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Sharpshooter Heart pounding action meets smoldering desire in USA TODAY bestselling author Cynthia Eden s Shadow Agents miniseries Two years ago Gunner Ortez saved Sydney Sloan s life on a mission gone wrong And e

  • Title: Sharpshooter
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: 9781460317082
  • Page: 410
  • Format: ebook
  • Heart pounding action meets smoldering desire in USA TODAY bestselling author Cynthia Eden s Shadow Agents miniseries Two years ago Gunner Ortez saved Sydney Sloan s life on a mission gone wrong And ever since then, he s been watching her back Now a hostage rescue mission is about to blow the Elite Ops agents lives apart once again.Working side by side back in the junglHeart pounding action meets smoldering desire in USA TODAY bestselling author Cynthia Eden s Shadow Agents miniseries Two years ago Gunner Ortez saved Sydney Sloan s life on a mission gone wrong And ever since then, he s been watching her back Now a hostage rescue mission is about to blow the Elite Ops agents lives apart once again.Working side by side back in the jungles of Peru, the heat between Sydney and Gunner is hotter than ever and so are the threats to their lives With the danger escalating, Sydney knows Gunner is her only hope at successfully completing their assignment But the ex SEAL who arouses passion she d only dreamed about also poses the greatest risk to the secret she carries in her heartd in her belly.

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    1. Two years ago, Gunner Ortez lost his brother, Slade, during a rescue mission gone wrong. Trapped in a fire fight, and having sustained multiple injuries herself, Sydney, Slade's fiance, attempts to drag him to safety. When they realize that he is no longer breathing, they are forced to flee and leave Slade's body behind.Gunner has always harbored deeper feelings for Sydney, and 2 years has done nothing to diminish that. He doesn't feel like he can have her, since he still harbors guilt over purs [...]

    2. Finally Gunner and Sydney. These two have been dancing around each other for a while. Sydney wants Gunner and has made that clear but Gunner has his issues, mainly the fact that she was engaged to his half brother and he a man who has been scarred a million times doesn't deserve her. But when he sees her moving on, he lets his inner alpha loose and they get down and dirty and then reality interrupts.They have to run a rescue in Peru, the place where his brother Slade died and where Sydney almost [...]

    3. Sharpshooter is the third book in Cynthia Eden’s Shadow Agent series. After reading Alpha One I have to admit I was really looking forward to Gunner and Sydney’s chase to a happily ever after. They were throwing some major sexual tension around in the first book of the series. I didn’t read Guardian Ranger, but apparently they did the same there too. That is just the makings of a great love story. Cynthia did not disappoint. Gunner and Sydney have both wanted each other for so long that th [...]

    4. I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.A very good book. Very interesting plot, even if you can tell from the beginning who the villain is!That didn’t make me enjoy it less.What I liked is the fact the all the characters act in a logical fashion – obviously they don’t have the information that we, the readers, have. The villain’s POV was interesting too: he’s such a twisted person… I was surprised that nobody noticed that something wasn’t right with him earlier on [...]

    5. Wow. Intense emotion and action throughout the book. It starts with a rescue op in Peru that goes terribly wrong. The man they were to rescue was Gunner's half brother and Sydney's fiance. They end up in a firefight where Slade is killed and they have to leave his body behind. Fast forward two years. Gunner and Sydney are still on the same EOD team. They have a great friendship there, but Sydney is emotionally ready to move on from being Slade's fiance. She wants to move on with Gunner, but he r [...]

    6. In this third installment of Cynthia Eden’s Shadow Agents series, we finally get to see Sydney and Gunner’s story. If you haven’t been following the series, it’s okay because this can be read as a stand-alone, and if you have, then you know that Sydney was once engaged to Slade, Gunner’s brother. 2 years ago, he was killed in a mission in Peru, and Sydney is ready to move on. Gunner, however, blames himself for the not saving Slade, and thinks Sydney must still be in love with him. But [...]

