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The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor

The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor The story entails the bride of the fictional Lord Robert St Simon disappearing on the day of their marriage She attends and participates in the wedding but disappears from the reception There are man

  • Title: The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: 9781425474126
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story entails the bride of the fictional Lord Robert St Simon disappearing on the day of their marriage She attends and participates in the wedding, but disappears from the reception There are many questions that Holmes must sift through.

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      115 Arthur Conan Doyle
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    1 thought on “The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor

    1. In this Sherlock Holmes tale, Lord St. Simon's (rich) American wife disappeared during the wedding breakfast, right after they were married. It was kind of a marriage of convenience (the American wife gets a noble title; the English aristocrat gets a much-needed infusion of cash from her dowry). But St. Simon can't figure out why his wife Hatty disappeared. Was she upset by running into his former mistress? Did Hatty's tomboy upbringing have anything to do with her disappearance? It's not really [...]

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    3. على الرغم من أنني أعتبر مغامرات شيرلوك هولمز كالشوكولاتة وأستخدمها تماما كالشوكولاتة لتحسين المِزاج، وتعتبر من القراءات الخفيفة المُسلية والممتعة جدا، إلا أنها لا تخلو من إفادة ولا تخلو من معلومة تاريخية ربما كانت مضحكة هنا واتسون يلزم منزله لإصابة قديمة حدثت له في أفغانس [...]

    4. This one was pretty good, though predictable. I figured out the solution/ending quicker than Sherlock, and this is one I hadn't read previously.Holmes is asked to discover why a young American bride, who'd just married a titled, but fairly poor member of the nobility(This was a fairly common occurrence in late 1800's England. Witness the marriage, in Downton Abbey, of Lord Grantham, Robert Crawley to Cora Levinson, daughter of an American millionaire in 1890. Yes, it's fiction, but based on what [...]

    5. Otro ejemplo de relato de Holmes donde la acción transcurre únicamente en Baker Street ya que a su protagonista no le hace falta levantarse del asiento para averiguar que ocurre.Se lee rápido y aunque no sea emocionante como "La banda de lunares" es un cuento muy digno y con giros de trama interesantes. Como curiosidad, se puede observar aquí algunos comportamientos de Holmes que denotan su falta de sensibilidad social, fruto de haber pasado toda su vida intentando mejorar sus dotes detectiv [...]

    6. 5 Words: Perfect length for a cuppa.Ooh I'm getting better at this. I managed to work is out around about half way! Go me :DI do feel sorry for St Simon though.

    7. I think that this was a very engaging story, which I enjoyed. It was curious as to how the wife disappeared and the real story behind it, so I really enjoyed this one!

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    9. Es ciwrto que el problema que se le plantea a Holmes en esta ocasión parece muy complejo y al final su resolución es muy simple, pero ahí precisamente radica el talento de Sherlock Holmes, hacer que lo difícil se torne fácil gracias a sus dotes deductivas. Al leer esta aventura, Conan Doyle consigue qie pensemos: "yo también tendría que haberme dado cuenta pero no lo he hecho".Al menos a mí me ha pasado eso, lo cual no es poco

    10. Lestrade: "They have been identified as her clothes, and it seemed to me that if the clothes were there the body would not be far off."Holmes: "By the same brilliant reasoning, every man's body is to be found in the neighbourhood of hiswardrobe."Loved the spat between these two, it sure was entertaining :)

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    12. This short story wasn't as dark as the usual ones that Sherlock Holmes gets involved in or solves, this wasn't about murder more just the mysterious kind.Well The Noble Bachelor was about royal aristocrats requesting Sherlock Holmes's help in discovering where a mans bride disappeared to after their wedding and during their wedding breakfast, whilst that's not unusual to happen now back then it was probably more so. Needless to say Sherlock as always showed his uncanny skills and ability to solv [...]

    13. "فنحن لا نستطيع التحكم بقلوبنا ولكن نستطيع السيطرة على أفعالنا"مغامرات شيرلوك هولمز من كتب الجيب أعتبرها مثل وقت فاصل لتحسين المزاج كرؤية حلقة مسلسل مفضّل مثلا! أو ربما كالشوكلاتة ;p خفيفة جداً ومسلية وبنفس الوقت تشغّل العقل والنهاية غير متوقعة، بعد أن انتهى هولمز من حل القض [...]

    14. A short and sweet tale.When the bride disappears from her own wedding reception, Holmes is called to find out how and why she vanished. Of course, Sherlock deduces the answers swiftly and with very little effort. A shame that (spoiler!) the groom is left empty handed at the end of the day. Poor thing.

    15. I was disappointed by this one. Good setup, but not much in the way of payoff. At least one coincidence, convenient for the author, was implausible. The story was somewhat redeemed by some enjoyable character moments, especially Holmes' cockiness.

    16. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was a fun ride full of interesting mysteries that I mostly solved with easy but still story by story this eccentric detective grew on me and I found myself truly enjoying a book after a long reading slump that was on and off during the whole year.

    17. 3.5 StarsThis one felt really short and the mystery was a brisk one, and of simple means.

    18. - "يُقال أن الوقائع الكاملة لا تُعرض على العامة قط !" تلك الرواية التي نجد فيها (شارلوك هولمز) الذي لا يُحب عادةً الدعوات الاجتماعية ، لأنه يرى أنها تُسبب الملل أو تحمل المرء على النفاق •• اللورد روبرت والسنغهام سينت سايمون ، الابن الثاني للدوق بالمورال ، ولد عام 1846 ، وكان وكيل [...]

    19. الرائع في قضايا شارلوك هولمز أنها خفيفة جدا و مريحة للعقل، مع أنها تجعلني أحاول أن أسبق شارلوك هولمز في الإستنتاج، إلاّ أنّ المعلومات التي يقدمها آرثر كونان دويل للقارئ ليست كافية ربما اكتسبت هذه العادة (أقصد عادة محاولة كشف الجريمة أو حل اللغز)، من خلال كتب أجاثا كريستي الت [...]

    20. The best part of this reread I am doing is remembering how good usually forgotten stories are. This one was so funny. Bored Watson with his newspaper collection, the slightly comical narrative description of their client, cocky Sherlock and Lestade interactions and the overly flamboyant dinner at the end just. I thought you didn't like showy detectives Sherlock?

    21. Definitely not the best case of Sherlock Holmes, pretty boring and dull in my opinion. The case does not have any kind of curiosity that is what usually drives Sherlock in the case, I'm actually even surprised he accepts, as he already knows the answer even without anyone telling him the peculiarities of the case.

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    23. I liked this overall. It becomes apparent right away that this is not the brilliant Doyle but I give the co-author credit for a well-written Holmesian mystery. Well crafted with intriguing characters make this a solid read. My Rating: 4.5 stars

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