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Spectre Next in the series that s part paranormal whodunit part urban fantasy Publishers Weekly by the author of Wraith Zo Martinique has the extraordinary ability to travel outside her body at will When she

  • Title: Spectre
  • Author: Phaedra Weldon
  • ISBN: 9780441015931
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Next in the series that s part paranormal whodunit, part urban fantasy Publishers Weekly by the author of Wraith.Zo Martinique has the extraordinary ability to travel outside her body at will When she is drawn into an investigation of a series of bizarre murders, in which the victims are missing body parts, Zo hopes to help her boyfriend, Atlanta homicide detectiveNext in the series that s part paranormal whodunit, part urban fantasy Publishers Weekly by the author of Wraith.Zo Martinique has the extraordinary ability to travel outside her body at will When she is drawn into an investigation of a series of bizarre murders, in which the victims are missing body parts, Zo hopes to help her boyfriend, Atlanta homicide detective Daniel Frasier, stop the killer one she s sure is from the darkest levels of the astral plane without letting him find out about her special abilities Then danger strikes close to home when Zo s mother disappears, and Zo must use all the powers at her command to save her even though Zo knows that, in doing so, she may make herself into something no longer entirely human.

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    1. Book Info: Genre: Urban Fantasy Reading Level: Adult Disclosure: I received the final book in this series, as well as the short story omnibus, from the author in exchange for an honest review. I purchased these earlier books for myself, but am happy to provide an honest review for them as well, as long as I’m reading them.Synopsis: Zoë Martinique has the extraordinary ability to travel outside her body at will. When she is drawn into an investigation of a series of bizarre murders, in which t [...]

    2. "Spectre" is the 2nd book in Phaedra Weldon's series about Zoe Martinique. Zoe isn't your ordinary 20-something girl. She can travel outside her body. She discovered this talent during a traumatic event as a teenager. In the first book in the series "Wraith", Zoe is trying, with some help from her new-age Mom and good friends, to use her talent for 'good' and still earn an income. After barely escaping with her life in book one, she's back in book 2 and still discovering new and freaky things ab [...]

    3. Hmm. Spectre feels less like a sequel to Wraith than a chapter two, if that makes any sense. Both books are full-sized novels, but they're so closely related that book two wouldn't make any sense without having read book 1 (and the novella in between). Unfortunately, Spectre ends on a cliff-hanger. I hate that. At least I know (from her blog) that Weldon is working on the third book. I can only hope that it comes out soon and wraps up all the loose threads without introducing new ones that aren' [...]

    4. **Next in the series that?s ?part paranormal whodunit, part urban fantasy? (*Publishers Weekly*) by the author of *Wraith*.**Zoë Martinique has the extraordinary ability to travel outside her body at will. When she is drawn into an investigation of a series of bizarre murders, in which the victims are missing body parts, Zoë hopes to help her boyfriend, Atlanta homicide detective Daniel Frasier, stop the killer? one she?s sure is from the darkest levels of the astral plane?without letting him [...]

    5. Actual rating 2.5 stars.*shakes head* These books confuse me. I liked this one about as much as the first one, and wasn't planning on continuing the series. Yet, the author managed to sort of draw me back in with the last 50 pages or so. :- | I hate it when books end with a cliffhanger. The part of me that just has to know what happens next (even if I didn't particularly care for the book) apparently will not be denied.I had many of the same problems with this book as I did the first book in the [...]

    6. As was with the first book, I found the second one slightly less confusing. Not having completely understood the plot of the first one I feel that I missed out on a lot because of the continuation of the story into the second book. I think that this plot was slightly less complicated and a little easier to understand. However, I still feel that there are just too many characters; every time I saw a name I couldn't remember I had to stop and think or go back and re-read to find out who they were [...]

    7. I liked this one better than the first probably because I sort of knew what was going on and jumped right back into the adventure. I must say that Zoe's inner monologue is highly irritating and just pulls you right out of the storyntal note: gasp!mental note: if Joe's testosterone screws up our date, I vote we beat himntal note: grab Mom by her boobs, and demand she talk to me about what the doctor saidmental note: this is fucked upThese mental notes pop up in every single chapter and are just a [...]

    8. The second book in the Zoe Martinique series, Spectre, continues to explore her developing Wraith powers and her budding relationship with Daniel, her love interest from the first novel.I ended up reading this book in two stages because I got busy with school. This may be the reason I didn’t enjoy the story as much as the first one. It’s still a great story, though! Zoe’s a little less quippy but the story’s a lot more serious so that’s to be expected. The mystery in Spectre is a bit m [...]

    9. Zoe seems to be coming to terms with her new abilities and recovering from the disaster of the last book. As she settles back into her life an old client that she failed to complete as assignment pops back up forcing her into a new assignment she'd rather not take. With the threat against her loved ones Zoe starts to investigate a congressman who looks to be heading for the senate. During her investigation she runs into people who have helped her before, allowing her to learn all sorts of new th [...]

    10. Zoe Martinique is back, still trying to find out about her heritage while playing working as a detective using her unusual ability to leave her body and spy on people. This time it seems she is hired to spy on people who are aware of her ability, and therefore are ready to thwart her at every turn.I actually did read the first book in the series ("Wraith" where she discovered her talent)and liked it, but it was a few years ago and I don't remember the details well. That's unfortunate because thi [...]

