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Basic Needs

Basic Needs In his years of teaching Dr Cameron has never had an inappropriate relationship with a student He s also never had a student that needed him as badly as Kaitlin does After accidentally turning in

  • Title: Basic Needs
  • Author: L.J. Anderson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In his 17 years of teaching, Dr Cameron has never had an inappropriate relationship with a student He s also never had a student that needed him as badly as Kaitlin does.After accidentally turning in an erotic diary entry instead of her assigned essay, Kaitlin s secret desires for Dr Cameron are revealed Her words unleash his dominant nature, making him realize the neeIn his 17 years of teaching, Dr Cameron has never had an inappropriate relationship with a student He s also never had a student that needed him as badly as Kaitlin does.After accidentally turning in an erotic diary entry instead of her assigned essay, Kaitlin s secret desires for Dr Cameron are revealed Her words unleash his dominant nature, making him realize the need he s kept hidden since the first time Kaitlin set foot in his classroom.Armed with the knowledge of his naughty student s elicit thoughts, Dr Cameron makes a power play for Kaitlin, giving her no choice but to become teacher s pet.__Basic Needs is a teacher student erotic novella approx 7k words, and is intended for readers 17

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      238 L.J. Anderson
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    1. Book-porn alert. Basic Needs is delightfully sexy one-shot novella. I really enjoyed reading it.If you are looking for for something super-short and extra-hot, this novella is the right choice. Basic Needs is about quick and steamy romance between professor Dr. Cameron and his student Kaitlin that may or may not turn into somehting moreNOTE: This novella is really short - 7K words. Keep it in mind so it does not catch you unprepared when you decide to read it.*ARC provided by author as an exchan [...]

    2. The teacher/student story line is as old as time and used by every erotic writer I have ever read. Of course there is nothing original about it,it's pretty much a standard. It's fantasy, it's taboo.With that said, the make or break is with what the writers do with the standard. How much dirty sex can you get away with before alienating the reader? How much fantasy blurring the lines of reality can you push? Did the story go on to long, to short? Did the scene flow? Was the scene so ridiculous yo [...]

    3. Guao, es resumido intenso, que puedo decir, que lo malo es que solo hay un libro.No es algo que se lea en común, sin embargo la intensidad del asunto es lo que te lleva a terminar el libro. no paso nado que no haya leído ya, sin embargo no me parece malo.

    4. I can't remember the name of the fanfic, but the blurb was identical. Bella turns in a diary entry, instead of an essay, to her teacher laying out all her fantasies of what she wants him to do to her. Edward Cullen, her teacher, is only to happy to oblige.Seriously? Nothing original here.

    5. Basically all this book comprises of is a:1)homework mix up. The girl's professor receives a diary entry of a horny student fantasizing over him instead of the assigned coursework.2)sex scene3)and plans to do it again.The end.

    6. Wow, porn on a written page. A very short novella that seems to be part #1 of a series. A student mistakenly sends a very down and dirty e-mail to her professor, detailing her naughty thoughts about what she'd like to do with her professor. She was supposed to email her class assignment. But, when she approaches the professor to admit her mistake, the scenes are just too good for the professor not to act on. And, consensually, the deeds are done. Now, the student has been assigned some "extracur [...]

    7. Reading Challenge 2015: Un libro originalmente escrito en otro idiomaOkay, este de hecho me gustó. El protagonista masculino no se describe a si mismo como super atractivo ni con una vida sexual super intensa e interesante, de hecho por eso me da gracia que use términos bastante explícitos al momento del encuentro, pero bueno. No fue el típico cabrón aunque a veces como que mñe, se pasaba. Algunas cosas en la actitud de ambos me parecen incongruentes pero yolo. ¡Y usen un condón! Joder.

    8. Little taboo short about a teacher who discovers his student has been harboring fantasies about him.

    9. Very short but very hot. As always, no real story, but simply briefly and succinctly a hot Sexscene between professor and his student. Love these stories for in between :)

    10. No tiene nada de especial, así que no hay mucho que decir sobre esta historia.Es como un one-shot erótico.Estuvo entretenido pero no es lo mejor del mundo.

    11. Basic Needs by L.J. AndersonSeries: Teacher’s Pet Series Volume #1Genre: EroticaAge Group: AdultRelease Date:Length: approx. 37 pagesFormat: Kindle eARCSource: via tour hostReview Date: March 2014Steam Rating: NuclearOverall Rating: 4 STARSReview: I gave this little porn clip 4 stars because that is what it is a clip. What do you call 37 pages? A novella, a short story, I’m going to call it a tease. I’m not even really sure on how to review 37 pages of hot sex? Other than it was your basic [...]

    12. Basic Needs will erupt with all your inner sex taboo thoughts all over it's pages. What isn't sexy about a handsome and nerdy professor accidentally getting his student's personal diaries filled with all the hot fun she wants to have with him?!?! This novella was packed full of sexy and enticing fun and I couldn't stop reading this quick book the second I picked it up. Dr. Cameron is that older but definitely handsome man who normally wouldn't give in to such carnal desires and Kaitlin is the se [...]

    13. Quick, dirty, well written read. We've all read something somewhere about the student and the teacher and some aren't that great, this one kicks the others asses.Student oops accidentally turns in her very graphic diary instead of her essay which happens to include the good teacher's name and lots of detail.I can't really give anything away, I mean it's a short read and you know what's going to happen. This is an extremely hot read and not one of those choppy erotic stories, this ones well writt [...]

    14. A really short fantasy snippet about that good looking Professor whose class you took and just stared off into space having naughty thoughts about *cough* Wait that was my Government Professor daydreams. ;)Well, you know this was along those lines but, the professor actually found out and did something about it.cky girl! Some smoking smex just wish the story was longer and more built up but, for a purely smex fantasy snippet with no real character depth, it was hot.

    15. Básicamente debería considerarlo un corto y basico relato porno erótico. Nada que me sorprenda, ya he leído escenas subidas de tono. La consideraría una escena de algún libro, no un libro en sí. No es malo, tampoco es tan bueno.Si alguna vez has fantaseado con tu profesor, esta historia es ideal para recrear ese momento, si quieres una escena con mucho sexo sucio, pues pon a todo volumen Closer de NIN y disfrutalo.

    16. Tres aceptables estrellas para una historia corta sobre el profesor y la estudiante cachondos. Cae en todos los clichés, pero eso es parte de su encanto.No buscaría la continuación pero si cae en mis manos Por qué no?

    17. Esta historia es completamente erótica, las pocas páginas que tienen hacen que la historia circule exclusivamente alrededor de la relación de pasión y deseo entre Cameron y Kaitlin. Creo que el pie de inicio que le da el contexto a todos es bastante interesante. Muy entretenida para pasar el rato.

    18. About 15 pages long. Was good for those 15 pages, but then it cut off in the middle. The book ended at 60% and the last part was an excerpt for another book by the author. I'd much rather pay for a completed book, than a few pages every part.

    19. Siempre me han encantado todo lo que tenga que ver con profesor y estudiante. Ademas que L.J, es perfecta con sus obras, nunca me quejo de ella.

    20. Directo a la acción, de aquella que en tus fantasías como estrella porno sueñas hacer con tu profesor. Y eso es básicamente el principio y el fin.

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