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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand Sterek FanficDerek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn t expect and aren t sure they approve of Fanart archiveofourown works Words

  • Title: Divided We Stand
  • Author: KouriArashi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook
  • Sterek FanficDerek is being pressured by his family to pick a mate, and somehow stumbles into a choice that they didn t expect and aren t sure they approve of.Fanart archiveofourown works 940329Words 156,742 complete

    • Best Read [KouriArashi] ✓ Divided We Stand || [Philosophy Book] PDF º
      104 KouriArashi
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [KouriArashi] ✓ Divided We Stand || [Philosophy Book] PDF º
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    1 thought on “Divided We Stand

    1. I found this totally engrossing despite the length. You read this for the "feelz" not the sex, which is very brief and low-key. This is a different Derek Hale than you usually see, which definitely pulled me into the story. He's diffident, secretly kind, "squirrel man," earnest and fiercely loyal, without even a trace of "alpha-hole" behavior. Stiles is a curious mix of "den-maker" and pack strategist, not as snarky as usual, deeply insecure but also dangerously stubborn and willful. (view spoil [...]

    2. 2nd read: 20-10-2015This fic is long, but it's really good. Derek picks Stiles as a mate and Stiles thinks it's a cruel joke.Peter is the best crazy person ever. And Derek can now judge everyone across the country with his eyebrows, thanks to the emoticon Cora made for him. ,:| Isn't it great? ‘Pure wolves in the wild will eat anything they find come January if they’re starving because winter has been hard. Werewolves will hunt down the car keys and go to the grocery store.’

    3. You know, I had stuff to say about this fic but for whatever reason the only thing that occurs to me to say is I REALLY LIKE IT. So, yeah, there you go. Here, have a gif:Yes you are, dear.

    4. 4.5 StarsIt takes a skilled author to produce a fanfic (or any story, really) of this quality. I’m in awe.This story was absolutely riveting. Quite frankly, it shocked the shit out of me! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this - this impeccably written story, which was impressively plot focused and character driven. It was just… awesome. There's lots of intrigue and pack feels in this one, and the characters were deliciously complex and multifaceted. The outstanding charac [...]

    5. Good story. Ridiculously long, theoretically could be shorter and just as powerful, but that's part of the fun of full length fanfiction, the meandering, rolling along. It's not that they aren't edited, but that they're not cut down into the publishing industry's version of the 30 second sound bite. While Stiles' judgement is flawed in parts, his analysis is spectacularly sharp. Derek is most certainly the damaged soul in this one as is everyone in the family. It's the subtle differences in thei [...]

    6. Lengthy engrossing fanfic from KouriArashi. Deals with issues of high school bullying and low self esteem. Werewolf Derek picks Stiles as his mate as he exits an unsuccessful Searching Ceremony, Stiles becomes convinced that Derek did this as a cruel joke.“It was a joke, Dad,” Stiles says, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. “He just wanted to piss off his family by picking the last person he would actually want as a mate.” He reaches into the oven and pulls out the potatoes, an angry [...]

    7. 4.5 StarsThis was good. Really good. There's several things that stand out for me regarding this fic.Stiles is Stiles but there's a deeper delving into his basic personality which is ever the protector. He's immensely inquisitive, a bit of an outcast - tenacious and so smart. His low self esteem is especially poignant here and how that was treated and made better was a wonderful thing to see.Derek was not growly angry but perhaps too, a bit misunderstood. He does have a tragic past and his sensi [...]

    8. O.M.G. I loved this fic! The plot is original and really awesome. I am going to start the next story as soon as possible. (sadly, other commitments stand in my way)

    9. A long but engrossing read, with lots of feels. There's hard times here but (as others (Lilia) said) it's more melancholic than hard reading.Stiles is engaging from the start and Derek is a growly besotted marshmallow; his parents are still alive and Peter is both fragile and dangerous. There's a lot of negotiating roles and getting to know each other with the Sheriff playing his part which I always like to see. Didn't really get the pack feels that were intended but then we are following Stiles [...]

    10. 4.5 stars Did I stay up until 3 am reading this? Hell yeah, I did! Did I miss the lack of gratuitous sex? No, I really didn't! Was it funny, and sweet, and angsty, and dramatic, but not annoyingly TSTL or miscommunication-y? Yes, yes, yes, and YES!Good times, although don't start till Friday night or Saturday and plan on reading straight through your effen weekend! I reeeeeeally want to start book 2, United We Mend, right-the-fuck-now but I do have a life and have to actually go to work tomorrow [...]

