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London Bridges

London Bridges TWO OF THE GREATEST VILLAINS JAMES PATTERSON HAS EVER CREATED IN ONE BOOK Minutes after soldiers evacuate a Nevada town a bomb completely destroys it On vacation FBI agent Alex Cross gets the call t

  • Title: London Bridges
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780755381258
  • Page: 190
  • Format: None
  • TWO OF THE GREATEST VILLAINS JAMES PATTERSON HAS EVER CREATED IN ONE BOOK Minutes after soldiers evacuate a Nevada town, a bomb completely destroys it On vacation, FBI agent Alex Cross gets the call the blast was perpetrated by the Wolf A supercriminal and Cross s deadliest nemesis, the Wolf threatens to obliterate major cities, including London, Paris, and New York ThTWO OF THE GREATEST VILLAINS JAMES PATTERSON HAS EVER CREATED IN ONE BOOK Minutes after soldiers evacuate a Nevada town, a bomb completely destroys it On vacation, FBI agent Alex Cross gets the call the blast was perpetrated by the Wolf A supercriminal and Cross s deadliest nemesis, the Wolf threatens to obliterate major cities, including London, Paris, and New York Then evidence reveals the involvement of a ruthless assassin known as the Weasel Could these two dark geniuses be working together Now with just four days to prevent an unimaginable cataclysm, Cross is catapulted into an international chase of astonishing danger and toward the explosive truth about the Wolf s identity, a revelation that Cross may not survive.

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    1 thought on “London Bridges

    1. As much as I enjoy reading James Patterson, and as much as I am in love with Alex Cross (yes, I admit it), this installment failed to satisfy me. And failed miserably. Perhaps my disappointment was in the novel's grand scale international crime? These baddies seemed to kill for the sake of killing. Not to give spoilers, but even the deaths of some antagonists seemed anticlimactic given the way Cross had pursued them and vice versa, and the extent of the trouble they had caused him and the public [...]

    2. Bad villains return, but weak terrorist plot not much funThis is the tenth in Patterson's Detective (now FBI special envoy) Alex Cross series, and from the outset, we would surmise that if you are not a faithful follower of the previous nine, you will be lost. First, both central villains are reprised from earlier books (the "Weasel" from "Pop Goes the Weasel"; and the "Wolf" from "Big Bad Wolf"), but it's not so clear how or why they are in cahoots. The Weasel in specific gets bumped off so unc [...]

    3. What can I say? Very bad book! I'm a fan of Patterson, but this one it's terrible No real plot, things just seem to happen out of nowhere, no connection between the caracters, no real investigation, no twist at the end talking about end, what the hell was that?? One of the worst and poorer endings I've ever read!!The sentence in the synopsis: "Then, in the most unforgettable finale James Patterson has ever written, Alex Cross confronts the truth of the Wolf’s identity – a revelation that eve [...]

    4. In London Bridges Alex has to face two killers that he has yet to catch: the weasel and the wolf. The weasel, aka Geoffrey Shafer, is a vicious serial killer who has been targeting prostitutes. Then there's the Wolf, who is a mastermind and psychopath, from The Big Bad Wolf.Of course this book delivers mighty good twists and turns that I honestly had no idea were coming. It was super interesting to see how Alex realized that the Wolf and the Weasel were working together - and that they were real [...]

    5. I don't know what to do with James Patterson. His prose is amateur (coming from an amateur). His villains are cartoony. The plot just goes whether the protagonist does anything about it or not.And yet I read the whole thing, and am even considering reading another Patterson novel on my shelf. Whatever Patterson sucks at, he's got the "What happens next?" factor down PAT.

    6. Alex was more unbelieveable in this book than others. The voice-over guy on the audiobook seemed to only change the inflection of his voice, but didn't seem to be able to convey the characters' emotionally. I'm new to audiobooks so, maybe he wasn't meant to.The Wolf strikes again. He'll huff and he'll puff and he'll blow the house down. He actually does this at one point. This guys seems to have eyes and ears everywhere. Cross seems to be in the background for the first half of the story, just t [...]

    7. I was hoping it wasnt going to get worse after Big Bag Wolf - but it didot even weaker than BBW, plot has more holes than a cheesegrater - and likely more cheese in it. usual "but im so lovable, i have a hapless lovelife but its not my fault - but i know you'll sleep with me" Cross attitude.All I can say is - James, whichever ghost writer you are using for these books now, shoot them and write about that, it might be more entertaining than your latest offerings.

    8. Even when writing his 10th Alex Cross novel, James Patterson didn't shy away from an insanely complicated plot. Perhaps having a little too much on the plate and not enough appetite at the end to finish it nicely, the story has a few loose endings, but with a novel this large I can't even imagine how many pages it would take to wrap each nerve ending up into a plausible conclusion. That said, I liked the book, I had a blast reading it ( as always when it comes to Cross books) and it kept me in s [...]

    9. As if it's not enough that Alex Cross has a plethora of rather vicious bad guys just chomping at the bit to strike back against him, now he has two. In this novel, we see the return of not just the Wolf from the last Alex Cross novel, but also Geoffrey "Weasel" Shafer from Pop Goes the Weasel. And both are gunning to not just take down Cross, but bring the world to its knees via total city destruction. Yes, the Wolf and the Weasel have designs on completely destroying four major cities around th [...]

