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モブサイコ100 1


  • Title: モブサイコ100 1
  • Author: ONE
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 100 WEB ONE

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      319 ONE
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      Posted by:ONE
      Published :2018-05-08T01:14:04+00:00

    1 thought on “モブサイコ100 1

    1. I started reading Mob Psycho 100 after reading the first ten volumes of One Punch Man. An artist I follow on Tumblr has been drawing fanart for this manga for a while and that got me a little curious before I even watched the OPM anime.Despite knowing how fabulous the story and characters in OPM are, I went through the first chapter tentatively. After that, I suddenly found myself at the end of the volume and hooked.Like another reviewer said, for a story where the main character is supposedly e [...]

    2. What a legendary series. I’m so happy with this. This is the manga of The Best Anime Ever Created and I’m happy to say it lives up to the hype. It’s maybe not quite as enjoyable as the anime--since it’s lacking the beautiful animation and colours, and some of the gags are funnier in the anime with the incorporation of movement, angles, and better comedic timing--but it’s still definitely up there. Mob Psycho 100 is about a middle school aged deadpan psychic named Shigeo (aka Mob) and h [...]

    3. Este podría ser el ejemplo perfecto de ya se edita cualquier cosa y de cualquier manera con tal de que una editorial tenga una serie (y no me refiero a Ivrea), también sería el claro ejemplo de que a cualquier cosa le llaman manga. No dudo que tenga un público que le guste esto, pero no sé, al menos que tenga un mínimo de calidad por alguna parte (o en el dibujo o en la historia). Me imagino que esto se editará a cambio de que Ivrea pueda editar obras mejores. Lo he pillado por casualidad [...]

    4. Eher 2,5 Sterne.Die Geschichte hat Potential, ich komme aber nicht richtig mit den Zeichnungen klar (wobei mir das diesmal von Anfang an klar war). Die Geschichte ist allerdings so abstrus, dass ich mich noch an Band 2 versuchen werde.

    5. 1%, 10%, 99%, 100%!Haha, this was as funny as I had hoped it would be. I loved the anime, and I am glad the manga is just as fun (and it seems the anime did a fantastic job on following the manga). Thanks Carlsen for licensing this volume and bringing it out in the world! Say hello to Mob, or Shigeo. A psychic/esper with a giant power lurking inside of him. Watch out if he reach 100% and shows some real emotion, no one can stop him then! Yep, normally Mob keeps away from showing emotions and whi [...]

    6. Mob ist ein übermächtiger Protagonist, der seine Kraft als nichts besonderes wahrnimmt und seiner Meinung nach sind andere "banale" Dinge wie, ein netter Mensch sein, sich mit Mädchen unterhalten zu können und glücklich sein, wichtiger. Sein besonderes Denken, unglaublichen Kräfte und emotionsloses Wesen bringt damit einige humorvolle Szenen zustande, dazu noch seine Situation als Praktikant eines Exorzisten und wir haben ein paar spannende Klienten. Letztendlich ist Mob ein Teenager, der [...]

    7. 3,5 / 5El manga nos cuenta la historia de Shigeo Kageyama, un chico aparentemente normal, calmado e inepto que es conocido como Mob. Pero fuera de su horario escolar Mob usa sus habilidades mentales especiales para ayudar a Reigen, el cual posee una Agencia paranormal que se ocupa de diferentes casos de fantasmas y espíritus. Cuando Mob llega al 100% de su carga emocional, toda su fuerza se desata y es mejor no estar cerca.La historia tiene todos los elementos shônen característicos pero llev [...]

    8. I love this manga so much already ommmggg! After watching and loving the anime, I had to read it. Man, I'm so glad this series was animated. I just <3 Mob so muchhhh. A solid and super funny first volume.

    9. I read this since the author of One Punch Man wrote it. Wasn't as good as expected.So, the art isn't anything good Honestly it's almost always bad, which just goes to show that as long as a story is good the art doesn't matter Well, maybe not completelyAnyways, it's about an eighth grader named Mob, who is a psychic, and is being used by everyone around him. Much like Saitama, he has no feelings. (The facial expressions are pretty much the same.) And also like Saitama, he's really powerful. I lo [...]

    10. Interessante nuova riflessione di ONE sul mondo degli shounen classici, che ridimensiona e stravolge i tipici elementi come il misterioso club scolastico che cerca di creare preziose memorie e il giovane eroe nato con poteri incredibili e un'innato talento, senza risparmiare neanche la figura del "sensei" destinato ad allenare e rendere più forte il nostro eroe, senza però dimenticare però di creare personaggi estremamente interessanti e appassionanti e diversi colpi di scena molto ben congeg [...]

    11. C'est après avoir regardé l'anime que j'ai décidé de me lancer dans la lecture du manga. Le dessin est très particulier (honnêtement, ce n'est pas très beau), mais fonctionne bien car très expressif. J'ai énormément ri au cours de ma lecture, à en avoir mal à la mâchoire. Reigen n'a honte de rien et c'est un véritable plaisir de le voir se dépatouiller de toutes les situations en y allant au culot. Quant à Mob, il est incroyablement attachant (je suis morte d'amour face à sa can [...]

    12. l'ho trovato molto pesante, nonostante le battute ho fatto fatica a leggerlo. fortunatamente ho già visto la prima stagione dell'anime e so già che migliorerà parecchio quindi gli do fiducia e continuo altrimenti mi sarei fermato qua.

    13. A veces las personas deben soportar expectativas exageradas. Ya sea por un triunfo anterior o por mera obsesión de quienes le rodean, sobre los hombros de algunas personas recae tal peso que, para intentar no decepcionar a nadie, se mantienen siempre haciendo más de lo mismo hasta que su fama o interés se diluye entre aquellos quienes no son sus fanáticos. Otros, por el contrario, duplican sus apuestas. Sabiéndose con algo que contar, que no hacen lo que hacen por nadie que no sea ellos mis [...]

    14. Mob Psycho 100 is a riotous read and display's ONE's comedy chops in far more detail than One-Punch Man. ONE is able to set up more elaborate gags and some hysterical running jokes, including a so-called psychic who will go to great lengths (including learning Photoshop and massage therapy) to maintain his ruse. The only weakness of Mob Psycho 100 is the art. While I find ONE's unique style quite appealing, it can become a little messy in action heavy sequences. Still, the art matches the tone o [...]

    15. I really like how it lets you know the personalities of characters by drawing and the way they say things. It gives a very clear view of the personalities. but that is why I don't really like the front half of the book- there are too much talkative people, it hurts my head when I read that much Japanese. The artwork is amazing, i like how it has epic muscle showing scenes and how he does the background, and it always gives the mood.

    16. A middle school boy who has powerful psychic powers and abilities. Although showing off his powers in school may make him popular, he decides to never show his powers unless there's an emergency. Doing so made him lock in his emotions to prevent them from having his powers go out of control. In truth, he just wants to live life normally. I like this series as it's a slice of life genre about an extraordinary person who just wants to be ordinary.

    17. This manga is written by the same author that wrote One-Punch Man and, in this series, the main character in not your everyday main character. Mob appears to be a very plain guy, but in reality he has extremely strong psychic powers. The concepts the manga introduces, such as Mob's percentage until explosion, has a deeper meaning that intrigues me.

    18. Quién necesita dibujo academicista y realismo cuando tenés a Mob para entretenerte de a tandas de doscientas páginas.

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