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Broken Eric believed that there is ONLY ONE perfect person out there for everyone He met his soul mate way before he was fourteen years old Lindsay is gone now She died a senseless death at the hands of her

  • Title: Broken
  • Author: Ella Col
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eric believed that there is ONLY ONE perfect person out there for everyone He met his soul mate way before he was fourteen years old Lindsay is gone now She died a senseless death at the hands of her abuser His true love was taken from him way too soon.That was his one chance at love or so he thought But now, fate has decided to screw with Eric Somehow, he ended upEric believed that there is ONLY ONE perfect person out there for everyone He met his soul mate way before he was fourteen years old Lindsay is gone now She died a senseless death at the hands of her abuser His true love was taken from him way too soon.That was his one chance at love or so he thought But now, fate has decided to screw with Eric Somehow, he ended up at a particular place, at a particular time, to meet a particular person Lena s inner emotional pain radiates through her Eric knows the unloved when he sees them Her spirit is crushed and she is brokenhearted Eric finds himself wanting to fix her But, to fix the broken, you have to go back to the past Will Eric and Lena leave their pasts behind to fight for the love they both deserve

    • Best Read [Ella Col] ô Broken || [Romance Book] PDF ✓
      195 Ella Col
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    1. We’ve already met Eric and Lena. We know why Eric is broken, but now we get to see what it was that shattered Lena. And as we learn what that was, we see how two broken people fix each other. Let’s start with Eric. Eric knows pain, both physical and emotional. He lost his mother to abuse and he has his own demons to battle over the pain his father inflicted on him. But that is not where Eric’s suffering ends. He lost the girl he loved to the same type of abuse. And in the middle of meeting [...]

    2. Eric and Lena's story started out with why they was broken in the first place, we already got to know bits about them in the first book. I really wanted to know what Lena's past was like. Now I understand why she was so guarded! What an ass Levi was!!Eric and Lena needed each other to heal, they just had to find that out!I found this book more emotional than the first, I was crying, then laughing, then back to crying! I was all over the place, my heart went out to Eric and Lena. Eric with his sh [...]

    3. I really really liked this book. It has a very strong & heartbreaking message concerning domestic violence & mental/emotional abuse in relationships. Not only is there a point to the madness within this story, it also has a very positive, warm, & touching outlook at the end of the tunnel here. The ending had me like And did I forget to mention? It also knows how to bring the hotness with it too. Eric? MY GAWD! I would recommend this read.

    4. The Save novels, of which Broken is book two, tell an amazing story about four main characters who find salvation in one another and ultimately become an extended, loving family. The companion novels, Save and Broken, definitely should be read in order to build the complete story, although each novel is about a different couple. In Save, we have Josh and Bree's story, which introduces us to the complexities of Josh's, Eric's, and Bree's backgrounds. It was an amazing story with unique characters [...]

    5. I liked SAVE, and thought Josh and Bree's story was awesome and touching and I liked that they had real issues. well that's nothing compared to how I fell about BROKEN Ella Col has outdone herself. This story was an emotional roller coaster to say the least. I was angry, happy, sad, and that was on the same page. When Levi showed his true colors I felt vindicated because I really felt like he was an ass that was just trying to fit in at first and I just felt sorry for him he was pathetic. But by [...]

    6. ***3 beautifuly broken stars!!this book hit a hard place for me i really loved eric he survived abuse at the hands of his father and lost his mother and yet he was a great person i loved him then we meet lena she had her own drama with her school life sucking then her moms "message therapy" job her only friend that stod by her katie was great there could have been so much more done with katie but i am glade lena had some one at all then we have levi hummm what i would not give ti punch him in hi [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book more than I did the first one. The story of Lena and her first "boyfriend" was heart wrenching. You almost wish there was a way to redeem this boy Levi but he's already too tainted by his father's emotional abuse. The story of what happened to Eric came out a little bit at a time and by the end you really get how horrific his abuse really was and why his feelings for his mom are so difficult for him to process with her going back to their abuser over and over again. Eric and [...]

    8. I tip my hat to the wonderful Ella Col. Once again, she tore my heart open, and these beautiful characters waltzed inside and took root.In BROKEN, we revisit the secondary characters of SAVE: Eric and Lena.Eric is a lost and tortured soul: having lost both his mother and the love of his life, Lindsey (Josh's little sister), to domestic violence. He's shattered inside; never having a relationship longer than one night, and never allowing anybody to get close. Certainly, becoming enthralled with a [...]

