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My Brother's Keeper

My Brother s Keeper Mary Pope Osborne s book part of the relaunch of the My America series tells the story of Ginny a young girl who keeps a journal during the Civil War s Battle of Gettysburg Virginia Dickens has pr

  • Title: My Brother's Keeper
  • Author: Mary Pope Osborne
  • ISBN: 9780439369039
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mary Pope Osborne s book, part of the relaunch of the My America series, tells the story of Ginny , a young girl who keeps a journal during the Civil War s Battle of Gettysburg.Virginia Dickens has promised to keep a journal for her older brother Jed And Ginny finds plenty to write about Pennsylvania Volunteers arrive in the town square reporting a big battle in VirginiaMary Pope Osborne s book, part of the relaunch of the My America series, tells the story of Ginny , a young girl who keeps a journal during the Civil War s Battle of Gettysburg.Virginia Dickens has promised to keep a journal for her older brother Jed And Ginny finds plenty to write about Pennsylvania Volunteers arrive in the town square reporting a big battle in Virginia and calling for men to join their ranks Rumors fly that the Rebs are headed to Gettysburg, and the Battle of Gettysburg ensues Suddenly, Ginny s quiet town is filled with the injured.Ginny s brother Jed has joined the Union army, and they find him wounded in a makeshift hospital With Ginny s nursing, he recovers, and Ginny is is able to witness the President s Gettysburg Address.

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    1 thought on “My Brother's Keeper

    1. I enjoy these books because they are easy to read and you can get an idea of what it was like to live in the time period of all the events. this one is about a father and brother going off because the confederates are going to invade so the daughter stays behind. But the pa returns and brother did not so they go off looking for him and find him and bring him home. It was really good and detailed and its always neat that it is in a diary set up.

    2. I enjoyed this book a lot because this is my favorite genre. I'm going to describe the story. The story is about a young boy and his pa/dad going to war. They didn't come back until their sister/daughter came to find them. The daughter/sister was very scared until shes was brave enough to find them.I liked the character virginia because she was very brave and very smart as a young girl.This book is a must read.

    3. Written for a slightly younger age than Dear America, this is a good way to get young elementary kids into history. The writing is simple, prehaps overly so, but is very clear.

    4. I truly enjoyed reading this book. Having never read any of the "Dear America" series, I was not sure what to expect but the main character, Virgina is endearing. It is written in the style of a journal, which can be a great introduction to journal writing for a classroom. The setting of the story is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and tells the story of what happened during the 3 day battle there through the eyes of a child. Like a child, she is both interested and horrified by what is happening aroun [...]

    5. Osborne, Mary Pope. My Brother’s Keeper: Virginia’s Diary. New York: Inc, June 2000. Print. The book, My Brother’s Keeper, is a interesting story about a little girl in the Civil War. This book tell me a child in the Civil War what is her emotion about her family and how she exits herself. This book is also a nice instance for learning the history about the Civil War. The book has the hardcover, to protect inside, make me feel reality. There is a big picture for a little girl, Virginia, t [...]

    6. A children’s chapter book about a young girl named Virginia living in Gettysburg during the civil war and her experiences through this time in history. This is a great book that teaches children a bit of history during a very hard time for many people in our country. The book is filled with journal entries that she is writing for her brother who is off fighting in the war. It is her job to be able to inform him of everything that happened at home while he was away looking after her overall saf [...]

    7. This is one of the Dear America series of books but one of the earlier ones. It deals with a young girl living in Gettysburg at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg. It goes over how the Confederates were in the town, the arrival of the Union forces, and a description of the battle from a distance away.It also goes into something not generally covered elsewhere; that’s what happened to the injured soldiers after the battle was over and both armies had left. Their care was basically left up to [...]

    8. This book is told from the first person perspective of a 9 year old girl living in Gettysburg during the Battle of Gettysburg. I actually hesitate to give this book 4 stars. While it was well written, and historically accurate, there were a lot of details that I felt were inappropriate for children. The Battle of Gettysburg is not an easy subject for anyone, so I guess if one is going to write about it for children, this was probably the best it could be done. But I found myself surprised at the [...]

    9. This book was something that I didn’t feel attached to the characters as I do the ones I do in the Dear America series. To me the character Virginia never really changed throughout the story. Maybe that is why the story is more then one part. She seems to try and change but instead just whines through the book.The way it was written did not seem to connect to me as a reader. Yes the little girl is writing to amuse herself as her brother taught her but it should be a flowing story as well. I ju [...]

