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Rise: Get Up and Live in God's Great Story

Rise Get Up and Live in God s Great Story Society says youth is a time for carefree self expression but Trip Lee says God has called everyone to RISE from slumber above low expectations and to live for the risen King The world tells us tha

  • Title: Rise: Get Up and Live in God's Great Story
  • Author: Trip Lee
  • ISBN: 9780529120991
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Society says youth is a time for carefree self expression, but Trip Lee says God has called everyone to RISE from slumber, above low expectations, and to live for the risen King The world tells us that our early years are to be irresponsibly enjoyed rather than devoted to meaningful pursuits We re told that responsibility and commitment are burdens to be put off as longSociety says youth is a time for carefree self expression, but Trip Lee says God has called everyone to RISE from slumber, above low expectations, and to live for the risen King The world tells us that our early years are to be irresponsibly enjoyed rather than devoted to meaningful pursuits We re told that responsibility and commitment are burdens to be put off as long as possible And so, most of us spend our youth in a sad state of slumber sleeping in on life until we re forced to get up The problem is that life has already begun It s happening right now And God has called you to live it.In this powerful book, Trip Lee argues it s time to wake up and RISE, to live the way we were created to live Young or old, we ve been called to live for Him Right now Young believers face the same problems as older Christians, but they feel them in unique ways RISE addresses those core problems in an engaging, profound, and life changing way.Don t just sit there RISE

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    1 thought on “Rise: Get Up and Live in God's Great Story

    1. Rise was a great read, and timely. TripLee writes this book geared towards young people, and many of the issues and topics he covers, such as being young, spiritual growth, God's plan for sex, fighting against sin, time being God's and not ours to squander, relates so much to those individuals between their mid teens and late twenties. I really appreciated the way Trip writes. In his words, “I've tried to write each chapter in a conversational way,” and I can say that he accomplished his goa [...]

    2. This is a great christian book for young people to read. It's amazing to see a young person love Jesus and live their life for Him. I would definitely recommend it to all. I will be buying this book for my pre-teen.

    3. I LOVED this book. I highlighted and underlined so much in this book and already know some people I want to encourage to read this. this book was totally encouraging, inspiring and I definitely felt challenged at points and like this book was written for me. just kinda like 'Hey! this is an aspect of your life you need to think about.' I'm really working on trying to focus on God in every aspect of my life again and this was so helpful and encouraging in that way.would highly recommend the read. [...]

    4. "This book is mainly aimed at young ChristiansI want this book to be one that skeptics and seekers can enjoy and understand as well. This book is split int three sections: getting up, growing up, and pointing up. The first section talks about what it means for each of us to embrace our role in God's story and rise to the calling. The second section talks about how to grow in the roles God has shown us. And the final section talks about how our rising points people to the glory of the God who rai [...]

    5. I am the wrong audience for this book. He explicitly states it's for young people who are young in their faith. I didn't have an issue with the points he was making, they were on point. His metaphors and examples didn't hit home with me though. I think I wanted more of his personal process and artistic life, but instead the autobiography was stretched to create generalized theological points. A good primer for Christian living, however, that I would recommend to a new, young Christian.

    6. I am not one of the young people that Trip Lee is aiming his book at but I still managed to learn a lot and be inspired by his writing!

    7. A book that speaks to the twenties that populate our church and calls them to seek greater things for themselves, spiritually, rising above expectations and to the occasion.

    8. When the book arrived in the mail I wasn't sure what to expect. On one hand this is a book written by a young hip-hop artist and I'm a graying 40 year old who prefers my music slow and steady. On the other hand, I heard so many good things about the book and right there on the cover, in between the title and the author's name, it says, "Forward by John Piper". Piper, for what it's worth, is more my speed. I get the sense that he and I probably enjoy the same kind of music. So why was his name on [...]

    9. [To read the full review with quotes from the book, visit my blog]To address the stereotype of apathy associated with Millennials, Trip Lee wrote Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story, a companion book to his latest album by the same name. This book is aimed right at young people, challenging them to live a holy life now, instead of waiting until later in life to “get serious about their faith.” Trip writes: “There are great benefits to living for Jesus in the present. Now is the ti [...]

    10. This book was so good, inspiring, and incredibly challenging. Trip Lee is not just an amazing rapper, but also a writer. Get up, young people and Rise!

    11. I loved this book. Trip Lee speaks in a powerful way that speaks to the mind and heart of today's generation. The reader can relate to Trip's stories and his problems as he ties those into bigger issues facing today's youth. This would be a great book for any young person to read.The book’s author, Trip Lee, writes in a generally informal fashion, meant to grab the attention of his key audience – teens and young adults. Despite his generally informal writing style, he does cite various sourc [...]

    12. This review first appears onThis was such a great book. While it is theological, it was powerful without being overbearing or preachy. While I've found myself reading a lot more theological fiction recently, not too many of them actually stick with me. This one did.I will say, I did not realize Trip was so young himself. But that's part of what makes this book so powerful, I think. Trip is talking to teens, young adults. I think so many times, kids don't want to listen to adults because they "do [...]

