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Woman King

Woman King A San Francisco political consultant with special powers joins a secret supernatural political organization and has a series of adventures while falling in love Book one of a three part paranormal ro

  • Title: Woman King
  • Author: Evette Davis
  • ISBN: 9781483918938
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • A San Francisco political consultant with special powers joins a secret supernatural political organization and has a series of adventures, while falling in love Book one of a three part paranormal romance set in San Francisco, Paris and Eastern Europe.

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      185 Evette Davis
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      Published :2018-08-10T08:28:29+00:00

    1 thought on “Woman King

    1. This book has a great concept. The fog around San Francisco is not a natural phenomena, but one created by the Others to mask the large population of paranormal creatures living in the area. You can't exactly be sure of WHAT you saw in that heavy fog, can you?Our main character Olivia can be counted among the Others, although she is quite human, just with a few extraordinary gifts. She joins the Council, a group of international Others who work on a political level and try to prevent religious z [...]

    2. I won this book through ' Giveaway. Thank you to and Evette Davis for giving me a chance to read this book.Woman King is the first book in a soon-to-be trilogy. It primarily takes place in San Francisco. Olivia is an empath that has blocked her ability most of her life because of the affects it had on her mother. Suddenly, her career and emotional state changes dramatically. She meets a time-walker set out to help her. Through the time-walker, she learns that a demon has been targeting her beca [...]

    3. This was a fun story and I had a hard time putting it down. As prosaic as that sounds, it's true! I was up until 2 finishing it last night. Darn you, good book! This is a fascinating paranormal read for adults. Full review: Woman King Book Review

    4. This was such a fun read. I wasn't sure I would enjoy the supernatural spin, but it was done with such wit and charm that I loved it. And who wouldn't fall in love with these characters, even when they are centuries-old vampires. It touched on lots of my favorite places in San Francisco, from the De Young Museum, to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park to the never-failing book collection of the SF Main Library, plus a trip to Paris! Evette knows her stuff. I can't wait for book 2.

    5. I liked the book although it wasn't the usual paranormal fiction I normally read. Woman King reminds me of a John Grisham book but Woman King happens to include fairies, vampires, witches and werewolves. I liked how the main focus of the story was evenly split between the powerful Council fixing an election and Olivia (a modern, very smart political consultant) finding her true self as she uses her powers and falls in love. All of the characters in this book held my attention evenlyI didn't feel [...]

    6. Let me begin by first saying, "WOW." I loved this book from start to finish. Evette Davis' book truly packs a punch and has plenty to offer including the supernatural, romance, fantasy, politics and more. At the end of the synopsis, it is mentioned that readers who enjoyed The Night Circus will enjoy Woman King, and I cannot agree more. This is a beautifully written book with an exceptionally strong plot. I am excited to read more by Evette Davis. Be sure to check out her work, I highly doubt th [...]

    7. Never imagined myself reading a paranormal political, romantic book and enjoy it as much as I did. This could have become boring and messy but the author kept the plot together and convinced me to enjoy the political aspect. I really enjoyed the character development(sometimes the best of us are whiny brats) and descriptive scenes as well. Pleasantly surprised and look forward to the next one!

    8. The only thing I didn't like about this book is that it's part of a trilogy. I didn't know it was gonna be part of a trilogy b/c the book didn't say. I like series books that stand alone. Anyway, I really liked this book. It had everything I look for in a book: paranormal, strong female character, deceit, and a couple of good sex scenes.

    9. I have to admit that politics are not my thing. It started off kind of slow and jumped around. There is plenty of drama and action. The romantic parts are perfect. This book is a part of a trilogy so be prepared you will get hooked! I received this book through first reads.

    10. If I could write, this is the book I would write. It had all the things I love: San Francisco, Paris, politics, romance and the supernatural, even a few mentions of the San Francisco Giants. I want to be Olivia and I can't wait for the next chapter to begin.

    11. What a fun, interesting book! Davis weaves real-world places and experiences in with fantastic adventures to create a wild and compelling world. Great characters and witty dialogue!

    12. A great read and I look forward to reading more in the series. I finished reading it within 8 hours of starting it!

    13. I tried to finish this book. I really did. The problem was, I didn't want to. I try to be honest in my reviews, and honest-to-god this book bored me to tears. The characters didn't seem real to me. At times, I actually wanted them to die just so the story would end. That's how little I cared. I especially disliked the main character, Olivia. More often than not, I wanted to strangle her. I think she was supposed to come off as a strong, smart, independent woman in a man's world - and I do respec [...]

