but I enjoyed it none-the-less.

    23. Another book I've had on my shelf for 15-20+ years. We gave this 45 pages and were totally lost and bored. I couldn't really picture the environment. Seemed like a post-apocalyptic thing where they had lots of swords.

    24. I read this series a long time before he got famous. It's a very good swords and sorcery series in the vein of Poul Anderson but not Tolkien.

    25. I love Eric Van Lustbader and this series about a fantastic future is very interesting. Am going to read the whole series at one go

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