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Sound and Fury

Sound and Fury Sky has had her eye on Duncan Drake throughout the Blood Moon gathering So when they find themselves isolated in the woods and attacked by the three Furies she s in danger of losing than her life her

  • Title: Sound and Fury
  • Author: Alyxandra Harvey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sky has had her eye on Duncan Drake throughout the Blood Moon gathering So when they find themselves isolated in the woods and attacked by the three Furies, she s in danger of losing than her life her heart is at stakeA Drake novella, published in Bloomsbury s Blood Prophecy paperback.

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      221 Alyxandra Harvey
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    1 thought on “Sound and Fury

    1. This was my first Drake novella and though I loved reading about Duncan, it wasn't enough! I really wish Harvey would be able to publish one more book, a reeeaaallllly long one, that combined all of the brothers who still need to have their stories told.Though Nick is my favorite brother, Duncan would've given him a run for his money, I mean, the boy's hot and antisocial?! And while we didn't get to spend enough time with Sky, I liked her a lot. Same goes for Miranda.One thing that was a major g [...]

    2. Sound and Fury Summary:Sound is a short story and an e-novella, but it can also be found on the back of Blood Prophecy. It is told by Duncan Drake and Sky. They are both vampires and they meet at the blood camp.This book takes place right after Solange is made Queen of the vampires,and the Drake family is escaping.Sky has had her eye on Duncan Drake throughout the Blood Moon gathering. So when they find themselves isolated in the woods and attacked by the three Furies, she's in danger of losing [...]

    3. One of my biggest regrets of the series is how little of Duncan we actually see. I know it's his personality but I've been paying particular attention throughout the books to when he does join the conversation, he's always been the brother harbouring the most mystery while also having the genetic Drake wit I adore. Sebastian and Marcus's personality shine through being that Sebastian is most like his diplomatic father and Marcus is the next Uncle Geoffrey, basically. This two don't really trigge [...]

    4. 3.5 starsThe Sound and Fury novella is included in the UK paperback of Blood Prophecy as an added extra. This story fits into the time line just before Blood Prophecy starts and gives Solange's older brother Duncan his chance to shine. It's a fairly short story at around 30 pages but it was action packed and hinted at a future romance between Duncan and new vampire Sky. It's a cute little story and it was nice to get to know Duncan a little better. I really wish we'd been able to spend more time [...]

    5. I want to start by saying I love the characters in this series. I was excited to have even a short story dedicated to another Drake brother, this one follows the third brother, Duncan. It picks up directly after Blood Moon, when Solange bans her family from the encampment. Duncan is a silent, sexy force of mechanical hotness, and I don't mean he's a robot, I mean he's the epitome of the strong, silent type and he works with his hands. HOT. However, I kind of found this pointless. It was incredib [...]

    6. I liked this short story which was at the end of my copy of Blood Prophecy. It was nice to see a bit more of the mysterious Duncan. The fight scenes were good and the characters were all interesting.However for me there was a glaring error. Sky is watching the coronation of Helena at the Blood Moon and mentions that beside her were the seven Drake brothers. That isn't possible as Nicholas was missing, being held hostage in the cave at the time so there should have been six brothers at the ceremo [...]

    7. This novella never gets old, ugh it's sad that we won't be able to explore Duncan's character more. From the slight glimpse that we got from him, I couldn't help but fall in love with him. This novella was definitely my favorite of all time. Sky was definitely cool and kind of different, I loved that she was a painter and saw everything in colors. I didn't fall in love with her like I did with Duncan, but I see the potential in her character, I mostly just loved that she was in the Shakespeare t [...]

    8. This is found in the back of the print version of ‘Blood prophecy’. It’s a short story of events following Solange’s coup at the end of Blood Moon as seen through the eyes of Sky and Duncan. They have to work together escaping with Sky’s human ‘sister’ from the Furies and start to discover an attraction.It’s interesting to see something about other families of vamps other than the Drakes. Fave Scene: The Furies in the trees.

    9. This was a super short, little encounter between Duncan Drake and another vampire named Skye. This story takes place during the previous book right after Solange takes the crown and Viola completely takes over her body. It's just a brief, head over heels encounter between the two of them that starts them on their journey together.

    10. Another brief snippet from another characters perspective made me want to know a bit more about Duncan and sky

    11. I really really loved this one!! It was quick and sweet and Duncan & Sky are ADORABLE, and I would have willingly read much, much more about them!

    12. A nice short-story about Duncan, the lonely Drake brother and Sky (I totally love her and her addiction to painting) but WAY TOO SHORT !!

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