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Stolen Daisy

Stolen Daisy Samantha Beckett doesn t have the luxury of selfishness What she has is a four year old sister no one knows exists Protecting Daisy from their mother s wrath has always been Samantha s responsibility

  • Title: Stolen Daisy
  • Author: Rachael Isaacson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Samantha Beckett doesn t have the luxury of selfishness What she has is a four year old sister no one knows exists.Protecting Daisy from their mother s wrath has always been Samantha s responsibility She knows how to deflect attention She knows how to bear the brunt of the abuse She thought she could keep her sister safe Then Daisy disappeared.The fate of this young gSamantha Beckett doesn t have the luxury of selfishness What she has is a four year old sister no one knows exists.Protecting Daisy from their mother s wrath has always been Samantha s responsibility She knows how to deflect attention She knows how to bear the brunt of the abuse She thought she could keep her sister safe Then Daisy disappeared.The fate of this young girl rests in the proficient hands of Detective Brody, but even with a dream team of law officials on his side, time is quickly running out The investigation is surrounded by secrets and deception, and the closer Brody gets to the truth, the he understands what s at stake and it is almost than he can bear.

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    1 thought on “Stolen Daisy

    1. Kidnapping. Of all the crimes in fiction, this is probably the one that strikes closest to home. Some authors have difficulty writing it, some wouldn't try for fear of exploiting it. However, when someone can conjure up a gripping kidnap story, they become very hard to put down. Kidnappings in real life are devastating and awful but when it comes to fiction, this firmly relates into a nerve-shredding plot device.Stolen Daisy is one of the better kidnapping thrillers I've read in some time. Is it [...]

    2. I do not know why this books hasn't got more reviews. If you have it to read, bump it up your TBR list, if you haven't got it, buy it. I thoroughly enjoyed this read, the author Rachael Isaccson is a very good story teller. I was hooked on her every sentence.I am not going to give much away about the book as the blurb should definitely get your interested enough to read it.Samantha [Sam] is a young child who has had to grow up fast to look out for her three year old sister Daisy. Their Mother is [...]

    3. This book has quite a good storyline, and the pacing is good, but IMO it is only at draft stage, before the serious editing and proofing begins. With the help of an experienced editor it could easily be worth 3*, maybe even 4*, but when it’s not only editing but basic proofing that is incorrect I can only award 2*.The characters tend towards stereotypes, with thoughts and actions exaggerated so that I could not see them as real people; Terry Jackson is particularly bad, more like a fairy tale [...]

    4. Rachael Isaacson’s STOLEN DAISY has an interesting premise – young sisters Samantha and Daisy Beckett are being raised by an abusive, vengeful mother when three-year-old Daisy goes missing. Samantha is convinced that her mother is behind Daisy’s disappearance, and her teacher Carly Chandler and police detective Teddy Brody work round-the-clock to try and recover the missing girl. But the man who has Daisy may be more insidious than any of them imagine. Can Carly and Brody stop him before S [...]

    5. This is a stand alone novel. Stolen Daisy tells the story of two sisters, Samantha and Daisy. Daisy is only 3 years old, and although Sam is 12 she treats Daisy like she is hers. If she didn't the little girl would not be taken care of period. She has gone her whole life avoiding her mother and her triggers that cause her mom to lose it and abuse both of them. She has taught Daisy how to avoid it too. At the tender age of 3 when babies should be worried about their dolls and finding sweets, poor [...]

    6. DAISY as in ‘Stolen Daisy’ is a character, I won’t forget for quite some time.Honestly, I’m not usually into such topics but Stolen Daisy is the book that would remain with me for a long time. The reasons being its ability to keep a hold on its characters and get the best out from what’s been a rather predictable plot. But that’s what novels can do. As I shuffled the pages, I wondered how it would be to turn the plot into a movie. That’s my way of visualising the characters. While [...]

    7. I generally ignore editing errors and judge only the story, because almost every book I’ve read has a few editing errors, including my own. But this book had MORE than a few errors, which made it a bit difficult to read. That said, I’M REVIEWING THE STORY, NOT THE EDITING!Samantha was forced to take on the responsibility of being a mom to her three year old sister Daisy. The Mom should never have been a mom, but that comes later. Daisy, an adorable little girl, abused physically and mentally [...]

