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The Great Siege: Malta 1565

The Great Siege Malta A thrilling cinematic account of the siege of Malta as it s never been told before Suleiman the Magnificent the most powerful ruler in the world was determined to conquer Europe Only one thing stoo

  • Title: The Great Siege: Malta 1565
  • Author: Ernle Bradford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A thrilling, cinematic account of the siege of Malta as it s never been told before Suleiman the Magnificent, the most powerful ruler in the world, was determined to conquer Europe Only one thing stood in his way a dot of an island in the Mediterranean called Malta, occupied by the Knights of St John, the cream of the warriors of the Holy Roman Empire A clash of civiliA thrilling, cinematic account of the siege of Malta as it s never been told before Suleiman the Magnificent, the most powerful ruler in the world, was determined to conquer Europe Only one thing stood in his way a dot of an island in the Mediterranean called Malta, occupied by the Knights of St John, the cream of the warriors of the Holy Roman Empire A clash of civilizations the likes of which had not been seen since Persia invaded Greece was shaping up Determined to capture Malta and use its port to launch operations against Europe, Suleiman sent an armada and an overwhelming army A few thousand defenders in Fort St Elmo fought to the last man, enduring cruel hardships When they captured the fort, the Turks took no prisoners and mutilated the defenders bodies Grand Master La Vallette of the Knights reciprocated by decapitating his Turkish prisoners and using their heads to cannonade the enemy Then the battle for Malta began in earnest no quarter asked, none given The Great Siege recalls a clash of civilizations, the likes of which had not been seen since the time of Alexander the Great This detailed and accessible narrative will delight readers of history as well as fans of films such as Braveheart and Ben Hur.

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    1 thought on “The Great Siege: Malta 1565

    1. ”The Great Siege of Malta was one of the decisive actions in the history of the Mediterranean—indeed, of the Western World. ‘Nothing is better known than the siege of Malta,’ remarked Voltaire.” Reading about the Great Siege of Malta in 1565 kept me up way past my bedtime last night. What an interesting and indeed thrilling account of this momentous event.At the age of seventy, Suleiman(1) the Magnificent, mighty leader of the Ottoman Empire, cast his eyes on Malta, stepping stone to t [...]

    2. Now that was a hell of a siege! I picked up The Great Siege: Malta 1565 by Ernle Bradford without knowing much about Malta and nothing about the siege of 1565. The book isn't too long and I figured it would be a nice diversion. It proved to be WAY more than that!The Ottoman Empire tried to invade the island of Malta, then held by the Knights Hospitaller, as a means to set up a base for their fleet in order to make further attacks upon western Europe. The Knights and their stalwart allies the nat [...]

    3. I always get excited over any sea battle that utilizes wild fire!An absolute massacre how can any victor truly be proclaimed? The Knights of St. John against the Turks LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! Probably the bloodiest religious battle of the ages consisting of some serious siege craft.

    4. Glorious bloody Renaissance warfare at it's best!!This non fiction book flowed like a story and was incredibly entertaining for me. The battles scenes were brutally descriptive and the author painted a really great description of the key players on both sides. Highly recommended for any fan of history and/or military stories.

    5. Ernle Bradford's book on the Turkish siege of Malta in 1565 is not a detailed scholarly study of the subject, though the subject could use one. However, it is a fairly thorough look at the subject from the Hospitallar's viewpoint. There is some examination of the Turkish and Spanish activities and reasoning, but this is a more minor part of the book, which is focused on the siege itself. There is also a little about the native Maltese, but Bradford points out that their activities mostly only li [...]

    6. 10 JUL 2017 - a small treasure found whilst unpacking.14 JULY 2017 - I read past my bed-time and during lunch at work. I loved this one!

    7. Few history books grip the reader so well. It is fast-paced, and you keep abreast of one of the more important siege battles in history.I first read this book in 1998, and could not put it down. I've now read it a second time, and it had the same effect. Could not put it down until it was finished. What else can you expect?A group of Christian knights, plus about 8,000 Maltese against the might of the Ottoman Empire. And so determined were the Christians to halt the Islamic movement westward, th [...]

