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The Better Man

The Better Man For years Pocket Books Star Trek series has opened up a world of mega sales a world that continues to expand as the series passes the million copy mark In this all new Star Trek adventure Dr M

  • Title: The Better Man
  • Author: Howard Weinstein
  • ISBN: 9780671869120
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • For 15 years, Pocket Books Star Trek series has opened up a world of mega sales a world that continues to expand as the series passes the 40 million copy mark In this all new Star Trek adventure, Dr McCoy must save the life of the daughter he never knew.

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    • [PDF] Download ✓ The Better Man | by ☆ Howard Weinstein
      144 Howard Weinstein
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    1 thought on “The Better Man

    1. The world of Empyrea is a colony of genetically perfected human beings who have kept themselves apart from the growing Federation until fifteen years ago when a scientific facility was established on the planet to observe a nearby stellar phenomenon. The treaty allowing the facility is now ending and the council is refusing to allow the Federation scientists to remain so the two of the original contact team are sent back in an attempt to secure the future of the project. Ambassador (Former Starf [...]

    2. Well, this was interesting.Definitely calls to mind early episodes of TOS. Lots to unpack but not much time to do it in. The Empyreans say they've studied Nazis and the Eugenics Wars, but (as we eventually find out) are doing the exact same thing themselves. People are given a form of birth control until they are 18, and then those who don't measure up are promptly sterilized. Where have we heard that before?To give the novel some credit, the Empyreans are definitely not framed as the good guys [...]

    3. The Better Man takes place two years after the events in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. The story takes place in and around Stardates 7591.4 to 7598.5.Not too many of the Star trek books focus on Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. Even though he is one of the three main characters in the series, he has always been in the shadows of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. Finally, in this book, he gets to take center stage while his cohorts remain in the wings. I'm not saying that the captain and his first officer d [...]

    4. McCoy: "I should have told you about this in my quarters, not yours."Kirk: "Why? Some kind of weird protocol?"McCoy: "No, I've got a better liquor selection."Fresh from a refit, the Enterprise has been summoned to the planet Empyrea. Or rather, Dr. McCoy has. In his days as a young officer, he and his captain-buddy Mark Rousseau discovered there an isolationist colony of human beings, dedicated to perfecting their own gene pool. Though the Emyreans were stridently against outside contamination, [...]

    5. This would have been a 4 or even 5 star book, except for blatant errors in continuity. The story itself is quite good, focusing primarily on McCoy, although Spock and Scotty do have some very good moments as well.The continuity errors should have been caught by the editor (John Ordover), but I can only presume that he gave it only a cursory once over for spelling/punctuation since the author was "well known". There were numerous times where the book contradicted itself:- One of the Empyrians cla [...]

    6. Oy. McCoy versus a rival. That never ends well.The whole thing felt like set-up followed by a cop-out. It had an okay premise, but it just wasn't really all that great.The second star that boosted it from 'didn't like' is merely because of McCoy's moment of awesome near the end, where he talks down a psycho kid.

    7. Not many of the books focus on Dr. McCoy so this was a nice change of pace. Great story that showed a softer side of good ol' Bones.

    8. LovedI love books with McCoy. This was an interesting species. It surprised me that someone could sleep with someone 5 minutes sleeping with another

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