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Shift of Influence

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  • Title: Shift of Influence
  • Author: Honor Amelia Dawson H.A. Dawson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    • Best Read [Honor Amelia Dawson H.A. Dawson] ☆ Shift of Influence || [Psychology Book] PDF ð
      189 Honor Amelia Dawson H.A. Dawson
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Honor Amelia Dawson H.A. Dawson] ☆ Shift of Influence || [Psychology Book] PDF ð
      Posted by:Honor Amelia Dawson H.A. Dawson
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    1. "Tracing the Contours" by Honor Amelia Dawson is a tightly written and accomplished psychological thriller. Its strength lies in the intelligent plotting and well-maintained level of suspense as our small team investigate what might be a premonition or a repressed memory.Megan is making a fresh start in Rodley, England, after a failed relationship with Ben and his son David. On the train there she meets Larry and suffers her first premonition, the feeling of being stabbed to death. In Rodley peo [...]

    2. She flew headlong from the frying pan into the fire!I read this kindle novel last year after seeing a reference to it on twitter twitter/HonADawson It came as a free download I was impressed by this first effort but forgot to do a review until now. It's part of a series this lady has created and I saw more was to come twitter's great for that! So I will say this I was not too sure how the story would roll as I am sceptical about supernatural inclined stories. However I did read it, and I actuall [...]

    3. The story is based around a woman who has had troubles, both with herself and her partner. She moves away to avoid conflict but the feeling of safety is short lived. The element of mystery holds you firm, during the build up to the climax.I am careful not to give the complete story awayThis story was enjoyable it seems to be suitable for both sexes, the main characters are likable and and there are certainly some nice realistic twists in the plot. It kept me in the zone I could almost imagine it [...]

    4. This story is definitely one that carries a bang! At the start of the story, I thought that it was going to be one of those abusive-spouse stories, but that turned out to be not the case. The story involves a thirty-year-old murder mystery, and a woman’s present-day visions that seem to tie her to the murder. Her visions lead her to question whether she is the victim, reincarnated. The main character, Megan, did get on my nerves once in a while; she seemed so unable to cope and was so needy; b [...]

    5. if we're discussing the mystery itself and the paranormal side of it, then i quite enjoyed the book. It had a fast pace and fun story line. I did have a horrible sense of deja vu reading the story but honestly not sure if that's because the story has been done before or whether it's some great writing trick. the sense of deja vu actually works with this story- whether intentional or not! My problem with the book is possibly from my own expectations. After reading the reviews and synopsis i was v [...]

    6. The book is full of surprises and twists. The characters are realistic with personal interactions given a comfortable feeling. Recommended and fun story line.

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