    8. Good history of the dramatic attack on Malta in 1565. Each side has a larger-than-life leader to anchor the story. Short chapters make it easy to read a little at a time. Once the siege begins there's lots of action to keep the story moving quickly.I would have rated the book a star higher but the writing style felt slightly dated to me. I would recommend this highly to fans of military history.

    9. The author of this very engaging book spent over thirty years sailing around the Mediterranean, first as a Lieutenant of a destroyer during World War II and thereafter in a private capacity until his death in 1986. He subsequently came to know the Island of Malta intimately, living and sailing around every part of the small rocky archipelago and developing an affection for both the nation and its people that would eventually lead to the publication of this gripping and emotional account of the 1 [...]

    10. Tales of heroism are always stirring, more so when they are true. This is nonfiction, but you won't believe it, written by a non academic, which is even harder to believe. It's an account of one of the truly great sieges.What are the great sieges? Troy, Tyre facing Alexander, the zillion sieges of Syracuse, the Spartans both at Thermopylae and maybe later, taking it up the Sphacteria, and Malta, 1565.The Knights of St. John defending their tiny island against the fabulous forces of Sultan Soleym [...]

    11. This is a short book retelling the little-known story of the Siege of Malta in 1565. The Ottoman Turks attacked Malta in the hopes of using it as a base from which to attack Sicily and then mainland Europe, the so-called "soft underbelly." Fortunately for Europe, The Knights of St. John had been given the island by the King of Spain to defend against such an attack. The story of the siege is one of the most remarkable and neglected stories in Christendom.The Knights of St. John were a a group cr [...]

    12. Antes de la caída de Constantinopla, capital del Imperio Romano de Oriente, los Turcos, una mezcla de Mongoles y de Hunos, provenientes de su último asentamiento en el Turquestán, invadieron los territorios desde China a los confines del citado Imperio Romano.Los Árabes ya habían formado su gran imperio que abarcaba las dos costas del Mediterráneo: Europa y África. Sus vecinos los Turcos, ya habían sido vencidos e islamizados por ellos y eran usados como mercenarios en sus conquistas. En [...]

    13. Superb recounting of a truly climatic battle!The Ottoman Empire is at its height of power. The only thing holding up turning the Mediterranean into the Sultan’s personal pond is a tiny, insignificant island. The Knight’s of St. John have been granted the island as their last place of refuge to continue on the order. Sultan Solyman is convinced, once the island falls, he will be able to continue his quest of glory and the abolition of Christianity forever. Grand Master, La Vellete has differe [...]

    14. Somewhere in faintest memory there was a siege of Malta. Reading this convinced me all over again how bereft the typical college major in history is of key information, lacking as mine did, any significant coverage of this the greatest siege and a turning point in stopping the Muslim invasion of Europe. Stopping the horde at Malta, Vienna, and Lepanto were what kept common law, our system, and our civilization alive.The crusader Order of Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, had be [...]

    15. The Seige of Malta is probably the greatest war story you've never heard. It is definitely one the greatest, most important battles in European history. There's a lot of fascinating history in this book. Bradford has basically devoted his life to the subject, and I'm amazed at how much detailed history exists about this period. It would make a good movie.Suleiman the Magnificent is elderly and the Ottoman Empire at its height-- having been stopped at Vienna but still recording victories in Easte [...]

    16. First published in 1961, the author's unabashed affinity for the Knights of St. John is not surprising, though it does call his objectivity into question. That said, this remains a pretty straightforward account of what could arguably be considered among the most consequential events for Western civilization. Nor can the skills and courage of the knights be questioned, considering what they were up against.My interest in this topic originated while reading a novel, The Religion, by Timothy Willo [...]

    17. A very satisfying account of the epic 1565 Ottoman attack on Malta. Bradford traces out the story from Suleyman's decision to assault the island, focusing on the details of the battle. He has a good eye for character, focusing on individual leaders and combatants. He also has a good habit of detailing landscapes and battle sites as they change under violence.Bradford is deeply biased towards the Knights of Malta and the Maltese people. This has the advantages of humanizing people often depicted [...]

