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Gertrud With Gertrude Herman Hesse continues his lifelong exploration of the irreconcilable elements of human existence In this fictional memoir the renowned composer Kuhn recounts his tangled relationships

  • Title: Gertrud
  • Author: Hermann Hesse Pé Hawinkels
  • ISBN: 9029518987
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • With Gertrude, Herman Hesse continues his lifelong exploration of the irreconcilable elements of human existence In this fictional memoir, the renowned composer Kuhn recounts his tangled relationships with two artists his friend Heinrich Muoth, a brooding, self destructive opera singer, and the gentle, self assured Gertrude Imthor Kuhn is drawn to Gertrude upon their fiWith Gertrude, Herman Hesse continues his lifelong exploration of the irreconcilable elements of human existence In this fictional memoir, the renowned composer Kuhn recounts his tangled relationships with two artists his friend Heinrich Muoth, a brooding, self destructive opera singer, and the gentle, self assured Gertrude Imthor Kuhn is drawn to Gertrude upon their first meeting, but Gertrude falls in love with Heinrich, to whom she is introduced when Kuhn auditions them for the leads in his new opera Hopelessly ill matched, Gertrude and Heinrich have a disastrous marriage that leaves them both ruined Yet this tragic affair also becomes the inspiration for Kuhn s opera, the most important success of his artistic life.

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    1. Gertrud, Hermann Hesse Gertrud is a novel written by Hermann Hesse, first published in 1910. Styled as the memoir of a famous composer named Kuhn, Gertrud tells of his childhood and young adult years before it comes to the heart of the story; his relationships to two troubled artists, the eponymous Gertrud Imthor, and the opera singer Heinrich Muoth. Kuhn is drawn to Gertrud upon their first encounter, but she falls in love with and marries Muoth, whom the composer befriended as well some years [...]

    2. This one is on harmony. On concordance and discordance. This one passage, very early into the book, summarizes the theme best:"Of all the conceptions of pure bliss that people and poets have dreamed of, listening to the harmony of the spheres always seemed to me the highest and most intense. That is where my dearest and brightest dreams have ranged - to hear for the duration of a heartbeat the universe and the totality of life in its mysterious, innate harmony. Alas, how is it that life can be s [...]

    3. Un po’ lento, molto introspettivo, forse davvero troppo, la prima parte è incentrata quasi esclusivamente sul rapporto intimo e quasi morboso che il protagonista intrattiene con la musica, superata la prima metà il racconto si ravviva, accadono degli eventi e si esce dalla sfera personale del protagonista.Interessante il percorso di formazione musicale del protagonista che riesce a trasformare in professione la sua passione per la musica, che però diventa sublimazione degli affetti e di una [...]

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    5. Hermann Hesse's Gertrude and Knut Hamsun's Victoria share a common bond about man's attempt to fight fate, fate's conspiracy against man in his search for inner peace and lasting love. Kuhn, the student, aspiring composer and central character, seeks direction and purpose, understanding, and eventually, solace, through his life struggles, which lead him towards the path of unrequited love, an attempt at suicide, success and fame, death of close friends, and finally to peaceful resignation.Gertru [...]

    6. Another novel about unrequited love. The book shows the influence of Nietzsche and the split between Dionysian passion and the intellectual and cerebral virtues of the Apollonian aspect. This duality reminded me a little of Death In Venice by Thomas Mann, which I have also read this month. The main protagonist Kuhn, is a fairly successful composer who is looking back. Kuhn reminded me a little of Philip Carey in Maugham's Of Human Bondage (which I have also read recently), because of his physica [...]

    7. الآن شعرت قليلًا بسبب التقدير الذي يحمله تاركوفسكي لهيرمان هسههيرمان هسه يحتاج لحالةٍ من الهدوء لقراءته هذا ما أحسست به,,تحتاج للهدوء لكي تتمكن من الاستمتاع بالهدوء المطلق الذي يسيطر على طريقته في السرد,على هدوء الأحداث في الرواية الهدوء الذي تفرضه أجواء الرواية التي تدور [...]

    8. (3.5) The pain of love, the love of pain. "Gertrude loved her husband and would never care for anyone else."The masochistic mind traverses troubled dreams of love and eternity. Music enraptures Kuhn, but does not make him complete."en came a part which I could so well remember hearing Gertrude sing, which expressed my admiration for her and was a quiet confession of my love. I averted my glance and looked into her bright eyes, which acknowledged me and greeted me warmly, and for a moment the mem [...]

