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The Prayer Chest: A Novel About Receiving All of Life's Riches

The Prayer Chest A Novel About Receiving All of Life s Riches The Prayer Chest A Novel About Receiving All of Life s Riches

  • Title: The Prayer Chest: A Novel About Receiving All of Life's Riches
  • Author: August Gold
  • ISBN: 9780739488621
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Prayer Chest A Novel About Receiving All of Life s Riches

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    1 thought on “The Prayer Chest: A Novel About Receiving All of Life's Riches

    1. Joseph Hutchinson comes from a long line of Hutchinson men who have died young. While Joseph pursues his love, Miriam, and strives to build a family of his own and maintain the farm left to him by generations of Hutchinsons, he also lives with the curse of a shortened life hanging over his head. When his childhood faith, built upon the sand, leaves him blowing in the wind, he believes himself to have lost all will to live and all ability to believe. But soon he finds a true faith, rought to him [...]

    2. I stumbled toward The Prayer Chest through my mother who suggested I read it. She was so enthralled with the tale that she pushed me to seek it out. (I’m glad I finally listened to my mother)  This historical fiction is based on a Father and his children and how his prayers are answered in a way that is not expected. It’s an interesting story about the power of prayer, what it means and how we in our human-ness are a part of it. A few passages still linger with me as I roll them over in m [...]

    3. I love, love, love this book! It was a quick readI could've read it in a few hours if only I had a few uninterrupted hours, but the message will stay with me for a long time. A great book even if you're not religious, and especially if you do believe in prayer.If you read this, let me know, friends, because I have to talk about the ending with you!!!

    4. A delightful story of love, loss and the power of prayer. I love the line where looking directly into Joseph's despondent eyes, Grace said, "I think life keeps changing so that we can change into the people God intended us to be". Great read.

    5. I listened to this book, so I am not sure if the epilogue with the author speaking at a church is in the book. if so, skip reading the book and listen to her speak. I got more from that, than from the story.

    6. Loved this book. Makes me want a prayer chest of my own. Did not want the book to endwanted more info on Mr Hutchinson and his family.

    7. This is a "novel about receiving all of life's riches."At just 180 pages, The Prayer Chest is a quick read and worth the time. The authors take us on a journey with Joseph Hutchinson and his family as they learn and demonstrate the 3 Secrets of successful prayer.The book awakens in each reader their own questions about why some prayers seem to be answered, while others don't.This non-denominational story is not preachy, but it is engaging and well written. It most certainly can stimulate discuss [...]

    8. A friend of mine stopped by to drop this book off and said that I had to read it - she found it deeply moving and wanted to share it with me. This book was about love, faith, and loss. It also talked about how prayer starts from within. The concept was a fine one, but I can't say that I found it to be an absolute satisfying read. I absolutely believe that prayer can transform lives, and this book expresses exactly this. Somehow by the time I reached the last page something felt incomplete. Was i [...]

    9. I read this book several years ago and just picked it up again recently to reread. It is a beautiful story full of hope as well as a reminder that when we feel we are at the end of our rope, we should hold fast, tie a know and hang it there! After reading this book, I found a gold prayer chest charm that opens and can be placed on a bracelet. I love it and wear it often. Additionally, I have purchase this book often and give it as well as a silver charm prayer chest as gifts. Put "The Prayer Che [...]

    10. I loved this book and was ready to almost equate it to Og Mandino's works, but for one thing. The ending. I hate sequels, and it leads to a sequel. The subject matter should not be left to end in a sequel. The three ideas are worthy of thought and implementation, but perhaps the author wants us to learn for ourselves the fourth. I hope that is all, and not their desire to ensure future sales.I agree with the reviewer that said it was not for kids. It could have been, although perhaps difficult f [...]

