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Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone

Do Your Laundry or You ll Die Alone When her firstborn daughter graduated high school Becky Blades knew her daughter was not ready for the world She knew even the best college would not be covering the most important material How to be

  • Title: Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone
  • Author: Becky Blades
  • ISBN: 9780989758307
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback
  • When her firstborn daughter graduated high school, Becky Blades knew her daughter was not ready for the world She knew even the best college would not be covering the most important material How to be kind, happy, and appropriate in public to protect oneself from sock monsters, boring conversations, and scary dateswhy to keep the clothes clean.So the day beforeWhen her firstborn daughter graduated high school, Becky Blades knew her daughter was not ready for the world She knew even the best college would not be covering the most important material How to be kind, happy, and appropriate in public to protect oneself from sock monsters, boring conversations, and scary dateswhy to keep the clothes clean.So the day before classes started, Blades e mailed a good bye letter with motherly advice she had kept to herself for a year.With warmth, wit, and a hint of sass, Blades blended bite sized morsels of coming of age common sense with tiny essays on topics like forgiveness and creativity.Her daughter responded with a challenge Mom, take your own advice So just in time for her younger daughter s graduation from high school, Blades illustrated the prose with her signature mixed media artwork, creating a though provoking, conversation starting book It is wise counsel for women of all ages, reminding us to trust our instincts and to show our dreams who is boss KIRKUS STARRED REVIEW.

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      366 Becky Blades
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    1 thought on “Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone

    1. Favorite Advice But what you cannot find on the internet is your mother’s voiceThere’s nothing WORSE than a smart GIRL who acts dumb. It’s worse than a dumb girlKE something EVERY DAY.Make a meal or a joke or a scarf or a poem. Make a notecard or a paper doll or a dress for yourself. Make a face or a friend or a Facebook friend. Creating is your birthright, and celebrating your creativity reminds you of your unique place in the world.FAKE It ’tIL YOU MAKE ItVE MONEY OR help to whomever y [...]

    2. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. This is a book that ALL moms need to have and give to the daughter(s). This tells the daughter what she needs to know to get through like. Given advice that every women wishes she had from her mom. This is a book that if I had a daughter or daughters I would buy it and give it to them. FIVE MOM ANGELS

    3. I recently read Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone by Becky Blades. First of all, I love how this book started out by reminding us that we have so much information and advice at our fingertips these days. We are blessed with a plethora of information that our mothers couldn’t get when they were our age. Because of that, if we have a question, we can simply Google it and get an answer, thus avoiding some embarrassingly awkward conversations with our mothers.The book goes on to say that despi [...]

    4. There's very little worse than coming upon a situation in adulthood that no one prepared you for; one exception to that might be your child coming upon a situation nobody prepared her for. This book is great for girls who are graduating from high school or even college, and it's reassuring for their moms. Sure, as a parent you might have mentioned that it's a bad idea to mix colors in the washing machine or the temperature you have to raise something to in order to sterilize it, but there are lo [...]

    5. I am a mom of a 4 year old and a 6 month old. I have been feeling twangs of time passing too quickly and them growing up so fast. "Do your Landry"was a great refresher course for me in the important little wisdom that just makes life easier. There were some great tid bits that I will be trying to instill in my girls in the coming years.I liked this book because I liked the pace. Some simple ideas were expanded upon nicely, while complex ideas were simply stated and left alone. My favorite being [...]

    6. This is a book that I would recommend to woman and young ladies everywhere. Great advice and a great read with a touch of spice.The ones I liked most were know you're friends and charity starts at home. I can go on and on about this book and talk about all the great advice she gives. I can only wish that as a mother, that I had this book to give to my daughter. I am just glad that Mrs. Blade wrote this book as a guide to her daughters and others. I am going to give her five dreams just for origi [...]

    7. This book would make a fabulous gift for a new graduate or anyone setting out on their own for the first time. I wish I'd had a copy when I went off to college, as it is full of great advice. The artwork is bright and attractive. Some of my favorites (and there are 270 great little gems):#85 Little habits can cost you big. The $4 a day you spend on fancy coffee adds up to $1460 a year.#2 If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. You're smart enough to think of something nice to [...]

    8. This was an ok book, but it wasn't exactly what I thought it was. That's what I get for thinking and not just reading. ;) Anyhow, there were some really good tips that really are like common sense, a few humorous hints, and upbeat in feeling. However, I think some of these things really were tailored for the authors daughters and not all of them would be for everyone. Most were pretty good and practical. An ok read that's pretty much a one-sitter. I wouldn't read this again but I wouldn't call i [...]

    9. "Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone" gives every young woman that pep talk from mom she needs on her journey to conquer the world. With the perfect balance of sass and endearment, Blades provides smart, real advice that reminds girls everywhere mother will always know best. Humorous, straightforward, and creative words to inspire independent women at any age.

    10. A must read for moms and daughtersAbsolutely loved it! The book title caught my attention and I knew better than to pass it by. This read is full of witty heartfelt advice that every girl needs to keep in mind (#224 is the one to live by). I was lucky enough to get it free from the kindle store but will probably purchase a hard copy to share.

    11. It's not enough to tell your children how to live their lives, but to set a good example. Blades writes as though she learned these lessons herself, and that's what makes this book so worthwhile! It's about real life, from fluff to serious. I raised sons, but I've already given the book to my two daughters-in-law.

    12. What this book contains is gems. Real life, usable gems that apply to life. I read this on my kindle but will be buying a physical copy ASAP.

    13. Undeniably good advice for your kids and yourself! Becky's humorous take on parenting is your new "how to" guide for parenting!

