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Restore Me

Restore Me Lacey and Joey ended up together in Replace Me but we never got to hear his side In this companion full novel we learn Joey s secrets and what he was thinking when he fell in love with Lacey This boo

  • Title: Restore Me
  • Author: Jennifer Foor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lacey and Joey ended up together in Replace Me, but we never got to hear his side In this companion full novel we learn Joey s secrets and what he was thinking when he fell in love with Lacey This book should be read in order with the series Repair Me Book 1 Replace Me Book 2 Contains Adult Content 18

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      203 Jennifer Foor
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    1 thought on “Restore Me

    1. **ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**Again Jennifer Foor has given us a wonderful story. This book was Joey's side of the story from Replace Me ( Book 2 ) I was so glad that we got his side of the story, because I remember quite a few times while reading Replace Me wondering what Joey was thinking or feeling in certain spots. Well this book definitely answered all of my questions. This was another great addition to this series.Now I have to be honest….I loved Joey when we [...]

    2. 5 Amazing Brilliant Stars!!Do not read if you are yet to read Replace Me. You know when you read a really good story and it’s from the female POV and after you have finished, you wish that you could hear what the guy (who you have usually fallen in love with) in the book was thinking and feeling, well how excited do you think we were when we heard Jenn4 was writing Joey's novella?We are all still swooning over him (and fighting over him) after Replace Me so we were jumping for joy!!!We couldn' [...]

    3. Wow - Joey wasn't what I expected! In Replace Me we met Joey, but we never knew what he was thinking. Restore Me tells us the same story of Lacey and Joey, but only from Joey's perspective. For being a supposed player he wasn't what I expected. Lacey had a bigger influence on his life than he was willing to admit for a long time, but as one of my favorite passages says, was she worth it? And now a bit about the storyJoey is hard a work for his mom (his second job) when he first sees her. She is [...]

    4. If you read Replace Me then you know Joey. We get his POV and now get to hear all his thoughts. Loved this! Joey first sees Lacey while working at his Moms diner. They don't ever actually speak, but Joey takes notice of the cute blonde that smells like candy right away.She is on a date with Shayne at that time so Joey figures he doesn't need to bother with introducing himself. Joey is used to getting women. He is definitely a play boy. While going back and forth between Porsche, and Candace he s [...]

    5. I gave this book 5 stars, but my review is going to be a bit different. I love Jennifer Foor. I love this series. I love the storyline of the book. I can't wait to see what is in store next. Now, my rant. I am very glad that I read the book before this one with Lacey's point of view because had I not, I wouldn't have liked Joey very well. I really had a hard time with Joey having sex constantly with all of those different women. I can't understand why someone would be chasing a girl, but then tu [...]

    6. I'm am so damn happy to have Joey's point of view, "sh**, you let me know when you want to experience what a real man can do to you. I don't need to wear a pair of lifeguard shorts to get pu**y, that's for sure." Joey always makes sure to clear things up, "I don't eff, who**es. I eff beautiful women cause they ask me to eff them. Keep playing hard to get. I love the challenge." He is a crude one that's for sure, "woman, I can have whatever I want, because I don't stop until it's mine. Most peopl [...]

    7. Wow Jennifer you do it with every book, you pull your readers in and you never disappoint. I enjoyed reading this story from Joey's point of view.It had me gripping my seat and unable to put it down until there were no pages left to turn I want more. I so love that Joey and Lacey found their way through it all. looking forward to the next book.

    8. HomerunI have to admit that after reading the 'reviews for laceys pov, I bulked at reading it. I choose instead to read Joey's pov. I'm so glad I did!!!!! loved loved loved his honesty and his evolution. lacey at times had me wanting to smack her for crying every two mins. kinda was hoping that she would have been pregnant after leaving Italy.

    9. Wow that's all I really have to say. Ladies Joey will hook you and hook you good!! Never in my life has a book been such a turn on for all those who don't like down and dirty I'm sorry cause come out of this book with a baby on the way fanning your self for hot flashes and wanting just one more page! A must buy page turner!!!!

    10. Holy smokin hot! Joey is a human machine, that finds out he is human and has a heart! I love it when that happens to our smokin hot male population! It was great to read about his side and finally get an insight to his thoughts! Can't wait for more!

    11. Knew Joey was a manwhore from book 2 but didnt realize it till his POV. Holy crap! Was suprised my laptop was broken in a million pieces and/or caught on fire! LOVED THIS!!!! You're awesome Jenn, can't wait for more? ;)

    12. I enjoyed his p.o.v. I did feel like I was reading some stuff over but it was ok because it had been awhile since I read her book. I hated to see his out look on women in the beginning of this book and was glad he fell in love.

    13. I loved this book! This book means so much more having read both POV's! You must read all 3 books!! I love Jenn Foore rocks!

    14. One of the Hottest books I've ever read my kindle caught on fire !!!!!! Loved it in Joey 's POV

    15. Great bookJoey is happy with his weekly hookups until he meets Lacey then everything changes. He can't seem to stop thinking about her

    16. Loved LOVED seeing this side of Joey. I was really annoyed with Lacey after the last book and this certainly didn't help that.