    18. Suleiman the Magnificent, sultan of the Ottoman Empire, was certain that he was destined to conquer Europe. The Knights of St. John, a noble order and the finest sailors and soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire (insert Voltaire joke here) occupied Malta, a nearly barren island just south of Sicily. This set the stage for an epic struggle, which may have changed the course of history.The siege was brutal on both sides, when the Turks captured Fort Saint Elmo they crucified the knights (or their bodi [...]

    19. Having grown up in Malta, I am no stranger to the great deeds done by the knights of St. John in Malta, before, during, and after the great siege of 1565. As one might expect the great siege of 1565 is taught in history classes in schools here on the Island; albeit not in such great detail as delivered by Bradford. As Voltaire puts it "Nothing is better known than the siege of Malta.". Balbi, one of the Order's historians, took great care to describe even the smallest of fights and speeches, and [...]

    20. 1565. Suleiman the Magnificent is probably the most powerful autocrat in the world, though now growing quite old. His life has been filled with conquest throughout Europe. In an effort to continue expanding his territory to the west, into central Europe, he needs a secure base in the Mediterranean near the central European lands. He chooses the tiny island of Malta, home to the last remaining order of Christian Crusading Knights, the Order of St. John, who forty years before his armies had cast [...]

    21. This is a proper straight forward narrative history, very readable, the story marching on from event to fact, from naval dockyard to bloody trenches. This is the story of the obdurate Knights of St John making a stand on the small island of Malta against the mightiest power of the age, the Ottoman Empire.Ernle Bradford is concerned with the telling of the story, not just the progression of events but with creating for the reader a sense of what it was to be there, in the bloody midst of history [...]

    22. This is a straightforward history of the Ottoman siege of Malta in 1555. This was the Knights's last stand in the Mediterranean. The author was a military historian of considerable note, the subject of the siege details not so much avoided as neglected because of. the linguistic difficulties involved. The book gives enough historical background, including how the Knights came to end up on a barren rock after the Turks expelled them from their home in Rhodes, in the first grand oust into Europe w [...]

    23. Against unbelievable odds, the Knights of Malta defended the island of Malta by surviving a several months long siege by the Turks. Sheer determination and blind faith in God along with several strokes of luck allowed the Knights to prevent Malta from falling into the hands of the Ottoman Turks. Their valliant defence of the island brought the Turks' desires to invade the western Mediterranean to an end. This is a superb piece of historical writing. Clearly based on sound research, this book is [...]

    24. I hadn't realized that this period of history in the late Renaissance overlapped the Crusades so much! Very interesting reading, especially considering the message of jehad [Bradford's spelling] in exchange for eternal paradise full of carnal pleasures disallowed in this life amount to the same propaganda being used today by radical groups.

    25. A captivating tale of one of the most bloody battles of the Renaissance. Told in a way that you feel you are standing on the battlements together with the Knights or climbing the walls among the Janissaries. A powerful re-enactment of that siege with adequate background knowledge to the event. A very different way of reading history.

    26. Being Maltese I had to read this as it is part of my history. It showed the resilience of the Maltese people to fight tyranny and aggression. Overall it was well written by Ernle Bradford, one of my favourite authors.

    27. A well written account of an amazing time in history. War is not my usual choice of reading material but I can appreciate the historical content and the unique situation this seige would have been. As I have an interest in Malta I found the book a great insight into the country's history.

    28. One of the things I am trying to do in my retirement is to fill in some gaps in my learning. During the last few years of my teaching, I began to do somewhat larger units on Islam, in World History, and on the Ottoman Empire, in MEH. The latter included some material on Suleiman the Magnificent, who was presented as a counterweight to Charles V. I dealt in that course more with the expansion of Islam (a gunpowder empire) into southeastern Europe, threatening the Habsburg lands of the Emperor and [...]

    29. Very exciting and visual narrative, and very easily read! I could totally imagine the entire siege in detail in my mind.But this comes at a huge loss in accuracy. Now, I don't really know anything about the siege apart from what I read in this book, but it has such an obvious European bias that it can't possibly be very accurate. The Ottomans aren't really presented as evil, but rather as stupid, incompetent plotters. I was really interested in understanding how the defenders could possibly win [...]

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