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The Croning

The Croning Strange things exist on the periphery of our existence haunting us from the darkness looming beyond our firelight Black magic weird cults and worse things loom in the shadows The Children of Old Lee

  • Title: The Croning
  • Author: Laird Barron
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Strange things exist on the periphery of our existence, haunting us from the darkness looming beyond our firelight Black magic, weird cults and worse things loom in the shadows The Children of Old Leech have been with us from time immemorial And they love usDonald Miller, geologist and academic, has walked along the edge of a chasm for most of his nearly eighty yearsStrange things exist on the periphery of our existence, haunting us from the darkness looming beyond our firelight Black magic, weird cults and worse things loom in the shadows The Children of Old Leech have been with us from time immemorial And they love usDonald Miller, geologist and academic, has walked along the edge of a chasm for most of his nearly eighty years, leading a charmed life between endearing absent mindedness and sanity shattering realization Now, all things must converge Donald will discover the dark secrets along the edges, unearthing savage truths about his wife Michelle, their adult twins, and all he knows and trusts For Donald is about to stumble on the secretof The Croning.From Laird Barron, Shirley Jackson Award winning author of The Imago Sequence and Occultation, comes The Croning, a debut novel of cosmic horror.

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    1 thought on “The Croning

    1. I thought if I waited a few days, I would have the time to give this book the review it deserves, but I was wrong. It deserves something though, so here it is: I think this book was outstanding. The prose, the imagery, even the vivid retelling of an old fairy tale-all converged to produce this "out of this world" novel.It's literary, it's scary, it's darkly beautiful. You should read it. That is all.

    2. Don Miller has been married to his wife Michelle for 60 years and has been in the dark as to what goes on on her mysterious trips most of the time, beginning with a trip of theirs to Mexico decades ago that saw him beaten, scared, and out of his mind. What has she really been up to all these years and will Don survive the knowledge if he ever uncovers it?Benoit Lelièvre of Dead End Follies has been singing the praises of Laird Barron for the last couple years. When this popped up on the cheap, [...]

    3. Laird Barron made me gain five pounds.No, he didn’t hold me down and shovel deep fried butter wedges into my gaping yapper (although, dare to dream). What he did was write a colossal piece of fiction that was nearly impossible to put down, even at the gym, where I do much of my reading every morning. As I hazily recall, just before cracking open Barron’s debut novel The Croning some weeks back, I marched my happy ass off to the local garishly lit LA Fitness, eager to absorb a few pages in be [...]

    4. "But I'll tell you something right now. I know Edgar and that wasn't Edgar. It's like something was wearing Edgar. Like a like a suit. An Edgar suit."Ah, obviously that wasn't from the book. It's MEN IN BLACK. But I thought it was rather appropriate. So, I friend-read this with Dan 2.0. We are trying to read spooky books for October. Previously we had read Bone White together with Erin. Yay!So this book. Don Miller might be married (view spoiler)[to a Satanist. Or perhaps to a demon itself. (hid [...]

    5. ". . . all serve the Great Dark, each in his or her own way; some with enthusiasm, some with reluctance; but completely and without mercy. Our cult is monolithic with tentacles in every human enterprise throughout history, into prehistory."Well . . . okay, then.Laird Barron knows what scares you: dark cellars, scratching sounds from under the bed, and nervous dogs growling at unseen things. This one made the hairs stand up on my forearms, even though I was reading it in the daytime. I'll be divi [...]

    6. WOW! Review to follow, after I can get my thoughts straightIn the meantime, READ THIS BOOK. :)OkayE CRONING, by Laird Barron is quite possibly the most hauntingly, beautiful novel I have read all year. I would consider this work "literary-horror" at its absolute finest.We begin Chapter One with a "different" version of the Rumpilstiltskin fairy tale that we learned as children.The adult version, undiluted. ". . . There are frightful things, Groom. Time is a ring . . . We who crawl in the dark lo [...]

    7. Note: I received an ARC copy of The Croning. It’s rare that I read a book and think to myself, I could never have written this. Call it hubris, pride if you will. It just doesn’t happen.I could never have written Laird Barron’s The Croning, and I consider that the ultimate compliment. I’m a naturally optimistic guy, and it shows in my writing. I like keeping hope alive, and so even when I write horror, it tends to have a hopeful tone. The Croning is not hopeful. It is not sunny. It’s d [...]

    8. Okayyy. *deep breath* This could be a bumpy ride A number of people whose opinions I greatly respect loved The Croning. They point to its impeccable prose, its incredible imagery, and the darkness that readily gets under the reader's skin. Which is to say, they summarise The Croning as true literary horror. And I agree with them. Precisely 25% of the way.The first 15% of Laird Barron's first full novel drew me in expertly. Starting with the "true" version of an old fairy tale, it then moved on t [...]