    10. Another great Cross book! Just when I thought I knew who the Wolf was, things got twisted up and I had to guess again. Not to mention I think Patterson is setting us up for something bad to happen with Nana Mama. I figure she's gonna live forever I hope not!

    11. I read this book because it's in my collection, but do not recall anything whatsoever about it. The description of the book might be why. It sounds awful to me and nothing like any book I would ever enjoy. I doubt I'll read it again since the first time wasn't memorable at all.

    12. London Bridges is another example why I read Patterson's books, but I don't buy them. For the reader, the book has good momentum and for the publisher, the series has good momentum. I'm not clear on how this works. The James Patterson franchise kicks out several books a year featuring various authors and different series. Presumably the Alex Cross series is written thus far by somebody with the actual James Patterson pen name. I think this guy is really busy, a lot of irons in the fire. One in f [...]

    13. As a mysterious group of soldiers evacuated the population of Sunrise Valley, Detective Alex Cross is on vacation. He is called into work in Nevada when the entire area is blown up mysteriously in James Patterson’s London Bridges. The local police found a video camera that revealed the suspect behind the bombings. The FBI has been looking for this person for almost three years. Although Cross has had a lot of experience controlling situations like these, the suspect is in control; he tells he [...]

    14. Sunrise Valley, Nevada is annihilated in seconds.Major cities around the globe are threatened with total destruction.Seattle, San Franciso, Washington D.C. and London, Alex Cross travels. Some vacation, mostly business.This, the fastest paced Alex Cross book to date, felt like a race car or a speed boat. With twists and turns, one had to hold on tight. I loved this read. The antagonists, "The Weasel" and "The Wolf" were the most dangerous, most colorful and most elusive of all the criminals Cros [...]

    15. One out of every 17 hardcover books sold in the US are written by James Patterson. Curious to see what the fuss was about, I picked this up. Thank god I got it at a library, since I cringe at the thought of a dollar of mine greasing the gears of the Patterson book-writing machine. The writing is this book, the 10th in his Alex Cross series, is god-awful, the plotting lazy, and the characters thin as balsa. And so many exclamation points!But to his credit, Patterson seems unembarassed (sp?) so th [...]

    16. 2.5 stars. My least favorite of the series so far. It was just too out there too unbelievable and there was too much going on with very little detail. Things were blowing up and people dying yet it sounded like the same sentences used to describe the lunch they had. The writing felt very disconnected with little to no emotion.

    17. Always a fun read! Love this series and surprisingly, it's difficult to guess the endings. You think you know it but then you really don't. Starting to get worried about Nana though she's getting a little old and her health is declining. Not looking forward to the ending of that.

    18. Just horrible. no real "detective" work, just flying around, and almost constant nagging about work vs home. Its getting really irritating. Plus the "swoosh, clip, clop, clip, clip, boom, chapter 99, chapter 99, twinkle, twinkle" track before every chapter of the audiobook. Yes, they do say every chapter number TWICE and over 120 chapters. Very irritating.

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    20. Veramente brutto. Unico merito: rispettati gli standard commerciali della scrittura. Per il resto è il secondo Thriller di seguito che leggo ad avere lo schema della reiterazione all'infinito dei crimini, senza che si dipani una vera e propria indagine. Avevo attribuito questa caratteristica de "La biblioteca dei morti" di Glenn Cooper, alla finalità di predisporre il romanzo ad un adattamento cinematografico. Ma questo può valere per uno scrittore molto utilizzato dal cinema, non per tutti g [...]

    21. The book is a thrilling novel of Pattersons' . It's a sequel to many others where the hero of all was Alex Cross . I don't want to go through the story lines , But in brief , Cross is an FBI agent ( originally a policeman in Washington D.C) who has been chasing a criminal 'Geoffrey Shafer' Known as Weasel " a filthy rich sadistic person who likes to rape young girls and then kill them by torturing them " he is involved with the Wolf , a former figure of the Russian Mafia , !! The Wolf demands , [...]

    22. Despite its myriad problems, I found LONDON BRIDGES to be one of the better Alex Cross novels to date. Not only does it finally resolve Cross's long-time struggle with both the Weasel and the Wolf, but it is also Cross's first time conducting a global-scale investigation. Parts of the story take place in England, France, and Switzerland--a welcome break from the typical Washington D.C. setting. Compared to the previous books in the series, the stakes have never been higher, the collateral damage [...]

    23. London Bridges is the tenth installment of the Alex Cross series, in which newly hired FBI agent investigates the mastermind killer, The Wolf. Once again, Cross is pushed to the limit as he chases down the world's worst villains while navigating his tumultuous love life and feigning devotion to his overly neglected and endangered family.London Bridges, by far, is Patterson's weakest novel in the Cross series thus far. Patterson's work has become remarkably formulaic. The plot is unimpressive and [...]

    24. Honestly I am surprised I even finished this book. I had heard of James Patterson before and was given this book so decided to give him a shot. So disappointing. I would say I'm not great at distinguishing beautiful writing, but his writing style was terrible, as in painful! His characters had absolutely no character, his writing style was very amateur, and his plot was dull and all over the place. No more Patterson for me.

    25. As per usual in picking up a james Patterson book i wanted an easy read. Easy read was delivered. Kept you on your toes guessing however can't say i was thrilled. Great holiday read nice and easy going with a good plot.

    26. This is the first Patterson book that I've read. It moves along in 1st person from action to action, without enough character development or intrigue to really get me hooked. Fast read even for me, a very slow reader. Lee child is preferable in this genre for me at least.

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