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Under The Kissing Bough

Under The Kissing Bough Will Christmas bring her than a marriage Eleanor Glover never thought to marry But when wickedly handsome Lord Staines agrees to an arranged marriage she knows her duty She agrees to the match with

  • Title: Under The Kissing Bough
  • Author: Shannon Donnelly
  • ISBN: 9781621250241
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Will Christmas bring her than a marriage Eleanor Glover never thought to marry But when wickedly handsome Lord Staines, agrees to an arranged marriage, she knows her duty She agrees to the match, with one condition a condition she cannot name or write upon her blank card Now what does she write Will the mistletoe bring him than a wife Geoffrey wants a ChristmaWill Christmas bring her than a marriage Eleanor Glover never thought to marry But when wickedly handsome Lord Staines, agrees to an arranged marriage, she knows her duty She agrees to the match, with one condition a condition she cannot name or write upon her blank card Now what does she write Will the mistletoe bring him than a wife Geoffrey wants a Christmas Eve wedding to please his dying father As an earl s son, he knows his duty and since he cannot have the woman he loved and drove away, he will have the bride his father intends.But when he finds Eleanor beneath a kissing bough and kiss her He never anticipated his bride s warm response, and he begins to see there is to his bride than a quiet exterior There may be enough to her, in fact, to heal a wounded heart and a passion deep enough to match his own.

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      233 Shannon Donnelly
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    1 thought on “Under The Kissing Bough

    1. A sweet Christmas story of a plain girl arranged to merry an Earl's son. She finds out that he is still in love with the woman he was going to marry nine months ago. As they get to know each other, both of them fall in love with each other but do not tell until their wedding night. True love does reign. Good read!!

    2. I love this novel so much, I've read it twice. The book is extremely well written, with the dimensional characters, and an engaging plot. The romance between Eleanor and Geoffrey is very subtle, very sweet, and extremely poignant. By subtle I mean, there are no lightning bolts, or electric current when the two meet; instead, the romance between them develops slowly and quietly, without either really being aware of it. The premise of the story is an arranged marriage of sorts; both fathers had ag [...]

    3. When I first read the blurb I thought the story had great potential for a nice Christmas read. It mentioned a marriage of convenience and I could see how two people could get to know each other during a Christmas house party and surrounded by family. I was a bit worried though about the mention of the hero scaring a past love interest with his passionate nature, that sounded weird and I'm afraid it wasEleanor is our common plain, intelligent and shy heroine that the hero never notices at first b [...]

    4. I liked this one. It kind of has a Christmas feel, although I think that aspect could have been amped up a little more. I think I mostly just liked the plot. I've been on a Regency kick lately and it was starting to just feel like the same story over and over (rake falls for the good girl and reforms, etc.). While Geoff is a bit of a rake, his story is different. He is heartbroken over losing his true love and has spent the last nine months drowning his sorrows jumping from one lightskirt to the [...]

    5. I came across this in the Book View Cafe edition, when Shannon Donnelly officially posted it there. It's a short category regency romance with a promising set-up. The historical accuracy is a bit superficial - I would actually rather doubt that a 14-year-old daughter of the family would lie with her feet on the back of the sofa and her head hanging down, even in family quarters - mostly because a family with four daughters who is well off would have a governess by that time, or an old nanny arou [...]

    6. Eleanor Glover never thought to marry. But when wickedly handsome Geoffrey Westerley, Lord Staines, agrees to an arranged marriage with her, she knows her duty. Geoffrey makes it plain that he wants nothing more than a sensible wife—and a Christmas Eve wedding to please his dying father. With a dearth of suitors, and her family's expectations weighing heavy, Eleanor agrees to the match, with one condition—a condition she cannot name or write upon her blank card. Despite Geoffrey's generous p [...]

    7. I like to read Regency romance, especially at Christmas time. This tracks back to the fact that my whole family (including my grandfather) would share them around, so for me, just picking one up is bathed in nostalgia. I got this one at the annual literacy sale for a whopping 10 cents, which is about what it's worth. I do not know Donnelly's background, but she's clearly not on very even footing when it comes to writing a Regency setting. I normally will hand-waive a fair amount of historical in [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book and couldn't put it down. Despite my irritation with Lord Staines, I was interested enough in Eleanor to stay glued to the story. Staines was quite disparaging in his thoughts and references to Eleanor and I did not like that. I never was quite surewas Eleanor really that plain or not? Staines was kind to her face but his thoughts were not always as kind and I didn't particularly like that. Still, I wanted these two to work it out and for her to "get the guy". I thought he wa [...]

    9. First for meRomance and love may seem like it has changed over the different time eras but the reality is that what we feel when it comes to love doesn't change. This is my first historical romance novel I have read and I am not disappointed. I liked being able to read about a different time period and the customs with regards to everyday routines and courtships/marriages. If you find yourself in a small rut but love your romance novels, then I recommend this book. The same issues that affect th [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsI believe it would have been better if it were a little longer and included more interaction with h/h. It also ended just a little too quickly.

    11. Interesting premise, but too much of the plot centers around a misunderstanding between the hero and heroine, which takes until the end of the book to resolve, then disappears in the blink of an eye.

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