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Forgiving Maximo Rothman

Forgiving Maximo Rothman On a chilly autumn night in New York the lives of two men born decades and continents apart collide when Max Redmond is found bludgeoned in his Washington Heights apartment While investigating the cr

  • Title: Forgiving Maximo Rothman
  • Author: A.J. Sidransky
  • ISBN: 9780988954007
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • On a chilly autumn night in New York, the lives of two men born decades and continents apart collide when Max Redmond is found bludgeoned in his Washington Heights apartment While investigating the crime, Detective Tolya Kurchenko comes across the dead man s diaries, written by Redmond over four decades He hopes the diaries will lead him to the killer In fact, they helpOn a chilly autumn night in New York, the lives of two men born decades and continents apart collide when Max Redmond is found bludgeoned in his Washington Heights apartment While investigating the crime, Detective Tolya Kurchenko comes across the dead man s diaries, written by Redmond over four decades He hopes the diaries will lead him to the killer In fact, they help him sort out the complexities of his own identity.Spanning 65 years and three continents from Hitler s Europe to the decaying Soviet Empire of the 1970s, and revealing the little known history of Sos a, a Jewish settlement in the jungles of the Dominican Republic A J Sidransky s debut novel leads us into worlds long gone, and the lives of people still touched by those memories.

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      306 A.J. Sidransky
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    1 thought on “Forgiving Maximo Rothman

    1. An elderly Jew Max Redmond is found bludgeoned in his Washington Heights apartment, and suspicion immediately falls on a young Dominican teenager, who he is mentoring. Max has had a very difficult life, having been forced to abandon his twin brother while fleeing persecution in Europe for Sosua, a Jewish refugee camp established by dictator Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. Tragedy follows him there as well. Meanwhile, a Russian Jew Detective Tolya Kurchenko sees the teenager's innocence and d [...]

    2. A captivating mix of history and fiction. Hooks you from the first page. A murder mystery that is so much more. The elderly Maximo is found murdered in his apartment in Washington Heights. Detective Kurchenko works on solving the crime, and in the process,he and the reader learns of interesting historical facts about a settlement for Jewish refugees in the Dominican Republic, we learn about complex relationships between father's and son's and husband's and wives. A thoroughly amazing read.

    3. Forgiving Maximo Rothman jumps straight into scenes of clashing cultures on the streets of New York. A Jewish son can’t accept a ride to the hospital when he hears his father’s been attacked, because it’s a holy day. A Jewish cop can’t accept an attitude that places faith before family. And a Jewish young man may never fit in because his mind doesn’t work like everyone else’s. Add Spanish-speaking locals, surely not to be trusted. Reflect the clash of cultures in everyday relationshi [...]

    4. I received this book from Berwick Court Publishing Company in exchange for a fair and honest review.Seriously, I love when a book comes to me autographed AND personalized!Forgiving Maximo Rothman by AJ Sidransky is a novel about an elderly man named Max Redmond, found murdered in his apartment. His very religious son, Shalom and his family (wife Rachel and mentally disabled son Baruch) seem to care more about Judaism than the death of Max.On the other hand, Detective Tolya Kurchenko delves into [...]

    5. Very interesting and surprising historical fiction thriller. Other reviewers can give better detail, but this was also a book I was compelled to find out "whodunnit". We start with a crime set in Washington Heights and flip back and forth to a compelling story set in a Jewish settlement in the Dominican Republic during the 1940s. There's even a bit of humor with the lead detective on the case in Washington Heights. A really good book club choice.

    6. This is a great read, that blends the past and present beautifully! There is attention the details of the historical portion of the story, but there are also compelling characters weaved into the plot. It is an engaging and original read. 4 stars.

    7. Very weel written, fascinating book with memorable characters about a piece of history few know about. Couldn't put it down! Would make a great movie too.

    8. Forgiving Maximo Rothman: AJ SidranskyHow can you stop feeling anger toward someone that has done something wrong to you when you cannot forgive yourself for your own mistakes? How can you stop blaming someone for his or her shortcomings when you cannot face or own up to your own? Acceptance, tolerance, understanding and learning to see another person’s point of view are just some of the issues brought to light in Forgiving Maximo Rothman by author AJ Sidransky. Two men of divergent background [...]

    9. This was a quick read. A murder mystery. Easy to get into and keeps you interested. Goes back and forth bw the present and wartime bw 1940-44 w Hungarians that fled and saught asylum in the Dominican Republic. Can’t give it my top marks bc it was too predictable and not really much of a page turner.

    10. This novel is mostly about men--fathers and sons, brothers, friends--and how they empathize and forgive each other, or don't. It is an engaging detective/murder mystery besides. The story takes place in 2005 in New York City, but the back stories take the Reader back to pre-WWII and to places in the world where Jewish refugees found sanctuary, until they were again forced to flee. Another theme in the story is how religious extremism can hurt and divide families.The parallels and similarities be [...]

    11. This novel is both a mystery and an historical account of the plight of European and Russian Jews from the time before and during World War II to the present and the consequences of their experiences. It revolves around the life of Max Rothman, who is found dead on his bathroom floor in Washington Heights, New York City, and the effect his life and death has on various persons.Max and his wife managed to escape to the Dominican Republic with a group of Jewish refugees when the dictator Trujillo [...]

    12. This book was such a experience ! I may not be a Jew but was still moved by the story! It was a bit hard to follow because it jumped to & fro in time. However, once you start reading this book it truly is eye opening. Through the dead mans diaries, you follow his life as a refugee. Make you truly see how it was not only Germany but many other countries where people fled from the Nazi's. I found it all so humbling! The story runs parallel between the dead mans past & the detective's strug [...]

    13. 7 on a scale of 1-10. I feel that at the heart of this story is the insanity of religion. On the surface, I found the whodunnit somewhat compelling -- and it was good to learn of Sosua, a town in the Dominican Republic that took in over 800 Jewish European refugees during WWii. I found some of the dialogue to be a bit pat, but this was easy to forgive as the story's mystery, along with the grand perspective of lives over time and how experiences shape us decades later, were plenty captivating en [...]

    14. Absolutely terrific. A good mystery tied in with themes of Jewish refugees before WWII, the Dominican Republic, and secular vs. religious Jews. It's a page-turner. If I hadn't had anything else to do, i could easily have read it cover to cover in one sitting. One slightly annoying aspect was typos in Spanish and English and some weird Spanish (aside from the purposeful mistakes to show the protagonist's progress in Spanish). If any of these themes interest you, this is a great read.

    15. This book grabbed me for some reason, even though I can't say it was well-written. The characters had interesting stories of emigration and assimilation (or lack thereof). Where it fell down was the author's choice to use a police procedural as the vehicle - that part was pretty weak and not very credible. Had he found another way to weave together the different stories it would likely have been a much stronger book. Worth a look, in any event.

    16. Excellent! Could not put it down! Well written, drew me in. Main characters well drawn, although I would have liked a little more about some of the peripheral relationships, for a first novel this was fantastic. Looking forward to future efforts.

    17. An excellent piece of historical fiction. From Russia to the DR to America, from 1940 to current, the story follows two main characters, Max and Tolya Kurchenko, until their paths meet in Washington Heights, NYC. Well worth reading for anyone but even more so for those who like the time period.

    18. This is a good book. One of those that I wish I was forced to finish reading. Without threat of penalty for stopping, though, it was just a little too bleak for me to hold on.

    19. Probably best book ive read it regards to the juxtaposition between the Jewish community and the Dominican community in Washington Heights.

    20. Very good book, with a lot of "hometown" flavor of the northern parts of Manhattan. Looking forward to next installment.

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