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Bewitched in Oz

Bewitched in Oz When Zerie Greenapple s friend is arrested for using her magic she knows she must do everything she can to protect her own magiceven if it means traversing the dangerous landscapes of Oz and encounte

  • Title: Bewitched in Oz
  • Author: Laura J. Burns
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Zerie Greenapple s friend is arrested for using her magic, she knows she must do everything she can to protect her own magiceven if it means traversing the dangerous landscapes of Oz and encountering strange creatures along the way Zerie and two friends set out to find Glinda the Good, in the hope that she can help them defeat the evil Princess Ozma But what theyWhen Zerie Greenapple s friend is arrested for using her magic, she knows she must do everything she can to protect her own magiceven if it means traversing the dangerous landscapes of Oz and encountering strange creatures along the way Zerie and two friends set out to find Glinda the Good, in the hope that she can help them defeat the evil Princess Ozma But what they experience on their journey might just tear them apart Will magic be enough to save these three friends

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    1 thought on “Bewitched in Oz

    1. When I was a little girl I so loved the Wizard of Oz. It came on one per year and my sisters and I never missed it. I remember when we got our first color tv set (yes I'm showing my age). That movie became magic. I was thrilled to recieve this ARC since it took place in the land of Oz. The thing isI was really bored with the story. I think maybe very young kids might somewhat like it. I think the girls that are wrote about are supposed to be teenagers, it's written very childish though. I think [...]

    2. 1.5 stars Arc provided by Capstone Press through NetgalleyMy biggest question reading this: To whom is this story destined?I'm afraid children's fiction is a somewhat vague reference, and with this cover, I was expecting something at least more middle grade oriented, if not YA.That was my first mistake. In reality this story is directed to a public of 9 to 13 but I'm afraid that aiming it at an audience of 12, 13 years old may be pushing it.In fact, I believe that this tale will be better apprec [...]

    3. When I found this book on NetGalley, I became super excited - I mean, it's a book set in Oz - how could I not want to read this? Then I saw some of the reviews on a few book social networks and it made me sad - a couple of people disliked it so much that they gave it a 1 star. Well, I completely disagree. This book was so much fun and, yeah, it was written for younger people, but that was part of what was so much fun about it. I really enjoyed the adventure they undertook and the people they met [...]

    4. I received an ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.As someone who has watched The Wizard of Oz countless of times and seen Wicked on Broadway twice, I honestly have to give 4 stars on this one. I have got to say I wasn't sure what to expect with this book. But wow, it really blew my expectations out of the water. Let me be honest with you all, I do NOT bother to read a book if the synopsis doesn't capture my attention. Now, I was pleasantly surprised that the book dove right into [...]

    5. This book is pretty faithful to the original Oz series. There are several references to places like Bunbury and Big Enough Mountain, the Glass Cat plays a significant role, and some of the author's original ideas fit in well with Oz as L. Frank Baum developed it. There are some aspects that don't really fit with the main series, however. It's revealed in the first book that Ozma's magic ban was actually just so she could find people with magical talents to help her out, and Bungle claims to have [...]

    6. Zerie Greenapple has a magical talent—she can move really fast, and make other things move really fast—but magic is outlawed in Oz; Princess Ozma arrests anyone showing magic and forces them into the Forbidden Fountain, whose waters will make them forget everything. Zerie and her friends Tabitha and Vashti, however, resent not being able to use their talents and practice in secret, later joined by Brink. When Ozma finds out about them, though, they are forced to flee through the dangers of Q [...]

    7. I was very disappointed with this book. Maybe it was because I was expecting something more Young Adult level in terms of characters, language in plot, or because it was extremely babyish even if considered as middle grade. Also, the whole "Ozma outlaws magic and is basically destroying the minds of people who use it" plot never rang true to me. It is EXTREMELY out of character for Ozma and if you've ever read any of Baum's books, you'd know that. I just felt bored. Everything was so one-dimensi [...]

