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The Lodestar

The Lodestar For Christie Heron ruthless ambition is the lodestar of his destiny Determined to break free from his humble origins in the border country of Northumbria he enlists in the household of Richard of Gl

  • Title: The Lodestar
  • Author: Pamela Belle
  • ISBN: 9780312029456
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For Christie Heron, ruthless ambition is the lodestar of his destiny Determined to break free from his humble origins in the border country of Northumbria, he enlists in the household of Richard of Gloucester, rising with his lord to the dangerous pinnacles of power.Tangled in Richard s web of treason and tragedy, Christie learns the full price that his destiny demands, MFor Christie Heron, ruthless ambition is the lodestar of his destiny Determined to break free from his humble origins in the border country of Northumbria, he enlists in the household of Richard of Gloucester, rising with his lord to the dangerous pinnacles of power.Tangled in Richard s web of treason and tragedy, Christie learns the full price that his destiny demands, Meg his beloved sister and only friend, rejects him Julian, daughter of a knight of Oxfordshire, bears him undying enmity.And the long shadow of the Welsh adventurer Henry Tudor falls dark over Bosworth Field.

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    1. Christopher Heron breaks ties with his Northumbrian family (except for his beloved sister Meg) and sets his lodestar on gaining service in the household of Richard Duke of Gloucester. Christopher's skills as a knight and lutist, as well as being circumspect when needed raise him higher than he'd dreamed possible - although when his sister Meg desperately needs him he forgets the vow he made to come to her whenever and wherever she needed him - and forever earns her enmity. Christopher finds hims [...]

    2. I love Pamela Belle's books but suggest any new reader begin with Wintercombe if you can find it via Interlibrary Loan.For those who don't know, I am a staunch Yorkist and detest that upstart Henry Tudor. . .

    3. Another different version on Richard III's story and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Edward IV's sons - The Princes in the Tower. Through Christie Heron saga, the author shows how this famous and still unsolved mystery could have being solved. I have already read some books on this intriguing and interesting story and I really enjoyed the way Pamela Belle tells her story based on her own historical research. A few authors, like Sharon Kay Penman, and now Pamella Belle as well, were [...]

    4. (view spoiler)[Bettie's BooksThe shelving, status updates and star rating constitute how I felt about this book. (hide spoiler)]

    5. I would have given this book three and a half stars if possible. Three stars would have given the impression that I didn’t much care for it, which isn’t true. But I really didn’t care for it enough that giving it four stars is completely honest, either.On the up side, I did like Christie, and Perkins, his servant. Both are well-rounded characters, neither saints, though maybe a bit of sinners. And I enjoyed seeing Richard of Gloucester, later Richard III, through another’s eyes. The book [...]

    6. I'm a sucker for anything about Richard III. This is a very in depth look at the various factions of the last Plantagenet rule, a veritible soap opera of marriage and betrayal and affairs . . . all of them true. The main characters are actually fictional, a man who supports Richard and his wife, whose family does not. But the historical figures are amazingly well drawn and it's a fascinating book.

    7. It never did Christopher/ Christie any good to threaten, cajole, bribe or blackmail Christie’s sister Meg. Yet Meg was the only person who could disturb his own habitual self control. Meg said she might die of melancholy here, the boredom of sewing , cooking, having to obey Elizabeth, listening to her father ramble on about Scots and harvest, and his horses . and all the people he thinks has done him wrong. Sooner or later Meg would say something to Elizabeth. So Meg did want to marry Sir robe [...]

    8. When Christopher Heron’s favourite and much loved sister, Meg, marries Sir Robert Drakelon, against her family’s wishes, Christie makes a vow to be there for her whenever she needs him. Meg’s dreams of an idyllic married life are shattered almost immediately. Innocent and naïve, she accepts the ways of her husband and soon falls pregnant. Sir Drakelon is overjoyed, and employs the help of his sister to take care of Meg in his absence. But this is bad news for Meg and it soon becomes appar [...]

    9. The first two books in this series have always been favorites of mine, but it took me a long time to read Lodestar. I could never get very far, for some reason. When I finally did manage to get into it, I really loved it. I want to shake some of the characters sometimes, but I really like Kit Heron. He reminds me a lot of Frances from Moon on the Water. Sometimes the politics got to be a little much for me, but now I've developed somewhat of an interest in the court drama. There were a few typos [...]

    10. I am surprised about life about Richard III or Lancaster ; the King of Plantagenet. His plans to get his power and remove Edward IV as heir; wants to give it one of his royal service chamberlains. I read how his children wanted to be treated at the Tower and they was going to be poisoning. but Sir james saved their lives from poison and it makes me very happy that they are safe and people who cares of those children, brought them to safe place: Chrisite and Dame Tyrell-his service. Kids called h [...]

    11. The Lodestar is a prequel of sorts to Belle's English Civil War series about the Heron family, set during the last years of the Wars of the Roses. Christie Heron is a minor gentleman who goes into the service of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who is later, of course, to become King Richard III. Christie's story intertwines with Richard's until the climactic Battle of Bosworth, when Richard is defeated by Henry Tudor. As always with Belle, the characters are lively and the historical details convin [...]

    12. I love this period in history but the ficitonal protagonist just didn't do it for me. After reading a hundred pages I'm going to have to send this one back to the library.

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