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A World Without Princes

A World Without Princes In the epic sequel to the New York Times bestselling novel The School for Good and Evil Sophie and Agatha are home living out their Ever After But life isn t quite the fairy tale they expected When

  • Title: A World Without Princes
  • Author: Soman Chainani
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the epic sequel to the New York Times bestselling novel, The School for Good and Evil, Sophie and Agatha are home, living out their Ever After But life isn t quite the fairy tale they expected When Agatha secretly wishes she d chosen a different happy ending, she reopens the gates to the School for Good and Evil But the world she and Sophie once knew has changed WiIn the epic sequel to the New York Times bestselling novel, The School for Good and Evil, Sophie and Agatha are home, living out their Ever After But life isn t quite the fairy tale they expected When Agatha secretly wishes she d chosen a different happy ending, she reopens the gates to the School for Good and Evil But the world she and Sophie once knew has changed Witches and princesses, warlocks and princes are no longer enemies New bonds are forming old bonds are being shattered But underneath this uneasy arrangement, a war is brewing and a dangerous enemy rises As Agatha and Sophie battle to restore peace, an unexpected threat could destroy everything, and everyone, they love and this time, it comes from within.

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    1 thought on “A World Without Princes

    1. 2.75 Torn on this, I feel like it presented a lot of very interesting things about gender but did not follow through -- which can make it problematic. But I also feel like it might be resolved in the next book? So rating is low for now until I continue on.

    2. Final Rating: 4.5 stars (rounded to 5 on GR)Disclaimer: There may be minor spoilers of book 1 in this review. Consider yourselves warned if you haven't read the first book.And Sophie and Agatha lived happily ever after, for girls don't need princes for love to call.No, they don't need princes in their fairy tales at all.When I first read The School for Good and Evil sometime last year, I appreciated so much how it portrayed very dark themes in a seemingly light, humorous, and fluffy tone. I enj [...]

    3. Minor spoilers for book oneIf you know me, you'll know that I very rarely give books five stars. Even if I really love it, I normally mark it as a 4.5 and call it a day. Which is why it came as such a surprise that I slapped a 5-star on A World Without Princes right off the bat. I went in with sky-high expectations, considering how much I loved The School for Good and Evil, and it broke every single one of them. A World Without Princes picks up a couple months after the events of the first book. [...]

    4. ATTENTION: spoilers for book one!“Nothing in this world was ever certain. Princes could become as frightening as ogres. Princesses could become villains. Best friends could become enemies.”Story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ „And Sophie and Agatha lived happily ever after, for girls don't need princes for love to call No, they don't need princes in their fairy tales at all”Finally Agatha and Sophie have a happy end together. They’re back in their home town living their old life. They [...]

    5. Well, this series went off the deep end really fast. For those who don’t know, the first book in this series, THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL, was about two girls who are not quite what they seem surviving in a duo of fairy tale schools which had simplistic ideas the nature of good and evil and simplistic ideas about gender roles. I would have ventured to call the first book progressive Agatha and Sophie learn that they don’t need a fairy tale prince to be happy and that relationships with othe [...]


    7. "And Sophie and Agatha lived happily ever after, for girls don't need princes for love to call — no, they don't need princes in their fairy tales at all." A solid 5 stars for a book that focuses on friendships and female empowerment.


    9. Whyyyyyy??What happened to youuuuu??Book. Book, I had such high hopes for you. You ended so magnificently before you gave me hope that there was a book out there, where girls can be friends! Where girls can put other girls before boys! Where love isn't always about the type that makes your body parts tingle and swell, but also about fighting for each other and making sacrifices for friends.You gave me hope that somewhere out there was a book, geared for younger readers, where black isn't always [...]

    10. That beautiful cover And that prince is even more beautifuller (is this even a word?). The ending of the last book was more or less a cliff-hanger. And, well, (view spoiler)[poor Teddy! He finds his princess but she disappears!I really want this book. Like, really need it. (It's beautiful)I hope Tedros and Agatha find their way back. And Sophie? It was sort of unrealistic how she just turned good all of a sudden. I honestly loved her evil. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>[ [...]

    11. You know and I know, that we aren't in the least bit surprised by my ratings of this one. Saying I loved it is understating the feeling and emotions that I felt while reading this one.Every character, esp. Sophie I adore and just could not get enough of. I want more and I'm so glad that I have the third book to jump right into.Me after finishing this one:

    12. ERHRD. Thee cutest fairytale I have read in a long time!Synopsis:Good Reads DescriptionThis year, best friends Sophie and Agatha are about to discover where all the lost children go: the fabled School for Good & Evil, where ordinary boys and girls are trained to be fairy tale heroes and villains. As the most beautiful girl in Gavaldon, Sophie has dreamed of being kidnapped into an enchanted world her whole life. With her pink dresses, glass slippers, and devotion to good deeds, she knows she [...]

    13. I'm really enjoying this series but the first half of the book always goes slower than the second half. Clearly, I'm fine with it since I'm onto the third already.