    8. I received an ARC, courtesy of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. The cover for this novel is absolutely gorgeous, and it is what made me want to read this book. I didn't know anything about the book when I started reading, but assumed based on the cover that it would be a YA or middle grade novel. It’s not. The target age range is questionable, because while the plot and narration “voice” are pretty basic, the main characters are established as being 16. There is a lot of repeti [...]

    9. UmmmhFound this one in the YA section of the library but it read like a kids book. The characters were pretty bland, the dialogue was stiff, and the plot was kinda boring. I mean it wasn't bad, but if you're above a third grade reading level you could probably find something better to read.

    10. This book was so cute! And a very quick read. I started it last night and just finished it. I enjoyed seeing a different side of Oz. I really like retellings of Wizard of Oz for some reason. I don't really know why.Anyway I loved seeing all the kids' talents expand. It was a neat little book that anyone who loves fairy tales will like. I just hate that the end hinted at another book but I haven't seen one yet.

    11. This book is about a girl named Zerie Greenapple who lives in the land of Oz where sorcery is forbidden. Her Mother and Grandmother had kept her powers hidden from the world for years until one day all of that changed. Zerie and her friends were in the woods one day practicing their magic when flying monkeys caught one of her friends using magic and captured her.

    12. The book itself was amazing, but the story ended in the middle of an action scene. I absolutely hate it when books do that, because, while you wait to get the next book, you lose some of the suspense and you occasionally forget some of the details of that scene.

    13. Bewitched in Oz ​by Laura J. Burns is a wonderful book for allages.Bewitched in Oz​ by Laura J. Burns is a great science fiction book which is about 255pages about a group of friends Zerie (the main character) and two other friends haveextraordinary powers such as flying, speed, and allusions. But the city of Oz has bannedthe use of magic. So when they are caught by the evil witch when they were practicingtheir magic they all ran away. And the book from there on out is about Zerie and herfri [...]

    14. First off, I'd like to say that I suspected Ned ever since he asked about Tabitha. Because Zerie interpreted that as him liking Tabitha, I knew it had to be something else, which could only mean he suspected them of witchcraft. Then, my suspicions were reinforced when the Glass Cat mentioned clockwork creatures were spies.I like Brink. He's funny, charming, encouraging, but I don't like how the storyline got so jumbled with love triangles and squares:Oh she likes this person. But wait, I like th [...]

    15. "friends are always strongest together"Bewitched in Oz may be set in the fantastical land L Frank Baum created and MGM brought to life in the 1939 film, but in Laura J Burns' book there are no wicked witches, brainless scarecrows, cowardly lions or tin men missing a heart. Bewitched in Oz manages to be a celebration of the original tale whilst containing enough creative ingredients to stand alone as a novel.There are some Oz characters Laura J Burns has chosen to retain in her story, like Ozma, [...]

    16. It's a good thing sometimes to fall down in childhood again and what could be better than to do it with a revisited tale or a cult history of your childhood? For me, the Magician of OZ it is full with good memories, it merry, is coloured, amusing, marvellous!! With this children novel, Laura J. Burns attacks a mastodon. We knows the characters, we knows how the things get from there, but she is able to astonish us with a continuation whose happened years later, with new rules and especially new [...]

    17. this book kept me really interested. I read it in about a day, I loved that it was a fast read. I loved that while reading it I got the feeling of a couple different fairytales of course wizard of oz and then also for some reason Hansel and Gretel, also the board game candy land lol.I didn't expect the ending and I thought I had it figured out but i didn'tere are a couple things I would change, I think the story needed a little more at the ending and in some places or did lag a little bit and I' [...]

    18. A great book, that gives you an image of what living in Oz would be like. Twists everything you thought you knew from the original story.

    19. My Thoughts – Zerie, Tabitha and Vashti all have a secret. The secret they share is magic. They each have a magical talent that they have been practicing for a few years. However, they aren’t suppose to practice magic. It’s been outlawed by the Princess Ozma the Ruler of Oz. It is said that those caught practicing magic will be forced into the forbidden fountain and it will wash away their magic. It will make them not remember it, who they are or anything else about themselves.Ned and Br [...]

