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Small Town Witch

Small Town Witch The perfect life or the perfect lie Teen witch Rosamunde thinks she has it all friends parties a happy family and magic at her fingertips But something dark lurks underneath the surface When Rosa u

  • Title: Small Town Witch
  • Author: Kristen S. Walker
  • ISBN: 9781478161936
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • The perfect life or the perfect lie.Teen witch Rosamunde thinks she has it all friends, parties, a happy family, and magic at her fingertips But something dark lurks underneath the surface When Rosa uncovers strange spells in her house, the illusion of the perfect life begins to crack, hinting at family secrets she never imagined.With the help of her friends and tThe perfect life or the perfect lie.Teen witch Rosamunde thinks she has it all friends, parties, a happy family, and magic at her fingertips But something dark lurks underneath the surface When Rosa uncovers strange spells in her house, the illusion of the perfect life begins to crack, hinting at family secrets she never imagined.With the help of her friends and the handsome kitsune Kai, Rosa peels back the layers of lies Her search for the truth will take her far from home, into the dangerous Land of Faerie but if the truth threatens her family s apparent happiness, will she choose to live with the lie or break the enchantment that binds them all

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      477 Kristen S. Walker
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    1 thought on “Small Town Witch

    1. I really enjoyed this book, it was an adorable concept. I LOVED the idea of a small town devoted to supernatural and normal people living amongst each other and aware of it. I really liked Rosa as the main character, she felt very real and acted like any other sixteen yr old would. The interactions between the supes and normies was very interesting! Having a school where both types of people could go was neat, and the fae ball even cooler! Besides this being a supernatural story there was an exc [...]

    2. I liked reading this book. 'Small Town Witch' is a town with an array of paranormal beings. The story was quite good. Rosa, a teen witch, has a difficult task ahead of her. Her friends help her deal with the situation and aid in what needs to be done. The characters are all great. Well written. Recommended

    3. Rosamunde is a sixteen-year-old witch living in small-town Madrone, Northern California. In the world of this story, humans and magical creatures, or magikin, coexist in relative peace, with a series of laws and rules regulating the magical beings' activities. Rosamunde herself is a regular human who made a pact with a fae in order to obtain her magical powers and follow in her mother's footsteps. She's eager to learn more advanced spells, but her mother, who has been teaching her for the past t [...]

    4. Did I enjoy this book: You know what? It was great. Think . . . Harry Potter with cell phones. Humans and fae share control of the magical town of Madrone, so along with the usual teen angst, high school’s also filled with multi-day faerie parties, vampires, and parents who use locator spells to keep track of their kids. I was expecting to have to put my “willing suspension of disbelief” to the test, but Walker manages to mix everything from shape-shifting and sorcery to family politics an [...]

    5. Rosamunde is a witch, so is her mother. It's not so unusual, at least not in Madrone, a gold rush town where faeriekin abound. Rosa, as her friends know her and her sister Akasha go to Crowther Private Academy, the Jr. and Sr. High School for magikin, few humans, even witches or scorcerers go there. In Rosa's class there were only 5 humans.Her family gets along very well, almost never arguing, or fighting about anything. Even her friends think they are exceptionally nice to each other. Rosa is a [...]

    6. I originally rated this a five star but feel the need to adjust it. This is rare for me but I feel this review needs to be adjusted honestly. Yes I did enjoy the story, but it doesn't earn it an auto five star when actually with all the skimming I had to do with the over wordiness it should only get at most a three star.

    7. This was a pretty fun read! I enjoyed the characters and the story. My only complaint is there were a few minor inconsistencies, nothing major thoughetty much comes with the territory of self-published fiction. Overall, I had a lot of fun reading it. If you are looking for a quick and fun read, this one is a good book to pick up!