    10. The book I read for my book report was My Brother's Keeper Virginia's Diary. The author of this booke is Mary Pope. The genre of this book is fiction. This book is about a little girl that keeps a diary of the battle of Gettyburg. The battle came to the center of the biggest battle of the Civil War. She wonders if her father and brother will ever make it home from the battle. This battle was the hardest battle to fight in. In my opinion this book was a really good book if u like reading diarys. [...]

    11. This entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents. I find today's generations seem to recall more when they learn through other people (pop songs, celebrity gossip, etc.), so what better way to teach history than through someone else's perspective? Yes, "authentic" diaries would be "better", but would the language really hold the modern student's attention? Did the diary writer know what WOULD be important in the context of history? Probably not.

    12. I loved this book it is about a girl whose's brother goes to war and she keeps his journal for him untill he comes back.I do not remember much about this book. (8 & up) I can't rememeber much about this book, all I remember is that this girl thought her broter was dead. I know this was a good book for one it was Dear America for another it was historical fiction. I think everyone should read this. This is my favorite of the My America books.

    13. I've never read a Dear America book before(!!) and I tried very hard to like this one. My biggest problem was that it really seemed to be a modern girl in another time - would a girl in 1868 be able to write like that? Language has changed since then, you know (just look at the way girls talk in books actually written at that time, like the Alcott girls). So, on the whole, as a historian, unimpressed; as a reader of the appropriate age, probably more so.

    14. Mary Pope Osborne's book, part of the relaunch of the My America series, tells the story of Ginny , a young girl who keeps a journal during the Civil War's Battle of Gettysburg.Virginia Dickens has promised to keep a journal for her older brother Jed. And Ginny finds plenty to write about: Pennsylvania Volunteers arrive in the town square reporting a big battle in Virginia. Good book

    15. Virginia is a young girl living in Gettysburg during the Battle of Gettysburg. Her brother has to go to the country to help her uncle and leaves her his diary and asks her to be his eyes and ears while he is away.I would use this book to add depth to a history lesson. It is a book that makes you think about what it would have been like to be a child living through the Civil War.

    16. I love how these books can teach things in history in a way that makes you imagine you are there experiencing it,seeing what is happening around you. This can help reader relate and care for people and events in the past and understand what life was like then. This can help spark interest in learning history in a more personal way.

    17. The book is very good because it tells you what thing is happened to her. It tells when did she feels happy and when did she feels sad. It can gets my interest because I want to know more about her. It can help me write diary. It is about a girl who lives when it is civil war.She saw the soldiers were killed and hurt.Her life is full of adventures.You can find another review for book two.

    18. Reread this today. I have no idea how many times I've read it. It's been a lot.I'm twice the main character's age, got through the whole book in probably under 40 minutes, and it's still good.The reading level is far below mine but it has important things to say and says them well. It touched my heart.

    19. This is a story about a girl who lived in gettysburg during the civil war. She saw the fight that took place there and helped take care of the soldiers. She also helped her father find her brother. I would use this in a classroom when talking about the civil war. I would also use it to talk about how war affected the communitys.

    20. There is a little girl named Virginia thats 9 years old and her mom is dead. Now her dad and brother went to her uncle Jacks to help him hide his horses. But the bad thing is there is a war while her dad and brother are gone.

    21. I thought that this book was a good one. It was very descriptive of the surroundings and feelings of the Civil War.The main character was very good at showing what the feeling and emotions of the book was, and she made the book easy to understand. I would recommend this book for a quick read.

    22. I liked this better than the Dear America Civil War journal. I liked that this showed all of the horrors of the Homefront and how the battles took over towns and soldiers took over houses while dead and rotting bodies took over streets and fields.

    23. she just moved in and war is written every where her brother is called to come 2 war so she has to help her mom extra with the house (her sisters) and she hasent gotten any thing form her brother ."what if hes dead?" she will always ask

    24. A good simple read for children. As an elementary school teacher, I read this book so that I could include this in my lesson plans. The language is simple, and the book has a nice easy flow that makes it easy for children grades 4 and up to read.

    25. I loved this book! It was great to know that Mary Pope Osborne can write more than just "Magic Tree House". I love the town of Gettysburg, and have been there many times, and the way that Osborne writes really makes the history come to life.

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