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Fireflies The best selling author describes his teenage son s valiant but unsuccessful battle against bone cancer and relates the mystical and miraculous events that led the author to an understanding of the un

  • Title: Fireflies
  • Author: David Morrell
  • ISBN: 9780446675901
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • The best selling author describes his teenage son s valiant but unsuccessful battle against bone cancer and relates the mystical and miraculous events that led the author to an understanding of the undying quality of the human spirit Reprint.

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      160 David Morrell
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    1 thought on “Fireflies

    1. Every once in a while, I try to take a break from the usual mystery, thriller and shoot-'em-ups that make up my favorite genre of books. Admittedly, I'm pretty choosy about what I pick; anything that even smells like a romance novel or bodice-ripper, for instance, isn't even on my radar.Those that fall into the realm of tear-jerkers usually are avoided too. In this case, however, I decided to make an exception - even though for the life of me I can't think of anything worse than losing a child u [...]

    2. ''All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses,/And to die is different from what any one supposed.'' E=mc2 David Morrell tells his big loss in a passionate and inspiring story. It starts with this thrilling story (mostly non-fiction) and later explains more clearly the story and a part of what happened with him afterwards. Very strong written (so powerful) and on occasion it really hit me; I was hoping (while already knowing better), being disappointed, mourned for the loss for many, found wa [...]

    3. I never expected to love a book where I knew a fifteen year old boy was going to be dead by the end of it, but I did. The whole story was captivating, a beautiful combination of reality and imagination. The characters were almost to good to be true, yet they were. Matthew especially was outstanding, the kind of person everyone dreams of being. The kind of person who can stare down the barrel of death and not stop fighting. It was unbelievably heartbreaking yet unbelievably real. It was good bein [...]

    4. I didn't always understand what was going on as the author went from imagining himself to be an old man on his deathbed to being a young father trying to save his son. What was real? What was imagination? What I did understand, however, is that a bright young teen died way too soon. And his grieving father tried to make some sense of what happened by writing about the events that led up to his son's death from a rare form of cancer. I identified with a good deal of what was written. Like Morrell [...]

    5. Beautiful and sad memoir from one of my favorite authors of the death of his teenage son. While really describing the way it must feel to lose a child, he doesn't merely offer a linear memoir. David Morrell imagines a future scenario on his deathbed where he is supernaturally transported back in time, armed with the knowledge that might save his son, and given a second chance to save his life. Intensely personal and creative, this book also shares three omens near to his son's death that helped [...]

    6. Having met this author at a grief conference this summer, I was prepared for the drama and heartbreak of this story of his loss of his son to Ewings. Difficult to read, yet healing in a way because of the signs and messages he receives from his transitioned son, something every grieving parent has experienced in one form or another, and can appreciate as validation. The most tragic part of reading this book for me, is knowing that 15 years after his sons death, he will lose a grandaughter to the [...]

    7. A Grief ObservedThis is a profound book about facing and embracing grief honestly. David Morrell, Author of best-selling books like first blood and brotherhood of the Rose, tells his experience of losing his 15 year old son Matt to cancer in 1982. It is a journey from loss, through grief, and into hope changing the life of David and his family in powerful ways and helping them be a source of strength to others who grieve. It is also a story from agnosticism to faith. It's just a great book and I [...]

    8. Loved this. Parts were hard to read, because my mom almost died of cancer two years ago. But wow. to lose a son to cancer. I can't imagine. Loved this book. Glad the author went through the sorrow he had to relive the memories and write it. I loved how he told it to. Combining an element of fiction to tell such a great story. Excellence.

    9. The author lived in my neighborhood in Iowa City and he was notable as the writer of the character built on the film Rambo and as a professor at the University of Iowa.Fireflies is the story of his son, Matt, who was a few years younger than I and his heroic swift hopeless battle with Ewing's Sarcoma.

    10. At the time the Author's Son was being treated for cancer, my Grandfather was going through the same. Each time I read this book I am drawn back to the times I spent with my Grandfather while he was sick - the laughs we shared, the songs he would sing. Most memorable were the prayers - saying the rosary with him, amazed at how well he knew all the words to each prayer.

    11. Read this in college and it had a really strong impact on me - author's son died of cancer and he (author) subsequently had several "signs" after his death. Reread parts after Heather died brought a little comfort.

    12. This book is mostly, but not all, nonfiction. It tells the story of how Morrell lost his 15 year old son to a serious disease, and it is heart wrenching. I had a boy about the same age when I read it and it was very hard for me to get through. I really thought it was a powerful story.

    13. A moving and thought provoking account of a Father's grief at losing his teenage son to the horror of cancer.

    14. This story haunts me. It pops into my mind at the most unexpected moments. Its beautiful sadness makes it unforgettable.

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