    17. Of course Jenn4 did it again. I always love reading the other persons POV. I love Joey and Lacey's even more now. Can't wait for the next book.

    18. I love this author! The end! No other words are nessasary everything she writes is amazing. ♥♥♥♥♥

    19. A four star read.I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.In this full companion novel to Replace Me we get to learn Joeys secrets and find out how he feels about Lacey and falling in love with her.Must be read in order to fully understand this book.Repair Me Book 1Replace Me Book 2This book is told all in Joeys POV.We find out why he is the way he is when it comes to women and we get to find out how he really felt the first time he met Lacey.I really enjoyed the fact that this was n [...]

    20. This story was just a repeat of Replace Me. BUT that was not a bad thing. In Replace Me we only saw Shayne & Lacey but Joey was a huge part of that book so it was really nice being in his head. It painted a whole new picture of him. Not quite what I had pictured, but still really good. There were so many times when I was wondering what was going on and it was fun being able to finally see it. I also loved that it took us a bit further into their future. Again this book just kind of leaves yo [...]

    21. Love, love, love Joey. Honest to a fault, dedicated to his family and passionate. He has a group of women that he has arrangements with- no strings just fun. And it works…until it doesn’t. What happens when the NAN rules don’t cut it?I love male POV. So much fun to be in their heads. Reading as he falls for Lacey- against all of his plans- is fun. And at times heartbreaking! He has a hard time and funnily sounds like a girl sometimes. His family is awesome and his brother Jamey is going to [...]

    22. 4.5 stars :You want to read a great male POV - Don't miss this ! If you met Joey Billings in Replace Me ( book 2 in the Kin series) you got to see a glimpse of him. In Restore Me (book 2.5 not a novella a full novel) you get all of him. You don't just get the story from Replace me told in his POV you get his back story. Joey is so full of himself but see what make him tick and why he tries to keep Lacey a casual thing. As you read the book you will learn what he was going through when was with L [...]

    23. Jenn Foor has done it again and given us an awesome book! It was great to read the story from Joey’s POV and see him transform from his man whoring ways. He is a cocky alpha and manages to pull Lacey in, but much to his surprise he finds that she has wormed her way into his heart. What happens next throws his whole game off with other women and he realizes that he truly cares for Lacey. The story flows well and I enjoyed reading it. I would definitely suggest that you read Replace Me before di [...]

    24. I didn't really know how to rate this because I already gave replace me 3 stars and the only reason it got 3 instead of 1 is because of Joey. so this got a 3. it sucked that joeys pov was a different book. replace me should have been joeys pov and laceys pov would have made more sense. shayne is already getting another full story. I have to take a break from this story. I will read on once I read a couple of other books. these characters are seriously getting on my nerves. ford and sky were awes [...]

    25. Joey disappointed me. I didn't mind the scheduled girls but I didn't like the double standard. Lacey came clean and admitted that she slept with Shayne yet Joey kept silent about Candace and Samantha. When he knew Lacey wanted full disclosure after getting burned by all of Shayne's lies. Then he has the nerve to get angry. Joey can do it but she can't? No fucking way!The final straw though was when we found out Joey's intentions with the boss's wife in Italy. Disgusting! Okay I'm officially done [...]

    26. Joey, oh Joey, loved him in the other book and I didn't think I would enjoy him more, well I was wrong. Beibg able to see his POV and watch as his feelings for Lacey mess up his man whore lifestyle, first he didn't realize, but before long he did and he liked the changes and couldn't go back, even though he tried.A coupke of the sex scenes were so much hotter from Joey's POV, including the chocolate sauce in the kitchenOMG, hot hot hot! Although the story is the same this book is not a rewrite, [...]

    27. Good story. I think Joey should have told Lacey about Gia.Yes they weren't together, he would want to know if she had been about to hook up with some guy tho.I'm glad he told her about Candace, Sam and the last girl. Honesty is a must in relationships.I'm glad Lacey never went back to Shayne. He wasn't right for her at all.I feel a little bad for Ashley cuz of how much Shayne's family hates her, she did it to herself though. You can't threaten people and try to tie them down to you by faking who [...]

    28. I love Jennifer Foor's books especially the Mitchell Family Series. I also enjoyed the first two Kin Series books, however Restore Me was not what I was hoping. From beginning to end I did not like Joey at all. He is a man-whore from beginning to end. I did like him at times in Replace Me but reading his POV in Restore Me made me cringed at his thoughts and reasoning's to justify his being a total man-whore and not wanting to be in a committed relationship. I will read more of Jennifer's books t [...]

    29. When you go to read this story(and you will want to) don't make the same mistake I did. I thought that since I already knew the story I could read the first the first few chapters and then maybe skim some. WRONG. Joey had so many thoughts in his head, I had to know them all. Then there were those "no don't do it moments". Joey is still not my favorite book boyfriend, but I've come to understand him a bit better.

    30. In Restore me we get Joey's side of the story and how he feels and why he did the things he did. Joey fights hard against his feelings. This is a full length novel, you will get to see Joey's side of the story an here his feelings and get the insight we didn't have in book 2. Joey does deserve his happily ever after!!

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