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Pepper and Poe

Pepper and Poe Orli Zuravicky at Orchard Books has bought Pepper and Poe a picture book by author illustrator Frann Preston Gannon In the book two newly introduced cats must learn how to coexist A publication

  • Title: Pepper and Poe
  • Author: Frann Preston-Gannon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 136
  • Format: None
  • Orli Zuravicky at Orchard Books has bought Pepper and Poe, a picture book by author illustrator Frann Preston Gannon In the book, two newly introduced cats must learn how to coexist A 2015 publication is planned Kirsten Hall at the Bright Agency sold world rights.

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      136 Frann Preston-Gannon
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    1 thought on “Pepper and Poe

    1. This book came through my hands at the Library & I just had to check it out due to the gorgeous illustrations! Lots of fun as two cats get to know each other, and eventually gang up on the dog!

    2. It's a really cute book until the end. That's not the best message to send to kids: just blame someone else for your mistakes.

    3. This is a pretty cute book about a cat whose humans get a kitten he doesn't care for. But slowly, they become friends. Great illustration and a cute story.

    4. Ahh, the cuteness! If you've ever had doubts about getting a new sibling (or have kids who've experienced it), this book is for you!

    5. Best of 2015. SO CUTE! Could totally relate to this as my 2 cats were not thrilled with each other exactly; um, ok, so they still aren't sometimes.

    6. Creative, original digital artwork and a fun story, as senior cat Pepper has to adjust to the young interloper, Poe, who is the newest member of the household. Frann Preston-Gannon's illustrations definitely capture the mischief and playfulness of a young kitten, as well as the leisurely life of an older cat who loves napping on Sundays. But Poe learns to love Sundays, too! Very cute and simply told for younger readers.

    7. Maurice Sendak Fellowship Award Winner Frann Preston-Gannon makes her US picture book debut with this hilarious yet touching story about two soon-to-be sibling cats, Pepper & Poe. Pepper is an old cat. He's set in his ways, and used to his normal routine in the house that he rules--or thinks he rules, anyway! Yup, he's got everything down to a science, including how to manipulate the house dog. That is until a new kitty named Poe comes along and starts messing up everything! Can Poe get Pepp [...]

    8. Cats are the best!I loved this book! Cats are my favorite and this was about two cats named Pepper and Poe. It starts off with just Pepper. She looks just like my cat Tara. Pepper loves most days of the week. She likes to sleep and play. But on Wednesday something changes. Another cat named Poe arrives. Pepper does not like it at all. Pepper does not like other cats and neither does my cat Tara. It’s a “cat”astrophe! Like most kittens, Poe gets in big trouble. Poe chases Pepper around and [...]

    9. Every day in Pepper's life is wonderful! As the lone cat in the household, Pepper can do whatever she wants. All that changes on a Wednesday when her human introduces her to Poe. Tiny Poe ruins the next few days getting in Pepper's way, playing with Pepper's toys, and just being an all-around nuisance. Pepper tries to hide away, up high on a shelf. Naturally, Poe tries to climb up high too, but crashes down to the floor. Concern for her new sibling outweighs Pepper's dislike and she hops down to [...]

    10. My OH and I have been cat lovers ever since we got married, which is why I can’t resist entering any book giveaway which is offering a book about cats, and how I came to receive this hardcover book through a GoodReads giveaway. The following is my honest opinion for it.Ms. Preston-Gannon has done wonderful in teaching her young readers what might happen when a new cat enters a home where an older cat already lives. I know this to be the case since we’ve gone through this three times, once w [...]

    11. There’s nothing particularly special about the storyline of Pepper & Poe. Older animal/child meets younger animal/child. Initially, there is tension. There is frustration. There is even animosity. Eventually, though, there is understanding. Pretty standard “dealing with a new sibling is hard” stuff. Still, what makes Pepper & Poe so much fun is its delightful twist ending, in which the two cats are suddenly united by a common goal, one that will ring particularly true to cat lovers [...]

    12. I saw this book at our local library while perusing the stacks. The narrative is short and gives an overview of the days of the week as a cat bemoans the addition of a new family member.The digital illustrations are cute and fuzzy, without too much detail. I am sure that it will really appeal to younger children,.

    13. Pepper the old cat isn't sure about Poe the new cat. A short story that captures the suspicion and annoyance involved when a new pet enters the home, and the friendship that evolves over time. Amazing illustrations!

    14. Cute story about a cat named Pepper who suddenly has to deal with a new member of the family - a kitten named Poe. Awesome illustrations that look like pastel pieces glued into a collage on top of black paper. Very interesting. I love the expression on the animal faces throughout. Nice conclusion. Kids will love this one. I have been reading it to my kindergarteners this past week and they love it. They all sigh and seem to really get into the story well. Highly recommended Gr. K-1.

