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This Is How It Really Sounds

This Is How It Really Sounds In the lurid nightclubs of modern Shanghai infamous expat financier Peter Harrington is suddenly confronted by his past Investors he has ruined looming federal investigations and a remote but allur

  • Title: This Is How It Really Sounds
  • Author: Stuart Archer Cohen
  • ISBN: 9781250048820
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the lurid nightclubs of modern Shanghai, infamous expat financier Peter Harrington is suddenly confronted by his past Investors he has ruined, looming federal investigations, and a remote but alluring woman all converge on one hallucinatory night that ends in the labyrinth of an ancient Chinese garden On the other side of the ocean, chasing the last vapors and diminisIn the lurid nightclubs of modern Shanghai, infamous expat financier Peter Harrington is suddenly confronted by his past Investors he has ruined, looming federal investigations, and a remote but alluring woman all converge on one hallucinatory night that ends in the labyrinth of an ancient Chinese garden On the other side of the ocean, chasing the last vapors and diminishing sexual returns of fame in Los Angeles, faded rock star Pete Harrington is bankrupt With no band, no hits, and no money, he suddenly finds one last flash of brilliance that sets him on an absurd and epic quest for revenge Finally, there is Harry Harrington Raised in a world of snow, ice, and avalanches, Alaskan Harry Harrington is the greatest extreme skier on the planet A legend in a sport that few people have ever heard of, he descends from the slopes of Tahoe and Aspen to the sunny streets of Hollywood, looking for the connection that will change his life.Welcome to This Is How It Really Sounds, where the worlds of wealth, pop culture celebrity, and physical prowess collide in a supernatural realm that is shared between three men, each in search of his Other Life From an assassin moving through the treacherous streets of 1946 Shanghai to the twenty first century delirium of Internet fame, Stuart Archer Cohen s novel centers around a mysterious house that none of its denizens can fully remember, but none can ever forget Part satire, part revenge tale, part wilderness adventure with a heavy dash of noire espionage This Is How It Really Sounds explores the seductive power of the Other Life, and what happens when you finally grasp it.

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      182 Stuart Archer Cohen
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    1 thought on “This Is How It Really Sounds

    1. Terrific! Clever eloquence .lots of fund serious thinking! The plot is exciting with unexpected twistst the plot itself is only part of this story. The set-up at the 'beginning' -and the final pages at the 'end' - tie this novel together like a beautiful Holiday package with a sparkling bow on top. Pete Harrington, (rock star), goes to Shanghai to find Peter Harrington (financier), to "kick-the-crap" out of him. Pete is broke --and blames Peter. Peter Harrington cooked up some sort of bond fund [...]

    2. This book is vile propaganda for living a dull and undistinguished yet cozy domestic life instead of doing something ambitious, and as a person who chose option (a) I did not fail to appreciate that.Also, not without its flaws but pretty ridiculously entertaining, at least for me; I didn't really put it down until I was done, and it's not short. A sentimental caper novel, basically, with fun stuff like extreme skiing and Wall Street villainy, and some memorably lovely scenes set in Shanghai and [...]

    3. Actual rating: 4.5 stars.I read Stuart Archer Cohen's The Army of the Republic a few years ago and was tremendously impressed, so when St. Martin's Press offered me a Kindle copy of his latest novel in exchange for a review I was happy to accept.Looking over my review of the earlier novel, I see I took special notice of how, as the story unfolded, Cohen tied the lives and actions of three quite different characters together. Cohen has a gift for this sort of thing and it's on full display in Thi [...]

    4. (I'm going to skip the summary because you can get that anywhere.) My favorite thing about Cohen's books is the way he is able to show you how broad the world is by showing you the individual worlds of his characters. He has the ability to make you feel like you are in that person's life, seeing their triumphs and frustrations from their own perspective. The way he layers people and places and times is mesmerizing and evocative. The way that each of the men named Peter Harrington moves through l [...]