    14. First, we must discuss the oversharing of inane details. Because I don't need or want to know what this person did at 6pm, and then at 7pm, and then at 8pm. We run through the MC's daily schedule over and over and over. This could have been 30 pages shorter if the author left out all this nonsense of daily activities.My second issue would be the MC: Olivia. She is all bravado. She's told not to pick a fight with the all-powerful vampire, so she immediately picks a fight with the all-powerful vam [...]

    15. This book has an intriguing cast of characters - witches, fairies, time walkers, demons, and vampires. It's also well written. Unfortunately, it fell flat for me in some areas.Olivia comes from a family of humans with special powers, but she chose to ignore them until something happens in her life that forces her to get in touch with her gifts. I was never clear on how she managed to ignore these powers until she reached her thirties. Her character sometimes came across as childish and willful, [...]

    16. Book One of the 'Dark Horse Trilogy', Woman King, is key to following the progression of a powerful, San Francisco-based blend of supernatural influences and P.I. investigation, and tells of an empath who spends her life blocking her abilities - until she meets an ancient time-walker who reveals that a demon has been stalking her.But if you're expecting the usual genre read that blends fantasy into a supernatural investigation, you'll be disappointed. Woman King is, in fact, a superior productio [...]

    17. The beginning was a little hard for me to get into because there wasn't any build up to the info dump that happened at the beginning. Although it did fit in with what the character was feeling at the time, which was hungover and like information was being shoved onto her. The dialogue was also a bit awkward to me, it didn't feel that natural. Even though I really like the idea of there being a woman king, there was a lot of telling and not showing, I wasn't sure why people kept telling her she w [...]

    18. Olivia Shepard had been born an empath, but as she watched the highs and lows of her mom, she rejected her gift as her mom and grandmother called it, but to her it was a curse. Olivia Shepard Consulting had trouble keeping her clients once Stoner Hallbert recouped from his ex-wife's embezzlement, it seem as if he could do no wrong and as she learned he had stolen another long time client, she flew to pieces and went on a drinking binge, only to pass out in her kitchen.William, a one hundred eigh [...]

    19. Más Urban Fantasy desde ópticas femeninas.-Género. Narrativa Fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. En San Francisco, la niebla no es únicamente un fenómeno atmosférico sino una forma de que las personas normales no vean a las criaturas sobrenaturales que les rodean. Olivia es una mujer de 32 años que trabaja en consultoría política que acaba de ser sustituida del proyecto que dirigía por la necesidad de alguien con “más dinamismo·. Cuando Olivia empieza a tener extraños sueños y finalme [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book from First Reads, thanks! I really enjoyed the story line on this one. As a huge vampire genre fan anyway, I found the different characters fascinating. The main character Olivia was truly unique with her empath skills, and when she meets the vampire William the story gets even more interesting.The setting of this book is also very well done, and the way the author describes the sights and sounds of San Francisco is spectacular. The explanation of the sudden arriv [...]

    21. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewWoman King, Second Edition (Dark horse Trilogy Book 1) by Evette Davis is a real fun book to read. Be sure that you are sitting down when you start because once you open it, it will grab your attention and won't let it go until the end. You will find yourself turning page after page after page as you are following the twists and turns. It is fantastic! You will find yourself in a worldwide adventure into fantasy. I found only one thing wrong with this book . it en [...]

    22. The first act was a little bland for my taste.I had trouble getting into it at first. The protagonist wasn’t especially appealing to me. Seemed a tad inhuman at times, not behaving as I would have expected a human to. But once I was about half way through things evened out, got better, and I was able to enjoy it more.My wife asked to borrow this book, so I had to rush through it. I might read it again in ten years or so.A good book overall. Deserving of four stars for a first-time author. I’ [...]

    23. I received this book through “First Reads” and received a copy from the Author.I would like to congratulate the author on creating an independent, strong, and resilient main character in Olivia. It is refreshing to have characters that are not weak, sniveling women that have to have a man to complete them. This is the first time I have read any story involving campaigning candidates and basically anything to do with campaigns (political stuff) and I found it interesting how it was woven int [...]

    24. It took me a while to get myself through this book. I really like the underlying story but it was just too easy fro me to put it down. I finally managed to read the whole thing and I'm a bit confused because I really do like it but reading it again is not even a possibility. I would like to read the entire series because it is interesting but I know I won't because it was just too easy to put down and I was outright bored at times.

    25. I devoured Woman King over the course of two beach days (and subsequently destroyed it with salt water and sun screen). I thought it was such a creative, fun and sexy readd I'm looking forward to reading the next two.

    26. This was a good read. I enjoyed it and it kept my interest enough to want to sit down and read at night. The pacing was a bit off and the ending was rushed. Fun read though.

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