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The Monster's Ring

The Monster s Ring Twist it once you re horned and haired Twist it twice and fangs are bared Twist it thrice No one has dared Russell is sure that the ring he gets at Mr Elives shop is just a silly magic trick but he

  • Title: The Monster's Ring
  • Author: Bruce Coville Katherine Coville
  • ISBN: 9780152046187
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twist it once, you re horned and haired Twist it twice and fangs are bared Twist it thrice No one has dared Russell is sure that the ring he gets at Mr Elives shop is just a silly magic trick, but he follows the instructions and twists the ring twice anyway and becomes a monster Includes an author s note.

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    1 thought on “The Monster's Ring

    1. One of my favorite books as a kid. What young boy wouldn't want a ring that turns you into a monster when you twist it?

    2. What bullied fifth grade kid wouldn't want a magic ring that could bring out his inner monster? The book was intended as a entertaining light read for kids. It is that, but it has more to offer as well. There is a warmth and an essential goodness about 'The Monster's Ring', and a bit of bite as well. I appreciated that the shy protagonist made an attempt to stand up for himself even before the magic of the ring took hold. Mr. Coville also offered just enough background information on the school [...]

    3. I find it hard to dislike a children fantasy book. However, if you are just like me, give this book a go!

    4. A kid's story about bullies and finding your own ground.My TakeIt's about standing up for yourself against bullies. Whether it's a caring sort of bullying from your parents or the nastier kind from mean kids. But the ring provides opportunities for Russell to learn why Eddie is so mean and gives him the courage to talk to his parents, to make peace with Eddie.It's also about reading the instructions! The StoryRussell Crannaker is a shy boy who is always being bullied by Eddie. And it's his inner [...]

    5. I remember reading Bruce Coville in elementary school and enjoying him, and the plot of this novel sounded fun and intriguing, so I sought it out and gave it a read. The central hook of the novel is a good one, and there are very brief, entertaining flashes of macabre humor and visual inventiveness, but the characters and story are very paint-by-numbers, and ultimately, nothing very interesting or unexpected happens. However, the ending offers an admirably sensible and slightly dark twist, and t [...]

    6. Russell Crannaker is sick of being bullied. He purchases a magic ring to transform himself into a monster, but will he be able to live with the side effects?Dealing with bullies is never easy and Russell’s situation is no different. His inner voice as he deals with his bully, Eddie, resonates as true. The changes he experiences even when not wearing the ring show kids how sometimes just a little courage can make a huge positive difference.I also highly recommend listening to this book. Bruce C [...]

    7. Lumayanlah buat buku bacaan ringan remaja. Mustinya bisa memberi gambaran bahwa kalau jadi anak/orang tuh jangan marukdikasih hati minta jantungdikasih cincin minta monsterdikasih bulan purnama eh, jadi monster betulan!Rasain, emang enak!Tapi kesannya buku ini ga selesai yah,kurang memberi penyesalan mendalam.Yaaah, seperti diskusi di TM kemarin tentang buku fantasidengan pertanyaan Erwin mengenai nilai moral,jangan2 moral cerita buku ini memang bukanlah"kebaikan menang melawan kejahatan!"atau " [...]

    8. Why did his mother treat him like such a baby?How could he grow upif he never got the chance?--p.58Saya memang rada lambat~~~ kalo baca buku berbahasa Inggris.Buku ini menurut saya mirip Goosebumps.Tapi lebih "aman". Dan seperti biasa, ada sebab akibat. Perasaan anak yang menarik dari buku ini. Mengingatkan agar saya kelak mau mendengarkan Kira, dan bukan melulu menentukan yang terbaik baginya menurut saya semata.

    9. This book is about a boy going to a creepy pawn shop and buying a nice ring for the price of five dollars,so he buys it goes home tries it but it,s stuck on his finger and now he,s becoming a monster every hour that pass by now he must witness the mysterious,of the monster ring,he must survive the day of school full of bullies,teachers and how to control the beast within.

    10. This book is a mind twisting thriller that atarts with a boy how gets a magic ring that helps him through some troubles I thinks some of my freinds mite like it but I loved it

    11. This is a fun little book. I didn't enjoy it as much as Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher. Still it was a nice little read for Halloween night. This boy likes monsters and wants to be a monster, something we do not share in common. He finds a ring to help him become that with specific instructions. He doesn't follow them and find out by reading more. There is also a theme about bullying. Russell was bullied. The story doesn't dwell on it and his monster side empowers him. A decent and fun read.

    12. It was okay, and maybe a good read for young kids, but it just seemed kind of predictable and none of the characters were all that endearing. Then I thought, maybe it's just because it's really JUVENILE fiction. But then, I thought -- well, Frog and Toad are super juvenile, but it's still satisfying to read as an adult.I imagine kids might like this book, but I'd say it's more like Goosebumps rather than great literature.

