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Harry the Dirty Dog

Harry the Dirty Dog Harry was a white dog with black spots who like everything except getting a bath Find out what happens when Harry gets really dirty

  • Title: Harry the Dirty Dog
  • Author: Gene Zion
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Harry was a white dog with black spots who like everything, except getting a bath Find out what happens when Harry gets really dirty

    • Free Read [Memoir Book] ☆ Harry the Dirty Dog - by Gene Zion Û
      176 Gene Zion
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    1 thought on “Harry the Dirty Dog

    1. Gene Zion cunningly disguised one of the great existential questions of our age in this Dirty Harry book.Do you feel lucky?This is a book about identity:Am I white (with black spots) or black (with white spots)About change and transition:Do I have to remain how I was born. Can I not re-imagine myself. If I identify as a black dog with white spots (or by extension the ying to any yang be it gender, sexuality, or some more esoteric quality) can I not change? Can the leopard (or Scotty dog) change [...]

    2. Pleasing little illustrations that woo your adult self to read it over and over again.Harry, the dog, is not so fond of bathing and shoots away to the city for an adventure.Well, as the name suggests, he gets dirty from the coal engines, the dusts and the smoke.Gene Zion packs a good tale of the dog who faces rejection by his owners as they fail to recognize his changed guise. Is that a black dog with white spot or a white dog with black spots?How will Harry ever get them to know!This short stor [...]

    3. This was read by Betty white I found an online YouTube channel called storytime online great children stories read by famous people I absolutely loved it especially for the little ones

    4. I think this is a perfect picture book. I remember loving the story when I was little, and I love it just as much now, if not more. There’s a clear initial problem: Harry likes everything, except getting a bath. So he buries the scrubbing brush and runs away and has a wonderful day getting dirty, but then when he goes back home (because of course he hasn’t really run away), his family doesn’t recognize him. And when all hope seems lost, he remembers the scrubbing brush and digs it up and r [...]

    5. My review: Harry is a white dog with black spots, who hates taking baths. So one day, he steals the bath brush and buries it in the yard and runs away from home. Along the way he gets very dirty. I remember reading this book as a kid. I loved it then and I loved it now. It's a fun book of innocent mischief and great illustrations that clearly reveal how much fun Harry has getting dirty. I'm going to have to buy No Roses for Harry for my niece, because I remember loving that one, too. It was anot [...]

    6. I adored this book as a young child. It’s written for very young children, but I still enjoy it as an adult. It’s a very clever story and told with a lot of humor and warmth. I like all the Harry The Dirty Dog books but this one was the first I read and it remains my favorite. It holds up completely over time – a genuine classic.

    7. I've always wondered does the family really not recognize Harry, or are they just pretending they don't so that he'll take a bath?

    8. ★★★★★Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene ZionCute story about a playful puppy who doesn't want a bath, but in the end is happy to be squeaky clean. My 9yo daughter loved this book.

    9. This was one of my favourite books as a kid and reading it again made me feel all warm and fuzzy. It's about a little dog named Harry who gets so dirty his coat colour changes and his owners don't recognise him. My favourite and perhaps most beloved aspect is the illustration style -- it's super nostalgic and reminds me of old cartoons which probably adds to the nostalgia hit. This book has all it needs to appeal to children. Dirt, a dog, and disobeying rules. What more do you need?

    10. This book is great for young children because it is filled with ideas that children can relate to- the main character is a dog, the idea of not wanting to take a bath, and the comfort and love of a family. I think this book is also good because it hints slightly, without being "in your face blunt" at racial issues. It shows that just because Harry changed his appearance from a white dog to a black dog, doesnt mean that Harry himself actually changed. He was still the same dog, capable of doing t [...]

    11. So delighted to see dogs these days represented how we truly are in major dramatic roles. I can't wait for more contemporary dog novels. We deserve more recognition for keeping the squirrel population at an all time minimum

    12. gotta be the best book i've ever read. hands down. i was recently given a paperback copy for my 26th birthday. i miss all my crayon marks in the old one, but was never ever to recover the original.