    8. I read 2 of the 3 books in the series and found them to be a decent read in the YA genre with a whole lot of fantasy thrown in. Writing about and handling teenagers is rather difficult, but the author manages to bring out their characteristics with perfection.The writing is simple and the story line is interesting with a setting in a small town where both magic folk and humans co-exist. The humans know about the vampires, sorcerers and others and even go to school with them. There is a lot of fu [...]

    9. Rosa is a 16 year old witch living in the small town of Madrone with her mother, father and little sister Akasha. She has the luxury of living in an America where magikin (Kitsune, Poohkas, etc) are all out of the closet - so to speak - and the Fae have an accord with the human government in order to allow small settlements like Madrone to exist where magikin and faeriekin alike can live without prejudice and learn the art of their magic. Because of this Rosa goes to a specialty school where she [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.Ten Second Synopsis:Teen witch Rosa juggles friendship dramas and a possible love interest with an interfering mother. What's a witch to do?This is a nicely imagined urban fantasy in an unusual setting. Most of the urban fantasy that I have read is set in big cities, like London, so it was interesting to read a book set in a small town. It gave the action a more homey feel and I think it’s a new and different way to [...]

    11. Very few books sway my opinion after my first impression as much as this book did. There were two large-ish typos in the first few chapters, which always makes me grumpy, and the writing seemed pretty standard. It’s clearly geared towards a YA or middle grade audience, so it was well done but didn’t blow me away with beautiful prose. However, the biggest strengths of this book were the world-building and the plot, which it’s hard to get a feel for in the first few pages. I’m also happy t [...]

    12. Walker's "Small Town Witch" is a very imaginative supernatural tale told through the perspective of the burgeoning teen witch: Rosamunde. Walker's prose entranced me very quickly.Walker's world is one where humans, supernatural denizens and those blessed with magic mix and mingle on a daily basis. I really enjoyed this aspect of the book and knew"Small Town Witch" was much better than other teen paranormal books within the same vein.The novel reads like a slice of life/coming of age tale set in [...]

    13. "Small Town Witch" by Kristen S. Walker is a wonderfully unique story of small town witches in a world where magical powers and sorcery are commonplace.The story is told through the eyes of Rosamunde, a teenage witch who lives in a small town in California. Although Rosamunde is human, she made a pact with a fae in order to have magical abilities like those of her mother. As with any teenager, Rosamunde is in a hurry to grow up and use the magic powers that her mother has taught her over the pas [...]

    14. Small Town Witch was an overall fun read even though it wasn’t necessarily my favorite genre. It has a definite YA feel to it which I love but the elements of fantasy aren’t my thing as a reader. However that has no impact on the novel’s actual merit, I am merely stating my preference beforehand to let you know that I am not the biggest fan of fantasy which may tend to shift my reviewing a bit. Initially I enjoyed the book because I liked learning about Rosamunde and her exploration of wit [...]

    15. In Small Town Witch, humans and those with magic, Magikin, live together uneasily. There are laws to keep the Magikin from decimating the human population and those that fight the rulesEnter Rosa. She has grown up with Magikin and goes to a school with mostly Magikin. She is a human witch like her mother. Rosa starts to feel that something is wrong and she uncovers something that throws her family into turmoil This book was well written. I enjoyed he storyline and "lost" myself in the book. The [...]

    16. A great easy modern YA fantasy read!fun. engaging. a nicely crafted (though not highly detailed) word that is easy to roll with and doesn't have any gaping pits or head scratches in the book to trouble the read. I liked the sinister build and the periphery characters. I also liked the main character and the book never leaves her which makes it single view and fast paced. read it in one long enjoyable sitting. Nice and easy to move through the pages and story. for what I got and at this price - i [...]

    17. This book seems to be true-to-the-definition Urban Fantasy (UF) foryoung people, which is a good thing and a nice change (I don't thinkthat most YA supernatural fiction can be technically classified asUF. I think of UF as fiction that takes place in an alternate reality,very similar to our own, but with a few new and different sentientspecies all living together in a world where most humans know aboutmagic and everyone mostly knows about everyone else.) I really enjoyed the story, especially the [...]