    7. Absolutely wonderful book! I adored this couple. This book got away from the theme a bit because both hero and heroine were agents but there was still much suspense, full actions and the act of betrayal. As usual, the villain came in the unexpected character but I guessed that it was much more obvious in this book but overall, the characters, the stories, and everything else were pretty awesome!4.5 Stars

    8. Posted on Romancing the Books blogReviewed by NadeneReview Copy Provided by NetgalleyI absolutely love Cynthia Eden’s work and was thrilled at the opportunity to read and review this title and I was not disappointed. This was a very exciting read. Sharpshooter is filled with action, suspense, mystery and romance. Ms. Eden knows just how to hold my interest to the very end. This is the third book in the Shadow Agents series which can be read as a stand-alone. I have not read the other books in [...]

    9. 4 STARSSharpshooter keeps you guessing in some ways and others I figured out where the story was heading but enjoyed the ride getting there.It was a lot of action, drama. a few sex scenes. The plot was a little twisty. Gunner was Sydney team mate but Sydney wanted more. Two years ago she was engaged to his brother but he died down in Peru. Both Gunner and Sydney were shot a couple of times trying to rescue him. They saw him shot all up and bleeding out. Gunner could not find a pulse and he neede [...]

    10. I love these Harlequin Intrigues - they're a very satisfying blend of suspense, danger, and romance, and Sharpshooter is no exception.The story opens with the ill-fated mission that left Gunner's half-brother and Sydney's fiance dead and Sydney and Gunner shot. Gunner protects Sydney, who won't leave Slade behind until Gunner has to drag her out amid another jail of bullets.Flash forward two years later and Sydney and Gunner are in love and still working for the same secret government agency. Bu [...]

    11. 3.5 stars reallySo, I have been a bit lukewarm about the Shadow Agents series so far (the name doesn't help). I felt that was acceptable/understandable Alpha male behaviour in a paranormal novel came across as a bit cheesy in a military/special ops novel.I also recall that I found the military aspects (from someone who know absolutely nothing about such things) a little 'off', as if it came from a small amount of google research to make it sound authentic. These comments are made having read a l [...]

    12. This is my first read by Cynthia Eden and I have got to say, she has another fan. What a fantastic read! It is filled with intrigue, mystery, murder, betrayal, and passion. What more could you want in a fast pace read? I found myself hooked to this book and unwilling to put it down until I finished.Gunner and Slade Ortez “half brothers” had been raised by their Grandfather for most of their lives. Gunner is the strong silent type who holds his feelings in, not one to show his emotions easily [...]

    13. Contemporary, Romantic Suspense Sydney Sloan’s life was in danger two years ago on a mission gone bad but she was saved by Gunner Ortez. Since then he has been watching her back. Now they are on another mission that is about to go bad. The Elite Ops agents are doing a hostage-rescue that is blowing apart their lives.Now they are working together and the heat of the jungles of Peru isn’t the only heat around. The passion between Sydney and Gunner is hotter than ever but so are the threats com [...]

    14. Gunner Ortez is the sniper for their EOD unit, the Shadow Agents. The team is called the Shadow Agents because they are able to get in and out without leaving any trace they were ever there. Sydney Slone and Gunner have worked together for two years after they believed that Slade, Gunner's brother and Sydney's fiance, was killed during a rescue attempt in the jungle in Peru. After a successful rescue two years later, Slade is brought back to the U.S. everyone is oblivious that Slade is the bad g [...]

    15. Sharpshooter by Cynthia Eden is the 3rd book in her Shadow Agents series. Though it’s part of a series it can be read without reading to other books first. But don’t be surprised if, like me, you find yourself wanting to read the other two after this one. Sharpshooter is a quick and entertaining read filled with action, danger, romance and a touch of angst. It focuses on Gunner and Sydney, two very likable characters. Gunner has always wanted Sydney even when she was with his brother Slade. [...]

    16. 3.5 Stars. I was really looking forward to this book and while I enjoyed it - the book didn't quite live up to my expectations. Gunner was a great hero and I loved his character - the character development was really good and it really helped to understand and fall for him. Sydney however wasn't as fleshed out and I would have like a bit more character development for her. I loved the chemistry between the two of them and although I thought the plot was obvious and there were not really any surp [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this book. The action, and suspence was intense. I did have a suspecion on who the villian was early on, but I didn’t really know how sick he was till the end of the story. I did love how attentive Gunner was to Sydney, and how much he cared for her. This was an Awesome Action/ romance. Sydney and Gunner was part of a EOD TEAM. Someone was targeting the members of the team. They learned later on, it was an iside job. Sydney and Gunner was shot at, Sydeny’s house caught fire, [...]