    11. 2.5I'd originally rated it three, but I can't remember why I rated this three stars except, perhaps, in that while it's not a 3 star book, per se, it is better than the first one which I rated 2 stars. (I tend to rate books in series against each other instead of as stand alone ratings )Anyway the inner monologue still painfully annoying the premise and actual plot still interesting.And I hate cliffhangers. Now I have to read the next one because I'm a completionist psycho person, or something. [...]

    12. Zoë Martinique hasn't been your ordinary still-single-but-looking twentysomething girl ever since she learned she has the extraordinary ability to travel outside of her body at will. As if that wasn't weird enough, she gained additional powers that not only freak her out but have done damage to her budding relationship with Atlanta Homicide detective Daniel Frasier. Zoë and Daniel are thrown back together when she's drawn into the investigation of a series of bizzare murders (the sort where bo [...]

    13. That was some truly awful grammar. So awful, it was incredibly distracting. This is the sequel to Wraith, which I believe I reviewed by merely outlining the plot of a stereotypical paranormal romance book. The series is a bit different, or at least started that way, because the main character is merely someone with the ability of astral travel and diabetes. That's about as 3-dimensional as you get for any of the characters, though. I decided to give it a second go with book 2, but I'm definitely [...]

    14. Awesome and hysterical. I love the way Zoe thinks! I love her new complication, you know the one she really doesn't want to think about, you know, THAT kiss! OMG! Awesome again. This leaves a definite cliff hanger and I'm drooling for the next book. Leave me hanging desperately! And Phaedra only just finished chapter 19 in the next onepout! We have so long to wait, drat! Oh and quotes, there weren't any, but she had plenty of thoughts that were wicked amazing but to actually get them you would a [...]

    15. Well, I liked this one better, MUCH BETTER, than the first. I didn't find Zoe nearly as irritating. Oh, she still got her body kidnapped a couple of times, and her soul was kidnapped and controlled, but it was easier to digest. The mystery part still had me saying WTH? There was a group, and a faction of that group, which both groups were originally part of another group that were doing experiments with astral travel and stones, but you didn't realize all the groups were after the stones and Zoe [...]

    16. Zoe Martinique is a wraith, an entity that can switch back and forth from the corporeal world. The author has created a world a little difficult to follow with all the different terms and eidelons which give people power and friends/family whose loyalty is hard to determine. It appears I jumped into the second book of the series so there are numerous references to events which occurred in the first book. There are numerous mentions of "hot monkey sex" which Zoe desires which made me think she mu [...]

    17. I am hesitant about rating this book. It was redundant and explained everything using pop references that will date the book. She established certain things that the beginning of the book that suddenly changed at the end. One example is Zoe's ability to be solid while out of her body. In the beginning she had to really think about it. At the end it suddenly became something she did naturally without thought. There was no lead up to it.I did really enjoy the characters, the fast pace of the story [...]

    18. It's been over a year since I read the first book (Wraith) in Phaedra Weldon's series about a young woman who can travel out of body. I liked this book a lot, it had some surprises, a bit of sexual tension (but no sex), murders,astral travelers, mysterious characters. There are at least two more in the series, so this book leaves open issues, but that's OK, it ties up the current mystery and leaves you looking forward to the next adventure.

    19. I didn't like this book as much as the first one because, frankly, it bored me at times. Also, the author just throws things into the story, with a by the way, that made me feel like I missed an entire book or 2. I still wish that Zoe would wise up and stop just walking into stupid things to make the plot go along. I also wish that there were more clue gathering that the reader found out about, instead of just learning things about 3/4 into the book.

    20. It seems to take me at least 50 pages to get into these books. I don't always like the abrupt change in the stream from one book to the next. It got better as I went on. It was very suspenseful and I was never sure what would happen next. Somethings come out of left field in her attempt to keep things surprising.

    21. Bought this off bargain table for beach read. I didn't realize it was part of a series. Will go back and read the first one. Zoe lives in Atlanta and has special abilities that allow her OOB experiences. There are good guys and bad guys and sometimes it's hard to tell who is which, but that's what makes it interesting. It was a fun, fast read - a little different than my usual fluff.

    22. I don't know why the average for this book is so low. I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed most of the >4 books. The protagonist is a bit annoying when she writes, considering it's highly abnormal for a 28yo to have the written english skill of a 4yo, but aside from that and a few continuity problems (which you usually don't notice) the book is very interesting.

    23. So, it had been long enough since I read the first one that I had a tough time remembering all of the details in the series; normally that doesn't happen to me, so I guess something about it was generic enough to blend into all of the other series I read. On the other hand, it kept me entertained while I read it, provoked some thought, and really, that's all that I ask of a fun book.

    24. In this book I wondered what the m/c was thinking. She refuses to tell Daniel her secret,and is attracted to Joe,whoknows what she is. I can't see sticking it out with someone who can't accept your trueself.

    25. Hmm. Okay. I like it, I like the whole concept, but I just don't follow this very well. The mystery/paranormal with sexual frustration twist is a lot of fun, just hope all the pieces fall together.

    26. I tried but gave up after 4 chapters and skimmed a bit of the rest. It's a shame because the story seems interesting and complex, again. But the style irritates me too much. Juvenile, inane chatter is not entertaining to me.

    27. Still love Zoe's spunk. Hate that I waited 3 years to read this book after reading the first one.Cliff hanger ending. Really need to find the the third book in the series and not wait so long to read it.

    28. It was okay. I didn't read the first one, though I don't think I really missed anything with that. If there is another, I will probably read it

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