    9. هل يمكنُ لأحدٍ قرأ رواية دُميان لهرمان هسّه ألا يحتاج إليه في هذا الدّرب ، وقتاً ما ؟هرمان يأتي بالنّفس ويفتحُ أبوابَها الظاهرة والخفيّة ، يفهّمها ويرعاها قليلاً ثم يدعها تنطلق لتختبر الحياة من جديد ، أو تختبرها الحياة من جديد ممتنّة لهرمان

    10. خواندن گرترود مثل سوار شدن بر کشتی زندگی آهنگساز راوی "کوهن" است. او به قدری متواضعانه از عشق ورزی ها، اختلاف فکری اش با والدین، جهان بینی و تردیدهایش سخن می راند که همذات پنداری را نه تنها با خودش بلکه با تمام کسانی که مورد عشق یا نفرت او بوده اند، آسان می سازد.حادثه ای در جوانی [...]

    11. Hesse is one of my favorite writers and my take on his works would carry a bit of bias. Gertrude might not be one of the famous books of Hesse in the league of a Siddartha, yet it is one of the most heart rendering narratives. Its a semi autobigraphical work, liberally feeding on the tumultous life of Hesse during his younger days. Its a soliloquy of the protaganist's solitude, lovelornness and his inability to deal with the upheavels of his life.Kuhn falls in love twice and both the times it go [...]

    12. Dacă există ceva creat de om care să poată ajuta trăirea și purtarea existenței, acest ceva cu siguranță are în plămădeală muzică și scriere. Pentru mine, acest ceva este Hesse, cărțile lui și spiritul lui, impregnat în scriere și îndreptat, direcționat, dedicat cititorului. Tot ce-a creat (și din ce-am citit) e despre natura umană și o încercare de a o înțelege fără a o judeca prea aspru. Fără a-i impune îmbunătățire. Doar că acel uman prezent în lucrările [...]

    13. นี่เป็นหนังสือเล่มแรกของเฮสเสที่หยิบขึ้นมาอ่าน เพราะเชื่อว่าน่าจะเป็นผลงานเล่มที่เสพย์ง่ายที่สุดและเข้าถึงได้ง่ายที่สุดแล้ว เพราะเมื่อพะยี่ห้อว่าเขียนโดยนักเขียนเจ้าของ [...]

    14. Lo so che scrivo una banalità, ma ripetere non fa male: Hesse è sinonimo di qualità.E' sempre un piacere ritrovare la sua espressività, la sua precisione, la profondità dei personaggi e la semplicità dell'intreccio.La profondità del compositore Kuhn è così ben delineata e approfondita, e le sue riflessioni così ben articolate che, immedesimandomici, mi sono in parte ripresa da quella specie di senso di colpa che mi aveva risvegliato 'Canone inverso' di Maurensig.Infine, mi viene sponta [...]

    15. E' il secondo libro di Hesse che leggo (Siddartha l'ho letto almeno 20 anni fa) e non mi ha fatto impazzire.La storia di per sè avrebbe potuto essere bellissima perchè parla di musica, che è una cosa che amo tantissimo, ma è troppo frettolosa e scontata.Le narrazioni sono fredde e non si riesce ad immaginarsi la dolcezza e la passione dei momenti di composizione e canto perchè sono descritti poco e velocemente.Mi aspettavo qualcosa di molto più struggente e passionale e per questo sono rim [...]

    16. لقد كان لي خير صاحبًا وخير مُعلّمًا وتعلّمت الكثير يا ربشكرًا لأنك منحتني الحياة وشكرًا للحياة لأنها منحتني إياك.

    17. Hesės psichologinis tikslumas pakerta. Ne tik meistriškai įtraukia į vidinį savo herojų pasaulį, bet kai kuriais momentais, atrodo, net išsigąstu perskaitęs ir supratęs, jog pats viduje su savimi kalbuosi lygiai tokiais pat žodžiais kaip kalba jo personažai. Pasijuntu tarsi apnuogintas.Šis kūrinys - dalinai įkvėptas Nietzsche's "Tragedijos gimimo". Nepastebimai knygoje nusidriekia dvi psichologinio siužeto linijos, jungiančios ir skiriančios du fundamentalius pradus: Dionisi [...]