    13. I read Rise in exchange for honest review. I wanted to review the book because sometimes, we need to rise up and do the work of God, instead of thinking this life is all about us. In church on Sunday, we learned how Jesus died on the cross for us so we can live for him. He didn't give up his life so we can do our will. Not our will, but his. Jesus's death paid the ransom for sin, so we can live again.Lee started out discussing how his life had changed when he became a Christian as a teenager. I [...]

    14. Trip Lee is highly effective in describing the ups and downs of building a relationship with God and what it means to be a Christian in the Millennial Age. I strongly recommend this book to any believing (or non-believing) youth as this book was specifically written in a voice that would most appealing to. It would also be beneficial for Parents or really anyone who is nurturing young children or adults to read also as it may serve as a reference on how to discuss faith and Christianity with the [...]

    15. This book is a bold charge by one young man to other young people to rise above the lowered expectations placed on today's youth and to instead live passionately for the glory of God. He keeps the glory of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ front and center while speaking in a way that is both winsome and relatable to young adults. He offers up big ideas in small bites. Each chapter is about 10 pages on average. As a youth pastor, I believe this book will serve a a valuable resource for my studen [...]

    16. I enjoyed the conversational style of the book and Trip's sense of humor throughout the text. It's an easy read but he tells the truth though, no palatable, watered-down stuff here. 'Rise' was encouraging to me because I could relate to the state of slumber he's talking abouteeping in on life--literally and figuratively. For the past year, I often found myself in a cycle of apathy and dismay. Through it all, the Lord has kept me and continues to keep me even now. The book is convicting, challeng [...]

    17. I wish I could give this book two ratings; one for an actual critique of style, structure, and development and another for how valuable I think it is. My first rating would a low one; probably two stars. The book didn't exactly follow a theme nor did each chapter build on another. the chapters were just random topics that Trip felt like addressing. My second rating, however, would a pretty hight one; probably four or five stars. What Trip has to say is exactly what many young people need to hear [...]

    18. Trip Lee speaks directly to young people the truth of our millennial condition; delay, apathy and entitlement. He encourages us not to waste time, live in a way that pleases God, be grateful and love other people. He does this without being judgmental or preachy. I love that he covers issues others don't touch like porn addiction and young marriage. I especially like that he rejects the idea that you have to play and take it easy in your youth instead of getting serious about your faith and your [...]

    19. This is a 3.5 star book only because there were a few chapters in the middle that didn't really sit well with me.I will make this review more specific, but for now, I'll just say this:Trip was SPOT ON for most of the book. He was faithful to Scripture. He challenges Christians to BE Christians, to take God seriously, and to RISE to the call that they claim to live by. There were just a few places where I couldn't really agree with him and these few spots caused me to rate this book a little lowe [...]

    20. Accessible. Honest. Solid.Good book. I read it quickly, but there were many places that Trip's humble and biblical approach to self-analysis caused me to stop and think about my own life and walk with Christ. If you need an accessible but contemplative push to think about and make changes in your life, offered through the lens of a man doing the same thing with his, then this is the book for you.

    21. EncouragingTrip Lee has once again written a best seller. His use of examples and reference to his own life, and even how his elaboration creates a clear picture and better understanding throughout the book. I also LOVED how well he incorporated scriptures within the text. This book is helpful for anyone who needs a little motivation to Rise and make a difference or for those who are questioning their purpose in this world. It's definitely worth reading!!

    22. A Conversation with a PastorIt was full and encouraging and far-reaching. We talked about the need to rise now and the tricks that are being played by society to keep us hesitant to walk in the fullness of God. That fullness was wisely defined, smartly put into motion, and contextualized into the big picture. It was a pleasure to read, light but loaded, and felt like a conversation with a wise and down-to-earth Pastor.

    23. This book is just straight up fun to read. Not meant to be a scholarly look at any particular part of the Christian life; you won't find any word studies or treatises here - just a Christian guy, learning to walk out his love for Christ and others. If I had a young adult of my own, I couldn't be more excited to put this book into their hands. Even if you're not the categorical "young adult," which is my case, you should pick this up.

    24. I love this book. Tripp lee does not guard his boldness for glorifying our Lord. This is a genuine example of a love for Jesus. The author's encouragement for all children of God to 'rise up' and share our joy is motivating. I found myself talking to my Savior more than once while reading. I am sharing this book and Tripp Lees new album with the youth I know.

    25. This is an excellent book on sanctification and maturity. Trip lays down truth specially to university students and young adults to take up the calling of Christ and be a faithful worker in all areas of our life! Must read!

    26. Any Christian, whether brand new, returning, or just needs to re-motivated should read this book. Excellent read.

    27. A good mix of accessible, practical and relevant, Trip helps his readers understand how to lead a life that subscribes to something greater than 12-step programs.

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