    5. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy of This is How it Really Sounds. I'm not sure that it's doing the author or the reader any favour to suggest that this is the next great American novel as some other reviewers have done on . I suggest reading this novel without any particular anticipation and taking the story as it comes on its own terms. And approaching it that way -- without any specific expectations -- it's an enjoyable and clever read. It's t [...]

    6. A great book! I love the concept of jumping into and exploring the lives of three people with the same name. The characters do come alive and their adventures are intriguing. My favorite thing about this book is that it makes you think and explore your own life. A good read.

    7. This is as close to the Great American Novel as anything I've read in recent memory. Cohen sticks this often-attempted-but-rarely-landed jump by creating three characters who share a common name (Peter Harrington) and passion for skiing, leading them down paths that intersect in unlikely ways and ultimately converge in a remote Alaskan town. On the surface, each Pete Harrington has little in common; one being a washed-up rock star, another a reviled Wall Street banker seeking anonymity in Shangh [...]

    8. This Is How It Really Sounds is a book about three men who share the name Peter Harrington. "Harry" Harrington is a former extreme skier, Pete Harrington a washed up rock star, and Peter Harrington is basically a Bernie Madoff-type who actually gets away with it. Having the three main characters connected by their shared same name was a creative twist--one that could have felt forced or heavy-handed, but never did. And I really loved all three Peter Harringtons. They were so different from each [...]

    9. This book is incredible! Stuart Archer Cohen deserves to be mentioned as one of the great literary voices of this century. As with his previous works, this novel has a clear, powerful voice, sends a well crafted message wrapped in literary excellence and is written with a ferocity and elegance that can now be known as classic Cohen writing. This is an engaging and thought provoking coming of age story that you'll never forget and may change your view on life forever as all great novels do. I wou [...]

    10. This is the second or third book by Stuart Cohen that I've read, and it makes me want to read and reread all of them. The environments are so richly detailed and interwoven into the story that they are as important to the narrative as the characters. Read it. Read them all.

    11. Novel set in Alaska, California, and Shanghai (the three Harringtons…)This Is How It Really Sounds is a very interesting book – and one to which I have returned in my mind several times over the past few days since I finished reading it. The three central characters all have the surname Harrington. There is Harry Harrington – a former top of the range extreme skier now based in Juneau, Alaska (which, incidentally, is where Stuart Archer Cohen lives…). Then there is Pete Harrington, a Los [...]

    12. My review published in The Asian Review of BooksThree men with the same name, scattered across Los Angeles, Shanghai (via New York) and Alaska, see their lives come together in a novel whose adventures zigzag across East and West.This is How it Really Sounds by Stuart Archer Cohen tells the intertwined stories of Pete Harrington, an aging rock star relegated to third-tier venues and teetering on the edge of either bankruptcy or a smash hit single; Peter Harrington, a financier who has fled New Y [...]

    13. The last book I read by Cohen I liked because I liked the content of the story. It had a lot of flaws, I thought, so I was not very excited to read this one. Cohen is a compelling storyteller, though, so once you start it is hard to put this book down. This follows three different people named Pete Harrington who all represent "Other Lives" of the others. The dialogue in this was much sharper than Army of the Republic and it made the characters that much more enjoyable. For the most part, though [...]

    14. this author has a remarkable voice. He writes a book that on the last page hits you with its delicacy and heartfelt depth. it travels the globe, seems to be about fame and money. Love it. read it. It's what a book should be.

    15. I'm giving this 4 stars because I enjoyed every word. The writing is crisp, the characters vivid and interesting, and the plot is mostly OK. After finishing, I felt that the ending was a bit contrived, but that's just me. I recommend giving it a try.

    16. I received this book as giveaway from and St. Martin's and, to be honest, expected little. I was pleasantly surprised. This was my first experience with Cohen's work and I found his style easy and engaging. While the construct of disparate people whose lives intersect isn't new I thought Cohen took the idea and put his own spin on it, especially in the final chapters.I found myself drawn into the lives of each of the Harringtons despite the fact that I had nothing in common with them. Each man [...]

