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Ruining Angel

Ruining Angel Alternate Cover edition for B CIZZOXS M iWARNING This novel contains material suitable for those years It is recommended you read RUINED before this so secrets aren t revealed THE HIGHLY ANTICIPAT

  • Title: Ruining Angel
  • Author: Shelly Pratt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate Cover edition for B00CIZZOXS.M iWARNING This novel contains material suitable for those 18 years It is recommended you read RUINED before this so secrets aren t revealed THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED NOVELLA, INSPIRED BY THE NOVEL RUINED Ruining Angel brings you Angel s POV from the very beginning Getting in Angel s head isn t easy He s got these dark broodyAlternate Cover edition for B00CIZZOXS.M iWARNING This novel contains material suitable for those 18 years It is recommended you read RUINED before this so secrets aren t revealed THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED NOVELLA, INSPIRED BY THE NOVEL RUINED Ruining Angel brings you Angel s POV from the very beginning Getting in Angel s head isn t easy He s got these dark broody eyes that beg you to get on your knees and say please when you want a question answering You want to know what he was thinking the first time he made Bailey his Well first you ll need to visit his childhood Bringing you never before scenes from a young Angel s perspective, you ll be blown away by the gorgeous way he works his way into your heart forever In Ruining Angel, all the important moments of his life are encapsulated in this novella But what about the aftermath of RUINED It s here, waiting for you to find out what happens once his and Bailey s secret is out If ever there was a tale of forbidden love that made you want the characters to get their happily ever after, Ruining Angel is it From me to you, if you loved Ruined, this is one story you can t afford to miss

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    1 thought on “Ruining Angel

    1. I liked Emmett so much!!And i loved his side of the storyIt was pretty clear that he never saw her as anything else than his best friend He was a big kid when he went to live with her family He knew, she knew The story is from the POV of a man fully and irrevocably in love A man that would give everything he owns along with his heart for the woman he loves And he would do anything to protect her and give her what she deservesHe saw her when he was almost six and he felt from the first moment tha [...]

    2. It was good to get Angel's side of the story and really enjoyed this little novella. Annoying though as it ends at 78%! At least fill it up!!

    3. 2-3 StarsThe writing had nothing to do with me not loving this story. This book was well written. I think the sister and adoptive brother love story was not for me. Why did I go back for more?Well the first book Ruined was pretty vague about Angel and Bailey’s relationship purposely to keep the reader in suspense. I had the inside workings of Bailey from the first book and I was intrigued to know where Angel’s head was.I hated Bailey in Ruined this character is selfish and miserable and I fi [...]

    4. My thoughts on this story has zero to do with the writing. I enjoyed the writing style in both books greatly. But I could not get into this. I was wanting to wash my eyes out after reading Ruined, but thisis book made it so much worse for me. I just could not get past the whole relationship of the two of them. This is the POV of 'Angel' and although the author says this could be read first, I would not recommend it. Ruined draws out the reveal of Angel - thus hooking you into the story until you [...]

    5. If you’ve read Ruined and purchased Ruining Angel, there’s no need to even bother reading the reviews. It means you loved the first book so you will definitely love this one. I know the synopsis says you can read Ruining Angel without reading Ruined first but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you do that, at times you’ll feel like the story is rushed a little and some of the characters will not be easily understood. So I say, go ahead and get Ruined first. You won't regret it.Ruining Angel tak [...]

    6. I dont know how to thank you enough for sharing Angels story with us Ms. Pratt. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!!!While reading Ruined, I was dying to know exactly what he was thinking and feeling. I knew by the end that he had loved Bailey since they were children. But of course I am selfish and I wanted to know absolutely everything about him and you definitely delivered Ms. Pratt.I LOVED IT! I LOVE HIM!I was emotional from the very beginning. He stole my heart. Having to witness [...]