    18. Not the easiest book to get through. It's pretty dark and sad. But definitely some of the most beautiful writing I've read. This is probably one of my favorite quote of all time:"Fate was not kind, life was capricious and terrible, and there was no good reason in nature. But there is good and reason in us, in human beings, with whom fortune plays, and we can be stronger than nature and fate, if only for a few hours. And we can draw close to one another in times of need, understand and love one a [...]

    19. Años sin leer nada de Hermann Hesse. Generalmente digo que es uno de mis autores favoritos, junto a Dostoievski. Esto viene desde la adolescencia. Uno es consiente que esos autores, especialmente Hesse, llegan de una manera mucho más profunda cuando recién se esta entrando a esa etapa de dudas y pasiones. Muchas veces, cuando ya se conocen otros autores, y se ha madurado un poco más, esos gustos son vistos de una manera nostálgica, pertenecientes a una etapa contradictoria, ya superada. Deb [...]

    20. There I often walked along the shore, listened to the sea, and thought as I had done in my youth, with amazement and horror, about the sad and senseless confusion of life, that one could love in vain, that people who meant well toward each other should work out their destinies separately, each one going his own inexplicable way, and how each would like to help and draw close to the other and yet was unable to do so, as in troubled meaningless dreams.

    21. I read most of Hesse in my twenties and I was a little trepidacious approaching him again. I thought perhaps he was one of those authors you read and appreciate only when young. But this is a beautiful book.

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    23. اقتباس يلخص الرواية: "عندما نتقدم في السن نصبح أكثر قناعة منا ونحن في عهد الشباب" - العنوان هو أول ما شدني لقراءة هذه الرواية التي تغوص في فلسفة رقيقة مملؤة بالبؤس والآسى. لا تتحدث عن غرترود فقط ولا عن الموسيقى، هي بكل بساطة تشرح وتحلل العواطف الغير مفهومة الآن لما بعد في المست [...]

    24. Largely self-indulgent, angsty, white boy bollocks. But not without a few really lovely moments.

    25. People like best what's hard for them to obtain.If I could take all the stars in this universe and shower it on Hesse's books, it still won't be enough to rate them! This is one of the best love stories I've read read. It's about a man who falls in love with a woman and then introduces her to his best friend, and eventually she ends up falling in love with his best-friend. It's harrowing, dark and yet wonderful. Hesse has beautifully captured the emotions of the protagonist who is madly and pass [...]

    26. گرترود حکایت تنهایی انسان است، انسان هنرمند. کوهن موزیسین بر اثر یک حادثه در نوجوانی پایش را از دست می دهد و تنهاتر از قبل می شود، هر چند که او بعدها با وجود همه این مشکلات به ارزوی دیرینه خود می رسد و به اهنگساز و نوازنده مشهوری تبدیل می شود اما این درد تنهایی و انزوا تا به اخر د [...]

    27. Tiene un estilo formal que puede sonar cursi o afectado. Quizá porque fue escrita a principios del siglo pasado. Leí la versión española de Emilio Ávila de la Torre. Me gustó porque me parece que describe muy bien el alma pesarosa de los artistas o mentes creadoras que tienen mucha sensibilidad. Es la historia de un músico, así que cualquier músico compositor podría sentirse conectado con el personaje principal. Pero creo que la forma en que describe el proceso creativo se podría bien [...]

    28. Definitivamente meu autor favorito. Hesse, neste que foi um dos seus primeiros romances, já desponta como um excelente escritor, destacando uma das marcas que lhe são próprias: a impessoalidade e a imprevisibilidade. Seus livros são carregados de sentimentos e de narrativas muito bem conduzidas, com personagens de personalidades fortes e marcantes, como é o caso de Kuhn, o compositor aleijado e peça central do romance, que sofre pelo amor de Gertrud, dotado de um talento incrível para com [...]

    29. I see by the reviews that this novel, Hesse's third, is sometimes seen as a gloss on Nietzsche's Apollonian/Dionysian schema in his The Birth of Tragedy. Unless forewarned, I tend to read novels like I watch movies--like a child, disbelief and critical apparati suspended. After picking this volume up at Stuart Brent Books on Chicago's Michigan Avenue, I devoured it quickly during quiet times at work around the corner on Ontario and saw no great depths or wide horizons of implication in it.

    30. A sensitive, shy man sees how a brilliant, driven man burns brightly and then burns out, reducing all around him to ashes. He fails to get the girl but somehow achieves a quiet wisdom and integrity. It's quite good and thought-provoking in some ways but in others just a bit overwrought - but that's par for the course with Hesse, isn't?

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