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Monkey Boy

Monkey Boy Part novel part comic all action From the back cover Jimmy Grimholt is the youngest sailor aboard warship H M S Fury bound for bloodcurdling battle This is not a story of cotton candy capers It is a

  • Title: Monkey Boy
  • Author: Donovan Bixley
  • ISBN: 9781775431862
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Part novel part comic all action.From the back cover Jimmy Grimholt is the youngest sailor aboard warship H.M.S Fury, bound for bloodcurdling battle.This is not a story of cotton candy capers It is a story of gruesome horrors, awful amputations and ghastly ghoulsIt s a rough life at sea, so grab a bucket and hold on to your guts This is going to get really ugly.

    • Ú Monkey Boy || ☆ PDF Read by Ü Donovan Bixley
      457 Donovan Bixley
    • thumbnail Title: Ú Monkey Boy || ☆ PDF Read by Ü Donovan Bixley
      Posted by:Donovan Bixley
      Published :2019-02-18T07:19:20+00:00

    1 thought on “Monkey Boy

    1. I’ve said Monkey Boy is a historical novel, but in reality Donovan Bixley has created a genre-defying book. It’s part history, part war story, part ghost story, part coming of age story, part graphic novel and all action!Jimmy Grimholt is the youngest and smallest sailor aboard the warship HMS Fury, as it heads out into the English Channel to fight off Napoleon Bonaparte and his army. Jimmy’s job is to be a powder monkey to the gun crew of Blasting Betty, a 32-pound cannon. The powder monk [...]

    2. What a great book (except for that horrible whiter than white paper it is printed on) action, a great fun rollicking adventure during the Napoleonic wars, set on a battleship where the crew is manky, the food disgusting and life is full of risk and danger lurks at every turn. Cool book for junior boys (and girls) who want their adventure full on and don't mind being grossed out.

    3. I wanted to love this, I really did, but it just did not work for me. It was trying to be too many things at once. I now know more about boat layout than I ever thought possible, there were some really quite peculiar ghost scenes, and a LOT of toilet-ish humour which was actually a bit too graphic even for my gutter-level tastes. Bixley is a majorly talented artist, and I feel this book would have worked much better as a graphic novel.

    4. This book is all it’s promised to be – non-stop adventure on the high seas! Jimmy joins the navy for two reasons. One, he badly wants to get away from Puddleditch and the Things he sees there; two, he wants a life of excitement like his father has in the merchant navy, and who knows, maybe he'll find him when he gets to the South Seas. But life doesn't usually go along the way you expect it to.Full of hilarious schoolboy humour, done with an excellent use of language, Monkey Boy also manages [...]

    5. This was a great book. Exciting and action-filled, Monkey Boy is "part novel - part comic - all action". It is full of ghosts, ghouls and guts. Set during the Napoleonic Wars on a British warship, our hero, Jimmy is the smallest on board and is given the job of powder monkey. This involves running gunpowder up to the canons - a potentially explosive job. The book gives an accurate portrayal of grim Navy life, there is no sugar coating. The mix of comic and novel, and the grisly tale it holds wil [...]

    6. What an awesome read. Part novel, part graphic novel and all adventure. It's even got some facts thrown in there. And I love the pronunciation of strange names like Julius Seizure (Julius Caesar), May-oar-eees (Maori) & Our Tear Rower (Aotearoa). Our year 6 boys will love this Ghosts, gore, fighting, swearing, bullies and 'pay-back'. Yay for fantastic kiwi authors. Keep it coming Donovan :-)

    7. "Part novel, part comic, all action" states the cover, and that just about says it all. Donovan Bixley proves he can write as well as he illustrates - I hope to see more of this sort of work from him. It's packed with adventure and excitement and supernatural happenings - as well as a fair dollop of death and violence, especially in the illustrations. For this reason I'd only recommend it for boy readers of about 11 or 12 and older. Lorraine Orman (story-go-round)

    8. I LOVE Donovan Bixley's Illustrations and Monkey Boy is chocka blocka full of them. The story is a rip-roaring read full of stuff boys like - sailors, swearing, battles and bogeys. And a few ghosts are in there for good measure! There is some interesting facts about life about a ship way back when Napoleon Bonaparte was trying to invade England too.

    9. Man does the cover of this one let it down! I ignored it on the shelf for like two years before some kid told me it was his favourite book. This is gonna be perfect for all those Horrible-History-loving-fiction-hater kids - funny, exciting, snappily illustrated, and full of historically accurate lols.

    10. Occasionally it was gruesome but it got me hooked anyway. my favorite bit is when Hilary turns to the afterlife without realising it and he says to jimmy to round up the men and jimmy is staring at a hole in Hilary's tummy.

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