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It Had to Be You

It Had to Be You When year old Binki Grayson is offered a Christmas bonus by her boss at the office party she didn t imagine he meant a quickie over his desk Things for Binki just go from bad to worse and by Christ

  • Title: It Had to Be You
  • Author: Lynda Renham
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: ebook
  • When 29 year old Binki Grayson is offered a Christmas bonus by her boss at the office party she didn t imagine he meant a quickie over his desk Things for Binki just go from bad to worse and by Christmas Day she is not only jobless but boyfriend less, so when she discovers her late Aunt Vera has left her something in her will she thinks things can only get better What shWhen 29 year old Binki Grayson is offered a Christmas bonus by her boss at the office party she didn t imagine he meant a quickie over his desk Things for Binki just go from bad to worse and by Christmas Day she is not only jobless but boyfriend less, so when she discovers her late Aunt Vera has left her something in her will she thinks things can only get better What she doesn t realise is that her inheritance comes with a complication by the name of William Ellis A mishmash of misunderstandings, sex shop escapades, high finance and a blooming romance make It Had to Be You another hilarious romantic comedy by the uproarious Lynda Renham.

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      336 Lynda Renham
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    1 thought on “It Had to Be You

    1. I love love loooooove this novel binki & william are one of the cutest couples and their story is so beautiful . She is funny he is rude & together they make the perfect love story . Oh and the ending was just FABULOUS. P.s maybe the book description let you think its an original chic lit nothing new blah blah blah. I'm so very glad to tell you it's not , trust me it's full of surprises, funny moments , shocks and love. X

    2. This book was just ok. The whole idea behind the story seemed so intriguing, so maybe I was just let down from the high expectation I had in my head. :(Binki thought everything was swell. It was Christmas Eve, and her boss invited her to his office to give her a Christmas Bonus. Apparently their definitions of "Christmas Bonus" meant different things- for Binki, it meant an envelope filled with cash. For her boss, it meant sex on his desk. Left with no choice but to quit, Binki goes home to seek [...]

    3. Some books you can see whats going to come when you turn the page, however, this never happens in any of Lynda's books and the new one is no exception.Binki (god knows where Lynda got that name from!) is a character that is like most girls we know, totally ditsy and a helpless romantic. Add the other characters and I couldn't decide if I should be laughing or swooning. of the time I was doing both! The humor never stops with the action and one liners, which most of us wish we could think of. Abs [...]

    4. Overall rating: 5 starsGenre: Chick LitPlot: 10/10Ending: 6/10Writing: 9/10Hero: 8/10Heroine: 9/10Humour: 8/10Feels: 10/10HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]

    5. I've read several books by this author, but this one was probably my least favorite. I didn't really click with the main character and I thought her best friend didn't really act like a best friend and sabotaged her a lot. Lynda Renham is a great author - I highly recommend reading some of her other books.

    6. Good!!Fantastic story!! Love works is some strange circles!! Sometimes elderly people have an insight to the future that is beyond our understanding!!!

    7. Summer’s here, the sun’s out, the birds are chirping and everyone has their sunnies and flip flops out! To mark the coming of summer, there are some amazing summer reads out and one of these happens to be Lynda Renham’s hysterically funny, witty and mood lifting novel ‘It Had To Be You’. Lynda’s forte has always been humorous romances and she does not fail to impress this time around with her latest offering.‘It Had To Be You’ is hapless heroine Binki Grayson’s story. Binki is [...]

    8. Binki Grayson has had the worse Christmas season ever. When offered a bonus at work she didn’t realize it meant she had to have a quickie with her wart nosed boss, so she quits her job. After quitting her job, she heads home early and finds her boyfriend balancing a bimbo on his balls so they break up. Breaking up is the cause of her no longer having a place to live, since they share their high rent loft. Finally she thinks something is going her way when her Aunt Vera leaves her something in [...]

    9. Firstly I’d like to thank Raucous Publishing for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review. I absolutely love Lynda Renham’s books as you can tell from my previous reviews on my blog. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of fun and laughter was waiting for me in this book!Wow I certainly wasn’t disappointed – I was laughing out loud at the very first chapter, Lynda’s familiar, humorous writing style simply sparked off the page at me. Binki’s (what a fabulous name) life se [...]