    15. The biography of my old cat Mackerel, whose life was essentially ruined (temporarily) by the adoption of two kittens.

    16. This is an adorable picture book about a happy cat, Pepper, who becomes decidedly unhappy when her owner brings in a new kitten/sibling, Poe. Predictably, they become friends at the end, but not too much! This is a good book for a child with a new sibling. The digital artwork, set on black backgrounds, reminded me of Lois Ehlert or Eric Carle's collage style, and is particularly striking, with the cats depicted with enormous eyes and the people shown from the cats' perspective, largely feet and [...]

    17. First posted on my blog, Nine Pages.A customer actually pointed this book out to me first. She had read a review and wanted to see the book for herself. The illustrations are pretty cute: black background with a white kitten with big orange eyes and a gray cat with big green eyes and a chestnut dog. Pepper, the gray cat, likes Sundays. He likes Mondays too and Tuesdays. These are lazy days, days when he can just enjoy the quiet house. But then a kitten arrives, and his days get worse and worse a [...]

    18. It reminded me *very* much about the time when my second cat joined the household. Cat #1 was not pleased (The page where the kitten is first presented and Pepper just goes, "I don't like it." was spot-on!) and the next week or so was exactly as shown in the book.The only sore spot was the "blame the dog" bit that happens in lots of kids' books, and it always rubs me the wrong way. I don't see the humour in getting someone else in trouble for what you've done, and I don't want my kiddos to think [...]

    19. I wish I wrote this book! I love the two-cat jealousy/confusion idea that a kid with a new baby in the house could relate to, and this is so charming. The facial expressions of Pepper and Poe are adorable and expressive. The illustrations are unique. All and all, a super fun & creative picture book. There is tongue-in-cheek blame happening in this story, which may perturb adults, but I think it's pretty funny and innocuous. It sort of reminds me of the ending of a cheesy 70's-80's sitcom. Ch [...]

    20. Your typical new-cat book, really. Nothing to make it stand out either as above or below-average, except perhaps, if you're concerned about it, a bit of shifting blame to an innocent party. The family dog does nothing wrong, but gets blamed for cat destructiveness. Something to keep in mind, if you have any objections, but it wasn't so bad that I felt turned off by the book.This is just a library borrow, for me. There's so many cat books out there that I can't even recommend it for cat people gi [...]

    21. Pepper loved life. Every day of the week, until a new kitten arrived. The new kitten ruined everything. Pepper just wanted to get away. But the new kitten tried to follow him and ended up crashing to the ground making a huge mess and scaring himself. When asked who made the mess, both Pepper and Poe blamed the dog. From then on, the kitten loved Pepper, and Pepper tolerated the kitten.julianaleewriter/books-ali

    22. Okay, this is the classic cat-learns-to-love-new-kitten story. But what makes it stand out is the spare,droll text, the bold art-bright colors popping on black backgrounds, and the perfect blame-it-on-the-dog ending.The author/illustrator won a Maurice Sendak fellowship, and spent a month working with the great man himself. I think he would have approved of this book--as do I.

    23. Pepper, a content only cat, has to learn to share when kitten Poe moves in. This was a great story to share with my 3-year-old who's having a tough time sharing at school right now. While I don't normally love books with lots of dark colors, the use of black pages with colorful text and cute cats worked beautifully. Perfect for the preschool set.

    24. Fabulous illustrations and really fun story. The capitulation is a bit easy. The new-cat-in-the-family wars went on a looong time in our house but this makes a better book. The black background threw me a bit until the arrival of the white kitten and then it made perfect sense. This could be a fun book to use with pre-K for days of the week or sharing.

    25. Pepper liked most daysuntil Wednesday when a new kitten arrivesI am a sucker for cat books. Really. This one is hilarious in its truth, straight forward in its narration and very breathable despite its all black background.The digital illustrations are fun and textured enough so that the flawlessness of the images do not feel overwhelming.

    26. I liked the simplistic art, but this book was advertised as a good book for siblings. The message at the end, when the two cats "team up" and blame their bad behavior on the eldest sibling (the dog), is not a good one for children. It makes it seem like it's okay to blame others for your mistakes, which is not something I want my child learning.

    27. Every day is wonderful in Pepper's week until Wednesday when "something changed." Suddenly, there is a kitten in the house and Pepper doesn't like it. But change can have its benefits Adorable illustrations.

    28. Our family is considering a second cat, and this book could not have come at a better time. We keep going back and forth on whether or not the two cats will get along, etc. This is an adorable story about an old cat who is surprised by a new addition to the family. So simple and so cute.

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