    8. Rachael Isaacson takes on the difficult subject of child physical, psychological, and sexual abuse in Stolen Daisy. Samantha and Daisy Beckett are the daughters of Beth, a cruel, abusive mother who feels her life could have been wonderful if only her young children hadn’t dragged her down. When Daisy disappears under mysterious circumstances, older sister Sam is convinced her mother is behind it. Sam’s teacher, a police detective, and two FBI agents try desperately to find Daisy. And then S [...]

    9. Rachael Isaacson has written a beautiful novel here that is a real winner.The plot revolves around two mentally and physically abused sisters.The older sister Samantha, sees the horror of her mother's abuse about to become directed towards her innocent 3 year old sister Daisy. She vows to do anything to stop this from happening. Before she can act, the mother sells both Samantha and Daisy to a man who intends to make them become sex slaves in Thailand.The story could end there and it would have [...]

    10. In this well-written, taut, emotional story, the depth of the characters is spell-binding. The bad guy is truly evil. The story itself, while unpredictable, has an aura of inevitability which keeps you wondering, even dreading, how it might end. Without giving anything away, it has a very satisfactory conclusion. Having finished it, it reminds me of a combination of Stephen King's "Carrie" and John Le Carre's "Little Drummer Girl," and that's high praise from me. Definitely 5 stars and definitel [...]

    11. I am always hesitant to try new authors when buying a book on my kindle but I definitely found a new one to follow! Stolen Daisy is a great book which showcases the heartbreak of child abuse and human trafficking while emphasizing the hope that comes from a generous heart. The author really draws the reader into the lives of the two little girls and I couldn't put this book down purely because I needed to know how things ended for them. Looking forward to the next book!

    12. Although I could swear I know what will happen next, it was never like what I thought. This story is full of unexpected events with unimaginable facts. So intense, fascinating and full of twists. The twist and resulting fall out makes this book a worthy read that will keep you hooked from the beginning to the end. The ending left me wanting more and cheering on characters. A satisfying and tense read! I definitely recommend this reading.

    13. I was totally engrossed by this suspenseful read from the first page & stayed up all night to finish it. The storyline was well-written & the characters were very believable. I highly recommend this book & author & will be looking for her other books.

    14. I loved this book!This is a well written story. It has everything you could want suspense, great characters, and on-the-edge intrigue right until the very last chapter.

    15. Since this was a free download to my Kindle, I hate to find any fault with it. The story line was a good one - 2 sisters raised by a woman who didn't want to be a mother. It was a short read, but it lacked taking the time necessary to develop the story properly. Especially the relationship between the detective and the schoolteacher. They just met, and suddenly thrown together in the effort to find the 2 missing sisters, they fall in love? It would've been nice for the author to take more time t [...]

    16. I just finished Stolen Daisy and it had me to tears at the end! This grabbed me from the first page, and twists and turns happen so fast that I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Two sweet and innocent sisters are physically and emotionally abused by their psychotic mother, then kidnapped by an equally psychotic madman, and it tears at your heartstrings so badly that you feel like you're right there with them. The only downside, which I can always overlook in a good book, is a few misspelled a [...]

    17. Anooooother book of child and family abuse and trafficking in people. Samantha has a younger sister, Daisy, whom she is intent on protecting from their abusive mother. This is what drives her daily life, until one day Daisy disappears. Detective Brody uses his best efforts to find her alive. A very predictable book.

    18. Meh, middle of the road kind of feel for this Kindle freebieI liked this despite the typo's, despite the weirdness of being in the head of 3 year old sometimes, and also despite the somewhat, seriously cheesy ending. Yes, despite all this I still liked it. I just think she may need to work on the execution of the story as a whole.

    19. Great storyA great story to me is one that holds your interest and which is very real with real like characters. One that you cannot wait to finish but you hope there is more on the last page. This without a doubt is all of these. Hope to find more by this gifted author.

    20. A true happy endingI really enjoyed reading this book and that is why I gave it such a high rating. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a book with the twists and turns of a good psychological thriller. I look forward to hearing more from Rachael Isaacson

    21. Great readthis book is one of the best I have read this year. I didn't want to put it down. the story captured your attention from the first page. I would love to read more from Rachael Isaacson

    22. Thoroughly enjoyable bookI truly loved reading this book . Read it in one night's reading, that's how invested I became with the characters.

    23. Couldn't put it down!This book was absorbing and riveting, I started it and did not put it down until I was done. I would love to read more books by this author. Two thumbs up.

    24. Although it was a bit predictable, the story and writing was so intense I couldn't stop reading. A quick read for sure, but packed full of thrills and mystery along the way.

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