    10. Another five star read from Lynda Renham. This book should come with a warning - reading this may give you a stitch from laughing so hard. If you're feeling low you won't be for long - laughter is therapy, right? Only Lynda could come up with someone as misfortunate as Binki. Someone who could lose her job, get a parking ticket and lose her boyfriend all in one day and just before Christmas. Of course, when Binki finds out about her inheritance the process is far from smooth. You gotta love Bink [...]

    11. Fun plot.   Binki and William (who are not related) are thrown into a unique housing arrangement when Aunt Vera leaves her house to both of them.    It is a bit funny and I didn’t want to put it down.   I thought the first couple chapters were a bit boring but once Binki and William meet at the house “Driftwood”, it picks up from there.  You can tell that there is chemistry between the two.  I would have given this a higher rating if I liked the writing style. It seems almost juve [...]

    12. it was an entertaining enough read, but my pet hate in books is weird names, Binki, why?! even though they addressed it constantly in the book it seemed so unnecessary and her friends name was Muffy!! that's even worse! everyone else had normal names. it was hard to picture Binki as an attractive woman, her chocoholic tendencies became very irritating, she never stopped eating! she wrote most of the characters well, Oliver came across as a tosser, William as a less sexual Christian Grey, but muf [...]

    13. One of these days, I'll stop reading this cr@p. I won't, because every now and then, there's a good one. This one obviously was NOT. Painful. Three's Company. Annoying, weak, and stupid characters. Beyond thin plot. Horrible internal babbling monologues. Awful parents and friends.It's cheap, but you don't have to read this one, trust me. Perhaps I should make a list of the 1/20 of this genre that are with it. (Oh, go read the Lianne Moriarty. Only one of hers was so-so; the others were good.)

    14. A perfect example of first class chick lit. The story of Binki who loses her job, her boyfriend and her home only to gain William was well written and funny. likeable characters which I wanted to believe in. a great way of spending a few hours indulged in their world. this author really makes me smile with her writing. cannot wait for the next book. would definitely recommend to others who enjoy this type of book. Great for reading in between heavier stories and very hard to put down!

    15. This is the second book I read of Lynda's and I have to say that I was not as impressed. Binki's bitterness was a little too much and I didn't understand why William fell in love with her. Also, I think I would have liked knowing what was going on in William's head, rather than being a one-sided story. However, since it ended the way I wanted it to from the beginning, I will be a little forgiving in my review and give it a 4!

    16. I quite enjoyed this, I love British humor I can't help it! Decent characters, funny plot line, and a few heart wrenching moments - so yes your typical chick-lit for sure. There were a couple times that i wanted to smack the main character in the head but that's a usual with me and women in stories who act dumb and make dumb decisions lol. Over all a decent read !

    17. One of my favorite's of the year. This is the second book I've read y Lynda Renham and I'm now an addict. It was light, fun, and laugh out loud funny. I'm an American who is now finding myself saying things like bollocks and such in my daily conversation because of how much I've devoured these books.

    18. Excellent!!!!I find myself wishing that this book did not end. I want to know what happens to Binki now. This was truly a funny story and I found myself wishing I had a William in my own life.

    19. Absolutely hilariousI loved reading this book, I could’t stop laughing. Loved Binki and William story and I definitely could relate with some situations in the book. I believe most women can, can’t they?I truly award this book with 5 mega stars!!!

    20. Wish there was another one like this!Wish there was another one like this!I am so sad this book ended! I do wish there was a little more book of the two of them but hey I will settle for reading this book again!

    21. Pure chick lit. Breezed through it and enjoyed the few hours of entertainment. Even had a few laugh out loud moments. I would try another by this author

    22. Loved itVery easy read for summer. Enjoyed it on my summer vacation. Can't wait to read more of her books this summer.

    23. It Had To Be YouFantastic, really enjoyed your book. The story had me feeling like I was there. Funny and delightful. Thanks for a good read.

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