    9. Yes! I didn't think it was possible, but "Broken" for me was even better than "Save"It's the story of Eric and Lena, who are companion characters in "Save". They both have troubled pasts that have made them dysfunctional when it came to relationships. It's written to coincide with the events of "Save"With alternating POV's, you are able to fully envision the feelings and emotions felt by Eric and LenaHandsome player, Eric, suffered abuse at the hands of his father til' one tragic event ended it [...]

    10. So book 2, Eric and Lena's story.I already liked Eric and Lena from "Save" as friends to Josh and Bree so I was really looking forward to this.The first couple of chapters are about Eric and the rest until about 1/3 way though is Lena's backstory. I did like how well the author covered Lena's background, my heart broke for her.There is crossover with some scenes and dialogue from "Save". Eric was a truly amazing character. His past was brutally heartbreaking and I loved him. I feel like I missed [...]

    11. Did not read SAVE but Broken was easy to read without reading the first one anyway. I really enjoyed the book. Very good with strong emotions storyline, interesting and intriguing characters. Someone wrote that the language was nasty and end up skipping to the end. Well yes there were some nasty words and I understand that some people are offended by that type of language, but this was not a “Disneyland candy love story”. This was a story of two people who lived a rough, harsh life and exper [...]

    12. This is the first book I have read by Ella Col. I enjoyed the characters, their dynamic personalities, and their emotional journey. What I liked most was the importance of family. Whether they are blood related or chosen, they have each others backs and give the emotional support every person needs.I look forward to reading the other books by Ella Col.

    13. I was so excited when I saw that this book had been released. I had been watching for it since I finished Save. It was amazing! Ella has this talent for pulling you in to every character's emotions. The reader feels what the characters feel. I loved seeing how each character's past brought them to be who they now are. She does a great job writing about tough subjects. I honestly couldn't put this book down until I finished it. I can't wait to read more from Ella Col! I love her writing!

    14. I have had this book for sometime. unfortunately my kids have kept me from doing alot of the reading I've wanted to do over the past year. My to be read list got longer and longer and longer. I love Ella Col and her writing. I'm so glad I finally got to read Eric and Lena's story. great book!!!

    15. I liked this book but I expected to as I liked the one before it. I liked the fact the characters were not perfect but perfectly flawed together.Reminds me of that line from that old Grace Jones song, 'You're not perfect, but you're perfect for me'.

    16. What a great story of survival and love. This was a great story. It really makes you thankful for what you have. Such a good message. I look forward to reading more from this author and watching her grow. I wish the editing was better. A quick read, I would recommend.

    17. I'm so glad I gave this book a chance. I was hooked from the very beginning. I loved every moment of it. Well written romance with a story full of heart. I cried, laughed and cried some more. I love HEAs. :)

    18. Really, really loved reading this book. I had been waiting for it for awhile. Thank you so much for sending me a copy. It was such a great ending to the first book. I love that both books overlap. I adored Eric and Josh. This was a great read, I highly recommend it!!

    19. Loved this story it show you that you should love yourself no matter what happens because only you can be you. I found it funny that one of the main characters name was Lena and the other main characters last name was Parker sounds familiar hehe!! I enjoyed this book very much!!

    20. Brokeneven broken you can find love. this is a strong feelings of betrayal. you can still pull through it all when you stand strong

    21. Another pretty good book. there is some adult language and sexual content. It had a good story to. The ending was a happy one. I would suggest this book to anyone.

    22. Great book loved it. I love the people in the book. You don't have to share blood to be family.

    23. I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was good. I felt it would be on my excellent standards if parts of the first book didn't repeat in this book When i would get really interested i would read parts from the first book and felt like i was just skipping thru some of the book.is book follows Eric and Lena. Eric had a horrible child hood. His mother was abused by her husband. Eric was little and couldn't stop it. One day he tried with all his might, and almost [...]

    24. ***Copy Provided by Author in Exchange for Honest Review***3.75 StarsEric has been through hell and back. He was abused as a child, watched his father beat his mom to death and he lost his girlfriend at the hands of her abusive ex. He is a self proclaimed playboy who doesn't dip his d*ck in the same hole twice. He refuses to form any relationships because they're all destined to end badly.Lena has had her heart torn to shreds so she had built walls around it so high that even birds can't get to [...]

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