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The Crush

The Crush Aldo Bagnolesi finally has what he s long wanted Control of the family winery in Tuscany The only little detail is that someone has to manage the place for a few years He s far too involved in his com

  • Title: The Crush
  • Author: Susan X. Meagher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aldo Bagnolesi finally has what he s long wanted Control of the family winery in Tuscany The only little detail is that someone has to manage the place for a few years He s far too involved in his company to leave on such short notice, but his daughter Despite her worries, Nicola agrees to step up to the plate, even though her interest in Italy and wine is sorely lackinAldo Bagnolesi finally has what he s long wanted Control of the family winery in Tuscany The only little detail is that someone has to manage the place for a few years He s far too involved in his company to leave on such short notice, but his daughter Despite her worries, Nicola agrees to step up to the plate, even though her interest in Italy and wine is sorely lacking Her father will relieve her in two years How bad could two years in one the prettiest places on earth be The transition is tough and she s achingly lonely Nic knows nothing about running a winery and can t talk to the workers or the wine maker She s desperate for connection for any semblance of her former busy social life The closest gay bar is in Florence She heads out determined to at least talk to someone she has one thing in common with To her delight, she finds not just a willing lesbian, but a sexy one who seems equally interested in her.It s crazy to put so much importance on a chance meeting But sometimes, you have to throw your doubts to the winds and see what the universe has in store for you.

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      318 Susan X. Meagher
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    1 thought on “The Crush

    1. The Crush by Susan X. Meagher made me want to drink wine. Oh no not it a bad way, in a very good way. This book is long in length but it is also chock full of depth and detail.Nicola Bagnolesi is an advertising sales executive for her father’s advertising firm in Chicago. She is happy with her life. What more could she ask for her life revolves around partying with clients, make sales and hanging out with her girlfriend if she feels up to it. All of this changes when her father tells her she i [...]

    2. Being a lover of wine and vineyards, the cover and blurb to this story drew me in, not to mention all the outstanding reviews. The beautiful writing, the vivid descriptions and information on Italy and its history are most definitely worthy of high ratings.I felt for Nicola and her situation, and rooted for her making the best of less than favorable circumstances. The romance between Nicola and her love interest (what’s her name?) is a slow burn, which I can’t say I cared about one way or th [...]

    3. This is now officially my favorite Susan Meagher book, and its all because of Chiara. I've read and loved a few books this year, but this is the first character i've read this year that i can call one of my 'all time favorite characters'. As for the book, it was pretty good too. :) I liked how the author very skillfully incorporated all the wine-making info into the story without any boring expositions and how much I learned about Italy without it sounding like a travelogue. The story really dre [...]

    4. Reading this book took a while. Oh! No, not because it's bad. the story is really nice. So nice that I didn't want to read it while I was on my break at work nor did I want to read it via tts WHILE I worked. I guess I wanted to fully immerse in the story. It warranted my undivided attention. It was beautifully told. From the characters, romance, arguments, the stuff about wine and wine-making, about Italy. All those factors combined made reading interesting and enjoyable. Three words I can assoc [...]

    5. Research and italian stuffBeing italian and having relatives in Tuscany, I must say the author made a wonderful, wonderful research job on this book.In particular, names are very tuscan. For example "Riccarda", Chiara's mother is a name you can find probably only in Tuscany.Places, customes, jokes, language expressions are all exactly correct. But let me say, also the spirit of the italian life style is correct in the novel. And this is not taken for granted at all, because we see so many americ [...]

    6. As I regularly do, I re-read books. I've adjusted the rating from 4 to 5 stars and it made my all time favorites list.Why?This story isn't just a romance. It's about love. For each other, for Italy, for wine. This is one of those books where I'm constantly consulting . I just have to know what the author is talking about. I even went as far to try and figure out the location of Bagnolesi Vineyards. There is no mention exactly where it is, but here I was, scrolling Google Maps and try to triangul [...]

    7. It had been a while since I finally found a book that I can pull an all-nighter to finish. The read is worthwhile, the romance is nicely done. This story makes me want to visit the local liquor store and purchase some wines just to differentiate their tastes. While there are some words that are lost to me, parts that I got bored of, especially the whole Onda's business, events is being described so slow and drag on, or that minor conflicts keep appear and gone like the wind, I got quite a huge s [...]