    13. Read this as a child and almost know it by heart. For every child (who hates baths) and every dog owner whose dog hates baths. A true classic and a must for every childhood library.

    14. I remember ready this book as a child in elementary school, well now the time has come to read this book to my child as a after school reading assignment. It's a charming classic book that every child can enjoy.

    15. Cute book. I vaguely remember the illustrations but didn’t remember the story at all from my childhood. I think it is funny that the dog gets a name but the human people are referred to in pronouns. Anyway, Betty White reads this book on YouTube, which was my entire motivation for reading this book.

    16. Grandma & Grandpa's dog is named after this Harry so we just had to read it to Alistair. A dog does not want a bath and runs away but when he comes home and his family doesn't recognize him he puts himself in the bath.

    17. Cute story. I've seen this book for years, but this is the first time I read it. This must be a favorite among young readers.

    18. Summary Harry is a white dog with black spots. Harry hated getting baths so he hid his scrub brush and ran out to play. He plays at a construction site, on the railroad, with some other dogs. Harry got so dirty his white and black spotted fur changed to black fur with white spots. After a while of playing, Harry felt hungry and went home. However when he got home his family did not recognize him. He did lots of tricks but they still did not recognize him. Therefore, Harry ran to the garden, dug [...]

    19. Category/Genre: Picture BookAge Level: PreK-3rd GradeReading Level: Lexile 700; FP JThis delightful story will charm young audiences as Harry the dog changes from “ a white dog with black spots” to a “black dog with white spots” and back again during an adventurous day about town. When Harry’s family finally discovers who the “strange dog” is after giving him a bath, all is well in their cozy household at the end of the book. Young readers will rejoice in the warmth and fun of the [...]

    20. This short children's book was about a dog named Harry that didn't like to take bath's. One day he had gotten really dirty and his family didn't recognize him at all. Harry tried to do all of his tricks for them, but they were not convinced that it was Harry. At the very end of the book Harry finally rushed up the the bathroom in their house and jumped in the bathtub and they finally realized that it was Harry! The illustrations in this book make it very known that this book is somewhat of an ol [...]

    21. Summary: "Harry was a white dog with black spots who liked everything, except getting a bath." Taking matters into his own paws, he buries his family's scrubbing brush in the backyard and runs away from home before they can wrangle him into the tub. Harry gets dirty playing in the street, dirtier at the railroad, and dirtier still playing tag with the other dogs. When sliding down the coal chute, he actually changes from a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots! Of course, by [...]

    22. Harry the Dirty Dog’s cover made me think that this was going to be a story reminiscent of The Prince and the Pauper. It shows a picture with two dogs facing each other, one white with black spots and the other black with white spots. I was wrong. This is actually two pictures of the same dog before and after his adventures in avoiding a bath.The illustrator used many techniques to demonstrate different scenes that Harry encountered throughout his journey. A few pages are have full-bleed illus [...]

    23. I watched Betty White read this story online at storylineonlineHarry is a dog that just hates baths! When he hears his family running the bath, he takes his brush, digs a hole in the back yard, buries it, and runs away. He plays in the dirtiest places he can find until he turns from a white dog with black spots into a black dog with white spots. Then he's all tuckered out and wants to go back home, but his family doesn't recognize him. He tries doing all his old tricks, but it's no use. Dejected [...]

    24. Harry the Dirty Dog is a book that should be read to two year olds to four year olds. This story is a picturebook and the illustrations definitely help tell the story of Harry. Harry, the dog does not like to take a bath and when he hears the bath water running he assumes it is for him and runs away before they can out him in the tub. On his journey he goes from a white dog with spots to a black dog with white spots and when he returns home his family no longer recognizes him until he jumps into [...]

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