    11. OMG, this is my second reading and tears of joy are streaming down my face. I am so addicted to Sterek and this is like crack. So many good things, so many bad things. Only a few WTF moments. Very slow build to a real romance. So many amazing hard things to read aboutinly to do with the original fire that almost destroyed the Hale pack. Derek and Stiles are so MADE FOR EACH OTHER! So many moments of bliss. So much satisfaction, both the bad kind and the good kind.Highly recommendedcially to thos [...]

    12. I really liked this story, and I love how much of the plot is dedicated to pack, family, and the conflicts and tensions between werewolves and humans. I appreciated that pack relationships were complicated like most families, but still so supportive. I liked the relationship not only between Derek and Stiles, but between all of the characters. I have to admit Stiles and Peter together were my personal favorite of the non romantic relationships. I loved that Peter's losses have taken a toll on hi [...]

    13. this was so close to good i am actually kinda pissed-off about it. that resolution was pretty OD. pantsers ruin everything.

    14. 4.5 starsThis was a VERY good Sterek. The writing was excellent. I was a bit hesitant to start this, because I’ve read that would be no sex in this one, or at least most of it off page. And I thought… 471 pages without sex???But it was quite different from what I expected. The existence of werewolves is known to everyone. Picking a mate is a very serious thing. When Derek sees Stiles he just knows. Stiles is the one. But Derek’s parents think he has chosen Stiles to get back at them for ha [...]

    15. So there were times I wasn't feeling it. Derek is a bit too passive for me and frankly it's way too long. I mean not a whole lot happens until the last few chapters butI still really enjoyed it and I've started number two because I like to torture myself apparently. Even though Derek is passive he is ridiculously adorable!!

    16. Originally read 11/2014, UPDATED for re-read 03/2015: This was epic, wonderful, full of emotions and feels, straight up, cannot be contested AWESOMENESS. Warning: For those of you who only like Derek to be all Growly-bear McBroodypantsis is not your fic. Also, there are some sexy times, but most happen off page.This is a long fic, but totally worth it.

    17. ETA after a quick reread. This was a nicely plotted fanfic with various story lines (Stiles difficult integration into the pack, the ups and downs of mating Derek, the past and current threats to the Hale family, bullying at High School). There is also a fair amount of UST and cuddling/ kissing that finally culminated and hurt/comfort, which were done well.BUT, I didn't get much of a feeling for Stiles as provider for the pack or happy fuzzy puppy love. Derek wasn't to my liking either since he' [...]

    18. A long Sterek fan fic that is really excellent. One of the best I've read so far. Loved the slow build up and all the family dynamics.

    19. So, I really enjoyed this fanfic, and I am vascillating between three and four stars. The author takes a rather trope-ey storyline (shifter insta-mates) and makes it fairly real. It could be tightened up a bit and the mystery was a bit meh, but I enjoyed the main relationship. That being said, Derek feels like a different person, but perhaps that's due to his changed circumstances.

    20. Finally finished this story. Didn't love it as much as everyone else. I never really recovered from the beginning and disliking Talia for reaction to Derek and Stiles' mating. Plus it felt really long.

    21. 3.5Teen WolfSterek, Stiles/DerekAU - Werewolves are knownSome of the Hales survivedNot a fan bonding/mate fics but after all the positive reviews here on GR decided to give it a try. At first I really liked Derek but towards the end he seemed a bit too soft/too nice, (view spoiler)[ I mean he run away and hide when Stiles was arguing with Talia. What? It's something I might do but not Derek. (hide spoiler)]I'm really happy that Scott in this fic was a good friend, I don't like when in some fanfi [...]

    22. This is one of my fandom favorites.I am a sucker for the mating trope and this one put a slightly different spin on it than is usually done in fandom. And it was amazing.I read a lot of KouriArashi's work so I knew, I KNEW that Stiles going to go through it. He always does in her fics (*Chris Crocker voice* LEAVE STILES ALONE) and this one is no exception. It's heartbreaking in parts. The pacing is great and the build between Derek and Stiles is slow but not so slow that you get frustrated. Ther [...]

    23. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Sterek fanfic, I've not read that many but it was the best so far by a long shot. Derek has finally chosen his mate and now just has to convince Stiles that he's serious! I loved all the drama and the family dynamics and of course the sexy times (even if they were few and far between).

    24. I liked this story, but I did have a problem with Derek. I know this is AU Teen Wolf, and I'm fine with that, but Derek was just so non-Derek-like. Timid and almost shy. Just Derek didn't work for me. But I loved Stiles!

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