    8. I am so happy I could revisit this story to read it to book club buddy D. D. had tried it on her own before but couldn't get past the first chapters when the asshole father of the main character was spoiling all the fun for her and so she had stopped reading it. I knew I could convince her the story was solid, like all of Susan X. Meagher's books are. And she would fall in love with Chiara just as I had done if she gave it another chance.So I read The Crush to D. and she loved it. And it was suc [...]

    9. I'm getting culture-shocked here. The only cultures I'm familiar with are my own and American (from lots of T.V shows), so I've always thought Italian would be just another modern Western version. How wrong I was! It's exciting to follow Nicola's adventure in a foreign country, which is very honest and sometimes heart breaking, because she wasn't there willingly and must learn to live and love the place. The romance is endearing and just the right amount of hotness, but what I like most is the p [...]

    10. I'm a big fan of Meagher's standalone books. They always pull me in, and with more pages to them than most lesbian romance novels they're definitely a satisfying read. Her main characters - for the most part - intrigue me and draw me in. This book certainly lives up to those previous standards. Though at times situations were a little far-fetched in The Crush, the characters and setting enabled me to move past any little niggles I had with the storyline. The romance is sweet, their chemistry obv [...]

    11. Absolutely loved it! The setting is great, the characters interesting, the wine making engaging. And it's always a joy to read a book by a masterful writer, the language flowed just as fine as a good wine.

    12. Absolutely love Susan Meagher's writing. Although i am always left wanting more, i can't complain this book is long, like most of her stories. I always feel transported to the locations she describes. Her characters are well developed. I think I fell in love with the vineyard. I will miss the grapes, the struggles of winemaking and of course the passionate Italian people.

    13. You'll definitely get immersed in the world of Italian wine-making Meagher creates, but the tale could have benefited from more forward momentum, and a greater focus on the main characters' relationship.

    14. Well-written but not as sexy as I'd hopedAlmost lost me in the opening scene where our American lead vomits in her car, and on her jacket. Ew. I don't see sexy in store when my first impression is vomit. lol. But I plowed on nevertheless, immensely disliking Nicola Bagnolesi because she is right away reckless, spoiled, unappealing, a crappy girlfriend, and probably drinks too much.But our dopey lead gets her whole life pulled out from under her when her controlling Italian father sends her packi [...]

    15. Nicola Bagnolesi is happily working at her father’s advertising agency in Chicago when she gets a terrible shock. Aldo Bagnolesi, her father, has just gained control of the winery in Tuscany that has been in his family for years. There is just one tiny problem with this, Aldo needs someone to run it for the next two years as he can’t retire just yet. Who better than his expendable daughter, Nicola?Nicola feels pressured into agreeing, even though she knows nothing about wine and has no inter [...]

    16. Just finised reading an amazing book and also very long haha. I loved it very much. At first its was i don't know not interesting but after Nicola arrived in Italy it started getting more interesting and a even till the end it was a little crazy. But it also taught me a lot about wine even if its might not be the same way people actually taste wine its interesting to read in in someone else perspective. And also pretty amazing the way she incorporated some kind of religion into the book. I love [...]

    17. Glad it wasn't the first Susan Meagher book I read because I would not have read another one. This was a major disappointment. Boring, pointless, couldn't get past 30% of the book. Her Chef's Special and Inside Out are winners. This one, you should miss.

    18. It took me a little while to get into the book, but the second half really drew me in. I really loved all the details about the vineyard and wine-making. Italy has also moved up on my 'places I want to go' list.I did have a few small issues with the book, but as others have said, the romance sort of smoothed the rough edges and made me overlook those things. Honestly I would like to give it 3 1/2 stars, based on some of my other ratings, but I feel it deserves a little more, so I rounded up.

    19. Really liked the family dynamic and the drama revolving around that - felt very genuine. Was abit different because of the wine making / italian-culture referances, its not terribly involving in the subject (wine making), but still served as a good backdrop for the rest of the story to revolve around.

    20. Very good book. I echo all the Chiarra appreciation. Her character is fantastic– passionate and wilful. Really sexy. My main reservation about this book is its length. This book is a long and there's a lot of wine talk that slowed the story down for me. I would still recommend this book though.

    21. This book made me crave for wine. It’s well written. It’s like I’ve been Palio as well. The characters were very likable and “delicious”. I found myself laughing while reading the last chapters. A must read especially for wine lovers.

    22. Definitely one of my favorites of Susan Meagher's. I loved everything about it! Definitely worth your time --- and you'll be wanting more after reading it.

    23. Another great book! I was a full confessed beer drinker until started reading susan x meagher books, now on the wine. Love how learn about all different things across her books.

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