    17. A mix of noir, adventure, diatribe and pastoral, Stuart Archer Cohen's This Is How It Really Sounds zigs and zags across the globe in telling its tale of similarly named characters and how they strive to find what they're seeking but, upon attaining it, realize that maybe that's not what they were looking for in the first place.Pete Harrington, an aging rock star who hasn't had a hit in years, has lost most of his fortune after it was invested in a fund managed by Peter Harrington. Peter Harring [...]

    18. "Cohen also expertly uses recurring motifs — a warm, welcoming home and even a magazine advertisement — to unite his stories and transport readers seamlessly from one character to the other. By setting such everyday motifs in different lives and different situations, (the magazine ad, for example, shows up both in Shanghai and Alaska), the reader is left to connect the dots — to imagine not just the novel’s three central characters but to adopt a wide-angle perspective and marvel at the [...]

    19. This is How it Really Sounds by Stuart Archer CohenFollow three men who share the same name as their lives intersect through China, California and Alaska. Peter Harrington is a Wall Street banker who made millions off of other’s misfortunes while looking for “The Other Life”, while Pete Harrington is a washed up rock star looking for revenge and a comeback and finally Harry Harrington is a simple man who was once the greatest extreme skier in the world.I was first interested in this book b [...]

    20. In disclosure this was a first reads book. "This is How it Really Sounds" explores the lives of three men with the same name, and their possible lives. Call it midlife, but lately I have found myself asking if I'm really living the life I should be, or should I have made other choices. What life would I be living if I had chosen differently. "This is how it Really Sounds" it about that moment something clicks with how things are and the realization of what the other life would be if we made chan [...]

    21. I didn't even bother finishing this. I read about 120 pages before I gave up. The major theme is the problems and discontent that come with fame and fortune. All of the characters and rich and famous, but unhappy. This sounds like it could be interesting, but it really came off as whiney. The writing is sympathetic to incredibly boring and unsympathetic characters, and I did not feel the same way. The author wrote very dislike able characters, yet still tried to make the reader like them, and fa [...]

    22. I read this book for an assignment for my internship. If it hadn't been an assignment, I don't think I would have read it all the way through. The prose jumps around from character to character, which is usually great, but none of their plots ever really finish. The exposition is pretty good--but always incomplete. Even the ending doesn't end right, just trails off, leaving you thinking there's more, but there's not, and it's confusing to boot at the end. I'm not sure what Cohen was trying to ac [...]

    23. Definitely not a book I'd read again. The concept was really cool at first through having the three different characters lives intersect, but about halfway through the book I grew to find it quite dry and overall just really boring. If you're interested in reading it, go right ahead! I think that if you'r eone to really have the time to sit down and delve into a book like this, it's definitely the book for you. On the other hand, if you're like me and literally have only 10 minutes of your day t [...]

    24. Three men, all with the same name, as different as night and day. Three stories overlapping at times, and links between these men, makes for an interesting story. While this was an enjoyable read, it was at times a bit hard to follow as the story shift focus between each. The characters are so well developed and complex that you are drawn into their lives. Their shortcomings are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. My only criticism is a lack of closure.

    25. Entertaining, fast-moving book about 3 men who happen to have the same name, how their lives intertwine and intersect, and by extension how we all do, the great and the small, the rich, the famous, and the not so much. A glamorous story on the face of it, it is really about the things we choose to value and the choices we make and how those choices affect our own lives and the lives of people we likely will never meet. I highly recommend it!

    26. The gaps in between the bigger bits of this novel I found to be the most satisfying. The theme of identity, fame, and strangely, feeling sorry for wealthy white men all coalesce into this narrative of security and what the end is and what it will cost and what you will piss away in order to learn that.

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