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Angel: Illyria - Haunted

Angel Illyria Haunted Ancient Alien Illyria Resurrected into the body of Fred Burkle and burning all that she was in the process Illyria remains one of the most mysterious creatures in the Angelverse But when she seeks o

  • Title: Angel: Illyria - Haunted
  • Author: Scott Tipton Mariah Huehner Elena Casagrande
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ancient Alien Illyria Resurrected into the body of Fred Burkle and burning all that she was in the process , Illyria remains one of the most mysterious creatures in the Angelverse But when she seeks out answers to her existence, she must make her way back to The Deeper Well, and confront her own demons, old and new

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      169 Scott Tipton Mariah Huehner Elena Casagrande
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    1 thought on “Angel: Illyria - Haunted

    1. Aprovecho que estoy escribiendo desde el celu para justificar lo corto y pedorro de la reseña. Guion: divertido y afortunadamente fiel al espíritu de Angel, la serie. Dibujo: malísimo y tristemente fiel a la estética de Angel, el comic.

    2. Something about Illyria really speaks to me. In my dreams. In the little stone statue I keep hidden under my pillow. Gibbering.Some people call me mad. Others call me Pancakes. I reach for mommy.

    3. I think this is the last of IDW's Angel related comics that I'll be reading. That's probably good. This one isn't even particularly interesting on the surface: Illyria's apparent interest in the meaning of life, the universe, and everything isn't a stunningly original concept, and the execution is a bit lackluster. And let's face it, Illyria is not exactly a character capable of carrying a miniseries, even a short one, by herself. Which must be why she's teamed up with Spike, to bring some life [...]

    4. So, I've been on a bit of a comic spree. I found out that has a company called ComiXology which has tons of comics and an unlimited service which allows you to borrow comics. I was interested in reading Buffy season 8 so I did the free trial and was instantly hooked. I rarely have time to read with school at the moment. 20 units, plus a job and community service has left me with little time for anything else. So having these comics to flip through when I have free time has really been a joy.I e [...]

    5. Wow, people didn't really like this one very much. I know Illyria can be a tough sell for some people, but she fascinated me from the beginning (well, after the, you know, waves of grief and crying from losing Fred). I love her story, because it's a story of finding a new beginning in an end, of discovering one's self, and of discovering what it means to be human. I love that stuff. Her inner monologue was poetry, and the artwork was also way better than most of the Angel comics--I wasn't a fan [...]

    6. Scott Tipton has the tough assignment of writing a post-Fall Illyria comic. Following up the After the Fall conclusion, Illyria is beset by memories of Wesley and Fred. Tag-teaming with Spike, she is off to the Deeper Well to discover what her future may hold. Trying to squeeze in things such as Illyria and Gunn's team-up, Polyphemus and the revamped Angel Inc, and upcoming spin-offs prove unnecessary and distracting. Sadly, the unleashed Old One and the old maid demoness Keeper of the Well also [...]

    7. A good solid addition to the expanding Angel canon that Joss Wehdon is overseeing at IDW publishing. Here the spotlight is away from Angel and moves to the displaced ancient goddess Illyria. Illyria is fine when she out and about dealing destruction (or trying to bed Angel's son) but she is struggling with memories resurfacing of Fred, the woman whom she destroyed when she took over Fred's body. If anything this installment serves as a bridge to take Illyria from where she has been to being a mo [...]

    8. So lately I've been reading ALL the IDW Angel comics and I've come to the conclusion that they almost all suck. Plot devices/holes, overly cheeky dialogue, too many original characters and not enough character development. But this one was different. Yes the whole thing with the magic jewel that fixes all her problems has NO explanation but that's not important. The characterization in this book is awesome. It's the story I had always hoped to see, had Angel continued. Utterly unexpected and gre [...]

    9. Decent little one-shot, fills in some blanks for the last couple volumes of Angel. A little bit out of universe, IMO - every once in a while these comics have a flashy finish that would have never been possible in the tv series and never feels like it should be possible according to the storyworld but really not bad. I love the Spike and Illyria combination - they work really quite nicely together.

    10. Was looking forward to reading about how Fred got on in after the end of the TV series. Well, I wish I hadn't bothered. Very formulaic. (view spoiler)[Angry demon goes out and finds their humanity. (hide spoiler)] Maybe I am getting cynical, but it just wasn't very interesting. No tension. No drama. Just dull. Sorry.

    11. Really, I'm not quite sure why this was written. It gets two stars because the art is beautiful and the writers, mostly, captured the voices of the characters pretty well. But I didn't feel like I learned anything new or revelatory about the characters, specifically Illyria nor was the story or anything about it particular entertaining in any way.

    12. I own the individual comics of these and not the collected edition, but this was a decent story. Not as good as the "Only Human" side arc, but it was still interesting to see what was going on in Illyria's head.

    13. Illyria focuses less in this volume on being a good psychopath, and more on living with the memories of the body she stole. There's something very comforting about an alien presence trying to be a human.Also, the art is quite beautiful and fun to savor.

    14. A short, disappointing comic centered around Illyria, a character that thrives as part of the group (because of who she is/used to be) but rather falls flat on her own. It does not help that (view spoiler)[her adversaries in this book are too easily defeated (hide spoiler)].

    15. I love Illyria, but most of her appeal comes from her interaction with the group. Though she's the star of this standalone, she spends too much time, well, being alone.

    16. I love this and the other Illyria series. It is interesting watching her struggle with humanity. I wish there were more series with her as the star.

    17. It made me feel like I was watching an episode of Angel. Illyria was an interesting character that didn't have a lot of time, so it was cool to learn more about her.

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