    18. Oh how I loved Gunner and Sydney since they were introduced in Guardian Ranger. The author did not disappointment in their story. I am beginning to believe that Cynthia Eden CANNOT write a bad romantic suspense book.This story kept you on the edge of your seat and guessing throughout the book. I not only enjoyed Gunner and Sydney's relationship but the intrigue and suspense as well. I can't wait to get started on the next book in this series. This series satisfies my mystery/suspense cravings.

    19. This was the book I was waiting for in this series and it did not disappoint. Gunner and Sydney's story was full of angsty goodness and longing. I really enjoyed this book. Looking forward to Cale's story too! The boss's daughter? Should be good. ;-)

    20. This book was a HUGE improvement over the last two books. I liked the plot in this one it was different from the first two books and wasn't something that felt like another rehash of similar storylines. It had unique things thrown in setting it apart from others. So far this has been the most likable so far because the characters didn't completely let me down this time. I loved Gunner as a whole and Sydney was tolerable, she still had her moments where I shook my head at her but she was nowhere [...]

    21. It's a Harlequin Intrigue, so bearing that in mind (fast moving, not as much development as regular novels, etc), it was a very good read. Strong characters, erotic so adults only, graphic violence. Ms.Eden is one of my favorite authors.

    22. Book InfoPaperback, 288 pagesExpected publication: July 23rd 2013 by HarlequinISBN 0373747586 (ISBN13: 9780373747580)series Shadow Agents #3Source:Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinksB&NBOOK SYNOPSISHeart-pounding action meets smoldering desire in USA TODAY bestselling author Cynthia Eden's Shadow Agents miniseries! Two years ago Gunner Ortez saved Sydney Sloan's life on a mission gone wrong. And ever since then, he's been watching her back. Now a hostage-rescue mission is about to blow the Elite Op [...]

    23. When Gunner Ortez and Sydney Sloan went into Peru, against orders, to rescue Gunner’s Brother and Sydney’s fiance, Slade Ortez, they barely made it out alive. Slade was not so lucky.Since then Gunner has watched out for Sydney. He has always been there for her. Because he wants to protect her. Because he loves her. He has from the moment he met her, when she was engaged to his brother. But Gunner knows she could never be his, ever. She wanted Slade and now he’s gone. Yet for the last two y [...]

    24. Talk about getting your adrenaline pumping! Whenever I read a Cynthia Eden book it seems my body is tired afterwards. She has a way of getting the blood moving and feel as though you are living out what the characters are going through. In Sharpshooter, the action starts at page one and doesn't stop until the end. Sharpshooter is the third book in Cynthia's Shadow Agents series and follows Gunner and Sydney. If you haven't read the first two (Alpha One and Guardian Ranger), it's okay - you can f [...]

    25. Gunner has been in love with Sydney since he met her. Unfortunately, she was his brother's girlfriend at the time so he never acted on his feelings. The problem is that she is an agent of the Elite Ops, so she is constantly present in his life. However, even after his brother's death he still doesn't reveal his feelings for her.Stacy is ready to move on. She already put the memory of one Ortez brother behind her, now she's determined to put her feelings for Gunner behind her too. Easier said tha [...]

    26. At some point Cynthia Eden is bound to write something I don’t love but she hasn’t done it yet. This book is filled to the brim with so much action and sexiness that I’m surprised it didn’t self combust. Seriously, this book was fantabulous! I have such a huge thing for quiet, brooding heros and heroines who are tougher then their exterior. Sharpshooter gave me both coupled with Eden’s unique voice and compelling story lines.Sydney is used to being on her own and completely capable of [...]

    27. I used to read the Harlequin Intrigues exclusively, loving the mix of romance and suspense, but over the years I've neglected my gianormous stack(s) of Harlequins in favor of longer more main stream romances. It's quite unfortunate that the Harlequin/Silhouette category romances just don't get the word of mouth advertising and acknowledgement that other books do because many of these short thrilling Intrigues turn out to be quite good. I found that to be true with Sharpshooter, the third install [...]

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