    7. When I readthe author kept me in the dark about Angel.This book helped me to understand a lot of his decisions.Being in his head translated the story as two people falling in love with each-other despite the fact that it was almost forbidden.I couldn't help but fall in love with Angel and the fact that he loved Bailey at the point of driving himself crazy by pushing her in another man's hands.Of course the two chapters describing their life after the end of Ruined helped make the Happy ever Afte [...]

    8. 3 stars This is not so much a book as it is a very long epilogue. And I'm grateful for it! It weaves Angel's story throughout Bailey's. Then continues past their story and answers several questions, including one about Carron.I understand the author's reticence to have both Angel's and Bailey's POV weaved throughout Ruined for the sake of the surprise, but I think the story would have read better to just lay it out swapping POVs back and forth with the reveal coming about organically. Just my op [...]

    9. I loved this book because it answered several questions and continued on from book one! This series is really a must read!

    10. I loved this and was so lucky to beta-read. I can't get enough of Angelhe is so wonderful. So glad that Shelly decided to write this!!! I loved getting inside his head!!!!!

    11. 3.5 stars Spoilers: we’ll, if you haven’t read the first book, read that first because you can’t read it second, the mystery will be gone. Okay so the book was Good. It’s Emmett’s POV. He loves Bailey but is guilty because of the parents. They are adopted bro and sis and he knows it will not be received well by others. He does have sex with another girl early on, his first time. It is detailed but he is not with Bailey at all at that time. He thinks about her though and after that he p [...]

    12. 'I want her, need her, and I know that nothing, not even my parents, will get in the way of taking what I deem to be mine.The complexity of our relationship still gnaws at some insidious part of my brain and won't let go. I try to ignore it when these thoughts come knocking. They are not conducive to our relationship and I know from experience that ultimately my heart will win out - right or wrong.'SQUEEE, That. Was. AMAZING!! Cannot get enough of Angel. I absolutely loved Ruined, so when this b [...]

    13. So I had just finished reading Ruined, and I have to say it I was in a state of shock it had a twist that I never saw coming, and it blew me away. After reading the epilogue, which I loved, I was left with more question that answers. So when I read that S. Pratt had written a novella from Angel's point of view that was available to 1-click I need I had to read it, and I had to read it now.Angel was such a mystery in the first book, I liked him, but he did annoy me with some of his actions, but n [...]

    14. Without mentioning names, there have been quite a few novels released lately from an alternate characters point of view. I always have high hopes for these stories but more often then not, I find myself rereading a story I already heard without gleaning much new information or perspective. NOT THIS TIME, FRIENDS!! I should state that I absolutely loved Ruined. I didn't love it for a big chunk of it because I thought the author was so incredibly vague with the details of who Angel was. It wasn't [...]

    15. PLEAE DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ 'RUINED' This is a companion novella so please, please read 'Ruined' first ;)Bailey and Angels story while different is still amazingly beautiful! This book had me ugly crying, I knew it was coming, I prepared myself for it, Why? Because my heart broke in 'Ruined' While I read this scene, I had tears running down my face as I sobbed along with Bailey. <----- this right here, this was NOTHING compared to the scene through Angels eyes. I was sobbing at 40% [...]

    16. SPOILERS FOR READERS WHO HAVEN'T READ RUINED #1Okay readers, I was lucky to have a sneak at this one before publication, but have waited so I don't give anything away. NOT that I'm a spoiler kinda reviewer anyway, but still.So RUINING ANGEL is part 2 to RUINED by S.Pratt. I reviewed the first novel and loved the authors voice and twists.Many have different views on #1 and that's their biz, me, I loved it. Gave it a 5star even.Ruining Angel is a great addition to show the reader how the Bailey an [...]

    17. I have big love for Shelly Pratt her latest hella of a novella - Ruining Angel. What was Angel thinking from the first time they met? What happens when their secret is discovered? Relationships will never be the same…and the after burn of it all is scorching. Ruining Angel is written from Angel’s POV. Angel’s view of their relationship doesn’t seem to eviscerate his soul as much as poor Baileys… and you find out where his head was at from day one. Bailey and Angels forbidden love story [...]