    14. I loved this book so muchfull of advice & motherly wisdom. Picked it up on a whim at the library & I read it a bit of it out loud to my 2 teenage daughters. As a lover of the written/handwritten word, I especially loved #187--write in longhand every day & also the items regarding balancing technology with the real world. I'm planning on giving each of my daughters a copy of this book when they turn 16 to give them a "coming of age" head start.

    15. Brilliant! THis book literally has gotten me thru the summer leading up to sending my sweet girl off to college. Thank you Ann Horton for giving it to Haley, so that I could read it. She will read it over winter break!

    16. This small book packs a big wallop. The advice is right on the nose. The author created the illustrations, they were pretty and unusual. .i intend to buy this book

    17. Keep At Least One Stuffed Animal and Admit It When You’re WrongWhen Becky Blades sent her firstborn daughter off to Harvard, she also sent her an email that contained all the motherly advice she’d compiled over the years. “With a simple Google search you can find answers to most of the practical questions that your mom’s generation had to phone home for,” she explained. “But what you cannot find on the internet is your mother‘s voice -- the voice that loves you, the voice that want [...]

    18. Lately, if I answer a phone call/video call from my mom with a sore throat or a blocked nose, she automatically thinks I'm crying. This is due to my sister, who during her 6 month stay in China, would call at 2am and cry. So while my mother never wrote a bunch of witty advice and published it, I know she cares and worries.So I suppose, this book could be how she expressed her care and worry, if she knew about it and bought me the book. The motherly love in this book is really evident anyway.This [...]

    19. Yet another book of semi-random advice. While there's nothing wrong with Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone, there's also nothing particularly special about it, nothing to differentiate it from the hordes of advice books and graduation gift books. And there are a few more mentions of God than one might otherwise expect.The accompanying mixed media artwork was the best part of the book, yet there really wasn't much of it. Most of the pages just have pale, generic designs near the edges of the pa [...]

    20. 3.5 I hesitate putting this in my collection since it was only about an hour's worth of reading, if that. But it is a cute, colorful heart-in-the-right-place gift book. These little advice books seem to abound this time of year and this is a good one for a graduate (esp. high school girl) which was Blades' intent in writing it. It does make you think you could just do your own for your own child if you had access to splashy graphics and fonts and photos. It has a nice blend of practical how-to w [...]

    21. I requested this book because I thought it would be timely, in my house, where I have two teenage boys. We like funny books and it seemed like it would have good advice in it too. When I received it I found it is clearly a girl book, so that won't work, but I really do like it. I would definitely slip this into my daughter's suitcase, Easter basket or Christmas stocking if I had a daughter. It's a beautiful book, it's funny, it contains good ideas and excellent advice for what's important and ho [...]

    22. "Do Your Laundry or You'll Die Alone" is a fun and witty book,chock full of common sense advice, delivered in a charming "listen-to-your-mother-because-she-loves-you" voice. Every mother should have this book, and then give one to her daughter as she leaves the nest behind. The momisms are perfect. "The number one cause of guilt is doing something wrong" and "Never lie to your mother. If you do, don't think you got away with it." How can you not love these life lessons? Beautifully and artfully [...]

    23. Filled with witty and relevant advice and outstanding illustrations, Becky Blades gets it right. Trying to capture the didactic yet loving intentions only a mother can have for her daughter when giving advice, can be difficult or can come off sounding predictable. However, without venturing into cliche territory, this guidebook to early womanhood falls far from predictability and relays the advice that moms truly want to give and that daughters need to hear. Blades succeeds at making the advice [...]

    24. This book holds everything I wish I knew before I started college. It is perfect for any age because you can relate to at least one page. Becky Blades has made a book that brings both mother and daughter together offering advice you wish you had told, listened to or just agreed with. This book lists the advice you do not want to hear but you know you have to pay attention to. It isn’t always easy to listen to your mom but Beck Blades is able to convey all the things that your mom wishes you wo [...]

    25. I was really excited when I received a message saying I won the giveaway for this book.This is such a cute small book! It's full of short, fun and some slightly hilarious advice that every teenage and young woman should know. Even though it's short, it took me some time to finish it because a lot of the advice brought flashbacks and a storm of thoughts. I would just keep thinking of situations and places where I would have done different things if I applied the advice in this book.It's a really [...]

    26. This is a perfect gift book for any woman of any age! With a mix of amazing advice ranging from deep and thoughtful to silly, Becky Blades has truly made a masterpiece, and I haven't even touched on the artwork! I have sent many of the quotes to my other girlfriends in college, as well as giggled with my mother over the phone when she insisted "See! I'm not the only mom who has said that before!" Reading this book was nothing but a absolute joy from cover to cover! I sincerely hope Becky Blades [...]

    27. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. This book had a lot of gems that I wish my mother had told me (or perhaps I just wish I was listening) and a lot that I could hear her voice in. I know I'll be turning to this book again in the future. It would definitely make a great gift for any girl heading off to some new phase of life who needs just a few more words of wisdom from mom but feels too grown up to ask for them.

    28. THIS is the book you need to buy the ladies in your life who are getting ready to graduate from high school or college next month!!!!!! What a fun little book that really makes you remember some of the best advice you ever received, and ponder the great advice you're never too old to hear!!!! That I've known the author for 13 years only makes it all a little sweeter.

    29. I didn't really know what to rate this, so I'm just refraining for the time being. There were some aspects of this book I enjoyed, but overall it didn't really sound like the advice my own mom would give me. There were suggestions I didn't entirely agree with, advice on how to impress, while there also lines like, "Be an original" which made it seem a bit contradictory at times

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