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Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders

Murder on Second Street The Jackson Ward Murders It s and a local Negro neighborhood called Jackson Ward in Richmond Virginia is booming In fact it s called The Black Wall Street of America by economists of the day Things are booming financia

  • Title: Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders
  • Author: Rebekah L. Pierce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s 1929 and a local Negro neighborhood called Jackson Ward in Richmond, Virginia is booming In fact, it s called The Black Wall Street of America by economists of the day Things are booming financially and socially for the Negro community, but then a series of what appears to be random murders of poor working class Negro women begins to happen and everyone is on edgeIt s 1929 and a local Negro neighborhood called Jackson Ward in Richmond, Virginia is booming In fact, it s called The Black Wall Street of America by economists of the day Things are booming financially and socially for the Negro community, but then a series of what appears to be random murders of poor working class Negro women begins to happen and everyone is on edge, especially the Negro business owners The Ward is a very tight community strangers cannot move freely about in this segregated town They hire haunted World War I veteran and alcoholic Sy Sanford to catch the cold blooded murderer, but murder is not the only thing threatening to destroy The Black Wall Street of America The real Wall Street is about to come tumbling down and plunge Jackson Ward and its infamous 2nd Street into a debilitative financial and social state it may never recover from.

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    • Unlimited [Suspense Book] ☆ Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders - by Rebekah L. Pierce æ
      257 Rebekah L. Pierce
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Suspense Book] ☆ Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders - by Rebekah L. Pierce æ
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    1 thought on “Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders

    1. From the first elegiac strains of Murder on Second Street, to the heart-pounding, tragic yet satisfying denouement, Pierce paints a gorgeous story of crime and punishment while she traces the rise and fall of a African-American Wall Street in Richmond, Virginia. With a subtle touch, Pierce weaves history into a well-told murder mystery in a wealthy African-American neighborhood. The history never overwhelms either the story or the complex characterizations, and I found myself very much identifyi [...]

    2. Thanks to this great read it has allowed me to become an active reader again. I couldn't put the book down because I continued to wonder what would happen next.

    3. Anytime I read a book, I'm always looking for a story that will take me someplace I don't know. With that in mind, reading a book set in Richmond, the city where I live, might seem an odd choice, but Murder on Second Street offered me a look at a side of this city which I've never seen.Inspired by a series of murders in the Jackson Ward area during the 1920's, Murder on Second Street follows Sy Sanford's investigation into the murders. In many ways, the mystery plays second fiddle to the larger [...]

    4. I started, Murder on Second Street, Friday night, I finished it on Sunday. I didn't want to put it down. Applause, applause, applause for author, Rebekah L. Pierce! Heck, I'll even give her a standing ovation. It is set up to become a series and I cannot wait for number 2 of the Sy Sanford Mysteries.

    5. Great historical fiction. I've never read much historical fiction but I love mysteries. kept my interest and was written quite well.

    6. I recently decided to fulfill a personal interest in starting my own book club. I learned about the wonderful author and this novel from a personal recommendation of my mother-in-law who raved about its feature of Richmond,Virginia. I had never heard of historical fiction which intrigued this history lover from the very onset.The Jackson Ward neighborhood served as a Mecca for African-American enterprise and financial success in the 1920's and the author's choice to depict this history as a back [...]

    7. This was the first time I'd ever heard about the author Rebekah L. Pierce, and I'm glad that someone recommended this book to me. One of the things I liked about the book is that it was historical fiction, one of my favorite genres; it also takes place in a city I'm very familiar with, Richmond, VA.Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders is a very riveting story that takes place in the late 1920's, and spins a tale about someone killing young working class Negro women in and around the [...]

    8. An Incredible Journey through American History!It's not often I read a book that I can't put down. It's not often I read a book and can see "Hollywood" actors playing the roles of the main characters. This is the case with Murder on Second Street. The author takes the reader back to a time in American history when people weren't so nice, and living was hard. The central character, Sy Sanford, an African-American Captain from the U.S. Army who fought in WW1, is a drunk and works in securities. Sy [...]

    9. It’s an in depth story of historic value, during a period of time in our country when prosperity flourished, even amongst the African-American communities. It takes place in 1929, in Richmond, VA. Jackson Ward, a prominent Negro community in the City, becomes the center of this murder mystery. Negro women are being murdered and the prominent towns’ people in this small community want answers. The characters in Rebekah Pierce’s story are fully authentic and their complex interactions come t [...]

    10. This was a fascinating book right from the start. It had me up until very late into the night because I had to finish it before I could put it down. First of all this is a historical novel, and it was well researched. You don’t often find works cited at the back of a novel for reference.Murder on Second Street: The Jackson Ward Murders follows Sy Sanderson, the owner of a security firm in the Jackson Ward district. He is hired by some the community’s business people to find the murderer of N [...]

    11. I'm impressed! This was a fantastic read and very realistic in it's portrayal of the race/class/gender divide especially during a time when African Americans in Richmond, VA were at their height working so hard to be "equal" while at the same time showering the same biased on poor African Americans in their pursuit of equality. Whether this was an intentional act or not the fact is that it was real and still is. The book gives us a glimpse into the heart of what real entrepreneurialism was then [...]

    12. We are in 1929 in Virginia in Virginia, in the zone known as The Black Wall Street of America. This is a prosperous community of hard-working people. Most of them have had their share of hardship and are now enjoying thriving times. Unfortunately, bodies of young girls start appearing in different places. The white police underestimate them and pay little attention: most certainly some rifts among negros. The leaders of the community are very concerned, not so much for the girls but for the effe [...]

    13. Murder on Second Street is an entertaining read that, for me, was deeply interesting because I was born and raised in Richmond. Each and every location was clearly visible in my minds eye. I was in touch with the city in every chapter. However, I feel this is the same thing that steals something from the book. Someone who is unfamiliar with the city would probably become annoyed by the repeated references to streets and sections of the city. Sy Sanford is a man battling demons both in his head a [...]

    14. Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down!I have to say that I have never been a fan of historical fiction, but Rebekah Lynn Pierce has made me a convert. I loved how she weaved the historical facts of the times into the story without overwhelming me like a history text. She also shared so clearly the after-effect of being a war veteran who has actually seen combat. I was intrigued by the story and she kept me reading for 4 hours straight until I finished the book! I look forward to the nex [...]

    15. Great ReadI read this book for my book club, Sisters Sipping Tea. I found it very well written. The plot was well developed and you could not guess who the killer was until the writer introduced him to you. Even after knowing who the killer was the book still remained interesting in how the other characters found out and then handled him. The story was historically accurate in that it told the history of Jackson Ward in Richmond and the great racial divide that was present at the time.

    16. Kudos to you Rebekah, this would make a great movie. I enjoyed the interjection of Black Wallstreet. I was left in suspense with two notions that were not cleared at the end of the book and that leaves me wanting to read more Sy Sanford novels.

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