    9. As a caveat to this overly long review full disclosureI have an odd aversion to horror fiction in the long form. Hard to say why, but my preference in my weird fiction is for the short form, and to say that Laird Barron excels at this length is mildly understating it the man is a modern master of the cosmic horror short story. Not to prattle on too much, but while I was of course very excited to hear about Barron's debut release of his first novel, my initial thoughts were: NOOOOOO!!! Don't chan [...]

    10. My first read of Laird Barron, and I can guarantee I'll be lining up more. What seems to be a popular motif at the moment (until the bandwagon tips over), Barron gives his take on a classic fairly tale, modernizes it, and makes it oh-so-enjoyably full of dread.I am convinced this story was inspired by the poet and apparent knight, Sir Mix-A-Lot, when he opined: "ooh, rumple smooth skin. You say you wanna get in my Benz?" Yes, Rumplesmooth ahem Rumpelstiltskin provides little more than an anecdot [...]

    11. Like straw into gold, Barron spins words into a palpable darkness, weaving a tapestry of old gods and modern madness in this masterful work of literary horror. From it's horrific re-imagining of Rumpelstiltskin that out-grims the Brothers Grimm, the story unravels with the logic of a nightmare, as a forgotten evil reaches out from the dim past into the present day. Barron brings an unspeakable allure to horror, creating a beautiful dark gem, it's facets beckoning us with the cold caress of fear [...]

    12. Having finally sat down to write this review of The Croning by Laird Barron, I find myself still with something of a conundrum. Having spent a couple of weeks mulling over what rating to award this novel, I'm still currently struggling to reach a decision.Here's the thing: The Croning is a very good book. A very, very good bookbut still, it isn't without problems.Don and Michelle (Mock) Miller are educated professional types now headed towards the twilight (no, thankfully not that twilight!) tim [...]

    13. Book Info: Genre: Horror Reading Level: Adult Read: started 5/17/12; re-started 5/20/12 and finished 5/21/12Disclosure: I received a free eGalley (eBook ARC) from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Oops, forgot to rate this!Synopsis: Strange things exist on the periphery of our existence, haunting us from the darkness looming beyond our firelight. Black magic, weird cults and worse things loom in the shadows. The Children of Old Leech have been with us from time immemorial. And they love [...]

    14. The deepest cavern in the world is the human heart.Laird Barron is my favorite contemporary weird fiction author. I love his short stories but let's face it, many times weird and or horror fiction does not fare very well in a longer format, it's just too difficult to maintain the feeling of dread/horror/unease over an extended period of time. Needless to say I was a bit worried about this book before I started and honestly, I did a decent amount of bitchin' as I read through the storys like 'wha [...]

    15. Initial Review Before I Was Able To Gather My Thoughts:This is the best book I've read in years. I'm in awe of Laird Barron. My friends who have this marked as to-read, move it up your list for lord's sake. I'll try to write a more comprehensive review at a later time but for now I'm just going to let it all sink inAL Review: I finished The Croning two days ago and I am still thinking about the epic scope and terror this novel is packing. Cosmic horror never has really scared me. Lovecraft never [...]

    16. Don Miller is missing some memories. Now that he is about to celebrate his sixtieth wedding anniversary, people shrug it off as an early onset of senility, but these blanks started a long time ago, before old age could be considered a factor of memory loss. It doesn’t bother his beloved wife Michelle, but then, she is pretty unflappable: a world-famous anthropologist, she still travels the world to attend conferences and conduct field research on mysterious lost civilizations, with no indicati [...]

    17. Tras leer los 2 primero capítulos pensé que era una recopilación de relatos ¡Pues no!, es una historia, pero su principal característica es que cada capítulo es como un relato de terror, pues tiene algo de esto.Un juego entre pasado y presente, con un protagonista con lagunas. Hay algo en este planeta, las cosas en su casa desaparecen, y lo que desaparece son objetos peligrosos. Tienen que ser enanos, o seres de algún lugar extraño. ¿Quizás habita monstruos con eones, o es su cerebro q [...]

    18. First off, I hadn't read any of Barron's short fiction prior to picking up his debut novel. However, I read a rave review of "The Croning" in my favorite horror culture rag, Rue Morgue, and thought there was no way they could steer me wrong. What a naive, misguided fanboy viewBarron's prose is dull. He relies on crude swearing and very tired cliches much too much to be interesting. His characters are rather one-dimensional and also seem cut from a cliched cloth. I'm sure he thought he was being [...]

    19. Laird Barron’s debut novel, published by Night Shade Books, opens with a fairy tale most readers will recognize: A miller’s daughter spins straw into gold with the help of a strange, misshapen man who demands equally strange payment. When the spinning is done the miller’s daughter marries the king, and must reward her magical benefactor with the gift of her firstborn son. The only escape from the contract is to guess the benefactor’s real name by the time he returns to collect the child. [...]