    20. A different book to what I ‘ve been reading lately , I wanted to give a little variety to my challenge , you know, go in search of new horizons. I received an uncorrected copy of Bewitched in Oz by Laura J. Burns, the cover drew me (It’s beautiful , I mean a redhead, that eye, and the title), I read the synopsis and decided to give it a try .Well this story had divided me , has interesting things on that road was YA but then I took a turn to a more minor degree , sometimes entertaining to me [...]

    21. Zerie has been told to hide her magic. It is against the law for any of the common people to practice magic. If they are caught, the magic is taken from them and in the process some of their memories disappear also. Zerie and her two closest friends all have magic and are secretly practicing with each other. When a flying monkey takes away one of the girls, Zerie and two companions set out to find Glinda the Good. They have been told that she is the only one who can help them against the Princes [...]

    22. It was difficult to determine the intended audience for this book. The cover art is designed to appeal to teens. Capstone Press aimed for a readership between the ages of 9-13. Readers familiar with the full-length novels written by L. Frank Baum will recognize that “Bewitched in Oz” is written in a similar style. Does this make it children’s fiction?If you are able to pick this book without any expectations, you will be pleasantly surprised. Burns jumps right into the action and the world [...]

    23. I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I love the wizard of oz. I thought this would hold all the same magic, it did to an extent, but it was lacking slightly for me. The writing was a little too childish for young adult, and the plot was a little predictable and did not flow as well as it could.It has a great concept and with a little polishing could be a great book. Saying that I did enjoy the story and was glad to be transported back to the wonderfu [...]

    24. Re-read to refresh my memory before starting the next book in the series. The last review pretty much still stands.September 2014 review:I'm a huge Oz fan, so as soon as I saw a new book set in my favourite imaginary land, I jumped at it. The storyline intrigued me as the description on the jacket set some of my memories on end - and encountering characters from the original books just made me want to run back and read them again.It is building on the Oz world that is this story's strength. Howe [...]

    25. Zerie Greenapple has a secret. She has magic in the land of Oz, where all magic has been forbidden. When she and her friends meet to practice their magic, they are betrayed and sent fleeing from Princess Ozma and her flying monkeys. They must reach Glenda to Good and convince her to protect them. But the way to the Emerald City is perilous and not everything is as it seems.The story is a bit boring and she doesn't really develop the setting, characters or plot very well. I would only give this t [...]

    26. Received from: CapstoneReceived Via: NetGalley When Zeries friend Tabitha is taken by the winged Monkeys Zerie sets out with her friends Vashti and Brink to seek help from Glinda the goodI love stories involving the land of OZ so when I saw this on netgallery I couldn't request it fast enough. I enjoyed this book alot! I also really liked the characters they all had unique talents and I loved reading about them . I can see why people say it is directed towards a younger audience, but that didn't [...]

    27. In Oz, Zerie Greenapple discovers her magical powers, but she has to be careful when using them as Ozma of Oz has banned all forms of witchcraft. When one of Zerie's friends is captured, she and her friends go on a journey to see Glinda the Good, and protest this unfair ban, encountering many hazards, most notably the flying monkeys. An okay story for middle grade readers; Zerie and her friends soon discover things are not always what you think. The ending seemed to be hanging--not sure if this [...]

    28. Me encanta la portada de este libro, me encanta el libro en fisico y me encanta como esta diseñado pero PERO. no juzgues a un libro por su portada (sigh) y así fue en este caso.Primero la protagonista, no fue alguien que me motivara o me hiciera recordarlaNi el chico tampoco.Ni mucho menos la amiga.Solo el gato, si EL GATO tenia personalidad.No fue un mal libro porque tenia sus partes interesantes pero con el final fue como ¿¡Que?!, ¿osea que todo esto fue ?! QUE?!!!.Si algo asi.Pero reiter [...]

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