    18. First and foremost, do not read this book unless you have already read Ruined. That being said, I absolutely loved reading Angels pov. It really solidified the basis of the story. And if you were somehow offended by the book Ruined, this pov helps you to understand the circumstances that lead up to what happens. Puts it all into perspective,in a whole different light. I know this review may seem a tad cryptic but that's because I simply don't want to give away any of the story lines from either [...]

    19. I LOVED Ruined so I was excited to read Ruining Angel - to see things from Angel's POV. I loved how the story continued on from where Ruined left off, to see what happened after everything. Bailey & Angel's story still haunts me I can't stop thinking about the things that they went through. I thought their story was beautiful, yes, maybe even controversial, but the love they had for each other just blows my mind. Yes, the cheating was wrong and other parts of their relationship were wrong bu [...]

    20. Ah. Angel. Angel. Angel. First off this is a COMPANION Novella, so you need to read Ruined first. Ruining Angel gives a little deeper view of all that is Angel and more background to the story that it Bailey and Angel. Is it traditional? Um no. Is it taboo? Yes. Does it matter to the reader and make it any less enjoyable? No. If you've read Ruined and you fell for all things Angel, then you MUST read Ruining Angel. I don't do novellas on principle, but this was worth it!

    21. Grab this novella for FREE right now!!! if you loved Ruined you can't afford to miss this. Ruined currently on sale for 99 cents and Ruining Angel absolutely free on kindle. Both releasing with BRAND NEW COVERS!!! Look out for them as current covers are not up to dateamazon/Ruining-Angel-S**AS of May 30th 2014 until June 3rd 2014.

    22. "She is my world - my everything. It's here I know with every fiber of my being, that I would roll over and did for this woman if it meant that she could just take just one extra breath. Bailey has, and always will, hold my heart in her hands" Great companion novella to Ruined. Seeing things from Angel's eyes and more of the back story gives you a better appreciation for the main story. Love Angel even more :)

    23. This is from Angel's POV and it is amazing to see the story from him. I see where he was coming from and it saddens me. I think we should be allowed to do whatever we want as long as it does not hurt others. Angel feels a lot of things based on what others think and I think he should do what he feels is right. This shows the conclusion of bailey and Angel's story. I loved it!!

    24. Wasn't as good as ruined but it certainly was a good follow up. I really enjoyed the romance between them. I couldn't believe that people took offense to the fact they were 'brother' and 'sister'. Big effin deal, they aren't blood related. They aren't even step or half siblings it made me giggle when people thought it was some 'huge' deal.

    25. After reading Ruined I wasn't sure If I could dive into Baily and Angel's world again. But I'm so glad I did, this comes from Angel's POV. He has been tormented for years by his love for Baily. But just when it looks like they will get their HEA tragedy strikes. Many shocking truths are revealed. To say this story isn't heart wrenching would be an understatement. Great Read

    26. Enjoyed with Novella from Angel's point of view. In my opinion, you really need to read Ruined first to appreciate this book and being able to follow the story.I loved Angel. He felt so strongly for Bailey and no one can pick who your heart loves. It was unusual circumstances, but the love was strong, and probably stronger than most. Wonderful relationship and story.

    27. I loved loved loved Ruined - let me just say that first. This was a great companion for Ruined, but I feel either too much is missing from this or it could have just been incorporated into Ruined instead of a "stand alone".We do learn more about Angel, but I still feel as if we are left in the dark about so much.

    28. I really liked Angel's POV. It gave more insight behind the story from Ruined. Of course, I'm an epilogue person and I wish it would have given one. BUT maybe it's leaving the door open for another book?? Would love to see what happens with the parents and with "Lucy"? Just a thought, but it was a great read.

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