    20. Esta novela editada por Valdemar, en su colección Valdemar Insomnia, ha sido un estreno perfecto para conocer a Laird Barron. El Rito tiene todos los ingredientes que Lovecraft marcó como necesarios para escribir horror cósmico. La novela está claramente influenciada por el maestro de Providence y es una delicia leerla si te gusta este tipo de terror.En El Rito, viajamos a través de los recuerdos borrosos que tiene Don de diferentes momentos de su vida. Estos recuerdos inconclusos e incoher [...]

    21. If you thought Laird was a master of the short form (and he IS! !!), wait until to read this . . . His 1st novel is pitch perfect! This is one of the finest novels I've ever read.

    22. Laird Barron is one of the new generation of up-and-coming horror writers. He's found in almost every recent anthology of horror, and has won high praise, deservedly, for his collections such as The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All.I think he really shines in short form. He writes with beautiful, grim, bloody prose, and has carved out a particular time and era as his main stomping grounds, while being able to range afield a bit. Just as King has made Maine's small towns and backwoods a spooky [...]

    23. The Croning is a perfectly horrible book, and I mean that in high compliment. It's rare that a horror story actually scares me these days (and more's the pity), but Barron's first novel is wrong in all the right ways, leaving behind a caul of unease, and a wicked dose of the cosmic heebie-jeebies. (I'm thrilled to admit that when I finished it last night, I left the lights on.) Also? Un-put-downable. The Croning sustains the poisonous adrenaline level of one of Barron's short stories over almost [...]

    24. The story starts with an anecdote on the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale, telling the events that inspired the child friendly fable but this version lacks any semblance of a happy ending. In fact an altogether darker affair that develops into a tale that easily and scarily broaches modern day times and I was definitely hooked by the events of the first section.The stories main protagonist is the geologist Donald Miller and present day he is retired, through different stages of his life the story focu [...]

    25. I absolutely loved the opening of this book. So imagine my disappointment when the main plot began to unfold and I found myself so utterly bored, the notion of finishing the book began to seem like a terrible burden. Really, I was that bored with it. I get this story's effect depends on the accumulation of small details. And maybe if I managed to get through the first half of the book, it would snap into shape and I would understand the five star reviews here. But it was just too slow and too du [...]

    26. I don't buy many books soon after they come out but Barron is one of those I do, being one of my favourite contemporary horror authors. I approached this with mixed feelings of excitement and trepidation, uneasy at how well Barron would adapt to writing a novel. I need not have worried.Barron draws together, and more thoroughly elaborates on, themes he has touched upon in previous stories to deliver a more complete vision of overarching cosmic horror permeating every facet of our world and yet s [...]

    27. Laird Barron can flat out tell a hell of a story. His prose is intelligent, yet not overly complex, his characterization is deep and polished; his atmosphere is dark and brooding and he knows how to quietly ratchet up the tension chapter after chapter.The Croning is a perfect example of why I enjoy his work so much. There is beauty in the madness of this story. And believe me there is plenty of madness, as Dan and Michelle try to uncover ancient secrets and fairy tales that may just be the end o [...]

    28. La cerimonia di Laird Barron è un romanzo dalle tonalità gotiche e lovecraftiane. Tutte le sue parti puramente horror funzionano. A volte hanno un sapore barocco e kitsch, con tripudio di bambini morti, ossicini, portali sull’oscurità e nani malefici. Bellissimo il primo capitolo: ambientato in un mondo tra il medievale e il fiabesco, ma virato completamente all’orrore, rivisita la storia di Tremotino dei fratelli Grimm (Rumpelstiltskin, Tom Tit Tot… Il folletto è noto con molti nomi; [...]

    29. Mi primer acercamiento al escritor Laird Barron fue a través de su relato ‘El Broadsword’, incluido en la antología ‘Alas tenebrosas: 21 nuevos cuentos de horror lovecraftiano’ (Valdemar, 2014), sin duda uno de los mejores de la misma. Así que cuando se anunció la publicación de ‘El Rito’ (The Croning, 2012), su primera novela, ya me estaba frotando las manos.La historia de ‘El Rito’ da comienzo como si fuese un cuento, eso sí, sangriento y enfermizo, como si de un relato d [...]

    30. I originally wanted to give this book a 4 star rating as I found myself skipping ahead because I wanted to know how it ended. It was a lot of filler, wordy, and exhausting at times. But, the creepy stories and the ending made me decide on a 5. Kurt's story alone could have been a sweet novella. And then when Kurt re emerges towards the end with the ever so dreadful camping tripat was awesome! I guess I really enjoyed the Kurt parts. Parts about Michelle and Don, I could have lived without. Perha [...]

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