    14. *sighs deeply* This one’s gonna be a rant, guys. It makes me sad, because this series had so much promise and the audiobooks are wonderful. The School for Good and Evil had some worrisome themes, but I was hoping they would be cleared up in A World Without Princes. Actually, though, the messages of the series have only gotten more upsetting with time. Though I did still really enjoy listening to the book, and Lee’s narration is totally on point, I can no longer ignore the rage-inducing aspec [...]

    15. I never had the time to write a review, so I'm just gonna say it was a great and amazing book. so unique and different as well, and there were crazy twists which I had never expected. totally loved this.

    16. A dream is a wish your heart makesAt the onset of A World Without Princes we find that Sophie and Agatha have been returned to their home village of Gavaldon and life has been far from what they expected. Initially they are welcomed back and heralded as heroic curse breakers of the missing children. Staues of them are erected in the town square and they have adoring fans. They are even about to put on a musical re-enactment of their time spent at school, to be written, directed and starring none [...]

    17. Okay.Agatha has gotten fairly stupider after book 1.(yes Aggie, we know you like trusting people and not jumping to conclusions- but maybe, sometimes you should.)Tedros again has been really unnecessary.(not that I'm complaining)Yes we get it. All the women in your life are backstabbing witches. Accept it and get over it.Now.Sophie.The character that instilled in me a plethora of feelings.poor,misunderstood,irritating,loyal,shallow,confused etc. (you get it) Sophie.No one truly loves her and she [...]

    18. ***Spoilers for The School for Good and Evil Book#1***Once upon a time a Princess and a Witch became friends…st friends and choose each other over everyone else including the handsome Prince. “And Sophie and Agatha lived happily ever after, for girls don't need princes for love to call No, they don't need princes in their fairy tales at all”But what happens in fairytale land when girls decide they don’t need Princes to have Happy Ever After’s? Book 1 in the School for Good and Evil foc [...]

    19. 3.5 Stars Still good, but not as great as the first story. Reason for it?Unlike what happened with the first book which I felt was more complex _ and more YA_ this one felt a little toned downybe the reason has to do with Agatha's character that in the first book was so amazing, but in this one, the girl felt definitely dumber. It felt as if the author was trying to say, if you're good, you're going to lose a lot of your brain cells.Sophie on the other hand, is more amazing than ever. She's a ch [...]

    20. MEH this was not as good as book one which was disappointing. I found the plot and the characters very frustrating a lot of the time. Sophie drives me crazy and I'm not entirely able to put my finger on why. Tedros felt like a bit of an unnecessary character tbh. I didn't like that so much of the plot was based on miscommunication like:Agatha thinks this is what happened but Sophie knows that's not true. Sophie isn't going to say anything so Agatha is going to try to talk to Tedros but Tedros is [...]

    21. I LOVED The School for Good and Evil and kept thinking what happened to Sophie and Agatha. The story follows exactly where we stopped after both girls return home. But when Agatha makes a wish, things change and the wheels of a new fairytale unfolds.Sophie hasn't changed much, still jealous, possessive, witchy, yet everyone thinks she was the princess in training and Agatha was the witch even her own mother! No one expects that Aggie has a beautiful princess and a heart of gold inside of her. Ca [...]

    22. I thought this was a step up from the first book and I'm so glad I picked it up, even after not being totally convinced by that first title.I love how the author explores the ambiguity of a certain "black and white" concepts, like good vs evil and girls vs boys. this is a children's book but it definitely tries to push you and make you think, which I can't appreciate more.a lot of people call this book both misandristic and misogynist but I can't say I agree at all. quite the contrary. this book [...]

    23. I LOVED how this book questioned gender with the School for Girls and School for Boys. FILIP is my favourite character. Oh wow. I just really love Sophie, and in my opinion this book was even better than the first!

    24. Its true. Sequels suck. Disappoint. Whatever.And the ARC didn't have pictures. T_TAnd butterflies- lolD NEW GUY IS SEXY. And belly dancing~!Review in a line- Fantastical school segregated by sex;kids getting unwanted sex-chages. UGH.So, boys vs. girls, and then someE-READ(view spoiler)[UPDATE EDIT:THERE'S A COVER! AND SO GORGEOUS! *panic attack*Look at it, just look at it, its so damn!! ;)So I just finished The School for Good and Evil, and when I was looking on-line for info on the next book I [...]

    25. Ve většině případech je tomu tak, že po skvělém prvním díle už nemůže přijít nic lepšího. U téhle trilogie je tomu naopak - druhý díl byl snad ještě nadupanější než ten první, jestli je to vůbec možné. Z prvního dílu, kde se bilo dobro se zlem, jsme přešli k dívčím válkám. No vážně, tolik feminismu jsem v jedné knize jaktěživ neviděla. A Tedros v druhé polovině knihy? K nezaplacení! Proč z něj neudělat chudáka prince, kterého odmítla jeho pr [...]

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