    13. The Monster's Ring was one of my favorite childhood books, and it's still easy to see why. Between the concept of a ring that actually turns the wearer into a monster, the really well-done illustrations and the strong anti-bullying and taking personal responsibility themes, this was still enjoyable to read 30 years later. A must-read for horror loving kids!

    14. As always Bruce Coville did a great job with this book. I listened to the audio book and his wife even voiced a character!

    15. I read this book in elementary and liked it's fantasy content along with the way the author handled bullying, a topic which didn't have a lot of attention back in the late 80s.

    16. Not as amazing as "Jeremy Thatcher" but "The Monster's Ring" is another solid book in Coville's Magic Shop series. I remember having it read to me as a kid and loving it so much that I wanted to read it myself. Overall a fun book about self-confidence, overcoming obstacles, and empathy. It's also a perfect book for Halloween.

    17. Russell Crannaker is going to have a great Halloween this year. He's going to be Frankenstein, staggering around with his eyes rolled back in his head. But there's a problem: Eddie, the school bully, continually pokes Russell, punches him, calls him names. And now Eddie's after him again. So what does Russell do? Run, like any kid with the good sense to save himself. Russell finds himself alone, standing in front of a strange looking shop: Elives' Magic Supplies. The ancient old man behind the c [...]

    18. Buku fantasi anak2 yang singkat, pndek, dan rampung dalam sekali baca. Seri ini mengingatkan kita pada buku2 model Goosebums alias buku model honor da monster untuk anak2 di Barat. Kisahnya sendiri simpel, tentang seorang anak agak cupu yang selalu ditindas sama temennya di Sekolah, Eddie. Tema yang sudha sering banget kita jumpai di film dan novel ala Amrika ya, dan begitu pula buku ini. Si tokoh utamana ini sebenarnya cuma butuh suntikan PD agar ia berani melawan agar tidak di bully. sampai ak [...]

    19. Fiona DeMott The Monster’s RingBy:Bruce CovilleRussell is talking a walk outside when a bully named Eddie chased Russelland tried to hurt Russell. When Russell runs off into a different town he sees a shop that says Magic Shop. Russell goes in to look but the store owner hands him a ring that can turn him into a monster. Russell decided to wear the ring for Halloween and turn into a monster. It didn't work out so well being a monster - he jumped, growled, and barked. Russell wanted to go back [...]

    20. Reviewed by Sarah Bean the Green Bean Teen Queen for TeensReadTooPoor Russell Crannaker is being bullied. He's being bullied at school by Eddie, and he feels bullied by his parents when he can't seem to get a word in at home. When Russell is running away from Eddie one afternoon, he stumbles upon a mysterious shop: Mr. Elives magic shop. It's here that he finds the monster's ring. The ring Russell has just purchased is more than a ring -it can transform Russell into a monster. Russell loves mons [...]

    21. Ten Second Synopsis:Russell has a problem with a bully at school. When he unexpectedly comes across a magic shop after getting lost, he finds that the solution to his problems might be right within his grasp.This is a quick read, in which very few words are wasted on filler. It really is the kind of middle grade book you can knock over in a night or two, which is what the author intended according to the author’s note that is included with this edition.The magic shop is appropriately creepy an [...]

    22. When I was a kid, I never caught that Mr. Elives is supposed to sound like "mystery lives."This first installment in the Magic Shop series still stands up as a great humorous and slightly spooky Halloween story, perfect for 5th grade boy sensibilities even 30+ years after it was published. (At least, this slightly revised edition doesn't seem too dated-not sure how many changes were made). Russell has a bully at school to deal with, a dad who never lets him get a word in edgewise, and a mom who [...]

    23. Didn't read this one "back in the day", Coville was the My Teacher Fried My Brains guy long before I even heard of this or his other more famous books.This is a good early reader book, even the expanded, revised edition of The Monster's Ring is very short and to the point offering up a lot for a little kid to love: rampant misbehavior, school mayhem, late-night adventures, all made possible by a ring purchased with pocket change from a spooky little shop.The rewriting introduced the talking rats [...]

    24. I recently just re-read this from my library. I remember reading this as a kid and loving it. I remember this one part when three or four kids were gathered by something and it answered any question that they could ask, and this one young girl asked if she'd ever write a book when she grows up. The thing said yes. This is something that has been stuck in my head for years. Is one of the things that got me started in writing, before that I never thought that that it could be something that I coul [...]

    25. I closed my eyes, grabbed a book on the shelf, and sat down and read the random book. Wow, I felt it was really good, only a bit basic for my grade. I recommend this book to 3-5. Too bad I am in 7th grade. I mean, I still loved this book because it brought out my little scared side and was way easy for me to read! I rated this book four stars because for someone like me, who rates a book by starting at five stars, then taking one off for something I don't like about it, found that the bullying i [...]

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