    18. *I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewSmall Town Witch is a cute story about young witch Rosamunde and her friends. I had never come across a urban fantasy book targeted to a younger crowd or set in a small town. That was very clever and creative. I'm also not used to read a book where the paranormal elements are all out in the open. Most of the stories I read the magical folks stay hidden and only one lucky human (usually an average girl) discovers the truth.The wri [...]

    19. Small Town Witch finds Rosa at the age of 16 living with her sister, father and mother in a small cottage surrounded by a garden. Rosa and her sister attend a private school that caters to witchlings, fae and magikins. Rosa and her best friend, Lyndsey, have had a falling out and Rosa befriends Heather – a new girl in school. As the book progresses Rosa finds out something about her mother that tears her family apart. This is a well written story that incorporates the openness that is being fo [...]

    20. As a former teacher, I found Small Town Witch to be a wonderful story for middle school aged children. The story, set in a small American town, has magical themes including faeries and a magical realm. The vocabulary accompanying the descriptions of the Court parties are descriptive and beneficial especially when studying the Middle Ages. The themes of coming into adulthood and the pressures faced in adolescence will provide many children support in their own journey. The author also did a fabul [...]

    21. I as given this book with the understanding that I would write an honest review.The story it self was cute, and an easy read for middle school students. The idea that magikin and normal people could live together in one small town and know about it was unique as in most stories I have read they are hidden and no one can know and the setting is usually the big city. I liked Rosa and her perfect family, though things are not always as they seem. Her friends though all different magikin were still [...]

    22. "Small Town Witch" by Kristen S. Walker is very good. Rosa a teen-witch who lives in Madrone, a small Northern California town is very interesting. The way Walker weaved the characters together was very good. I liked how the magickins, faeriekins, sorcerers and vampires all go to school together, very clever. I enjoyed the broom flying a lot, very interesting and the way she gives Heather her first broom ride was great, pretty funny when Heather first got on the broom. I recommend this book. Gre [...]

    23. This review was written for LibraryThing Members Giveaways.This is a world where humans and the Fae live together in harmony. But as with all harmonious societies, there is always a facade that hides the underlying truth, a faction that seeks to bring that truth to the forefront and the rulers trying to keep them oppressed. And as with all revolutions there is intrigue, mystery, secrets and betrayal. This book is a short read and quite fast paced. I like the first person narrative and the way th [...]

    24. MehThis book was ok, but I wasn't particularly impressed. For much of the book Rosa was not a likable protagonist. She complained about suffering consequences for her actions, was unsympathetic towards her sister's school issues, and was a selfish friend. The character did not experience any growth by the end of the book, and while I really want to find how the story continues, I cannot stomach listening to her whine.

    25. I liked how the author built up suspense in the first half, and the characters appealed to me for the most part. I liked the realistic look at bisexuality. the book seemed to wrap up too quickly and too dramatically in the second half and I started getting confused about relationships and such, but I look forward to the next in the series!

    26. This was a fun read about a small town witch living in a town where magic is something everyone knows about. The story pace is steady with enough intrigue to keep you reading. Lots of paranormal to make me a happy reader. I think middle graders would definitely enjoy this story. I recommend and definitely want to read the next in the series.

    27. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a wonderfully written, short story. I couldn't seem to put it down. Then when I was done I gave it to my daughter, who is 15. We are both eager to read the next book. This is one of those books that isn't just for one generation of reader.

    28. Small Town WitchThis book was offered free with a group of other books. I thought it was very well written, though I could have done without some of the issues bright up that might be important to today's young adult who is still discovering themselves.

    29. A magical story about friendship, love and fighting for yourself and your loved ones. I only thought the ending was a bit abrupt.Really liked it! I'm looking forward to reading part 2!Thanks, Kristen S. Walker, for sharing this!

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