    11. I do enjoy reading a good inspirational story, but this one was not it. The premise was good - a father in the midst of despair and tragedy finds his grandfather's old, forgotten prayer chest which gradually helps him rediscover the goodness in his life, but I couldn't get past the saccharin nature of the majority of the dialogue and how predictable so much of the story was. Maybe my experience would have been different if I had read the book instead of listened to it on CD. I don't plan on doin [...]

    12. I picked this up from the library because it looked good and I wanted a feel good book. It is definately that. I finished it in a day. It is for those who belive in a higher power and want more understanding about why prayers don't always seem to be answered. I really, really enjoyed this quick read. There is a bit of a love story that has some adult elements nothing inappropriate but not for kids.

    13. There are three secrets one must learn as a prayer is placed inside the prayer chest. These secrets are the reasons why some prayers are answered, while others are notA story about a family living in despair in the 1800's, and how prayer changed their lives. The story moves quickly, as answered prayers begin to change lives. I enjoyed the perspective of prayer, but the ending left me with questions and wondering if there is a second book in the making. A quick read.

    14. I am currently reading four books at one time just waiting for one of them to grab me, then my friend gave me this book and I was gone. It matters not what religion you are, if you believe in the power of prayer this book will teach you while entertaining you. I like that it was written from a man's perspective which adds another dimension to the novel. Who does not love a novel with mystery, romance, and a message.

    15. I listened to this book in less than a day! The main story really touched my heart. I am going to try and apply the "morals on prayer" to my life. The story inspired me to renew my relationship with God. I found the characters to be believable. I will recommend this book to people who want a little inspiration on how-to pray.

    16. What a lovely story about prayer, redemption, fear, joy, giving of yourself, and love. A simple tale of a man and the loss he experiences in his lifed how he comes to prayer and learns to live in a new way. Simply beautiful. And if you believe in prayer, it will give you something to think about too.

    17. The Prayer Chest is a quick read. You may want to savor it longer. It will renew your faith in prayer. I thought it would be a good book to pass along to someone who has lost a loved one or have felt a loss of hope. It's a sad story, it's not one to take to the beach or pull you out of the rainy days in anticipation of spring. It's heartwarming and reafirming in the power of prayer.

    18. This is a great short book that gives a unique look at prayer. It emphasizes our role in getting answers and answering other person's prayers. It's put in a story setting which makes it an enjoyable read.

    19. This was a quick, inspirational read that reminded me a bit of It's a Wonderful Life. It is the story of a family who is changed by a prayer chest that they find. The characters are sympathetic and the plot is interesting.

    20. I enjoyed the new age insights about prayer. I found this helpful in my quest to be more communicative with the Almighty. This book brought in aspects of the law of attraction which always fascinates me and in which I have become involved over the span of a number of years.

    21. A lovely tale of heartache and hope. I want to believe that everyone can survive off their god-given talents but in my case it just doesn't seem to be true. However, my woes (and lake of faith) shouldn't prevent anyone from reading this. it is well worth it.

    22. The Prayer Chest was the most fabulous read I can remember in a long time. It is a very short book in writing but goes deep in your soul to carry with you for moments to come.Just when you think you have it all figured out

    23. What a powerful parable on the power of prayer and three key components on prayer. I would recommend this book to anyone who believes in the power of prayer and would like to have a more meaningful prayerlife.

    24. I really enjoyed this book. It is about a man who had some hardships befall him and finds a prayer chest in his attic. After finding the prayer chest, he learns 3 rules about prayer and what makes prayer work. Really moving book and I really liked the prayer rules--good reminders for all of us.

    25. Overall I really enjoyed the book. Although I have it four instead of five stars because I wanted a little bit of a more detailed ending. I would still say it is worth reading though!

    26. Excellent story. Characters were believable and interesting in every aspect. I enjoyed and will employ the lessons from the book in my life. Truly a life changing book!

    27. This is a cute book, but prayer is a must for each person that writes something to put in the chest.I liked this book. It is short, but powerful in what people should do in their lives.Thanks.

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